Carlton Woods (Fazio Course), The Woodlands TX

Carlton Woods Fazio Course The Woodlands TX

Overview of Carlton Woods location and amenities

Experience the luxurious lifestyle of Carlton Woods! This exclusive, gated community offers state-of-the-art amenities, such as the Fazio Course – one of the premier golf courses in The Woodlands area. Tennis courts, a fitness center, swimming pool, and a clubhouse with fine dining options complete the package.

Plus, you’ll have easy access to shopping, dining and entertainment options in the Woodlands Waterway and Market Street areas. Residential properties are highly sought after, with custom-built estates amidst lush greenery. And there are top-rated private schools nearby for families with children.

You’ll also enjoy 24-hour on-site security for your safety and peace of mind. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to join the prestigious Carlton Woods community – contact our team today to learn more about available properties!

The Fazio course design and reputation

Carlton Woods boasts one of the most prestigious golf courses in America, designed by Tom Fazio. His creative design provides exciting strategic challenges as well as beautiful nature. It is a true driver’s delight! Its impeccable reputation has attracted both pros and amateurs.

This masterpiece pairs shot values with diverse elevations and distant views. The greens are spacious and inviting, with steep drop-offs and deep bunkers that make each hole unique. Grand bunkers, oak corridors, meandering creeks, native vegetation, waterfalls, and lakes add to the stunning 7,432 yard-long course.

Inside the walls of Carlton Woods, tranquility pervades, making it ideal for a peaceful game of golf or relaxation. Last year (2019), Golf Digest’s list of America’s 100 Greatest Golf Courses ranked Carlton Woods as the #1 golf club in Texas for 6 years in a row.

Carlton Woods (Fazio Course) features more bunkers than a Kardashian divorce settlement.

Carlton Woods (Fazio Course) features

To get the most out of your golfing experience at Carlton Woods (Fazio Course), discover its unique features set amidst a natural wonderland. In order to help you better understand the course, this section explores its layout and course features, the hazards and bunkers that offer challenges, the greens and fairways that promise exciting shots, and the amenities that make your game memorable.

Layout and Course Features

The Carlton Woods Fazio Course offers a challenge to golfers of all skill levels with its greens and valleys. Here are six course features to keep in mind:

  • Multiple water hazards
  • Bunkers everywhere
  • Elevated tees with awesome views
  • Grassy mounds around greens which bring a chipping challenge
  • Fairways with mature trees make obstacles & beauty
  • Bermuda grass used in different areas of the course

From May to October, alligators may be present near the water hazards. Marshals will help guide players around them.

In 2011, the Carlton Woods Fazio Course hosted the Insperity Championship, won by Brad Faxon.

Want something new? Try a sand trap – you’ll never escape!

Hazards and Bunkers

The Course’s Obstacles – Hazards and Sand Traps

At Carlton Woods Fazio Course, players must skillfully navigate a plethora of challenges. Here is a breakdown of the different obstacles:

Type of hazard or bunkerDescription
Fairway BunkersNeed precision and accuracy with every swing.
Greenside BunkersAround greens. Hard to get out of. Technique and finesse required.
Water HazardsStrategically placed to make approach shots challenging.
Waste AreasNot quite bunkers. Difficult to recover errant shots.

Tom Fazio designed each hazard and bunker to fit in with the course’s layout. For example, water hazards are placed to blend with the scenery, yet still provide a challenge.

Pro Tip: Know the hazards before playing. It will help you score better.

Playing on the greens and fairways of Carlton Woods Fazio Course is like a first date – it’s pristine and smooth. Hope to not mess it up!

Greens and Fairways

The greens and fairways at Carlton Woods (Fazio Course) are a sight to behold. Lush lawns and well-manicured greens make up the beauty of the course, creating a stunning view for all. Its designers crafted the contours with the natural landscape in mind, making for a challenging, yet picturesque experience.

Green Speed: Between 9-10 on the stimp meter.

Danger Zones: Bunkers located strategically throughout.

Fairway Widths: Varying from hole to hole.

Rough Heights: 2 inches on average, some reaching 4 inches.

Carlton Woods (Fazio Course) features grasses that survive Houston’s hot and humid climate with sprawling trees in the backdrop. Each hole is unique presenting challenges such as elevation changes, water hazards and doglegs.

One visitor described it as a mix of love and frustration. It’s not just about golf performance here – it’s also an aesthetic encounter! On one occasion, a player experienced two deer feasting nearby. Little moments like these make a golf day at Carlton Woods (Fazio Course) more memorable.

Take advantage of the five-star amenities – it’s like playing golf in a luxury hotel.


At Carlton Woods (Fazio Course), you can expect top-notch amenities for a one-of-a-kind golf experience. Enjoy luxurious locker rooms, lounges, and dining areas with catering services. Access a world-class practice facility with trainers and state-of-the-art equipment. Plus, take in breathtaking views of Houston during the 18-hole course. Valet parking and attentive staff are also available.

The staff can provide personalized recommendations for local attractions, so you won’t miss out on anything. Don’t miss this chance to have a thrilling golfing experience at one of the most prestigious courses in Texas. Book your stay today and discover the extraordinary amenities that await you at Carlton Woods (Fazio Course).

Experience and Challenges of Playing Carlton Woods (Fazio Course)

To fully embrace the challenge of playing Carlton Woods (Fazio Course), this section explores the experiences that come with it. With course difficulty and experiences that cater both amateur and professional golfers, we offer insight into what you can expect on the field.

Course Difficulty

As an experienced golfer, taking on the Carlton Woods (Fazio Course) was a unique challenge. Factors that contribute to its difficulty include:

  • The course layout: Wide fairways and strategically placed bunkers make this course hard even for seasoned golfers.
  • Greens complexities: Getting a successful shot onto the greens can be tricky. Players need to understand the slopes and angles.
  • Weather variability: Wind, rain and sun exposure add complexity.

Every hole has distinct features that must be taken into account. Houston Chronicle allows outsiders to book tee times. So, whether you’re an amateur or pro, playing Carlton Woods (Fazio Course) will make you feel like a pro…at losing golf balls!

Experience for Amateur and Professional Golfers

Golfers of all levels flock to the Carlton Woods Fazio Course for an extraordinary experience. The grounds are pristine, with lush scenery and all the amenities one could wish for!

Plus, the club features a talented caddie program that offers valuable tips and tricks for mastering the course. Every hole brings its own unique set of challenges, making each round an exhilarating journey.

For those looking to hone their game, accuracy and finesse are key. Caddies can be a great resource in helping you progress through the course and make it through tricky hazards with ease.

Can money buy happiness? Maybe not, but becoming a member at Carlton Woods Fazio Course sure makes me smile!

Membership at Carlton Woods (Fazio Course)

To become a member of Carlton Woods (Fazio Course) and enjoy its exclusive perks, you must meet certain requirements. But the benefits of playing at the Fazio Course are worth it. In this section, we explore the requirements and perks of membership to Carlton Woods. We also examine the benefits of playing there, so you can understand why joining is an excellent opportunity.

Requirements and Perks of Membership

Investigate the perks and qualifications of Carlton Woods (Fazio Course) and join an elite golfing community.

Benefits include:

  • Unlimited access to 7,358 yards of the Fazio course.
  • Enjoy activities such as tennis, swimming, and fitness center. Plus, delicious dining options.
  • Visit the Carlton Woods’ Grand Mansion with its luxurious ballrooms and club lounges.
  • Network with other members at special events.
  • Take lessons from world-class instructors and attend private clinics with family and friends.

Membership is limited, offering exclusive advantages like the invitational program for guests. Plus, upgrade to the premier membership to receive customized packages with travel programs between global clubs. Experience the ultimate in service – Carlton Woods (Fazio Course) is like having a personal butler, only instead of slippers they retrieve golf balls from the pond.

Benefits of Playing at Carlton Woods (Fazio Course)

Playing at Carlton Woods (Fazio Course) offers many benefits. These include:

  • A course designed by renowned architect Tom Fazio; providing a tough yet enjoyable round.
  • A clubhouse, locker rooms and dining options.
  • Year-round golf season, thanks to the excellent maintenance and drainage systems.
  • Exclusive tournaments and events, sometimes featuring pro players.
  • Discounts on retail purchases and services like caddie or cart rentals.

Apart from these, members can enjoy luxury accommodation options located alongside world-renowned golf courses. Remember to follow the Club’s etiquette to make sure your visit is pleasant for everyone! The future of Carlton Woods (Fazio Course) looks bright, signalling a prosperous era for The Woodlands TX golf scene.

The Future of Carlton Woods (Fazio Course) and The Woodlands TX Golf Scene

The golf scene in The Woodlands TX is set to grow with Carlton Woods Fazio Course as its focus. This will draw more golfers and tournaments, boosting the local economy. Plus, with renowned architects designing new courses, the scene promises to stay exciting.

The Carlton Woods community offers lots of recreational and social activities beyond golf. Think: dining, fitness, and even aquatic centers! Plus, members are known for their charitable spirit.

The Fazio Course boasts a challenging yet enjoyable layout, with lush meadows and undulating terrain. Every golfer’s soul will be captivated by its natural beauty under blue skies.

Be part of a thriving golf community with access to incredible courses and activities. Join Carlton Woods today! And don’t forget your swim trunks!


The Carlton Woods Fazio Course in The Woodlands TX has it all! Impressive design, tough gameplay and spectacular scenery. This world-class course will leave golfers feeling tested and pleased. Greens and bunkers are of exceptional quality. A must-visit for all golf enthusiasts.

The par-3 7th hole at Carlton Woods is both a test and a sight to behold. Strategic shot placement is needed over a creek, then precision with the putter on the elevated green complex. On the back nine, the fairways are narrow – an extra layer of difficulty. But skilled players will be rewarded with the finest playing conditions in Texas.

Members of Carlton Woods have luxury amenities like fine dining and well-appointed clubhouses. Plus, as one of Tom Fazio’s most outstanding achievements, it is one of the greatest golf experiences in North America.

The Primera Interclub Association Tournament held at Carlton Woods on May 26-27th was quite a sight! World-famous golfers such as Phil Mickelson and Ernie Els competing against local players in four-ball matches over two days.

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