5 of the Best Golf Hats for Sun Protection

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Don’t just blink the sun away when the sun hits the golf course. About 13 percent of skin cancer is on the scalp, so sun protection is an essential step before you leave the house.

To fight those harsh rays, every dedicated golfer has the best golf hats for sun protection ready to go. In fact, stores everywhere have made hats specifically for playing golf in the sun; you just have to know where to look.

Need recommendations for your next golf hat? Read below for my list of the five best golf hats for sun protection on the market today. And make sure to check back to Our Golf Clubs often for more tips and tricks to enjoying the links!

1. Callaway Golf 2021 Tour Authentic Performance Pro

For good reason, this men’s hat kicks off our list of the best golf hats. All afternoon on the sunny golf course, you can wear this hat and feel protected from the sun.

The Tour Authentic Performance Pro Cap is a golfer’s best friend because it wicks moisture as you sweat. The hat even has a cooling sweatband to combat the heat of playing golf in the sun all day.

Amazon customer reviews praise this hat’s adjustable size and cooling technology as well as protection from the sun. While UV protection is the ultimate draw, the extra features certainly don’t hurt.

Though providing sun protection is this cap’s best feature, the semi-structured design gives you a cool look in more ways than one. You can choose from various colors and even go for a larger size if the adjustable velcro isn’t enough.

Want to see this golf hat for yourself? Click here to see more information on the Tour Authentic Performance Pro Cap.

2. PUMA GOLF 2020 Men’s Tour Driver Hat

Next up is this Puma Men’s Tour Driver Hat. If you want a stylish hat, this driver hat may be the best pick for you.

The classic driver fit is synonymous with professional golfers. While some golfers prefer a wide brim golf hat, plenty of professional golfers still use a driver hat on the golf course.

Of course, this hat provides more than style. The inside of the hat is lined with moisture-wicking fabric so your scalp can breathe. Not only that, the sweatband around the brim stays comfortable and cool on a hot, sunny day.

Ready for the coolest fact about this classy hat? Eight-time PGA Tour winner Bryson DeChambeau plays golf wearing this hat. You can emulate a true professional while wearing one of the best golf hats for sun.

Grab your golf bag and test this hat on the golf course. You can learn more about the Puma Men’s Tour Driver Hat here.

3. Adidas Men’s Victory 3 Bucket Hat

The Adidas Men’s Victory 3 Bucket Hat prioritizes sun and UV protection for golfers through both design and material. Get ready for face and neck protection.

The standard wide brim hat has been around forever. Adidas has modified the classic bucket hat silhouette for a truly impressive wide brim golf hat. Just adjust the drawstring to your head, and you’re covered!

This hat protects you via material as well as design with built-in mesh ventilation. The moisture-wicking sweatband keeps your head cool and dry as you play. 

Want some flair in your golf gear? This bucket hat comes in nine designs, from uniform color options like black and white to fun styles like the US flag and camo.

With Adidas’ promise of UPF 50 sun protection, it’s hard to go wrong with this golf hat. Check out this Adidas Bucket Hat here to stay cool and comfortable playing golf.

4. Coolibar UPF 50+ Men and Women’s Fore Golf Hat

The Coolibar Golf Hat may be the most intricately designed golf hat on our list. From an anti-glare brim to ventilation-optimized laser-cut side panels, you won’t even notice the sun as you swing your stress away.

Before we explore the innovative features of this hat, it’s important to mention that we finally have a golf hat marketed for men and women. Most hats have unisex fits, but Coolibar has specifically designed this hat with every gender in mind.

Now, what puts this golf hat above the rest?

According to Coolibar, the hat blocks 98% of UVA/UVB rays. But outside of its UPF 50+ protection, the most impressive features actually lie in the wide brim.

This hat’s brim is made with lightweight foam. This means you can fold the brim without damaging it. Under the brim, Coolibar has included anti-glare material to reduce glare that can reflect off surfaces into your eyes.

This golf hat offers the perfect solution if you like wide-brim hats without adjustable cords around the neck. You just adjust the small elastic drawcord on the back for a comfortable fit – no strings attached.

Put on this Coolibar golf hat to protect your eyes and your skin on the golf course. Buy the Coolibar Golf Hat here.

5. PING Men’s Golf Hat

Last on our list of the best golf hats for sun protection is the PING Men’s Golf Hat. Keep in mind that these hats aren’t ranked in any order, so don’t knock this hat off your list just yet.

Though this hat is listed for men, it’s designed as “one size fits most,” so almost anyone can wear this hat and golf comfortably.

Of course, we picked this hat for more than comfort. PING’s golf hat has laser-cut holes and mesh ventilation to evaporate moisture and keep you dry, while the wide brim blocks the sun.

You can’t go wrong with a wide brim hat when you’re playing golf in the sun. For more information on this golf hat, read about the PING Men’s Golf Hat here

Explore Our Favorite Picks of the Best Golf Hats for Sun Protection

With all the best facts and recommendations in mind, it’s time to pick your new golf hat. While our list has the best hats for sun protection, you know what’s best for your golf game.

Pick the best golf hats for sun protection with your favorite design and features – there are only good choices here!

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Luke Griffin

Luke is an avid weekend-warrior golfer from the East Coast who plays golf more than he cares to admit.

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