5 Important Golf Tips for Women

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If you’re heading to the golf course for the first time, check out our golf tips for women.

Whether you’re swinging the club for the first time or just looking to improve your golf game, women golfers should read on to dial up the fun.

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golf tips for women

1. Golf Tip For Women: Know Your Clubs

Women’s golf clubs are not the same as men’s golf clubs, but they are similar. Let’s take a closer look at the tools for the game.

Club Length

The average female golfer is about 5’ 7”. The average male golfer is about 5’ 9”. If you’re a shorter golfer, you’ll be hitting the ball better with a shorter club.

For fun, the next time you go to the driving range, compare drivers with your companions. Standard clubs vary by about an inch – longer clubs are for taller players. 

If you’re a taller woman, you might choose clubs marketed for men in order to get a better fit. You can also have your clubs customized to your height for a fee. 


Generally, women’s club shafts are more likely to be made of graphite. Men’s clubs often have the less expensive but heavier option of steel. 

Women golfers (and men, for that matter) will swing a lighter club faster. A faster swing means faster ball flight and more distance. 

Golf Grips

Women, in general, have smaller hands than men. Women’s grips have a smaller diameter to fit better in shorter fingers. 

Take your time when choosing your clubs, and keep your physical characteristics in mind.

2. Hit Like a Girl

Women aren’t built like men, so they aren’t going to swing like them. Women tend to be shorter and have wider hips. Those minor physical differences can affect your weight transfer, swing speed, and the angle of impact. 

Try these golf swing tips and see how your golf shots improve:

  • Take time to warm up. Your golf swing involves movements that don’t usually come up in a typical day. Make sure to take care of yourself.
  • Take a wider stance. By broadening your stance, you’ll have more control over your swing. 
  • Incorporate your upper body into your backswing. 
  • Straighten your arms. This can be a challenge for some women who don’t have flat chests like men do. Experiment with raising your shoulders or increasing your bend to get those elbows straight comfortably.

Finding a comfortable stance for your unique physical characteristics will make playing golf more fun. Also, you’ll play better.

3. Green Is Good

Every stroke counts in this game. That means that your final tap into the hole adds as much to your score as your tee shot. 

Golfers want to shave strokes wherever they can. But sometimes, you’ll be further ahead by playing conservatively. For instance, you’re better off laying up to a stream if you aren’t likely to make it over in one shot. Likewise, you are better off landing your ball on the green far from the hole rather than trying to stick it close to the pin, only to slide off into the fringe. 

4. It’s a Two-Fer

Once you’ve made it to the green, you’re going to be tempted to go straight for the hole. If the distance is within your comfort zone, go for it! If not…well, go for it! Just adjust your mindset a little bit first. 

If you have a long putt, focus on your putting speed. Your goal is to get your ball close enough to tap it in on your second putt. Remember, par is calculated using two putts, so if you get there in two, you’ve done it right.

5. Pick the Right Outfit

There are lots of wonderful golf clothes to choose from out there. Golf is known for some wild fabrics and designs. 

It’s easy to get caught up in fashion when you decide what to wear but remember — this isn’t a fashion show. Well, okay, it isn’t just a fashion show.

The best clothing for golf is going to allow you to move freely. You need to be able to turn, bend, and swing without being restricted by tight clothing. Low-cut tops and high-cut bottoms can also show more than intended when you lean forward to address the ball. Try practicing your stance in front of a mirror if you have any doubts about your outfit. 

Also, keep in mind that many golf clubs have dress codes. Check with your course before playing your first round. 

Golf Is a Wonderful Game For Women

Golf is a fantastic sport for men, women, and children. Anybody can enjoy golf! 

We hope you’ve enjoyed our golfing tips today. Check back with Our Golf Clubs often for more information about the best game ever. We love golf!

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