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Luke is an avid weekend-warrior golfer from the East Coast who plays golf more than he cares to admit.

Nothing in the game of golf comes fast or easy but if you work hard, and have a decent budget – here’s how to get good at golf quickly.

Step 1: Take Private Lessons + Online Golf Instructions

Step 2: Get Fitted for the RIGHT Clubs

Step 3: Work on Your Fitness

Step 4: Practice Consistently

Step 5: Get as many full golf rounds in as possible

Step 6: Chip + Put Drills

Step 7: Use a Caddy to help you navigate the course

Taking Private Golf Lessons + Online Golf Lessons

Hiring a golf coach is the fastest way to get better at golf quickly. Hire a PGA Golf Professional or Master Instructor, and take private lessons. Even if you’ve been playing for awhile, never learned proper fundamentals and/or technical understanding of the game – hiring a coach will get you good at the game fast. Learn from an expert.

how to get good at golf quickly

Hiring a coach or instructor can be expensive but even if you do not like golf and find it boring, we assure you – getting good at golf quickly will make it more fun and lower your golf scores.

Golf Lessons + Online Golf Instructions:

For most people who play the game of golf, taking lessons is the fastest way to get better and learn how to play and get good at golf quickly. Online lessons will help you in the same way, even if you do not have a local PGA instructor near where you live – online videos or instructions can benefit your game when taken consistently over time.

Get Fitted for the RIGHT Golf Clubs

Getting professionally fitted for new clubs is the second step to get you on the way to getting good at golf. Getting fitted for new clubs can improve your game fast, even if you do not have any experience with the game of golf.

Fitting is an art – so it’ll take some time depending on how many options are available to you, but once you find a fitter that knows what they are doing, they should be able to fit you quickly.

You may also want to consider getting fitted for your entire bag if possible, not just your new driver or irons. Having the right golf clubs can make all the difference in helping you get better at golf fast because it can give you more consistent distances and accuracy.

Getting Fitted for Clubs:

The right golf clubs can have a tremendous positive impact on your game. Getting fitted for new woods, irons, hybrids, wedges and/or drivers should improve your overall game if you are not currently playing with the right equipment.

When you go get fitted for clubs – be sure to find out if any adjustments are needed to be made by a certified club fitter.

Work on Your Physical Fitness

Proper golf fitness is extremely important for those who want to get good at the game fast by being able to play 18 holes. It may take a little while before you can start to see some results but practicing physical drills for golf will help decrease your overall fatigue and improve strength .

Working out with golf-specific fitness exercises that target your lower body, core, and upper body is going to help you strike the ball better because of increased power in each stroke.

Golfers who do not have any interest in taking up physical fitness might be surprised how much it can help their game – especially as they get older. Paying attention to proper nutrition and hydration are also important factors, especially if you want to play 18 holes without getting tired or experiencing pain after.

Work on Your Fitness:

Just like at work – working out is extremely beneficial for golfers trying to get good quickly. If you have time, plan your workouts around your play schedule so that they match up nicely – this should prevent any problems with being able to spend enough time preparing for each round of golf.

Yoga & Stretching Exercises for Golf

Golf-Specific Workout Routines + Warm Up Drills

Get as Many Full Rounds in as Possible

Playing 18 holes can be tiring but taking the time to dedicate yourself to playing full rounds of often will elevate your game fast.

If you can play 18 holes in your local area, try and play as many rounds of golf as possible. If that is not an option – practice every chance you get whether it’s at the driving range or on a putting green to help prepare yourself for playing when opportunities do arise.

The more full rounds of golf that you’re able to play, the more consistent experience and improvement in your game will be. Getting better at golf takes time but practicing often with consistency is going to help improve your skills fast because it allows you to make adjustments and build muscle memory in ways that cannot happen when playing once or twice a week.

Playing More Rounds = Making More Adjustments = Getting Excited About Golf Again Quickly!

Take Lessons for Quick Improvement

Enrolling in golf lessons can be one of the fastest ways to improve your game because an experienced instructor knows how to teach you better than what you can learn by reading books or watching videos. They see where your weaknesses are and know exactly what to work on quickly.

Find The Right Instructor – Taking One Lesson A Week For 10 Weeks Will Make A Huge Difference

Getting good at golf takes time no matter how fast you go about it, but learning from a professional coach who understands the game will help shorten that time frame significantly.

Having someone review your swing with you is going to make all the difference when it comes to getting better quickly. They’ll help point out flaws that you may not have noticed, and offer you a professional opinion on how to fix them.

This may cost a little bit of money but it’s going to be worth it when you start seeing some improvement in your game.

Even if you have an instructor that watches your swing for ten minutes, it will still help more than taking lessons from friends or family members because they won’t know what mistakes need to be fixed the same way as someone who is trained professionally would.

Taking lessons is also helpful so that you have something to work towards – this allows you to set goals and achieve them step by step by working with a skilled trainer or teacher. As long as you show up every week and do what needs to get done – there’s reason why anyone can’t improve as a golfer as fast as they would like.

Make Your Practice Sessions As Effective As Possible

There are a lot of ways to practice that you can do at home or even on the driving range but not all of them will help improve the parts your game that need it most – this is why practicing effectively needs to take place in order to get rid of bad habits and develop good ones quickly.

Drawing from years of experience, master golf instructor Rick Shiels tells players what key components they should be working on during practice sessions so that they see results fast.

In his book Swing Man Golf , he provides insight for amateur players wanting to better their skills but don’t have an instructor or teaching professional guiding them along the way.

He tells readers that practicing like an expert is important because novices make poor decisions and swing on instinct rather than what they’ve learned over time.

“Novice golfers don’t realize how much information there is available to them – even if you’re not a pro, you shouldn’t be swinging without some type of plan,” he writes in his book. “You need a methodical practice routine that works on all aspects of your game equally.”

The problem with most players is that they only focus on things they enjoy doing during their rounds instead of completely testing themselves by dedicating serious time to the areas in which they lack the most.

Chip + Put Drills

Chipping and putting are the two facets of a golf game that when improved in, there’s a drastic change in scores.

There’s nothing better than improving your short game and seeing it work with the rest of your technique.

“Pick out a target that is about 12 feet away and then chip from there with different clubs, one at a time,” he writes. “This will give you an idea of what club works best for you in certain situations.”

Shiels says most amateurs struggle with potentially great shots by hitting their chips fat or thin – this means not striking the ball firmly enough to get it across the green and onto the next obstacle.

Finding the right distance and trajectory on these shots can help turn novices into pros quickly because they’re looking at all possible angles and reasons why good things happen (and bad things don’t). Expert players make lots of putts in a round, but they don’t just get lucky or rely on luck for them to drop into the hole.

“Chart your putting stats by noting how many putts it takes you to get around the green,” says Shiels. “You can use this information later when you’re trying to improve your game.”

Players through practice will begin to see where their weaknesses are and what they need to work on most – rather than simply playing games with themselves over and over again until improvement happens.

Use a Caddy to help you navigate the course

Hiring a local caddy will drastically improve your golf game for many reasons – the most important being that your caddy will be able to tell you how far away your target is in yards so that you don’t have to walk off every shot.

Your caddy’s eyes are also different than yours – he or she will be able to see things either you can’t pick up on or just might not have time for when playing 18 holes.

The best players know how much information their caddies are picking up for them and they trust what they’re saying because it’s helping improve their game in each area possible.

Can you actually get better at golf?

Yes of course! Just like anything in life, practice has its benefits.

People started playing the game of golf to relax and take their minds off work, school or home life – that’s why it can be so frustrating when you’re trying your hand at this sport but keep hitting walls no matter how much fun you’re having.

But there are ways to improve your score quickly just like any other activity – you just have to be determined enough to do whatever it takes.

There isn’t a need for complicated drills or exercises – simply using these few tips will help players get around the course faster than ever before so they can enjoy the game even more than they already do!

Is it hard to get good at golf?

Without guidance or instruction, yes – it’s hard to get good at golf on your own.

Most people can pick up a club and hit some balls around the course without too many problems but when it comes to hitting that perfect shot or keeping track of their scores, no one wants to be bothered.

That’s why some choose not to get good at golf and instead play for fun – going out each weekend and hitting a few chips around to try and relax.

However, if a player wants to get good at golf quickly so that they can spend more time playing the game they love with friends or family who have been waiting for them to join their side on the greens – then you need some serious instruction.

Without this guidance it’s hard to improve your score longer than just a few rounds because players aren’t able to track their progress from day-to-day.

Luke Griffin

Luke is an avid weekend-warrior golfer from the East Coast who plays golf more than he cares to admit.

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