Golf Simulator: Facts & Figures About The Indoor Golf Craze

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The golf simulator is a great way to play golf without going outside. Electronic golf simulators have become a popular home improvement purchase. Many consumers own the machines, and the industry is growing steadily as manufacturers discover new ways to improve their offerings.

In this guide, we’re going to talk about all of the facts, figures, and statistics to tackle this indoor golf or virtual golf trend.

How much does it cost to get a golf simulator installed?

The golf simulator itself costs between $5,000 and $15,000 depending on the features you are looking for.

Installation typically runs another $3,000 to $6,000 unless it is a do-it-yourself project that can be done in an afternoon or less.

What’s the best way to get started with a golf simulator?

There are several options for getting started with the golf simulator. One first step is to compare products and prices, find something you like , and do some research . Next, talk to local dealers about their prices, warranties, shipping costs, etc. Finally, decide on a model that fits your budget.

Is a golf simulator worth it?

It depends on how much money you have to spend and what your interest level is in playing golf. Is it just a hobby or do you want to take up the sport?

Do I need any special equipment for the machine to work?

You should not need any special equipment, other than a long enough hose to connect from your PC to the simulator.

Will I need to purchase any software for the machine?

The software comes with the machine so no purchase is required. You will need to pay a subscription fee, usually $50 per month, for updates and database information.

What type of computer will I need to run the golf simulator?

 A decent gaming laptop or home PC should work fine.

Will I need to install anything else in my house?

You will likely want to enhance the TV so it is large enough for golf viewing. You may also choose to add lighting or dimmer capabilities, depending on the use of the room. Other than that no additional installation is required.

How big of a screen should I get for my golf simulator?

The screen should be at least 70 inches diagonally. Anything less than that will limit the experience, but can still work to watch videos and play continually.

Where is the best place in my house to set up a golf simulator?

You may want to consider building a small room in the basement. This will give you the best noise-proofing, darkness to see your screen better, and most importantly plenty of room.

Which golf simulator is best?

There are three main systems that we recommend: Trackman , Optishot 2 , and Foresight . They each have their own pros and cons, but they’re all great options for the serious golfer.

What size room do I need for a golf simulator?

The minimum size room is typically around 10×15 feet. Larger is better, but not required.

How high should a ceiling be for a golf simulator?

The ceiling height should be at least 8 feet.

How long of a hose do I need for the machine?

Anywhere between 4-8 feet is ideal, but you can also purchase an extension if needed.

What other accessories are essential to getting started with the machine?

You will likely want to buy some golf balls and a remote starter for the machine.

Do golf simulators make money?

Like most things, it all depends on what you want to do with the machine. If you are an avid golfer who wants to improve your game , then yes, they will make money for you. Make sure you know how much extra time you can put into golf before committing to one of these machines.

Is a golf simulator good for practice?

Yes. Golf simulators are great ways to practice golf because you can focus exclusively on a specific shot or situation.

Do I need a membership to play golf simulators?

You typically will need a subscription to use the simulator if you want access to any information or software updates.

Can you watch TV on a golf simulator?

Yes. You can watch anything on TV that you want while playing golf, including live games.

Are golf simulators good for kids?

Kids will have fun with the machine because it is much easier than going outside to play in bad weather. They are not recommended for children under the age of 12, however.

How accurate are golf simulators?

Very accurate. The ball flight is the same as if you were outside playing, so it’s a great way to measure your performance.

How do golf simulators work?

They are operated much like TV remote controls . You choose what you want to do, when you want to play, and the machine takes care of the rest.

Is it easy to set up a golf simulator?

Yes, most machines are plug-and-play. You will need to choose your location and spend some time setting up the machine initially, but after that it’s smooth sailing!

Are golf simulators realistic?

Yes. The software that runs the simulator replicates the ball flight to match what you would see on any other golf course.

What golf simulator does Tiger Woods use?

Tiger Woods uses the Trackman system, which is one of our favorites.

How much does a TrackMan golf simulator cost?

Anywhere from $10,000 and up.

How much does it cost to keep a golf simulator running?

Most of the popular systems are around 10 cents per minute to play, or about 50-100 dollars for an hour.

What is the best screen size for my new golf simulator?

A minimum of 70 inches diagonally. Anything less than that will limit the experience, but can still work to watch videos and play continually.

How do I get the best performance out of my new simulator?

The most important thing is to keep your machine clean . The Trackman system has filters that help maintain it, but you’ll want to make sure you vacuum it regularly.

How much is a SkyTrak?

SkyTrak is $19,995.

Can you put golf simulator in garage?

Yes, it is possible to put a golf simulator in your garage. It isn’t always the best solution, but it can work if you have a big enough space and a low ceiling.

How do I install a golf simulator in my garage?

You will need to figure out what type of machine you want and how long the hose needs to be. Then, you’ll need to secure it with a bracket and make sure there is no interference from other pieces of furniture or items in the garage.

How much does a Golfzon simulator cost?

The Golfzon simulator is $1,999.00.

Is the Golfzon golf simulator good for kids?

Yes it’s great for kids! It’s easy to learn and very fun to use! This is perfect for young beginners who are just starting to play golf.

What are some features of a Golfzon simulator?

The adjustable monitor! You can put the monitor anywhere to make it easier for you to see. You can also change the screen size as well as choose your background and color scheme of any picture you want.

Do we need a membership if we own a Golfzon simulator?

No, The Golfzon simulator doesn’t require any kind of membership

How much do golf simulator bars make?

From $100,000 to millions of dollars.

Do pro golfers use simulators?

Yes, they do. Most pros have access to golf simulators in their homes or at their clubhouses, since they can help improve your game by identifying flaws and offering ideas for correcting them.

What is the best golf simulator?

The TrackMan golf simulator has an edge in terms of accuracy, but it is also much more expensive than some other systems.

What is the best golf simulator for a small house?

The SkyTrak and Golfzon both work well in small spaces and don’t cost much to run.

What should I look for in a golf simulator?

First, consider the space you have available. Next, determine whether or not you want a full-featured machine that offers more than just driving range simulations or something more basic. Finally, check into what accessories are included and how much it will cost to run on a monthly basis.

How long does a golf simulator take?

You can be playing in as little as 60 seconds. It really just depends on how much setup you want to do before you begin.

Do you wear golf shoes at a simulator?

Yes, it’s much easier and more comfortable to wear golf shoes.

Can a golf simulator also be a home theater?

Yes, it can be. It will offer HDTV and surround sound for the ultimate in entertainment.

What is the best simulator golf ball?

The SoftPro Gold or Snell My Tour Ball are our favorite choices. They’re long off the tee and feel like real golf balls when you hit them on the simulator.

How much should I expect to pay for a sim?

Prices can vary greatly. You can find budget options under $500, but most professional systems cost over $10,000.

How long does it take to play 18 holes on a simulator?

It depends on the system you use, but usually about an hour per round is standard.

Do I need to adjust my golf clubs for simulator?

Yes, you should take your golf clubs into the simulator retailer to have them adjusted if they are different than normal. Balance, swing weight and even length can all be altered to match what feels best on the system you choose.

What kind of projector do I need for a golf simulator?

A business-grade projector is recommended. Don’t try to use an old home theater system or office projector for this purpose.

Are golf simulators easier?

A golf simulator can make it much easier to improve your game. You can take club selection out of the equation and focus on developing more consistency with every swing.

What is a difference between driving range, practice range, and golf simulator?

The driving range is outdoors where you hit balls at targets; the practice range is outdoors where you can practice shots; and the golf simulator is indoors where you can practice your game.

What golf simulator does Golf Galaxy use?

Golf Galaxy uses the TrackMan.

How accurate is OptiShot?

The Optishot is one of the most accurate golf simulators on the market. It uses advanced technology to measure factors like club speed, ball speed and launch angle perfectly.

How do you build a backyard golf driving range?

First, you need to determine your budget. You will also need to figure out how much space you have available for the range. Other factors are relevant as well, so be sure to take everything into account before beginning construction.

Can I put a golf simulator in my basement?

A golf simulator is one of the best options for a basement. You can purchase a small machine or even build your own, especially if you take an open concept approach that also turns the space into a real entertainment room.

How much does it cost to start a golf simulator business?

For a full-scale business, you can expect to pay anywhere from $25,000 to $250,000. It all depends on your individual needs and how many simulators you want to sell.

Golf Simulator Locations in NJ

Top 4 Golf Simulator Locations in NJ:

  1. Golf Galaxy (Paramus, NJ)
  2. Players Choice (Middletown, NJ)
  3. Playdium (North Bergen, NJ)
  4. GolfKings (Wall Township, NJ)

Golf Simulator Locations in AZ

Top 3 Golf Simulator Locations in AZ:

  1. Golfland-Sunset Mesa (Tempe, AZ)
  2. Red Rock Golf Academy (Paradise Valley, AZ)
  3. Arizona Biltmore Golf Club (Phoenix, AZ)

Golf Simulator Locations in California

Top 3 Golf Simulator Locations in CA:

  1. Doral Academy of California (Irvine, CA)
  2. The Grand Golf Club at the Park Hyatt Aviara Resort (Carlsbad, CA)
  3. The Grand Golf Club at the Park Hyatt Aviara Resort (Carlsbad, CA)

Golf Simulator Locations in Illinois

Top 5 Golf Simulator Locations in IL:

  1. Driving Range and Practice Center (Mundelein, IL)
  2. Bellbrook Par 3 & Driving Range (Zion, IL)
  3. Lake Shore Country Club (Highland Park, IL)
  4. Bellbrook Par 3 & Driving Range (Zion, IL)
  5. Lake Shore Country Club (Highland Park, IL)

Golf Simulator Locations in CA

Top 3 Golf Simulator Locations in CA:

  1. Granite Bay Community Park PGA Tour Practice Facility (Sacramento, CA)
  2. Oakmont Learning Center & Driving Range (Morgan Hill, CA)
  3. The Grand Golf Club at the Park Hyatt Aviara Resort (Carlsbad, CA)

Golf Simulator Locations in CO

Top 5 Golf Simulator locations in CO are listed below.

  1. Beaver Creek Condominiums & Clubhouse
  2. Eagle Springs Golf Course
  3. Castle Pines North
  4. The Club at Cordillera
  5. The Club at Flying Horse
  6. Golf Simulator Locations in NC

Golf Simulator Locations in NC

Top 5 Golf Simulator locations in NC are listed below.

1. Players Choice (Clayton, NC) 2. Southern Trace (Winston Salem, NC) 3. Grandover Resort (Greensboro, NC) 4. Reynolds Lake Oconee (Eatonton, GA) 5. Timarron Country Club (Charlotte, NC)

Golf Simulator Locations in TX

Top 6 Golf Simulator locations in TX are listed below:

1. Players Choice (Houston, TX) 2. Brook Hollow Golf Club (Dallas-Ft Worth,TX area.) 3. Grapevine Vintage/Meadowbrook (Grapevine, TX) 4. Champions Retreat Golf Club & Practice Center 5. The Reserve at Lake Travis (Austin area.) 6. Brook Hollow Golf Club (The Colony, TX – Dallas-Ft Worth Area.)

Golf Simulator Locations in NY

Top 2 Golf Simulator locations in NY are listed below:

1. Trumansburg Shuffleboard and Driving Range (Trumansburg, NY) 2. Finger Lakes PGA Section Headquarters and Tournament Players Academy.

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Luke is an avid weekend-warrior golfer from the East Coast who plays golf more than he cares to admit.

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