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Golf Cart Insurance

Golf cart insurance is important to have in place for your vehicle but what does it cost and what do you need to know will be explained in this guide from OurGolfClubs.

We will cover:

  • Golf cart accident scenarios
  • Optional coverage
  • Collision coverage (Auto insurance, car insurance, low speed vehicle and off road vehicle topics)
  • Liability insurance … and more!

Golf Cart Insurance Cost: We all have insurance questions

What You Need to Know When You’re Riding Out On the Golf Course:

Golf cart insurance is extremely affordable for the amount of coverage that you get.

The average cost is around $200 a year but it can go up from there so you will need to check with your agent.

Although fairly inexpensive, golf cart insurance varies from state to state and there are many different factors that determine how much your policy will cost.

Golf Cart Insurance Cover Expectations

There are many things that cart insurance covers and the best part is that your standard homeowners, renters or any other type of insurance policies will cover them as well.

If you have a golf cart insurance policy you will be protected against weather related damage, vandalism, collisions, another vehicles damages if they hit you, theft and fire among other things.

This can protect your investment so much so that if anything were to happen to your golf cart the company would pay for an authorized repair shop to fix it or they’d replace it entirely!

That’s not all either; there are also personal injury coverage amounts that can come with nearly every plan depending on which one you choose!

What You Need to Look For in a Golf Cart Insurance Policy

There are many things that you’ll need to look at in a golf cart insurance policy and most of which will depend on your individual circumstances.

Auto insurance policy costs

These based on many different factors that will depend on where you live, what make and model of golf cart you have, your age, driving record and other things.

One important factor to look at is the limits which will determine how much money the company will pay out in the case of an accident or theft/vandalism.

Liability coverage limits costs

The state you live in will also play a role because each one has different minimum liability coverage limits for golf carts.

For example, Florida requires $10,000 per person and $20,000 per incident while New York only requires $300!

Property damage liability coverage and the golf cart

There is also property damage liability coverage and it will pay for any and all of the damages that you cause to another person’s vehicle or property while operating your golf cart.

Insurance Requirements and your Golf Cart

There are the insurance requirements for each state to give you a better idea of what golf cart insurance costs will be for your situation, contact a local low speed vehicles broker or seller.

Golf Cart Bodily Injury Liability

Bodily injury liability when it comes to golf cart use is typically minimal because there aren’t many people on the golf course that you’d be hurting.

If you do find yourself in a position where you’ve hurt someone, this type of coverage will pay them for their medical bills and other associated costs to get back to health.

Golf Cart Property Damage Liability Insurnace

Property damage liability is often higher because if you hit another car it could be extensive damage to both people and property.

This will also cover any medical bills or other expenses that come with repairing or getting a new vehicle. If the damages are so severe that the vehicle is totaled than this coverage can pay out for its replacement value as well!

Golf Cart Guest passenger liability

Much like the additional drivers on your car insurance policy, cart insurance also has coverage amounts for passengers in it.

This (golf cart insurance cover) will cover any damages they may cause if you let them drive your vehicle while giving them a ride.

One important thing is whether or not the company requires you to have a driver’s license for operating the vehicle – make sure they don’t!

if they do, you might want to consider going somewhere else where this isn’t necessary because it can be difficult for some people to get a license even though their golf cart is street legal, especially if their disability hinders them from driving a car.

Determinations for insuring your golf cart

The other factor that most insurance companies use when determining your rates is age and this is something that you won’t be able to change unless you move but there is also the question of which state you live in.

Some states are considered more dangerous than others and this can greatly affect your rates because the likelihood of damage, vandalism or theft is higher.

You also need to make sure that your golf cart is covered for things like hail, floods and tornadoes if you are in an area that sees them on a regular basis.

If it isn’t then you might consider getting special coverage for these events but everything must be looked at carefully before committing to anything!

Liability Insurance and Paying Golf Cart Insurance

Liability insurance is another thing that you should consider when getting golf cart insurance and it usually isn’t very expensive so this can be a great way to get lots of extra protection.

It will only protect you against damage that you cause to others and property but it works well with your own golf cart policy and it’s pretty much required by law in some cases!

Other Considerations for Buying Insurance on a Golf Cart

There are other considerations that might affect what exactly your plan covers such as: whether or not there is a deductible, how long they’ve been in business (the longer the better) and if their licenses up to date.

You must also make sure that your agent can answer any questions about the company before you commit to anything because having peace of mind is very important above all else.

Golf Cart Insurance Cost Comparison

While it’s true that golf cart insurance cost can vary from state to state, age and location are also factors that affect this.

You might find that you’re paying a lot more than golf cart owners in your area but this doesn’t mean that you should give up hope on finding the right policy for your vehicle because there are still ways to save money!

A golf cart quote comparison site will have many companies listed so you won’t have to look them up one by one which makes finding the best deal much easier especially if you’re busy with other things already.

Golf Cart Coverage options and finding the right coverage

Look through as many golf cart quotes as you need until you find the company that fits your needs best but make sure you avoid anything that looks suspicious or like it could be a scam.

You might also want to try calling the companies yourself and speaking with someone who can tell you more about what they offer instead of just giving you a quote.

This is important because after all, you’re committing to pay them money each month so getting the most accurate information possible should come first!

Golf Carts Insurance Rates Comparison Charts

If you don’t feel comfortable comparing quotes by yourself there are some websites out there that have already done the work for you and they provide their own charts based on countless quotes so finding the plan that’s right for you is simple.

These tables let you see everything at once without having to dig through each page and this is a great way to shop because the only thing you need to do is compare similar rates instead of having to go through everything.

Some suggestions for quotes comparisons websites include:

Allstate Motorcycle Insurance , Progressive Motorcycle Insurance and Nationwide Motorcycle Insurance.

You can also find information about golf cart insurance companies in general by visiting: National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies .

There you’ll be able to get more facts about specific policies, risks and other things that you might not have known before when it comes down to actually getting coverage for your vehicle.

Insurance cost options and your golf cart

With all of these options available it shouldn’t be too hard to find the right company for you and your needs but please remember that things won’t always be this easy!

If you’re having problems getting a clear answer from anyone then don’t just give up on the policy itself, get help from someone else instead.

This is about your safety and better yet, it’s about how safe others around you are so take your time and do what’s necessary to avoid any unnecessary risks in your golf cart.

Where Can You Get Cheap Golf Carts Insurance?

By now we’ve done a pretty good job of going over why golf carts insurance is so important, how much it costs and who can provide quotes but where can you get cheap coverage in general?

This question may come with an obvious answer but that doesn’t mean that it’s the only one that’s true.

You can get affordable golf cart insurance quotes from your local insurance agents or you can also find a great deal online because not everything has to come from the same place.

There are pros and cons to both of these options but they’re both completely valid ways of getting the coverage you need so make sure you explore all your options before making a final decision about anything!

There are many reasons why an agent might be able to provide better service for golf carts than some random website out there on the internet but at first glance, this might not always be clear which is why comparing prices is so important.

Luke Griffin

Luke is an avid weekend-warrior golfer from the East Coast who plays golf more than he cares to admit.

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