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Do you want a professional golf simulator? While many want to dominate the sport (even Tiger Woods), avid golfers can almost always cut down the length of a stroke in order to win more. This includes buying every training device or golf equipment even golf simulators!

golf simulator

Firstly, it’s worth mentioning that golf games are amazingly fun. These games look essentially like games in 3D that help our children shoot lower scores and keep our lives safe.

They allow you to get out of your car or spare bedroom to play a few short courses on the top courses in the world while staying on time.

Best Indoor Home Golf Simulators of 2022

You might also have seen PGA tour professionals practicing indoor golf at home. The Daily Journal of Golf recently published a piece about Tiger Woods home configuration that featured one. Let us tell you that golf simulation is here.

Why are they trending so hard?

A Golf simulator offers the option to play golf virtual games on golf courses at any time from your home, wherever the weather may be outside. As the technology evolves and becomes more sophisticated, the distance between virtual golf and reality is narrowing.

Best Home Golf Simulator for a Flex Space

SkyTrak FlexSpace Package SkyTrak Flex Space Package is perfect for people who want to utilize their unit in a shared room.It is also a choice for the most efficient golf simulator for flex room.

It works for those with an unfinished space in which they can repurpose their space for the new. Everything in the SkyTrak Flex Space bundle is light and easy to install and is easy to store.

This bundle is constructed of SkyTrak Golf Launch Monitors the best launch monitor in the world. It includes a metal protective bag and software.

Best Outdoor Golf Simulator

SkyTrakk training pack If you are looking for an outdoor golf simulator, you may wish to try options that are portable and can be easily installed and taken down. SkyTrake Training packages are good options. It is one of our most portable and affordable outdoor golf simulators.

SkyTrak Training packages contain SkyTrak Launch Monitor and Enhanced Game Software. The Net Return Pro Net is available in two sizes and comes in two different colors: Side barriers were included to keep the club from being hit without any problems.

Best expensive golf simulator

The HD Golf Simulator Our High Definition Golf Simulation is the most enjoyable package that you can easily afford the most expensive golf simulation.

This high quality product offers many features to deliver the perfect blend of entertainment and precision, with the software includes HD Golf Multisport software. Multi-sport supports 11 sports and supports Multi-SPORT functionality.

The golf simulations are equally amazing. HD Golf combines high-definition camera with geophysics data.

Best Used Golf Simulator

Foresight Sports G2 package The G10 SIG Package has been used to improve golf performances by golf professionals for decades. Ball flight and launch angle measurements feature this system which we have deemed the most useful golf simulator.

The SIG10 GC2 Package integrates the pre-owned certified GC2 rocket monitoring monitor with the foresight HMT add-on, capturing a variety of data like flight angle of attacks and FSX 2018 simulation software.

Best commercial golf simulator

Trugolf Vista 10 Trugolf Vista 10 offers business opportunities as a best choice of the best commercial golf simulator.

It offers a wide variety of features and includes incredibly HD graphics Trugolf’s proprietary Trutrack-2 tracking system (calculates club information including launch angle) and connection simulator software.

Golfing professionals from across the country are thrilled with TruGoLF’s new skills challenge feature.

Best Indoor Golf Simulator for Home

SkyTrak SIG10 golf simulation The SkyTrak SIG10 Package is our popular golf simulator. This package is built around the well respected SkyTrak Launch Monitor – one of the best value golf simulators in Golf Digest three consecutive years.

SkyTrak uses a photometric tracking system that records ball distances and the distance from center to the ground.

Best Cheap Golf Simulator for Under $5500

SkyTrak Bronze package. When we say “cheapest golf simulator” we are not referring to the quality of the simulator, but rather the simulator’s cost.

SkyTrak Bronze Package is an affordable alternative to the cheapest and fun golfing experience. This package contains an HD projector shield enclosure & skytrain launch monitor.

Commercial golf simulator reviews

“I found my TruGolf simulator to be a very good exercise tool especially during the winter seasons in Utah. Realistically, the varied courses combined with impressive technologies create a premium game experience. As a PGA Tour player, there are few occasions where I have played at tournament levels.”

Home Golf Simulator Reviews

“SkyTrak Homecourse Flexiblespace Bundle. The package is perfect for the basement recroom. Everything was quick and easy and I went downstairs and hit the screen in 30 seconds of pressing this button, and then I could roll the button back and repeat the process.”

Outdoor golf simulator reviews

SkyTrak training bundles:

“The winter is very warm. The Sky Track Silver Package purchased from Shop Indoor Golf is very much worth it. All I need to put together my club house in my basement for a very affordable price thanks”

The outdoor sim is one of the more affordable golf simulator versions. The golfer gets to use their own golf clubs, no wires, hit real golf balls, and learn from the golf simulator screen.

Used Golf Simulator Reviews

GC 2 SIG 10 Golf Simulator Package Foresight Sports “I bought a GC2 over a year ago and had a great fun with it and I have improved my game. I’ve been very satisfied with it’s value.”

Budget golf simulator reviews

SkyTrak bronze golf simulator: “I have a question regarding the screen I just received that is still waiting for some part due to virus issues.

Top Of The Line Golf Simulator Reviews

“I’m looking forward to using the latest golf simulator to learn more and get more experience.”

Indoor golf simulator reviews

“SkyTrak SIG10 Bundle. This part of our business is often overlooked but definitely a bonus.”

Which golf simulator is right for you? A quick summary

Before we begin to explain the details we should leave it at that: Your choice of golf simulator will depend on the budget. OptiShot 2 can be purchased at more affordable levels and at just under $1000 to cover the cost of everything that is necessary.

It is an extremely solid simulator though with some pro level feedback you will receive on high end golf simulators. It is not recommended that you spend a bit more. While many options exist, it would be easier to say “golf games” instead of the actual simulator.

What about TrackMan?

Regardless, the Trackman position remains a benchmark for all other golf simulator tests and we think this is intended for professional use, rather than the home setup.

It will cost double as much for singing and dancing and we consider any gains in precision as the result will be small enough to be unproblematic.

Let us examine each simulator in detail. Foresight G Quad Golf simulator is the most accurate on the market & the most comprehensive simulator we have found this year. Check latest prices We earn commissions when you click on the link to purchase something without additional cost to you.

SkyTrak Platinum Compact Golf Simulator

Is there another alternative to SkyTrak’s budget Golf Simulation Package? If yes, or you have extra storage space, Skytrack Platinum Compact Golf Software packages may be a wonderful option.

The simulator is highly recommended due to its simplicity to build and comes with every necessary part needed. It is also extremely versatile and is suitable when sharing your home or moving to another room in your home.

The recommended room dimension will measure 9 feet long. Like the budget model, they come with Sky Trak launch monitors and have other features but have different designs. Heres the package of golf simulations:

How does a golf simulator work?

A traditional golf simulator has a screen that connects to a computer with sensors that can record the whole shot. The simulator includes computers, laptops, nets, launchers and projectors for the whole operation.

When the ball hits the screen, the computer sends the information into the computer to display your results quickly. With almost everything a golf simulator will show the player information on how fast the ball will travel, distance and speed from your target.

These high-end simulation tools can provide even greater information on how you hit and record your swing.

Optishot 2 Simulator Bundle (Best Budget Golf Simulator)

The Optishot 2 simulator package provides an extremely inexpensive but effective golf simulator. There’s practically everything necessary for creating the house simulator. Optishot is the best golf platform that allows players to play for four.

The game also offers a range of games, weather, cameras and more. It is a way of observing yourself at a golf game! It does not have any fancy displays and it can be easily connected by USB cables directly into the laptop or a computer screen.

Inside the package there is the USB enabled hit mat and a pair of synchronized ball games.

SkyTrak Budget Golf Simulator Studio (Best Overall Golf Simulator System)

While the top two golf simulators listed here are excellent, maybe you want more. Sky Track Budget Golf Simulator Studio is a very popular golf simulation tool.

During the years 2017 and 2018, the golf simulator was deemed the most valuable on Golf Digest list based on ratings.

This simulator offers streamlined functionality that’s very professional with very little cost to other devices. It is extremely accurate and includes everything you need.

The room must reach a height of 8ft, 10ft in width, 12ft in height. This package includes golf simulator training.

Rapsodo R-Motion golf simulator & swing analyzer

You can purchase an expensive golf simulator at home. It’s not just a simulation. What is Better? It’s an inexpensive and best golf simulator that we list here.

The device is not as sophisticated as some of the other things mentioned here but is a good starting point for setting up an on-home installation and incredibly straightforward to use (the slogan is “Take it, grip and cut it”).

The Rapsodo R-Motion can be attached directly to your golf club by using the USB connector on your computer.

SkyTrak Launch Monitor and Protective Case

Yes, these golf simulators are equipped with SkyTrak Launch Monitoring. It is a popular launch monitor that can be used for many purposes and has received several accolades (including golf digest) and gives amazing information to help you with your game.

Using photometric technology, they can achieve extremely accurate results with high resolution. A great way for people to get more technical knowledge. It connects to your tablet for easy transport to a course.

Total cost

Skytrack Budget golf simulator has an excellent selection and costs under $5,000 in the total package. In addition, you must add iPads and computers along with the annual software to play on the golf course. Software costs range in price from $99-499 / year.

The Skytrak Golf Simulator Bundle provides a fantastic opportunity for golf enthusiasts to practice from home! It was nice buying the whole set together.

What you need for a home golf simulator

Most golfers ask themselves some of the same questions. One of our biggest difficulties with making golf simulators is the way it works.

While some offer all of the simulators (most often around $7,000 or more) others make you work on them.

The indoor golf simulator is able to add additional accessories like side nets to the simulator, the bay for putting greens or the indoor putting green for the ball.

TruGolf Simulators

While SkyTrak has become an important name in the field of golf simulators let alone TruGolf. The new models are more expensive and offer more immersive experiences and incredible upgrade options in the home.

TruGolf is a leader in high-end golf simulations, which offers many different packages according to budgets or room requirements. The game has 3 major golf simulators available on the market.

Projector and Mount Kit

The kit also includes a short HD projector which was carefully selected to match the configuration for golf simulations. It’s often very expensive when constructing a simulator kit, it would be very nice to add it to the package.

It also includes a universal mounting system that will help to turn the projector around 30°. This helps create optimal positioning for your projector.

Net Return Simulator (Side Nets + Hitting Screen)

The newer simulator will be a step above the first two in my list. A big upgrade is its inclusion with a screen instead of a webcam.

If a shot falls you will be watching them soar over the screen rather than go into a net. SkyTrak has developed an amazingly durable screen that looks great in your garage or family room.

The Simulator Series Screen & Enclosure + Landing Pad Turf

These kits really give you a simulation feeling because they contain a highly durable screen. Simulators have a floating screen that handles even faster shots. This reduces bounceback and makes your screen more durable.

In addition, it includes Landing pad turf to prevent your ball from dropping onto the floor.

TruGolf Vista Series Simulators

TruGolf’s portable golf simulators have been designed with an affordable price tag and can be used for free or built into a golf simulator. Vista 8, Vista 10 and Vista 12 are wonderful options and they are not going to disappoint. The models each are slightly bigger and feature new and improved technology too.

Net Return Pro Turf Hitting Mat

Lastly the grass-like golf mat is available too. Standard hit mats with this option are 6 feet wide by 10 feet deep, which is twice as big as the ones you find near your driving ranges!

The mat can also be folded so that there’s room for storage when no longer needed. Tell me the win-win-situation.

Game Improvement Package

A major plus for the golf simulator is its improved graphics packages for the game. During your first year you get a software upgrade such as ” The Golf Club “.

Among them is the following and much more. You could even work on virtual drives and launch monitors too!

Country Club Elite Matrix

Standard mats with these options are Country Club Elite Premium 5 feet wide by 5 feet thick. The 9ft by 4ft Fibrebuilt Hitting Studio hitting golf mat can be upgraded for additional costs or a special price.

Our Top Picks For Golf Simulators For The Home

The following are our top picks on the Best Indoor Golf Simulators. It is a fantastic game simulator available exclusively from Shop Indoor Golf for those who are interested in spending 4 figures or less and who wish the best price for the money.

It uses the SkyTrak Launch Monitor, an industry-leading golf simulation tool for home setup, notably indoor setup. SkyTrak combines your ball-flying data in an efficient manner with similar accuracy.

What is included?

The Mevo Plus PerfectBay simulator uses a Mevo Plus Launch Monitor similar to SkyTrak and much newer. It works reliably indoors and outdoors. The Mevo+ is based on FS Golf’s free application and provides real-time data about performance.

This enclosure is 5 feet in depth and has a three-layer protection film that provides protection against lateral impacts. This display does not sag, is built to produce a 4×3 projection, damps noise and is designed to handle balls speeds exceeding 450 mph. The package includes various optional upgrade options.

How it works

The MicroSim golf simulator requires the installation of the sensor SLX MicroSim on the golf club itself or the included wing stick.

The setup is quite complex but fortunately SLX Microsim offers an easy to read guide for your needs. The E6 CONNECT is compatible with PGA courses; Play in 4K 3d and Practice at the range.

You’re welcome to use it for free. Please consult user manuals to understand the installation of SKX MicroSim or E6 Connect.

Guide to buying

The investment of a golf simulator is very important particularly if an individual needs a personal home setup.

Because this influences our experiences, it is important to consider everything that affects you. This is the most important factor that must be considered when deciding on a golf simulator.

Golf simulator software

You should consider the activities you wish to do on the golf simulator. Golf simulation software can be downloaded as a PDF or downloadable from the Internet. SkyTrak also provides you with software enabling your practice to practice across a range or compete in slalom or close proximity.

A few packages come bundled with a free WGT Play membership that gives you access to top-level golf courses. E6 CONNECT provides an extremely flexible software solution. It offers courses, simulations, mini games, training ads, tournaments and more and can be accessed via various simulator applications, including SLX MicroSim and mevo+.


Take note of a tracking system to track balls & clubs statistics. Are sky-tracers or other optical devices photometric? Some tracking tools are better and the price differences are much greater.

Certain tracking systems are much more accurate in displaying a ball on a screen than in detecting its flight.

While cheap Optishot 2 is rated to be a good game, a large percentage of users are concerned about infrared detection systems not being able to identify clubs or having a lack of lighting. This is the main reason for not having it listed here.


The dimensions are clearly very important factors for golf simulators. The space that is intended for the simulator is understood and its dimensions.

Measure width and height and compare them with the space requirements required for each golf simulator. Virtually every fully equipped golf simulator must be eight feet high.

Width allowance is normally at least ten feet. Depth allocation is primarily at least 12 feet. However radar launches (such as the Mevo+) require more depth. Your house should have a suitable space.


A second aspect to take into account is the ease of transportation of a golf simulation. Are simulators always in my rented rooms at home?

Perhaps you travel regularly, so you have a way of taking the trip with you. You could pack the items on certain days, such as summer, when you play golf. When portable is useful, try something such as retractable screens, mobile swing pads or nets.

Net Vs. Screen

The screen projection is generally cheaper than in the real game. You should connect a launcher monitor with a device with specialized software to run the simulator.

Ideally the screen/projector setup should be an asset for the full experience of playing golf. In contrast, if you want to see shot information from any smartphone or tablet, you could use the net and save more money.

Where Can I Buy Indoor Golf Simulator In 2022?

While there can be some simulator deals offered by general retailers like Amazon, we recommend buying your golf simulator through an American retailer.

Golf Sims can be purchased at the best possible price. This is how we recommend you buy the best golf simulators.

Indoor golf shop

The Indoor Golf Shop (formerly Shop Indoor Golf) is an American manufacturing facility based in Dallas. Their sim set includes SkyTrak TruGolf Foresight, Opshot Flightscope and Flightscope. You experience world class golf courses and can warm up on a virtual driving range.

There is also an excellent package for every budget. A finance option is available to cover your sim costs.

You have the choice of paying for three, twelve or 24 month periods. 0% APR is offered with the option to purchase within twelve months. Visit our indoor golf courses.

Rain or Shine Golf

The company was established in Charlotte, North Carolina and sends its sims across the United States. It has an array of sim packages including SkyTrak Flightscope, TruGolf and Uneecor.

Financing can be purchased for a maximum of $15K at 0% APR for 12 months. Visit this website for the Rain & Shine Golf courses.

How much does a golf simulator cost?

AboutGolf: The average cost is around $2000-92,000. Golfzon: Cost varies between $40000 and 70000. Typically costs range between $30k and $70k. P3Pro Swivel: The cost of this service is $8400-18400.

How much does a true golf simulator cost?

What are golf simulation costs? TruGolf offers complete golf simulators starting from $1000. Prices vary based on the frame, dimensions, trims, finishings and installations.

TruGolf provides a unique price where a customer is able to buy launch monitor software on their own.

How much does a homemade golf simulator cost?

Even a simple purchase of some items or a projector and screen can make it possible to develop and install a golf simulator for about $15,000 to $500. Here’s two alternative prices compared for the same item Swing Turf – OptiShooter 2 – OptiShot 2 for home PCs starting at $1000.

Are golf simulators worth it?

If you want to improve golf skills at home, owning an online game simulator may definitely be worthwhile. There are numerous options available in the marketplace ranging between a few hundred and several thousand.

Golf Simulator Setup

In order to setup a golf simulator correctly, you should make sure of the following:

  • you have a good quality net to catch the golf balls
  • the hitting mat is placed correctly so that you can make a smooth swing
  • you have enough space to make a full swing without hitting anything
  • you have a good quality launch monitor to track your ball data

If you have all of these things, then you are ready to start practicing your golf swing indoors! This can be a great way to improve your game without having to go to the driving range.

A word on golf balls

Can you use real golf balls in a sim?

Can you use real golf balls in a golf simulator?

The answer to this question is yes, you can use real golf balls in a golf simulator. There are several benefits to using real golf balls in a simulator, including the ability to get more accurate ball flight data and the ability to replicate the feel of playing on a real course.

However, there are also some drawbacks to using real golf balls in a simulator, such as the risk of damaging the simulator and the potential for lost balls.

Ultimately, the decision of whether to use real golf balls in a simulator is up to the individual golfer.

What are the best golf balls to use in a sim?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as different golfers will have different preferences. Some golfers may prefer to use softer, lower-compression balls in a simulator, as these balls will have less spin and more consistent ball flight.

Other golfers may prefer to use harder, higher-compression balls, as these balls will provide more spin and more realistic ball flight.

Ultimately, it is up to the individual golfer to experiment with different types of golf balls to find the ones that work best for them in a simulator setting.

Minimum space requirements for a golf simulator:

If you’re looking to purchase or build a golf simulator, you’ll need to factor in the minimum amount of space required.

The specific square footage will depend on which type of system you choose and how much money you want to spend.

Minimum space requirements For example:

A home-use golf simulator can be set up in a garage or basement with as little as 10 feet x 12 feet of floor space, while a commercial-use golf simulator will require at least 50 feet x 50 feet.

When it comes to the height of your golf simulator room, most manufacturers recommend a minimum ceiling height of 8 feet. However, if you want to incorporate features like a launch monitor or swing analyzer, you’ll need a minimum ceiling height of 9 or 10 feet.

If you have the space and budget for it, we recommend building a dedicated golf simulator room. This will give you the most realistic golf experience and allow you to add features like a sand trap, water hazard, or wind fan.

Best Golf Simulator Package Deals

If you’re looking for the best affordable golf simulator (and fully loaded simulator system) we suggest that you take a look at this list:

SkyTrak SIG10 Golf Simulator

Foresight GCQuad SIG10 Golf Simulator

Uneekor QED SIG10 Golf Simulator

SkyTrak Bronze Package

TruGolf Vista 10 Golf Simulator

Pros, Features & Benefits of Home Golf Simulators

The major Pros:

1. You can use a home golf simulator regardless of the weather conditions outside.

2. practicing and playing on a home golf simulator can help improve your game as it provides instant feedback on every shot that you hit.

3. Home golf simulators are also a great way to socialize and have fun with friends as they can be used for competition and practice.

4. They are also relatively affordable and easy to set up compared to other types of golf training aids.

Some key features and benefits of home golf simulators include:

Realistic ball flight:

Most home golf simulators use high-speed cameras to track the ball as it is hit, allowing for a realistic simulation of the ball’s flight. This is important for practicing your game as it allows you to see how different shots will react in real life.

Accurate club and ball data:

Home golf simulators can provide accurate data on both the club and the ball, such as launch angle, spin rate, and carry distance. This information can be extremely helpful in analyzing your swing and making necessary adjustments.

Multiple game modes:

Many home golf simulators come with a variety of game modes that can help you practice different aspects of your game or just have some fun. Popular modes include target practice, nearest to the hole, longest drive, and skins games.


Home golf simulators are much more affordable than you might think, with some high-end models costing less than $5,000. There are also many lower-priced options that still offer a great golfing experience.

Finally buying a home golf sim

When you finally pull the trigger and purchase a home golf simulator setup and put it all together, there are only good vibes. Whether it’s in your garage, basement, or game room, having a personal space to tee it up and work on your game is priceless.

There’s nothing like coming home from a long day at work and being able to hop right into a round of golf. No waiting on the weather, no driving to the course, just you and your clubs in your own personal oasis. And when friends come over, they can’t help but be impressed by your setup.

So if you’ve been thinking about taking the plunge and buying a home golf simulator, do it! You won’t regret it.

Luke Griffin

Luke is an avid weekend-warrior golfer from the East Coast who plays golf more than he cares to admit.

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