How To Measure Driver Shaft Length

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Learning how to measure driver shaft length can help you hit more fairways. The longer the driver shaft is on your golf club, the harder it is to control the club accurately. This means that it is also more difficult to hit the ball squarely.

The first hit of the golf ball is a great moment. Our skill and accuracy as golfers is a big part of our success, but the driver club also plays a huge part!

how to measure driver shaft length

Our driver acts as a weapon for us golfers and ensuring that you have the perfect shaft length on your driver is essential to any golfer who hopes to have full control over their swing.

Read on to find out how to measure the shaft length of your driver!

How To Measure The Length Of A Driver Shaft

There are a few steps involved in measuring the length of a driver shaft. Follow the steps below if you’re looking to measure yours!

Hold your golf club so that the center of the sole is touching the floor. This is known as playing position.
Hold a 48 inch ruler behind the golf club.

You should ensure that the tip of the ruler is touching the floor around the heel of the club. Hold the ruler in a position where the golf club rests on it.

Then, measure the distance from the heel of the club to the edge of the grip cap.

This method is a great way to measure your driver, as well as most other clubs. It can’t be used to measure the putter because this club is different from the rest.

This is due to the fact that the shaft is not positioned at the heel on the putter.

It is recommended that you measure the shaft length of all of your clubs. This is good to know because if you need to get new clubs, you may want to get the same size clubs as they are what you will be used to.

Why Should You Measure The Length Of Your Driver Shaft?

It is often believed that golf clubs come with measurements that are perfect, but this is not true. Different people prefer different length shafts.

As you become more experienced, it becomes clear that the perfect length shaft is very important when it comes to being able to hit a high drive.

It is always better to hit the ball longer, and this is why it is important to ensure that you have chosen the best shaft size.

When you are choosing your shaft length, you should consider your height.

When you hit the ball with a shaft that is too long or too short in accordance with your height, this will make you feel very uncomfortable.

This discomfort will impact your natural skill in the game. This will interrupt when it comes to making a successful swing.

In order to avoid this happening, you should ensure that you select the right shaft length for you.

What Is The Ideal Length Of A Driver Shaft?

The ideal length of a driver shaft will vary from person to person, so this question cannot be directly answered. In retail shops, it is normally 45.5 inch shafts that are most common.

how to measure driver shaft length 1

Golfers often buy this long shaft and then cut it down to size depending on their height.

On average, the preferred shaft length for men is 45 inches, and for women is 44 inches.

Professional golfers often will try lots of different length shafts in order to figure out what length shaft is perfect for them.

The perfect length driver shaft will improve their performance on the course.

Your height is the best thing to go off when it comes to choosing the best length shaft.

How Can You Shorten The Length Of Your Driver Shaft?

If you have a shorter driver shaft, you are more likely to be able to hit a straight shot. You will also be able to hit the center of the ball.

A short shaft means that you will have better control over your hits. Follow these steps below to shorten the length of your driver shaft.

  • You should remove the grip from the driver using a knife. You should also remove the grip tape which is located on the shaft on the driver.
  • Measure the shaft of the driver to determine the length that you want the driver to be. Add an extra half an inch to this and then mark this length using a permanent marker.
  • Grip the golf club into the position using a vise.
  • Position the saw blade on the area where the permanent marker is. If the shaft is made from steel, it is recommended that you use a tube cutter. Whereas, if your club has a graphite shaft, you should use a saw blade.
  • Turn on the equipment and cut the golf club shaft slowly and smoothly.
  • Next, turn off the cutting equipment and remove the club from the vice.
  • Next, smooth the edges on the end of the golf club using sandpaper.
  • After this, you should fix a grip on the shaft end of the driver shaft.
  • Next, add some weights to the head of the club to make sure that it has the same weight in the swing.

What Is The Average Shaft Length?

The average length of a driver shaft for a male used to be 44 inches for a graphite club and 43.5 inches for a steel club. However, more recently, the standard shaft length has increased to 45 inches.

On average, a female golfers club is around an inch shorter than a male golfer’s club. This used to be 43 inches but was raised to 44 inches in 2012.

Final Thoughts

So, now you know everything you need to know about how to measure a driver shaft length.

We recommend that if you choose to shorten your shaft yourself, you should be sure to use protective glasses!

It is a good idea as a golfer to make sure that you have the correct length driver so you can play to the best of your ability!

Luke Griffin

Luke is an avid weekend-warrior golfer from the East Coast who plays golf more than he cares to admit.

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