5 Reasons to Sign Up for Couples Golf Lessons

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Luke is an avid weekend-warrior golfer from the East Coast who plays golf more than he cares to admit.

If you’re a solo player, you might have given couples golf lessons very little thought. But private, individual lessons for you and your partner have many benefits. From being great for your relationship to improving your own technique and course management, it’s a fun time for everyone. 

Here, we share the top 5 benefits of golf instruction designed for couples. Check them out and see if romantic times spent on the green are just what you and your partner need. And for more top tips on subjects like how to improve your golf track record or find the best equipment, check out our site.

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1. You Get To Spend Quality Time Together

In this modern world, couples often spend very little quality time together. If you’re at home together, there are always chores to be finished, objects to be fixed, and often, children to be cared for.

But couples lessons promise time away from all that. It’s an opportunity to have a day with your partner without distractions or to-do lists. Sitting on a couch watching a movie together gets old. But genuinely engaging in an activity together at a couples golf school could be just what you two need. 

2. Your Partner Learns About Your Hobby

Ok, we’ve all been there – your partner doesn’t understand the importance of your weekly game or why you’re going again. These personalized golf lessons are a great way to introduce them to your hobby.

Hopefully, they’ll be able to fall in love with the sport, too. And if not, the couple lessons should at least be an opportunity for your partner to see you in your element. Next time you say you are going golfing, they’ll get it. They may even want to tag along.

3. You Get To Make New Memories

A group lesson for you and your partner is a great way to make new memories. With professional golf instructors, all you need to do is sign up and enjoy playing together. 

The exercise will get you releasing endorphins during each full swing, making for lots of fun. Even putting around to improve your short game could lead to unforgettable moments together. 

4. You’ll Get Better Results

You might think that you play the best alone, but some play a better golf game when their partner is with them. It might be because they feel comfortable and happy or more motivated by a little friendly competition.

Whatever the reason, it’s likely you will see excellent results from practicing a consistent golf swing without worrying if your partner is waiting for you to come home. You’ll improve your game while enjoying time together. 

5. Get Healthy Together

No matter your partner’s skill level, these lessons have the added benefit of being good for your health. Did you know that golfers burn approximately 330 calories an hour? So taking classes on the course will help you both stay healthy.

This means that not only do you get to bond and have fun, but you both get to finish the couples golf lessons feeling healthier for having spent time outdoors exerting yourselves.

Enjoy a Couples Golf Lesson Together

With so many reasons to give couples golf lessons a go, what are you waiting for? It’s a way to spend quality time with your partner, get healthy together, and release endorphins. You may find that you two have found your new favorite shared interest! 

Once you two have enjoyed some couples golf lessons, check Our Golf Clubs for more top tips. 

Luke Griffin

Luke is an avid weekend-warrior golfer from the East Coast who plays golf more than he cares to admit.

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