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The golf grip is crucial to any solid 18 round. Most people are concerned about acquiring the right golf equipment. We do the same to golf – blame the equipment rather than the fundamentals.

The first lesson: How to grip a golf club

Although equipment plays a large part of scoring fewer points you can overlook it completely. Eventually, the answers will be available for you.

golf grip

Let’s face it, grips can be crucial to any successful game. You hold the only link touching a ball in your hand that you can take in any shot. Although you have a lot of physical contact with a golf swing, only the hands touch the club.

Grip Pressure 101 – Everything you need to know

Similarly, the appropriate hand pressure must be applied for an optimal grip. It’s important you maintain an effective grip and will determine the results of the shots you take directly. Grip pressure reflects the amount of grip applied on a golfer.

Many beginner golfers are mistaken when they hold their clubs too hard. If the grip of the club is too tight, then there will be unwanted and harmful strain in the forearm, shoulders and neck.

The use of excessively stretched clubs may result in unnatural swing speeds and poor swing. You must grip the club with sufficient force and apply pressure where necessary.

Evaluate Your Current Grip

If I am not able to give you the technical advice on holding your club in the hole you will have to give me something for you. It is a small step, but it is incredibly important.

If you’re not an expert and don’t have years of knowledge, you’ll have a great chance your game needs support. So we are here.

Keep things neutral at first

We call this grip / grip technique “neutral” grip. It’s a common way of holding a golf ball. This is the easiest to learn. Once you’ve become confident, you’re able to practice the other styles. You can adjust and improve it.

The rotation of the hands on the left depends on the strength of the gripper. Having more than one knuckle in your hand would mean you had “strong” grip and the club would shut down after the attack.

Rotate the hand in the reverse position to prevent your fingers from slipping into the palm. It changed the face of the club.

How to grip a golf club: Step by step guide for beginners

Before investing millions on new clubs and golf gear, you must learn the basics first. The correct grasp is another key element in achieving consistent swings of golf.

Hence many instructors are very careful in checking the grip of their new students when they do anything else.

An effective grip allows you to feel the head of the club while swinging and gives you good grip on the green surface and on the ground. The different grips and their effect on the shots help develop you into a good golfer and get your best scores consistently now.

Troubleshooting Your Golf Grip

How is gripping a golf club so comfortable? What’s wrong with your swing? There is no single one. Your ‘mistakes’ do not make any difference to the way we hold the golfer. Take good care of your grip. You need to be properly placed at your club to be a good golfer.

The tip of the handles are not visible, unless the hand is pushed out too much on the club. Move your left hand to the handle and position the right-hand to match. Check your right-hand position in the club. Do fingers have a ‘ V shaped finger? Does that point to my sternum?

Is there a perfect golf grip?

Ideal grips are those that correspond to the release of golf clubs – straight, slight draw – small fade. This article gives you the best templates, but the best golf grips could be 2-3 times stronger or less than this model. Its main feedback is the shape of the swing of golf.

Visit a golf course and begin experimenting. Exaggerate the change to grip until the shot produces straight ball movements.

Try exaggerating your grip change so your shot looks the same as your blunder. Keep exaggerating your swing until it is able to move.

Why is proper golf grip important?

The grip of the club is essential as it’s the only connection you can make with your golf. The wrong hand position may prevent the ball from getting into the club easily. In some cases the player loses control of his ball’s movement in a weak position.

Pour hands can determine how you shape a shoot. A golf player with a difficult ball flight between right-to-left (a hook) or left-to-right flight will first look at his grip before altering the rest of his swing. The instructor always liked the best way to control your swing.

Grip Size

Your club has a rubber grip. These are standard size. It does NOT mean it is right. But. There are various size grips and each has its own reasons. It may require a new investment. Keep it to one. Continue reading this book to test your grip.

If you find that you consistently pull or slice even though you have adapted your hold, perhaps you should reconsider your grip. The club store will give you a suitable size. The size of the hands is generally dependent. It is necessary that small hands and fingers can be used.

Left-Handed Vs Right-Handed Golf Clubs

You probably live in an area that is built for righthanders. It’s luckily not true for golf. Golf Clubs manufacture left-handed clubs for your friends.

For the best result you could try several club games. Some lefty players such as Phil Mickelson prefer a righthanded approach because they have a stronger hand pulling the club in the right direction at the balls. It doesn’t matter how you choose to do it. A left-handed golfer has the same grip techniques as a right-handed golfer, but the hand positions are opposite.

Left-Handed Vs Right-Handed Golf Clubs

You probably live in an area that is built for righthanders. It’s luckily not true for golf. Golf Clubs manufacture left-handed clubs for your friends.

For the best result you could try several club games. Some lefty players such as Phil Mickelson prefer a righthanded approach because they have a stronger hand pulling the club in the right direction at the balls.

It doesn’t matter how you choose to do it. A left-handed golfer has the same grip techniques as a right-handed golfer, but the hand positions are opposite.

What is a shorten left thumb?

It should come as no surprise if your thumb is pulling out (flexing) in a video or image. Your left palm is an important contact point that controls the golf club. You can place it directly on your backswing and it will stop your club from slipping.

The shorter thumb helps you use more force to control your golf clubs. While the thumb extends more, it can’t apply force or control the club. Grab the golf clubs and go re-wing with your left hand, it’s important for you at the start of your back swing.

Get a Sharpie Out

Bring your marker pen and Sharpie to the golfer’s bag. If you’re not completely sure how the club sits in your left hand, the line will help draw the right angle to the hand.

It will help you remember what you’d been holding in your grasp for a while and give you confidence you don’t misinterpret it.

No worries, it isn’t against club rules. The design is perfect for the golf glove in terms of grip. The mark on your glove helps you ensure constant grip of the club everytime you play.

Interlocking vs. Overlapping Golf Grip

In this case your hand must be tied to fingers in order to be secure or not. Some are doing this and some are not so.

Nevertheless, the link between two hands is currently the most popular decision by many golfers, as combining hands promotes a better wrist hinge. A method of fingerlinking has a name Vardon Grip / Overlaid Grip.

The thumb is positioned between the index finger and the left hand to form the palm of the thumb – the palm. Now align the thumb in your left palm.

Golf Grip Guide For Hand Position On A Golf Club

When we start talking about the use of the right-hand grip in a golf club, we will talk about the right-hand grip of a left hand. As mentioned previously, the grip can be varied. Many agree with the 3 main forms mentioned above.

However, it has been widely discussed how the hand should be placed on the golf course. It then evolves from the overlapping ten fingers grip to a left hand (lead hand) and / or a right-hand position, neutral or strong position.


It’s like everything in the world how hard it is for a golfer to make a compromise. You should take it slowly so that your hands don’t wrinkle. You don’t have an airplane ride, so you can play a golf ball without losing control. If one is holding onto his clubs too tightly, it is possible to force his heel on the ball, not his face.

The proper grip explained

Many articles show how to handle a golf club. There’s nothing that can explain the effect of your grip on your game.

How can we improve golf swing accuracy?

Approximately 80% of a player’s shot direction depends upon the direction of his head on impact or face angle. 61-82.3% of ball start direction and around 80% of total lateral errors occur because the club face has not been squared.

How to change your grip?

The biggest difficulty in changing a golf grip is learning how it feels. You can play golf at the same level but feel different if your new fingers contact your hands and offer feedback. You could try improving chipping on your new grip. When hitting delicate shots you can relax the hands, decrease grip pressure if you want it to. Golf grips are very useful for providing information.

How do I fix my grip – fade/slice?

This is the video for modifying the grip on the golf. You know that you have two arms in your hand and turn them around. Make sure the hands are pointed in a downward direction when changing grip.

For most golfers, the top hands are responsible for cutting. Having a good left hand grip will make your left hand work properly on its own.

Hand positioning

Let the ball go, and improve the grip. Keep it in my hands first. You should turn your hand to look at two knuckles in the left hand. Approximately half an inch is inserted in your grip. Ideally your fingers will point to your side.

Take your right hand and hold your left hand and place your right finger over your left thumb. Hold your thumb in your left hand and your left hand pointing upwards.

Holding a golf club for Beginners

You want to resist grabbing golf clubs like baseball bats and hitting golf balls. Although that sounds good, your impact is minimal. Your grip is a vital factor in your swing. It’s the foundation of the swing you have in your club so you should always take it seriously. Trial and error is a great method to get a good grip on a golf club.

How to fix my grip – draw/hook?

Tell me the best way to improve your golf grip. For many golfers, poor hands are key to the problem. If you are struggling with an odd hook & draw, pay close attention to this second video on applying the bottom hand to the golf clubs.

Then there’s a tutorial that shows you how to correct the bad grips in the golfer’s bottom hands.

Differences in Holding a Driver Vs a Putter

It is possible to buy golf clubs from e-commerce sites for less than $100. Naturally it’s not possible to hold your driver as well as this is primarily done from the tee.

Grip Strength

When you hear the phrase “Grip Strength” it may appear like grip pressure, however this is the grip position. The grip strength is three different.

Neutral Golf Grip

A neutral hand makes it possible to manipulate golf in both ways with minimal effort. The ideal golf grip will be the V shape in the forefinger’s left thumb. This also needs to occur between the thumb and the right hand.

The Vs are ideal and point in the same direction. The hand is married and the hand should produce a consistent shot at golf balls. In a neutral grip the Vs point towards the right eye (in a righthanded game).

Strong Golf Grip

If the thumb is held with a ‘strong grip,’ the V between thumb and forefinger point towards the right hand. The knuckle under the shaft is turned, while the left hand has 3 knuckles. There is nothing wrong when playing a fade with good grip, but you must manipulate it to achieve the right result. Generally more players need to hold their left hand tighter since this can cause a loss of grip.

Weak Golf Grip

With poor grip the right hand is positioned over the golfer’s shoulder to ensure it is pointed to your left ear. These grips are often used for players trying to hit the fades. The weakness of grip typically leads towards outside swing path and left-to-right flight. Typically players using poor grips have more face rotation when struck than if a player has a strong grip.

Overlapping grip

Here, your fingers are located between index and middle fingers on the left hand – where your palms meet. The grip is good and is usually favoured by golfers who have bigger fingers and who find interlocked fingers painful. I coach this version for golfers having wide hands and people not interested in interlocking. The overlapping or interlock grip is an excellent way to unify the hands and it’s ok to stick to it because it doesn’t cause performance issues.

Building your golf grip from face-on

Lets go face to face and explain the rest. Please use this image to see what the finished left hand grip should look like in the mirror. When your hands are pressed together, hold your right hand up. The feeling is that you hold the golf ball with your hands. It should feel like your fingers are in contact with your hands. This indicates that the ball is controlled throughout the swing. In the finished swing hands sit tightly together like a unit.

Left hand golf grip

To use the golfer’s grip you can hold his right hand over the top of the grip. The grip should extend from the finger tip to the middle finger. Once you hold your left hand close your fingers and then move your right hand onto the grip.

Types of Golf Grips

The grips on golf come in four basic styles: interlocked and overlapping, with ten fingers. The grips are not one-size-fits-all.

10-Finger Grip

You can get the 10-finger grip by holding the thumb on the club with each finger. Most professional gamers use these grips but many new players enjoy it. The grip can be very strong because all the fingers touch the surface, which can be the best grip for golfers with smaller hands.

Interlocking Grip

This interlock grip begins with a finger grip that can only be held between a pinkie finger and one index finger for closer contact and a thumb. Basically a golf ball locks your fingers together to give your golf swing more power and stability.

Why does my golf grip make me slice/hook?

How your grip links to your swing and clubface is tough to understand.

Why do I slice / fade?

It is important to remember the curved flight in slices is the result of the club face pointing out your swing path when hitting it and not the path out-to the side. The misinterpretation of golf is hindering the development of more players. Please watch this video to see what happens when the ball hits.

Why do I hook/draw?

Similarly hooking ball flight occurs when the club face is too close to the swinging path at impact, not the outside swing path alone. Watch this video for an example of how an ‘excellent’ golf grip causes a closed-faced player to face when struck.

Golf grip FAQs

Can I grip my golf club better? We will answer your questions.

What are the 3 types of grip in golf?

The basic grip of golf is the overlapping and 10-finger grip.

Does a grip on a golf club make a difference?

How much is the grip size on a golfer? Yeah! It can affect your swing speed, tempo, and overall performance. Do not invest in any new club.

How much does it cost to get golf clubs Regripped?

The average rate to rip golf balls is around $25 – $130.90. The price depends on the grip you choose as well as how often you rip the grip yourself. Expect $35 / hour for the most efficient grip.

What golf grip is used by most golfers?

Golfers usually use overlap handles to increase accuracy. This grip helps golfers with larger fingers relieve their grips. If you’ve struggled putting the grip on your hands, the overlap grip may be the most suitable solution for you.

Where should your thumbs be on a golf grip?

The right palms should wrap around the left hand. The thumb is placed on the side of the hand that touches the tips of your index finger wrapped underneath. Holding the club is best done by holding it tightly.

Do you use same grip for driver and irons?

All Golfer grips will be identical. The standard grips are modified to improve golf accuracy, which will allow you to control the ball flight a little better at the ball. Drivers swings are slightly different than irons swings.

Luke Griffin

Luke is an avid weekend-warrior golfer from the East Coast who plays golf more than he cares to admit.

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