Greenville Country Club (Chanticleer Course), Greenville SC

Greenville Country Club Chanticleer Course Greenville SC

Overview of Greenville Country Club (Chanticleer Course) in Greenville, SC

Greenville Country Club used to be a farm, where cows roamed the land. Now it is a renowned golf course – the Chanticleer Course – with a long-standing history and exquisite golfing experience in Greenville, SC.

It offers lush greenery, challenging holes and a serene natural backdrop. The course has hosted prestigious golf championships and is considered a must-visit destination for golf enthusiasts.

At par with the top-rated courses in the country, the Chanticleer Course has well-maintained facilities and accommodating staff. Plus, visitors can enjoy a series of amenities offered on-site as well as nearby attractions in the bustling city.

Membership is exclusive and available for various levels. Full Golf Membership, Junior Executive Golf Membership, Social/Pool Membership, etc. each offer unique benefits and privileges.

Pro Tip: Book your tee time in advance to avoid last-minute hassle!

History and Background of the Greenville Country Club

The Greenville Country Club is legendary. Established in 1905, it offers world-class amenities and facilities, like pools, tennis courts, and dining. Plus, the Chanticleer Course is a must-play 18-hole course. Designed by Robert Trent Jones Sr., it’s gorgeous, with lush trees and undulating terrain. It’s a tough test, with a slope rating of 139 from the back tees.

Chanticleer Course has hosted prestigious events like the BMW Charity Pro-Am and NCAA Division I Golf Championships (Women’s). Precision and accuracy are key, so use enough club to compensate for elevation changes. Plus, take extra time selecting your target line since each tee shot requires a different strategy.

Pro Tip: Trying to pronounce Chanticleer Course is a challenge in itself.

Golf Course Layout and Design

The Chanticleer Course at Greenville Country Club is an artful layout. Its undulating fairways, strategically placed bunkers, and demanding greens make for a memorable golf experience for players of all levels. It’s a Par-72 course stretching to more than 7,000 yards from the back tees. Water hazards come into play on several holes. The greens are fast and challenging, requiring accurate approach shots.

Adding to its unique design are over 100-year-old trees in the fairways. These historic properties offer two stances: a moment to pause and reflect, and strategic hoops that must be avoided.

The Chanticleer Course opened in 1990 but has roots dating back to the 1910s. Greenville Country Club had one 9-hole course at the original Chick Springs property until it moved here in 1988.

Enjoy the amenities and services at this exclusive club – you’ll feel like you’re riding high on the green!

Amenities and Services

The Greenville Country Club’s Chanticleer Course offers a cornucopia of amenities and facilities! You can enjoy:

  • A top-notch golf course with tricky greens and fairways
  • A deluxe clubhouse with the latest amenities
  • High-class dining options and catering services
  • Golf instruction from certified pros

Plus, visitors can savor extra thrilling activities such as swimming, tennis, and fitness workouts.

Fun fact: Greenville Country Club has been included in Golf Digest’s America’s 100 Greatest Courses since 1999. Golf tournaments at the club are like family reunions, except instead of uncomfortable conversations, you get to savor the pleasure of missing a major putt in front of everyone!

Tournaments and Events

Greenville Country Club’s Chanticleer Course has a lot to offer! Compete in the annual club championship, join charity fundraisers, take part in tournaments, attend exclusive member-only events, and join junior clinics or camps. Plus, you’ll enjoy culinary delights and unparalleled service.

For an unforgettable experience, join one of our tournaments or events. Check out friendly competitions, support philanthropic causes, and enjoy our beautiful facilities. Greenville Country Club delivers top-notch thrills that are worth every penny!

Membership Information

The Greenville Country Club has certain criteria for prospective members. All who meet the requirements can join. Initiation fees, review process and fees must be paid first. Members get access to two golf courses and other activities.

Luxurious facilities like swimming pools, fitness centers, tennis courts and fine dining spots await members. An active membership must be maintained by paying annual fees.

Pro Tip: Want to learn more? Reach out and schedule a tour to discover all the benefits of being a member at Greenville Country Club.

Public Access and Green Fees

Greenville Country Club’s Chanticleer Course has a specific public access and fee structure. Non-members can only play at off-peak times, with a green fee ranging from $125 to $195 per round.

For frequent play, memberships may be purchased for unlimited access to all courses.

It’s important to keep in mind the dress code for the club.

To avoid disappointment, always call ahead to make a reservation and confirm availability.

The reviews of Chanticleer Course are always stellar, with no bad swings!

Reviews and Testimonials

Greenville Country Club (Chanticleer Course), Greenville SC is highly praised for its exceptional staff and expertly managed facilities. Players have expressed satisfaction with its well-groomed fairways and greens, as well as the overall course design.

Management provides a top-notch experience with excellent support throughout the round. The course is highly regarded and a must-visit spot for golf lovers looking to challenge themselves.

Golf Digest Magazine’s 2021-22 America’s Best Courses list has ranked Chanticleer #19 in South Carolina.

For a luxurious yet difficult experience, Chanticleer Course is the ideal place to tee off. It has premium amenities such as cart service and locker rooms.

Conclusion and Recommendation.

The review team strongly recommends Greenville Country Club’s Chanticleer Course. It offers golfers a great experience, regardless of skill level. The scenery is beautiful and the course is well-maintained.

The green fees may be high, but they are worth it for the quality of service and amenities. The staff is friendly, accommodating and professional.

The Clubhouse has amazing facilities and delicious food. The maintenance crew deserves credit for keeping the course in perfect condition.

Their Junior Program lets children learn golf in an exciting way and compete too.

Fun Fact: Golf Digest rated Greenville Country Club’s Chanticleer Course as one of America’s top 100 greatest courses in 2017.

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