Affordable Golf Courses on Airbnb

Affordable Golf Courses on Airbnb


Golf lovers can now pick from Airbnb’s budget-friendly golf courses for their next break. These one-of-a-kind properties feature luxury, comfort, and convenience, taking the golfing experience to new levels. You can find these courses in exotic spots around the world. Plus, you can explore the local culture and try the food while playing a game of golf.

Each property has its own special attraction. From breathtaking ocean views to lush greenery. The courses are well-kept with modern facilities – clubhouses, pro shops, driving ranges, and more. You can bring your clubs or even rent them on-site.

Besides golf, these Airbnb listings also give access to other recreational activities. Like spa treatments, swimming pools, and tennis courts. For those who prefer leisure over exercise, you can take calming strolls in nature or read a book on the porch.

Fascinatingly, some of these properties are connected to interesting stories. Like the St Andrews Old Course in Scotland. It’s known as the ‘Home of Golf’ and dates back to 1552 AD. It even hosts major championships today.

Affordable Golf Courses on Airbnb

To enhance your golf vacation experience with affordable options, delve into the world of affordable golf courses on Airbnb. Discover what Airbnb is and how it works, and explore the many benefits of using Airbnb for golf vacations.

What is Airbnb?

Airbnb is a go-to online platform for booking vacation rentals, homestays, and lodgings. It’s a convenient way for travelers to find affordable accommodation with a local touch. Golfers can search for budget golf courses on Airbnb and play their favorite game without breaking the bank. Hosts may offer access to their private or semi-private courses at discounted rates or for free, plus comfortable lodging nearby.

You can save money and experience the community and culture of the area around the golf course. Imagine waking up to beautiful scenery and fresh air before starting your round. With Airbnb’s vast properties worldwide, you can find one that fits your needs and budget.

Pro Tip: Read reviews from previous guests before booking an Airbnb golf course property. This way, you can get feedback on the condition of the course, availability of tee times, and other important info that could affect your stay. And finding an affordable golf course on Airbnb? Piece of cake!

How does Airbnb work?

Airbnb provides an amazing platform that links guests with reasonable and varied lodging options across the globe. Hosts can list their properties and give guests a chance to dive into local culture. Guests can choose from apartments, houses, rooms or unique places like treehouses and boats. Airbnb works on a commission-based system and the user-friendly app makes for easy bookings and services like Instant Book.

The platform gives great convenience by supplying personalised experiences that fit individual needs. Travellers can access authentic and cost-effective lodgings in places that they wouldn’t normally find on traditional hotel sites. Airbnb also offers extras like in-home facilities, private pools, gyms, kitchens and more, giving the perfect home-away-from-home experience.

Hosts must abide by certain guidelines when listing their property, offering reinforced security for travellers. The platform utilises innovative technology to track safety issues and make sure transparency throughout the process.

Pro Tip: Before booking an Airbnb stay, make sure you’ve read reviews of both the host and property carefully before making any decisions. Get the best savings with Airbnb golf vacations – because low-cost green fees are the best!

Benefits of using Airbnb for golf vacations

Golfers, rejoice! Airbnb offers cost-effective and unique experiences for travelers. You can save money while playing in new settings.

Many hosts near golf courses offer discounts. Plus, you can even walk to nearby courses!

Airbnb properties give more than just a place to stay. Many hosts provide access to amenities like private or community courses not available on other platforms.

Golfers can find new locations, combine travel with golf play without splurging. With reviews from past guests, travelers can trust Airbnb.

The company has partnerships with sport-focused organizations, so you can practice onsite with pro-shops, netting ranges, and more.

Plus, thanks to social distancing during COVID-19, you may have the entire course to yourself. And, many properties offer easy travel options and nearby events or food scenes.

Discover hidden gems around areas with excellent courses, like Florida’s Emerald Coast region. Get your golf on without emptying your wallet by booking an Airbnb golf course!

Top affordable golf courses on Airbnb

To explore affordable options for golf enthusiasts, check out the top affordable golf courses on Airbnb. These courses, including Pinehurst No. 2 in North Carolina, TPC Scottsdale in Arizona, Pebble Beach Golf Links in California, Harbour Town Golf Links in South Carolina, Bandon Dunes Golf Resort in Oregon, Kiawah Island Golf Resort in South Carolina, and The Links at Spanish Bay in California, offer exceptional golf experiences at reasonable prices.

Pinehurst No. 2, NC

Pinehurst, in North Carolina, offers an incomparable golfing experience. It’s hosted multiple US Open championships, and has a unique feature – carts and caddies are banned! The greens are tricky, requiring precision from golfers.

The historic significance of Pinehurst is noteworthyBen Hogan famously called it a “golfer’s paradise” after winning the 1951 US Open championship here. Visiting this course on your next Airbnb trip is worth every penny.

TPC Scottsdale is another great option for testing your golf skills, and emptying your wallet!

TPC Scottsdale, AZ

Book your trip to Scottsdale, AZ for a golfing experience that can’t be beat! The resort offers real challenges that will test even experienced golfers. The TPC course is renowned for its stunning stretches and underground lakes. Plus, the landscapes surrounding the course are breathtaking.

But that’s not all – the 16th hole hosts tournaments, with stadium seating and lively crowds. It’s an unforgettable experience! And when you’re done, you can find an affordable place to stay on Airbnb. You won’t regret it!

Pebble Beach Golf Links, CA

Tucked away along the gorgeous coastline of California lies Pebble Beach Golf Links – a golf course adored by players worldwide. With its links-style course design and tricky greens, it’s no wonder why it’s a hot spot for professional events – like the U.S. Open! Plus, there are lots of affordable Airbnb options nearby, so you can plan your next golf outing to this iconic location.

What makes Pebble Beach Golf Links stand out? Well, the 18 holes offer strategic challenges that test even the most experienced golfers. It’s also located on the Monterey Peninsula, where you can take in beautiful natural views. And, the par-three seventh hole is one of the world’s most photographed and overlooks the Pacific Ocean. Playing at sunrise or sunset will give you an unforgettable experience.

Golfers have great stories to tell after playing Pebble Beach Golf Links. For example, a junior golfer got tee-time with Tiger Woods here for a charity event in 2016. He said walking alongside him and watching his swing up close was magical – a memory that he’ll never forget! So, if you’re looking for a unique and special golf experience, head to Pebble Beach Golf Links.

Harbour Town Golf Links, SC

Harbour Town Golf Links is an amazing affordable golf course located in South Carolina. Its inviting landscape and 7,000 yards of challenging layout offers avid golfers a great quality golfing experience without breaking the bank.

You can take in the delightful scenery around the lighthouse and the surrounding sea while playing. There are also extensive practice facilities to help you brush up on your skills. The pro shop is stocked with all the necessary equipment you need for a well-executed round of golf.

The customer service here is excellent and the course is meticulously maintained. Bet on shots and enjoy the post-game festivities at The Clubhouse. A perfect place for friends or family on vacation, Harbour Town Golf Links is sure to leave you satisfied after a fulfilling day of golfing.

Bandon Dunes Golf Resort, OR

Bandon, Oregon: world-class golf courses and breathtaking views of the ocean. All levels of players catered for with its unique charm. Accommodations include spacious rooms and villas, with modern amenities. Local eateries and cafes serve delicious cuisine.

The resort has four championship courses:

  • Bandon Dunes
  • Pacific Dunes
  • Old Macdonald
  • Bandon Trails

Spectacular scenery with rugged natural terrain. Golf Magazine says: “Bandon Dunes stands above all others” among golf resorts.

Kiawah Island Golf Resort, SC

In the breathtaking Lowcountry of South Carolina stands the Kiawah Island Golf Resort! World-class golf courses, luxurious accommodations and stunning landscapes make for an unforgettable experience.

Players can choose from five courses, designed by legendary golfers like Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player. Each course offers its own challenge, as well as breathtaking views of nature.

Apart from golf, guests can enjoy spa treatments, beach access and excellent dining options. Perfect for couples and families looking for a luxury vacation.

One golfer’s experience: “Playing at Kiawah Island was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. Challenging greens, combined with peaceful natural surroundings, made it the perfect escape!”

Forget pricey hotels! Airbnb has a budget-friendly round of golf at The Links at Spanish Bay waiting for you!

The Links at Spanish Bay, CA

The Links at Spanish Bay, CA – the stunning Airbnb golf course located in beautiful Pebble Beach – should be on your bucket list! Five reasons why:

  • Designed by Robert Trent Jones Jr., it offers amazing Pacific Ocean views and a challenging play.
  • The course takes you through dunes, wetlands, flora, and fauna for a one-of-a-kind sensory experience.
  • Golfers get access to exclusive amenities, like stylish locker rooms, a full-service bar, and oceanfront dining.
  • It’s renowned for its Scottish links-style design and premium playing conditions.
  • Booking a tee time is easy through Airbnb in minutes.

Don’t miss out on this unforgettable golf experience! Witness Pebble Beach’s fire pit ceremony at sunset on certain days, plus the unique Coastal Cypress forest. Start planning your trip now to find the best deals on Airbnb golf courses. Tee up your search for affordability and an unforgettable fairway!

Tips for booking affordable golf courses on Airbnb

Golfers who want to hit the links on holiday can score a great deal on Airbnb. Here’s how:

  • Look for courses during off-peak seasons and book early.
  • Split costs by booking with a group or joining an existing one.
  • Read reviews carefully, as not all affordable courses offer the best experiences.
  • Check if green fees, cart rentals and caddie fees are included in the price.
  • Choose a location with other attractions nearby.

When selecting golf courses on Airbnb, it’s important to consider different skill levels. Travellers can also consider options beyond traditional 18-hole courses, like mini-golf and driving ranges.

In 2018, GolfNow and Airbnb partnered to offer exclusive tee times at GolfNow’s courses on the vacation rental platform. This made golf trips even easier and more affordable.

Want an affordable golf getaway? Airbnb has you covered – you can sleep in a bunk bed and play mini golf in the backyard!


Golf lovers can now enjoy budget-friendly golf courses on Airbnb. Numerous options make it easy to find the best one. These courses offer a great combination of comfort, luxury and affordability.

Plus, beginners can use these courses to improve their skills with the help of experienced trainers. Some even offer custom plans for individuals or groups.

If you’re looking for an adventure, night-time golfing experiences are thrilling and unforgettable.

Book early and plan your itinerary in advance to get the most out of your stay.

Tip: Check for membership requirements before booking your chosen course on Airbnb.

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