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Recently, at Our Golf Clubs, we’ve researched the best online golf lessons so that we can recommend the best programs to you.

When it comes to choosing online golf lessons, the golf instructor must be experienced in both the sport and teaching it.

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That’s why the program we have chosen to highlight in this article is taught by the golf instructor who taught Rory McIlroy. We’ll talk about that later on, though…

With that being said, let’s jump into this article on the best online golf coaching, practice, and lessons.

Best Online Golf Coaching & Lessons: 6 Step Golf Lesson Online Review

On our search for the best online golf coaches and lessons, we came across Micheal Bannon. While there is a load of great online golf coaches like George Gankas, Shawn Clement, or Chris Ryan — we found that Michael was the best choice. Why?

Because he gave Rory McIlroy golf lessons.

That’s right, Micheal Bannon was the golf instructor of Rory McIlroy, which is why we think he might be an excellent choice to be your online golf coach.

However, we wanted to take a look at the program first and the materials inside. That’s why this article is a 6-step golf lesson online review.

“I didn’t have a great 2013. This year? I’m back to playing like a World No. 1 should, with a shiny new Claret Jug and a Wanamaker Trophy to prove it. Credit goes to my longtime coach, Michael Bannon, who reacquainted me with five key moves I had strayed from in recent years. Michael Bannon is the only coach I’ve ever had. It’s scary — he knows my swing better than I do. ” – Rory McIlroy.

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About 6-Step Golf Lesson Online

As already mentioned, 6-Step Golf Lesson is an online golf training program taught by Micheal Bannon.

The cool thing about this program is that you can use it anywhere, whether you’re inside or outside.

And what we like even more about it is that it only takes 10 minutes per day. If you are pretty busy, don’t worry; you can still participate in the program.

Also, you don’t actually need a golf ball for this training. All you need is a device, your membership, and you’ll be able to learn how to swing like Rory McIlroy. Okay… or you’ll get as close as humanly possible.

If you’ve been looking for golf instruction training to improve your swing, this is a great choice.

Best Online Golf Instructor: About Michael Bannon

Michael Bannon is a golf instructor who has worked closely with Rory McIlroy from a young age and has been a key factor in his success.

And despite Michael working with Rory since years ago, they still work together today. This year, McIlroy described that more time with Michael would “really help.”

Interestingly Michael also had a prolific career himself and was a professional of the Bangor Golf Club. And he is known around the golfing world as a veteran in the game.

What is Taught Inside The 6-Step Golf Lesson Online?

Now that we have taken a look at the basic information about the course and the golf instructor let’s look at what you will actually learn in the program.

How To Get The Perfect Golf Swing

As we’re sure you know, in golf, your swing is everything.

The primary training consists of videos in which Michael Bannon is teaching tips and techniques that you will be able to replicate.

You’ll learn everything starting from the body position to the actual golf swing techniques. And again, you’ll be able to practice this without a golf ball.

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Additionally, you will learn how to hit the ball so that it reaches maximum speed and that it covers the largest possible distance while still being accurate.

This material is mainly in video format, but you do get some additional resources that we’ll discuss later.

Automatic, But Natural

Top Golfers can hit birdies consistently because they have a repeatable process for their swing. And while that does come from practice, it is also vital that you have the right technique.

Michael Bannon is known for teaching his students how to make that swift swing repeatable. And in this golf course, he teaches you how to do the same.

Using this system, you’ll find that your swing technique will become more natural.

What Do You Get Inside The 6-Step Golf Lesson Online?

Now that we have looked at what you learn, we wanted to dive deeper into what you get inside, so you have an idea of what to expect.

Golf Instruction Video Lessons

One of the main components of the program is, of course, the hours of instruction videos. These are high-quality live videos recorded by Michael Bannon, where he will share his golf swing secrets.

These lessons are exclusive to the membership, so you will not find them on YouTube, Instagram, or anywhere else online.

We were also very impressed with the analysis of the swing. Because being able to swing well is one thing, but teaching it?

That’s something a lot of professional golfers can’t do. Michael Bannon is great at breaking down what you need to do and what your motion needs to look like.

There really isn’t a better place online to get your golf instruction lessons. And despite there being so much material available to watch, it is broken down well, so you only need 10-minutes per day to participate in this online academy.

Animated version Of The Lessons

Besides the high-quality videos, you will also be getting the animated versions of the videos for free as part of the program. Why would you want them?

Well, the animated videos help the golf instruction and also the overall analysis. When you watch these animated versions, the body positions and other technical aspects are highlighted, making it easier for you to replicate.

As a student, this is priceless because it will make understanding it much easier.

Downloadable transcript of each training video in PDF format.

Also, you will be able to download the transcripts of the videos for free. Having these next to the training is also highly useful because it will allow you to learn the training contents throughout the day.

It could be when you’re laying in bed, sitting on the bus, or wherever you’ve got 5 minutes to go over what Michael has taught you.

This will definitely help you remember the techniques and tips, which will improve your results using the training.

Downloadable audio of each lesson in mp3 format.

You’ll also get downloadable versions of the video lessons in MP3 audio format for free. This is also great because if you are again busy, you can listen to it on the go to keep your progress going.

When you join the program, you can download these videos from the website on the device of your choice.

Lifetime access to the coaching website

Finally, you will also get lifetime access to the coaching website. Therefore, you’ll get access to any updates to the program and will always be able to access the material – wherever you are.

If you take a break from golf because life happens and need the materials in one or two years, they’ll be there waiting for you.

What We Like About The 6-Step Golf Lesson Online

The 6-step golf lesson online is great because it’s available to all of us at a low price. There really aren’t many similar alternatives on the golf training market, as most have monthly fees.

Plus, this is taught by a true veteran — who, as we have already mentioned a couple of times, is Mcilroy’s coach.

This is something that we really like about it because to get this type of celebrity coach is usually a lot more expensive.

You can reveal the price of the program here.

And unlike some other golf coaches, Micheal is one of the most easy-to-understand and straightforward instructors.

What We Don’t Like About The 6-Step Golf Lesson Online

There isn’t a lot to complain about with this program. It’s affordable, effective, and all-around, just highly beneficial.

However, if we would have to put out some criticism, it would be that it’s hard to track your improvement and progress.

You can somewhat feel it in your swing, but it’s not the same as getting feedback from an in-person coach.

But that’s to be expected at the price point.

The 6-Step Golf Lesson Online: Pricing

As we have seen throughout this 6-step golf lesson review, the program offers some incredible value for its students.

And it also doesn’t have any instructors; it is taught by the coach of none other than Rory McIlroy himself.

Despite this, the program is surprisingly affordable. You won’t need to pay a monthly fee, but you get lifetime access to all of the materials.

And if you use the link below, you can access the entire program for just $37.

The 6-Step Golf Lesson Online: Pros and Cons

To give you an overview of the pros and cons of the program, we have listed them below.

The 6-step golf lessons pros:

    The 6-step golf lessons Cons:

    Overall, there aren’t a lot of cons to this program. However, we still managed to find a few to ensure you know what to expect.

      6 Step Golf Lesson Online Review: Final Verdict

      As we have seen throughout this article, the 6-step golf lesson online is an outstanding online golf training program.

      It is taught by the golf instructor of one of the most successful and prolific professionals the sport has ever seen.

      And the membership allows you to learn from the same person that Rory McIlroy did. Therefore our verdict is definitely worth it for anyone serious about improving their golfing game.

      Oh, and to put the icing on the cake, it comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee if you use the link below:

      Simply Click here for the 60-day deal!

      Best Golf Instructors & Courses: Frequently Asked Questions

      Finally, we wanted to answer some frequently asked questions about the program and the best online golf resources in general.

      online golf lesson

      Who is the best online golf instructor?

      This type of question is always hard to answer because choosing a golf choice is always subjective. However, from all the best golf coaches, our choice is Micheal Bannon, as Rory McIlroy credits a lot of his own success to having him as a coach.

      And if a golfer as successful as Rory credits a lot of his achievements to the coach, imagine what he can do for the average golfer.

      You can find his affordable golfing training here.

      Are Golf Lessons Worth the money?

      It depends. If you are interested in learning from instructors because you are serious about the sport, and want to spend time learning it, then yes, they are definitely worth it.

      Plus, today, we have online lessons available to us, which are available for a fraction of a cost of an in-person lesson. For example, the 6 step golf lesson online costs just $37 for a lifetime membership.

      How Can I Improve My Golf Swing?

      Two words; practice and training. However, it’s also crucial that you always analyze your body positions and the results of your shot.

      Additionally, you should also pay close attention to the motion, which is crucial too.

      How Much Should golf lessons cost?

      Golf lessons can cost anywhere from $25 to $80 per hour, depending on your location, the instructor, etc.

      As you can imagine, if you do have someone like Michael Bannon to teach you, the cost can go up to $500 per hour.

      Again, that highlights the great affordability of online golf lessons, like Michael Bannon’s 6-step Golf training online.

      Luke Griffin

      Luke is an avid weekend-warrior golfer from the East Coast who plays golf more than he cares to admit.

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