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Finding the best womens golf clubs can sometimes be a challenging task due to the fact that 77% of golfers are male.

best womens golf clubs

However, the number of women golfers is on the rise, with millions of women taking up the sport. A study conducted by the National Golf Foundation (NGF) found that 48% of women want to start learning how to play golf. 

If you too are looking to start to play golf, then you’re going to need the best golf clubs. Luckily, we have done all the hard work for you.

Here, you will not only find the best golf clubs but a detailed buyer’s guide and frequently asked questions – to provide you with everything you need to know about golf clubs. 

Many golfing manufacturers have already identified a rising trend in the number of women golfers and as a result, have taken it upon themselves to produce golfing equipment specifically for women at top quality.

Manufacturers have also begun creating golfing equipment to suit a variety of styles of plays, playing abilities, and heights. Therefore, there’s sure to be a perfect golf club for you. 

With this in mind, we have searched the market to deliver you the best women’s golf clubs, with expert suggestions and opinions on how to choose the best set for your requirements.

Aspire XD1 Women’s Golf Club Set

Aspire XD1 Ladies Womens Complete Right Handed Golf Clubs Set Includes Titanium Driver, S.S. Fairway, S.S. Hybrid, S.S. 6-PW Irons, Putter, Stand Bag, 3 H/C's Pink (Right Hand)

The first set on our list is this Aspire XD1 Women’s Golf Club Set.

This set accommodates 9 different clubs of all different shapes and sizes to make you feel like a professional golfer – making it perfect for both beginners and professionals.

A great feature about these golf clubs is their vibrant colors and sleek design. 

Each club is supplied with large clubheads and graphite shafts, ensuring that they are both lightweight while providing enhanced forgiveness.

If you’re a beginner at golfing, then this is a perfect set to start with. Moreover, these clubs are extremely durable with 460cc titanium drivers at 12 degrees.

Whereas, a 6 through 9 irons with a cavity back provides you with more forgiveness. Additional features include a 21-degree hybrid, pitching wedge, and 15-degree fairway wood

When looking at additional add-ons, you will receive a dual strap stand bag. This provides enough storage space for your clubs with additional space for golf balls and any personal items.

Likewise, you will also receive 3 additional headcovers to protect your clubs from any nicks and wear. 


  • Lightweight – Each club in this set is engineered to be lightweight, allowing you to make all those shots. 
  • Attractive colors – If you want to look good on the golf course, then this is the set for you.
  • Comes in standard an – This kit comes in a standard an.


  • Only right-handed – This kit is only suitable for right-handed women, it can’t be used for left-handed women. 
  • No sand wedgeA sand wedge isn’t included with this set. 

Wilson Women’s Complete Golf Set

Wilson Women's Ultra Plus Complete Set - Ladies Right Hand, Cart Bag

This Wilson Women’s complete golf set accommodates a cart bag, 3 club headcovers, and 9 different golf clubs. In addition to the clubs, you will also receive Woods, Irons, Drivers, a Putter, and 6-PW.

A perk about this set is that you don’t have to worry about purchasing any other golf clubs, as you’ll get what you need all in this package. 

Among all the clubs included, the wedge and driver are the best. The sand wedge ensures easy launches. Not only is it lightweight, but it also provides a wide sole which allows for ease of shot-making, and enhanced greenside control.

The other clubs ensure this purpose additionally. Whereas the driver is great for performing high-lofted shots as a result of its large sweet spot. If swung correctly, you’ll be rewarded with an enhanced ball flight with greater distance. 

The quality of the clubs is good. Each golf club in the set is composed of a graphite shaft. Likewise, the set is available for both left-handed golfers and right-handed golfers. It is also available in 2 different colors including pink and gray. 


  • Complete set – The set includes all the different golf clubs you could require when starting out playing golf.
  • Durable and lightweight – All the clubs are composed of a graphite shaft that allows them to be durable and yet; lightweight.
  • Great performance – The sand wedge and driver ensure extraordinary performance.


  • Standard irons – The irons included are very standard, and not great for professionals.
  • 2 color options – There are only two colors available to choose from.

STRATA Women’s Golf Package Sets

Callaway Women's Strata Plus Complete Golf Set (14-Piece, Right Hand, Teal)

For many years, Callaways has been a popular choice for ladies’ golf club sets, and this STRATA set bears no exception.

Included in this set are a 5-Wood, 6 to 9 Irons, Driver, a5-Hybrid, 3 Headcovers, SW & SW, and a Stand Bag – providing you with everything you could need to buy and play a complete golfing experience. 

The clubs included in this package are perfect for golfers who want to achieve accurate shots with enough forgiveness to go a long way.

For the driver, you will receive a 460cc club which includes a graphite shaft. Likewise, this is included in all the clubs, a graphite shaft proves for a lightweight and easy swing movement.

The 460cc clubhead ensures that you will be able to make all your shots accurately and effortlessly. Moreover, if you’re a regular golfer, it’s quite difficult to miss the center of the club head.

In addition, the fairway wood is great for achieving long shots and producing faster swing speeds. Likewise, the irons are technologically advanced for improved control with perimeter weighting.

Lastly, the mallet putter is one of the best you’ll find on the market. 

The stand bag is durable and lightweight, with enough space to accommodate your clubs and any necessities you may need on the golf course.

This golf set is available in 4 different colors with 4 different packages suitable for left-handed golfers and right-handed golfers. Included headcovers mean that you don’t have to worry about purchasing extras. 


  • Lightweight – The lightweight clubs, composed of a graphite shaft, allows for an easier swing – you’ll be able to improve your skills in no time.
  • 11 golf clubs – The complete set provides you with all the clubs you could need to play a successful golfing game. 
  • Left-handed suitable – This golf set is not only suitable for right-handed people but also for left-handed women as well.  


  • Oversize club head – Many golfers aren’t used to playing with oversized club heads; therefore, they may take some time to get used to. 

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Aspire PRO-X Ladies Complete Golf Clubs Set

Aspire PRO-X Ladies Womens Complete Right Handed Golf Clubs Set Includes Titanium F Driver, 3 Fairway Wood, 4-5 Hybrids, 7-SW Irons, Putter, Cart Bag, 4 H/C's (Regular Size, Right Hand)

This Aspire Pro-X ladies’ complete golf club set was manufactured with a range of golfers in mind, regardless of their skill levels.

The set contains 10 different golf clubs ranging from irons, hybrids, putters, drivers, and woods. In addition to these clubs, you will also receive a cart bag and 4 headcovers.

The Aspire PRO-X set is available in both regular size and petite size, ensuring comfort for every golfer. 

Each club is incorporated with a golf pride non-slip grip, as well as a graphite shaft. This ensures an enhanced feel in hand allowing you to perform comfortable swings at every shot.

In this set, you’ll receive a standard driver that performs shots at a good distance with enough forgiveness. Whereas a putter will improve accuracy when hit correctly.

The unique, stand-alone clubs include hybrids and woods which have premium V6 ladies flex and an aerodynamic wood design, as opposed to the standard clubs. 

Included, you’ll find a pink cart bag that perfectly fits with the pink golf clubs, as well as the shafts. The bag provides ample space to accommodate all your necessities, along with your clubs for easy storage.

The incorporation of top-class golf clubs with a cart bag and headcover makes the perfect golf set for a beginner golfer. 


  • Hybrids and Woods – These are standalone clubs that were manufactured with V6 ladies flex and an aerodynamic wood design. 
  • Complete set – The set contains 10 different golf clubs, providing you with everything you need for a beginner golfer.
  • Different sizes – This kit accommodates different height sizes including regular and petite sizes, providing everyone with a comfortable golfing experience. 


  • No wedge – This kit doesn’t include a wedge; there, you may have to purchase a separate one.
  • No left-handed package – Only available for right-handed people, there isn’t an option for those who golf left-handed.

Ram Golf EZ3 Ladies Golf Clubs

Ram Golf EZ3 Ladies Golf Clubs Set with Stand Bag - All Graphite Shafts

This EZ3 complete set includes everything you need to improve your golf skills and play a successful golfing game.

The kit provides you with 9 different golf clubs. While there are a few golf clubs missing, with time this won’t matter. Below, you will find out why. 

Within this set, you’ll find an oversized wood, 5 irons with a mallet putter, a long-range hybrid, and a driver. You won’t be missing any shots with the center of the club face as the drivers and woods both contain 460cc clubheads.

These extended club heads provide you with the ability to kit the ball using the center of the clubface to ensure more forgiveness and distance.

Additionally, the hollow cavity back design regarding the irons allows them to be more forgiving. Whereas the 21-degree hybrid is a great option to use instead of the long irons.

Likewise, the mallet putter is able to supply a high MOI design. All these features make it a great set to play golf with. 

This set is perfect for those looking for a more toned-down design, if you resent the color pink, then this might be the set for you as it comes exclusively in a teal color. 


  • High performing – The kit contains top-quality hybrids, drivers, and woods
  • Durable – Manufactured with top-quality materials, these clubs are extremely durable. 
  • Complete set – Contains every club you could need on the golf course.


  • No wedges – Unfortunately, this kit doesn’t contain a wedge, meaning you may have to purchase a separate one.
  • No left-handed package – Not suitable for left-handed people. 

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Buyer’s Guide

As previously mentioned, it’s sometimes difficult choosing the best ladies’ golf clubs.

Not only do you have to consider the clubs, but also the performance capabilities, which can sometimes be difficult if you’re a beginner.

Therefore to make this easier for you, below, you will find all the different factors you need to consider before purchasing a set. 

Shaft Material

When looking to purchase golf clubs, you should always look for clubs containing graphite shafts. While steel shafts can provide you with more yardage; ultimately, they are heavier than regular graphite shafts.

Typically, for women, the weight of the golf club is a deciding factor in order to carry out easy and seamless swings. 

Club Loft Angle

When looking at the differences between men’s and women’s golf clubs, the loft angle makes a huge difference.

For instance, high lofted clubs are better for women and will produce more desirable results. These types of clubs help to lift the ball easily from the ground. 

However, having said that, if you have versatile abilities or you’re a professional, you can also choose to play with a lower lofted club which will produce a more precise swing.

On the other hand, if you’re a beginner, it’s best to opt for a high lofter club. 

Length Of The Club

Before purchasing your golf clubs, if you are unaware of the length of the club then you could end up compromising your swinging abilities.

A general rule of thumb is that the required length of the club is determined by the height of the golfer. 

Generally, women are shorter than their male counterparts; therefore, women should opt for a shorter-sized club. On the other hand, taller women are able to purchase men’s clubs.

Having said that, there are a few other considerations to contemplate such as playing ability, weight, and shaft material. 

Perimeter-Weighted Club Heads Should Be Your First Choice

Weighted adjustment clubs provide golfers with the ability to customize the weight distribution needed to perform the correct shots. Professional golfers are able to reap the benefits of this feature.

A club containing the properly adjusted distribution of weight allows you to hit the ball more accurately, ensuring you always hit the sweet spot of the club face. 

The design technology and specifications of golf club manufacturing are rapidly changing and improving at a fast pace. If you’re a beginner, you should look to get a perimeter-weighted clubhead.

These clubs contain a larger face which enables you to hit the ball with accuracy and confidence. 

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re first starting out your golfing experience, then it is only expected that you will have a lot of questions. Below, we have answered the most frequently asked questions in regards to the best women’s golf clubs. 

What Is The Difference Between Men’s And Women’s Golf Clubs?

Both men’s golf clubs and women’s golf clubs are manufactured and designed differently with the requirements of both golfers in mind, to provide the best-golfing experience.

Women’s golf clubs tend to be higher-lofted and lightweight with varying colors and materials. 

For these reasons, it makes it harder for women to play with men’s golf clubs. Luckily, you can find both clubs available these days on the market. 

Are Headcovers Included In All Sets?

Yes. Generally, in most cases, you will receive headcovers with your club or club sets. When looking at the previously mentioned golf clubs, you will notice that they all come with headcovers.

Besides, if a specific kit doesn’t include a headcover, it can be purchased easily from any golfing manufacturer. Likewise, you’ll find head covers of all different designs and styles. 

Does A Club Set Include All The Clubs?

Not always. Generally, most golf clubs are targeted toward beginner golfers which usually consist of 7 different clubs.

Due to these kits being more affordable, it limits manufacturers from including everything needed in a set. However, the clubs included in these sets provide everything a beginner could need.

As you learn more and improve your golfing skills, you can add more golf clubs to your collection. 

Final Thoughts

While golfing is typically dominated by men, the sport is becoming more and more popular with women. As a result, manufacturers have designed and created golf sets specifically suited for women.

Not only does this provide a better golfing experience for women, but it also delivers women with the opportunity to play golf, changing the outlook that golf is only for men. 

Within this article, we have covered everything you need to know when purchasing the best women’s golf clubs.

From reviews, a buyer’s guide, and frequently asked questions, we have detailed everything you could possibly need to purchase your next golf clubs.

Luke Griffin

Luke is an avid weekend-warrior golfer from the East Coast who plays golf more than he cares to admit.

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