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Welcome to the OurGolfClubs official product collection page. OurGolfClubs Collection of Golf Products Stretches From The Best Golf Watches, Range Finders, Joggers, Towels, Clubs, Golf Balls, Shirts, Pants, Shorts, Hats, Markers and More. Each Product is Reviewed at Great Length To Make Your Decision Easier! Also, We Will Make Sure You’re Able To Purchase These Products At The Best Possible Price In That Moment.

What to look for in golf products?

Figuring out how to pick the right golf products for your needs can be overwhelming. When looking to make a purchase decision, an expensive nor inexpensive price always reflects quality. What you should aim for is buying golf gear that suits your needs.

How to select golf products:

– Look for the best rated golf gear on top review sites like, and other reputable websites

– Find out how much of a discount you can get if you buy an item that has been refurbished, how long it’s been used and how many rounds its had (used/refurbished stuff is generally cheaper)

– How many clubs does a set include? Do they have hybrids? Where are they made? What material are they made from?

– Where can I find reviews from people who have already used or tried the product in question? Are there any videos online where I can see how the equipment performs in action e.g Putters – how high will they bounce off a green? how well do they perform in a bunker etc. YouTube is a good source to find this type of information

– How much space will the golf club(s) take up in your bag?

– Does the product have any special features you can benefit from? e.g adjustable drivers for how far the ball travels, how high it comes off the ground, how much spin you can put on it

Wonder how long will my new set last me before I need to upgrade them again?

The general rule of thumb is that each season or two you should try and upgrade your equipment as technology advances and that’s where most players tend to lose their money.

If you’re not a frequent golfer then don’t think about upgrading your clubs so often. If you’re an avid golfer who plays multiple times a week, maybe buy some clubs that are more fitted to how you play e.g distance vs accuracy.

Ask yourself how much money do I want to spend on my new set of equipment? How much am I willing to sacrifice for improved quality (if you can’t afford it now then save up your cash or find something that’s within your budget)

Another thing to look at is how many years does the manufacturer warranty cover?

If golf products break down after 1 year then buying them second hand isn’t very cost-effective (you’ll probably end up having to use the warranty which would mean paying for shipping and handling costs).

A 2-year warranty is better than nothing, but how does 3 years sound?

Another good tip is that you should try and find out how much it will cost to ship your new golf products if they need warranty repairs or replacement due to defects. If the shipping fees are excessive then buying second hand definitely makes more sense (the savings will pay for themselves).