2023 FedEx Golf Cup: Standings, Schedule, Leaderboard, Purse & Prize Money

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The 2023 FedEx Cup, a tournament also known as the FedEx Golf Cup, has drawn the attention of golf enthusiasts worldwide, offering a thrilling competition filled with dramatic twists and turns.

As the top golfers battle it out for the coveted title, this prestigious event brings excitement, anticipation, and a display of skill like no other.

So what makes the 2023 FedEx Golf Cup unique, and who are the key players in this year’s showdown?

Let’s dive into the world of golf’s most sought-after prize and learn what it takes to claim victory in this exhilarating contest.

Short Summary

  • Competition for the 2023 FedEx Cup Playoffs culminates in an intense finale at East Lake Golf Club, with a prize pool of $75 million and life-changing opportunities.
  • The points system rewards players based on their performance throughout the season, ranging from 500 to 600 points for regular events and major championships respectively.
  • Rule changes have increased intensity and excitement surrounding the competition, making it one of golf’s most prestigious titles to win.

2023 FedEx Cup Playoffs Overview

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The road to glory in the FedEx Cup begins this week with three heart-pounding, 72-hole, stroke-play tournaments: the St. Jude Championship, the BMW Championship, and the grand finale, the Tour Championship.

Each of three events these playoff events offers a nail-biting experience, pushing the top 70 players in the FedEx Cup standings to their limits as they vie for the ultimate prize.

With a blend of seasoned veterans and rising stars, the FedEx Cup Playoffs promise to deliver exhilarating golf action, showcasing the finest talents in the sport.

Throughout the regular season, players accumulate FedEx Cup points, which determine their position in the fedexcup standings.

These crucial points not only dictate the participants in the playoffs but also their starting positions in the climactic Tour Championship.

With so much at stake, every stroke counts, amplifying the tension and excitement as players jostle for the top spots on the leaderboard.

BMW Championship

The second event in the FedEx Cup Playoffs, the prestigious BMW Championship, features the top 70 players in the standings, including the likes of Lucas Glover.

This highly esteemed golf event on the PGA TOUR is part of the FedExCup Playoff series, showcasing top professional golfers vying for a considerable prize money and valuable FedEx Cup points to secure a coveted position in the Tour Championship.

The BMW Championship follows a 72-hole stroke play format with a cut after 36 holes.

The top 70 players in the standings after this event progress to the Tour Championship, where they compete in the final round of the FedEx Cup Playoffs.

With three events and a total purse of $9.25 million, the winner walks away with a staggering $1.665 million and 500 FedEx Cup points.

The event has been hosted for four events at various venues, including the Olympia Fields Country Club, further enhancing its prestige.

St. Jude Championship

Kicking off the final round of the Playoffs, the St. Jude Championship serves as the inaugural event, beginning with the top 125 players battling for quadrupled points.

Held at the challenging TPC Southwind in Memphis, Tennessee, this PGA Tour-sanctioned tournament sets the stage for the fierce competition that follows.

The St. Jude Championship is where contenders emerge, setting the tone for the rest of the Playoffs and giving golf fans a taste of the excitement to come.

FedEx Cup Points System

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The FedEx Cup Points System is the backbone of the competition, awarding points to players based on their performance in PGA Tour events throughout the season.

The accumulation of points is crucial for qualifying for the Playoffs, as only the top 70 players in the standings can participate in this high-stakes showdown.

Points are allocated according to players’ placements at each tournament, with a particular focus on victories and superior placements.

PGA Tour Members are listed on the FedExCup Points List.

Those who become members during the season also get included in the list. Special Temporary Members and Non-Members who participate in certain activities can earn FedExCup points.

These points are tracked on a Non-Member FedExCup Points List. Amateurs, however, are not eligible to earn FedExCup points.

As the first two playoffs events progress, the points awarded for prevailing in each playoff event increase to 2000, which is four times the amount rewarded for a typical regular season tournament.

This means that, as the pressure mounts during regular season events, so do the potential rewards official victory in the two playoffs events.

Points Distribution

Points are distributed based on players’ finishing positions in each event, with higher points awarded for better finishes and Playoff events. For example:

  • The winner of a regular-season PGA Tour event receives 500 FedEx Cup points
  • The winner of a World Golf Championship or other “designated” event is granted 550 points
  • Victors of the four majors and the Players are allotted 600 points each

In limited field events, points are allocated according to the points that would be given to each individual placement in a full-field event, ranging from the first to the total number of participants in the limited field.

In the event of a tie, the total of points earned for each tying position will be averaged, and that average will be allocated to each participant in the tying position.

Positions 65 and beyond would not be eligible player receive any points.

This points system encourages consistent performance and rewards players who excel throughout the season by accumulating points won.

2023 FedEx Cup Leaderboard

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The 2023 FedEx Cup Leaderboard showcases the top 30 players who will compete in the Tour Championship at 10 under, with the current leader holding a significant advantage.

As the Playoffs unfold, these elite golfers will battle it out for the ultimate prize, vying to etch their names in history as the FedEx Cup Champion.

With every stroke carrying the weight of the season’s hard work, the leaderboard is constantly in flux, creating a riveting spectacle for golf aficionados.

The scoring format for the TOUR Championship is as follows:

  • The FedEx Cup points leader starts with a score of 10-under par.
  • The No.2 ranked player starts at even par.
  • Two players start at 8-under par.
  • The rankings then go down from there.
  • Tied players receive the same number of starting strokes for round one.

This unique scoring format levels the playing field, while still rewarding those who have excelled throughout the season, ensuring a gripping finale to the FedEx Cup.

East Lake Golf Club: The Home of the Tour Championship

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Situated in Atlanta, Georgia, the esteemed East Lake Golf Club serves as the host venue for the prestigious Tour Championship, the final event of the FedEx Cup Playoffs.

With a rich history as the oldest golf course in Atlanta, East Lake Golf Club is renowned for being the place where legendary golfer Bobby Jones learned the game.

The club’s storied past and illustrious reputation make it the perfect setting for the thrilling conclusion of the FedEx Cup.

As the top 30 players in the FedEx Cup standings descend upon East Lake Golf Club, the immaculate greens and challenging layout await them.

With every hole offering a test of skill and strategy, the Tour Championship at East Lake Golf Club is a fitting finale to the season, a true test of the world’s greatest golfers as they vie for the coveted title of FedEx Cup Champion.

Prize Money and Rewards

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The FedEx Cup offers a jaw-dropping total prize pool of $75 million, with the champion taking home a staggering $18 million. However, the rewards don’t end there.

The second-place finisher receives $6.5 million, and even those who reach the concluding FedEx Cup Playoff event are guaranteed to win a minimum of $500,000.

With such an immense amount of money on the line, the stakes are higher than ever, fueling the intense competition and drive to succeed in the Playoffs.

In addition to the monumental cash prizes, players finishing between 126th and 150th in the FedEx Cup standings are awarded conditional PGA Tour status, giving them another shot at glory in the following season.

With financial rewards and career opportunities on the line, the FedEx Cup Playoffs are more than just a series of golf tournaments – they are a life-changing opportunity for the world’s best golfers.

Career FedEx Cup Bonus Leaders

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The Career FedEx Cup Bonus Leaders section highlights the players who have earned the most in FedEx Cup bonuses throughout their careers. The top players in this category are:

  1. Rory McIlroy – Total earnings: $61,216,682
  2. Tiger Woods – Total earnings: [amount]
  3. [Player name] – Total earnings: [amount]
  4. [Player name] – Total earnings: [amount]
  5. [Player name] – Total earnings: [amount]

Rory McIlroy tops the list with his impressive total earnings, demonstrating his consistent success in the competition.

Tiger Woods, the only other player besides McIlroy to achieve multiple FedEx Cup victories, also stands tall among the total bonus pool’ leaders.

These exceptional golfers exemplify the perseverance, skill, and determination required to excel in the high-pressure environment of the FedEx Cup.

The Road to the 2023 Tour Championship

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The Road to the 2023 Tour Championship follows the journey of the top 125 players as they compete in the FedEx Cup Playoffs, one player aiming to secure a spot in the final event. Each playoff event serves as a stepping stone for one player towards the ultimate goal, the East Lake Golf Club showdown.

As players navigate the challenges of the St. Jude Championship and the BMW Championship, their performance in these events will determine their starting positions in the Tour Championship, dictating their chances of claiming the coveted FedEx Cup title.

Throughout the season, golf fans have witnessed the rise and fall of contenders, many wins, dramatic upsets, and unforgettable moments.

As the Playoffs progress, the intensity only grows, culminating in the thrilling finale at East Lake Golf Club. The Tour Championship represents the pinnacle of golfing excellence, where the world’s best players showcase their skills and battle it out for the ultimate prize, the FedEx Cup.

Impact of Rule Changes on the FedEx Cup

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The FedEx Cup has undergone several rule changes over the years, each one refining the competition and enhancing the excitement for both players and fans alike. One such change was the introduction of a strokes-based system for the Tour Championship, leveling the playing field while still rewarding those who have excelled throughout the season.

Another notable change was the increased bonus pool, now standing at a staggering $75 million. This change has raised the stakes for the competitors, amplifying the tension and excitement as they vie for the coveted title and the life-changing prize money that comes with it. With these rule changes in place, the FedEx Cup has become even more thrilling and competitive.

Furthermore, the commitment from top players to compete against each other more frequently has heightened the level of play, competition and the overall enthusiasm for the FedEx Cup. This dedication has resulted in more intense matchups and higher stakes for the players involved, making the FedEx Cup an even more exciting event for golf fans around the world.


The 2023 FedEx Cup has proven to be an enthralling and action-packed competition, filled with dramatic twists, heart-stopping moments, and the world’s best golfers pushing their limits. From the intense Playoffs to the life-changing prize money, the FedEx Cup represents the pinnacle of golfing excellence, showcasing the skill, determination, and passion required to triumph in this prestigious event. As the curtain falls on another incredible season, one thing is certain: the FedEx Cup will continue to capture the imagination of golf fans worldwide, inspiring awe and admiration for the incredible athletes who dare to chase the ultimate prize.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the payout for the FedExCup winner 2023?

The winner of the 2023 FedEx Cup Playoffs, ending this week at the Tour Championship, will receive $18 million (before taxes) in bonus money.

Did Jordan Spieth make the FedEx playoffs?

Yes, Jordan Spieth made the FedEx playoffs in 2023. He kicked off his postseason run with a first-round lead at the St. Jude Invitational.

How many players make the FedEx cup playoffs 2023?

Seventy players made the FedEx Cup playoffs in 2023, with the top 50 advancing to Week 2 and the top 30 eventually reaching East Lake Golf Club in Atlanta.

Rory McIlroy won the event for the third and first time.

Who is in the FedEx cup playoffs 2023?

The 2023 FedEx Cup Playoffs will include the top 125 players from the Tour Championship, with Round 1 tee times announced.

What are the payouts for the FedEx Championship?

The Tour Championship, the finale of the 2023 FedEx Cup Playoffs, will award the winner a grand prize of $18 million in bonus money.

Runners-up take home $6.5 million and third place earns $5 million; 30th place is awarded $500,000.

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Luke is an avid weekend-warrior golfer from the East Coast who plays golf more than he cares to admit.

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