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Buying used golf clubs is a great way to save money, but you should be careful with your purchase. You want to make sure that the club has been broken in, the grip is good and there are no signs of damage.

Fortunately, we have created this simple guide on buying used golf clubs so it’s easy to get started!

buying used golf clubs

Used clubs and the money

However, they are not that cheap. Because of the intricate process in making them, golf is an exclusive sport, and clubs come a little costly. But because you are still in the beginning stages of your golf career, why not buy used ones first.

If you have surplus money, you are free to go to a sports retailer and buy the best set they have.

But if you are thinking of making golf more like a light hobby, you will do well enough with used ones.

Thinking about buying used golf clubs first but unsure how?

Used can be found for just a fraction of the price of brand new clubs, and there are lots of fantastic bargains available, especially in well-known brands of golf clubs such as Calloway, Nike, Cleveland, etc.

Fake golf clubs are nothing like the real club brands

Quality used golf irons, and woods can be found online on Craigslist, eBay, and BackPage, and because there are no overhead costs, online deals are often better than in stores.

Other great places to find them include garage sales, newspaper classifieds, and consignment stores. Though you may not think your budget can afford a set of Calloway clubs, you’d be surprised at how affordable used clubs can be if you do your homework.

Second hand golf clubs

Before venturing out to purchase used sets, consider several factors.

Enthusiastic golfers will often buy new clubs and put their old golf equipment up for sale. Golfers often seek out the latest clubs and will want to short sell their barely used ones.

Think in advance of what club models you are interested in, without regard to the cost. Remember, you can save a significant amount of money if you understand what you can and can’t accept in wear and tear.

Used club and quality club

Common signs of golf clubwear, such as worn grips, are less of a problem and can be a major bargaining chip because they can be replaced for a nominal cost. Keep in mind that a golf club that appears barely used would probably demand a higher price than a golf club that is gently worn, with several scratches.

The more scratches a club has, the lower the price, so scratches can be good and not affect your game.

Standard set

If you buy a complete golf set, check that all the clubs are from the same original set, as some models look very similar.

Remember, when you’re looking to buy used make sure you know the proper length of the golf club that is optimal for you.

Golf swing mechanics

When purchasing any golf club, even used, the main factor is to ensure that they correspond to your height, arm length, and swing. Take several practice swings, make sure you won’t have to adjust your game to the new clubs so much that you have to relearn golf.

Before buying previously owned golf equipment, it is best to determine what type of used golf equipment will serve your needs and abilities.

Why not get second hand clubs?

The main aim why people hesitate to buy used is that they are afraid of signs of wear that are undetected, poor or nonexistent care by the previous owner.

So what are the ways that you can buy cheap golf clubs?

The first step you can do is examine your contacts. If you have friends who have already been inclined to play golf, that’s a jackpot.

You can ask them! And since you know them, they might even give them to you at such a low price, or even for free.

Alternatively, if you are the first among your line of friends to consider playing golf, you could still find cheap elsewhere.

For one, you can go to sports and fitness stores and ask if they have a surplus or second-hand stocks.

It is an expensive sport. That is understood. Save Money.

So if you are starting, you may be wondering just how long you will stick with this game and just how much money you can afford to spend, now and ultimately. So, why not buy used golf clubs?

No reason not to. Many new golfers start with a set of 2nd hand clubs. Others would prefer to pick up a batch of beginner clubs. It is just a personal choice. Both are good ideas.

It is a misconception that used clubs are of substandard quality. Just as a new car loses value when you drive it off the lot, golf sticks lose their value the first time they’re used.

There is no intention why you should not buy used golf clubs, especially for the new golfers. Why spend too much money buying expensive (vs used golf clubs) golf clubs when you are still not sure how well you will play or whether you will continue playing.

People hesitate to buy used golf clubs because they are afraid of major defects that are undetected, low quality, or poor care by its owner. Right?

Checklist your old golf clubs

But not to worry, here are some useful tips we want to share to buy used golf clubs. Just follow these guidelines, and you can be sure that you will get good quality golf clubs on a budget.

Check the Grips

Look out for obvious problems such as cracks, splits, and worn areas in the rubber or leather of the grips. Grips can be replaced or re-grip, but it will cost you to re-grip a club.

I will not buy it if the club needs immediate re-gripping because it shows it has not been taken care of. Also, check for any rush spot; a club left out in the rain may have developed rust spots, but these usually can be cleaned off.

Examine the Clubface and club heads

Most used golf clubs will have some wear; that’s reasonable. But you should carefully check and examine that the clubface doesn’t have a shiny worn spot in the center.

A clubface like that won’t hold the ball and will cause your shots to be less accurate. Also, make sure that the grooves have well-defined edges.

Don’t buy it if there are dents in the clubface, as this will cause the ball flight angle to be off.

Check the Shafts

Graphite shafts are lighter than steel shafts, but they are slightly less durable and get dented easier.

So make sure graphite shafts don’t have indentations or worn areas. Such defects will throw off your swing because they affect flexibility and torque. Test the shaft by gently twisting the head and griping in opposite directions. It should have strong resistance; otherwise, there is weakness in the shaft.

For steel shafts, examine carefully to ensure it hasn’t been bent back into shape. Without a piece of special equipment, it is almost impossible to straighten the club back to its original form.

Even if it does, it will still weaken the club. Make sure all shafts in a set are the same, so the clubs feel similar from shot to shot.

Try out the clubs before you buy. Take them out in a front yard for a few swings. This is the only way to determine how well the clubs will perform. If the owner doesn’t allow you to try, give it a pass and move on.

This Year’s Model vs Last Year’s Model

Last but not least, when buying used golf clubs, we always stick to better-known brand names like Titleist, Callaway, TaylorMade, and Ping. This will reduce the risk of getting low-quality clubs.

Various companies offer the best golf clubs or the most scientifically innovative technology. These companies and their profession can be a little intimidating for a golf beginner.

If you choose the best golf clubs for your current skill level, you will try many different models. Regardless of what line of golf clubs you decide to go with, you never want to select a set of clubs beyond your latest skill level.

This is one of the mistakes most beginners make.

Buying used golf clubs is very cost-effective, especially if you are a new golfer. It won’t affect your swing if the clubs are still in good condition. Many experienced golfers I know also use less expensive golf clubs.

Don’t struggle on the golf course with poor tools

Most golfers struggle to decide which golf club to buy, whether a beginner or a pro. The buying techniques become easier when the consumer understands the kind of golf clubs available and their specified use.

Your playing and staying power are greatly enhanced by choosing the proper golf clubs.

Basics of a complete golf bag set

The basic set of golf clubs comprises drivers, putters, fairway woods, wedges (pitching wedge and possibly a sand wedge), and irons (eight irons through to utility clubs in an iron set) or the novice golfer.

In addition to golf clubs, many accessories are also available, many of which are essentials and others just for appearance. One absolute essential is a golf bag to assist you in moving around and golf balls.

Another must essential is a pair of golf shoes to aid stabilize your body so you can attain the perfect swing. Other accessories include golf gloves, clothing, a golf cap, and coverings for your golf clubs to preserve them from the elements while being kept.

Different irons make a big difference

There are many differences in the kinds and forms of golf clubs and their uses. For instance, if you’re trying to make a shorter shot, irons may be your best bet. Irons are available in sets that include several different sizes.

You must also consider the form, size, and kind of material used to make the golf club shaft. One of the cheap materials is steel.

Golf clubs with a steel shaft weigh more but can last longer than others. The steel shaft may also give you power over those short swings. Most golf clubs are available with both more control graphite and steel shafts.

Shafts affect performance

If you select a graphite shaft, it will be lighter than steel but more costly. This type of club is used for long-distance shots or slower swingers.

The pliability of a shaft is referred to as flex or bend. The less the curve in a shaft, the more command the powerful swinger will have. On the contrary, those with less powerful swings and beginners generally use a shaft with greater pliability.

Affordability in the latest models

The objective when purchasing golf clubs should be to have the best golf clubs you can afford, notwithstanding if they are name brands, used, or a reproduction of one of the name brands.

Cost of good shape and old clubs

The cost depends on the kind and where it is bought. Retail stores have pre-season, post-season, and regular sales, but since someone has the perfect weather to play the game at any given time, you may find it hard to find a true bargain.

What makes a golf club good for a new golfer (Beginner)? 

Golf clubs that are most acceptable for beginners are more lenient, which means your shots won’t be as seriously punished when you don’t fully hit them properly. 

The irons will generally have larger than average heads and look fairy chunky and thick. This extra mass is designed to assist you in getting the ball in the air and traveling at the right angle. Beginners are best advised to navigate well clear of compact little blades that offer little to no assistance on anything but well-struck shots. 

The driver, hybrids, and woods in beginner sets will likely all match patterns/designs and colors, which is good, as it makes it easier to get used to striking them.

Most whole sets come with headcovers for the woods; if yours don’t, it’s good to buy some headcovers to prevent scratches and dings caused by your clubs rattling around in your bag.

How much should I pay on golf clubs as a beginner? 

Each one’s budget is divergent. Get it if you want to spend much money on the trending golf clubs and have the money to do so! But, as a beginner, you won’t notice much difference between a set that costs a few hundred versus a set that costs ten times as much.

Final thoughts

If you have already decided on purchasing your golf clubs, you should always remember one thing: you should think of how many times you plan to play.

Although it may seem fun to order the best golf clubs which the best brand and a high price, you might not be able to use them regularly. This, in turn, seems to be a waste of money.

Good golf equipment can help you improve your golf skills, especially when you put your heart and soul into training. Do not deprive yourself of quality, either. Please test it out with a few practice swings when buying a set.

A club should coincide with your height, arm length, and grip when you feel greatly improved. Congratulations! It means that you have the right set.

Luke Griffin

Luke is an avid weekend-warrior golfer from the East Coast who plays golf more than he cares to admit.

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