7 Best Public Golf Courses in the U.S.

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Did you know that public golf courses rival the very best private country clubs and courses? These courses are open to the public for a small fee and do an excellent job of promoting golf. These greens are our picks for the seven best public golf courses in the U.S. 

We at Our Golf Clubs have a true passion for the sport of golf and the culture surrounding it. Public golf clubs are an essential piece of this world that opens the sport to a new world of players.

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A common theme with public golf courses is that they are usually a top amenity at a hotel or resort. In any case, these course designs stem from a love of the game and a passion for sharing it. 

The courses in our list will have varying degrees of difficulty. These courses are happy to welcome players of all skill levels. Those wanting to challenge themselves would be happy to play on any of these beautiful greens. 

Visit us today to improve your golf skills and enjoy the game! 

7 Best Public Golf Courses in the U.S. 

Before we get on with our list, let’s note what constitutes a public golf course. Public golf courses are owned privately or sometimes by a city or community. 

Those wanting to play don’t have to obtain membership in these courses. They instead will pay at tee time. This is called a green fee, which you pay at the clubhouse or pro shop before your round.

1. Pebble Beach Resort

Pebble Beach, California 

Their website is clean, user-friendly, and offers visitors a live stream of sure holes. Pebble Beach is on our list for the one-of-a-kind experiences that it provides to golf enthusiasts. 

  • A short course designed by Tiger Woods 
  • The U.S. Open course allows guests to play the course that the pros play!
  • Spyglass Hill: A course designed to really test the ability of golf players. The course has beautiful views and treacherous greens. 

2. Bandon Dunes Golf Resort 

Bandon, Oregon 

The Bandon Dunes Resort takes the history of golf seriously. Their course is along the jagged and rocky coast of the Pacific Ocean. This scenery mimics the landscape of the Scottish coast, where golf originated. 

Guests playing there can quickly feel transported as they take in the sites over a game. It is a beautiful ode to the country that gave us our favorite sport. That being said, there are no kilts required.  

3. Whistling Straits

Sheboygan, Wisconsin 

Whistling Straits is comprised of two beautiful golf courses. The Straits and The Irish both rest along the shoreline of Lake Michigan. 

The Straits 

This gorgeous course is home to both the Majors Championship as well as the 43rd Ryder Cup. The storied course may look beautiful and easy to conquer, but the rolling hills force players to earn their score.

The Irish 

Looking around at the peaceful landscape, one would easily believe a leisurely game is on the agenda. That could not be further from the truth. The Wisconsin land has been carved out to mirror the Irish landscape. 

That landscape challenges players with a deceptively beautiful course. One that sets the player at ease with its beauty but will give them a run for their money. 

4. Shadow Creek 

Las Vegas, Nevada 

The best amenity of the MGM Grand Resort in Las Vegas is the Shadow Creek golf course. We love golf, but we don’t know of another hotel that offers you a limousine ride to your tee time. You read that right! 

When guests schedule their tee time, a limousine will bring them from the hotel to their appointment. Holes 4, 5, 17, and 18 offer players a magnificent mountain view that is a treat. The holes are made to both provide a challenge and make the game fun for players at any level.

5. Chambers Bay 

University Place, Washington

Located along the coast of Washington, Chambers Bay is a gem. They offer guests a golfing package called the Championship Package. The package allows players to experience courses that are literally Olympic-level.

Included in the package are: 

  • Complimentary same-day replays. 
  • Rounds of golf at Chambers Bay, The Home Course, and Gold Mountain. 

Gold Mountain is an actual Olympic course. 

6. Arcadia Bluffs

Arcadia, Michigan 

There are two courses that make up the Arcadia Bluffs offering to their guests. Each course is a beautiful ode to golf in the early 20th century. Those courses are the Bluffs Course and the Southern Course. 

The staff of each course seems to pride themselves on helping players of any skill level have a great game. They also each have their own PGA Head Golf Professional. For The South Course, this is Dustin Darling, and for The Bluff Course, it’s Arin Zuberbier. 

7. Princeville Makai

Princeville, Hawaii

Princeville Makai Golf Course is an amenity of the Princeville Resort. Located in Princeville, Hawaii, the location isn’t such a lousy amenity either! 

Their main course sits over the legendary Hanalei Bay with a view of Bali Hai as well. The course was renovated in 2009. Part of that renovation was to redo all the bunkers. These holes are made to provide a competitive round to anyone who is up for it. 

There is another course for those who wish to have a casual game; the Woods Course is a safe bet. The course is just nine holes and winds through the native woods of the island. Indeed, the memories made playing leisurely in the woods of Hawaii will make for lifelong memories. 

For the Love of The Game 

Public golf courses are a great way to experience golf for the first time. Judging by the courses we’ve listed today, they’re also a place to have some fun! The great care, precision, and dedication put into each are amazing. 

We have dedicated ourselves to understanding every bit of the sport of golf. Whether this is sharing the best places to play or how the business end works. Visit us today for the latest on golf and its community.  

Luke Griffin

Luke is an avid weekend-warrior golfer from the East Coast who plays golf more than he cares to admit.

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