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The long anticipated “Consistent Golf Secrets” book is FINALLY Released. I’ve read a ton of golf books in my day looking for “it” to improve my game but nothing has come as close as the Underground Playbook For Gaining Consistency In Golf Fast By Bo Watson.

consistent golf secrets

About the Author: Bo Watson

Founded by Bo Watson and Shannon Shuskey, School Of Lifetime Low Rounds is the world’s only online interactive library that provides you answers directly from “the Expert” on the struggle you’re facing.

After seeing firsthand from students and reading about golfer’s horror stories of going down rabbit holes on YouTube only to get worse, Bo thought there had to be a better way for golfers to consume content online.

Rather than just create tips which you can find anywhere, why not get “the Expert” on the particular struggle that a golfer has. As a result, School Of Lifetime Low Rounds was born. 

With this inspiration, the inaugural Consistent Golf Summit was formed which brought together 18 of the World’s Top Experts within their niche to help golfers gain a consistent golf game that their friends would envy.

Then Bo and one of the speakers from Consistent Golf Summit Shannon Shuskey, formed a partnership to create In The Zone Mental Training. Shannon who is a National Champion and coach to 142 National Champions, 18 World Team Members, 6 World Champions, and 2 Olympic Medalists broke the code on how to get athletes to “trick their bodies into the zone.”

Inspiration behind “Consistent Golf Secrets”

For Bo, this creation and really – golfer’s playbook, is about how to gain consistency in golf as fast as possible. Period.


Consistent Golf is a book that is going to provide golfers with the tools that the top 1% of players are using right now to shoot scores in the 70’s—and play with the consistency that we all crave.

Brief Review of this Book

Without giving away what’s inside of these pages and potentially taking away from your own discovery as a golfer on a journey we will say this.

consistent golf secrets book review

The chapters or sections of the book contain the following main subjects:

Section I: How We Got Here
Section II: Does Consistency Exist?
Section III: Full Swing
Section IV: Short Game
Section V: Health/Fitness
Section VI: Strategy/Acceleration
Section V: Execution

To give you a small taste of how much your golf game is about to change, here’s a direct quote from the first pages….

“We are serious when we say, “We are on a mission to help 100,000 golfers shoot their new
lifetime low rounds.”
– Bo Watson

Luke Griffin

Luke is an avid weekend-warrior golfer from the East Coast who plays golf more than he cares to admit.

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