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Dirt, perspiration, rain, and heat are all factors that can contribute to the wear and tear of golf club grips over time. It’s important to know how to regrip golf clubs for shot accuracy and consistency.

how to regrip golf clubs

To make the most out of your clubs, the best thing to do is periodically change your grips.

This will help maintain your equipment while enhancing your golfing performance and improving the control and consistency of your shots.  

Whether you are a beginner or avid golfer, knowing how to regrip your golf club is advantageous.

While you may not necessarily believe it; although, worn-out equipment may prevent you from getting your valuable shots, especially in wet and rainy conditions.

Cleaning your golf equipment will help to an extent, however, they will eventually need replacing, and this is not a cheap undertaking.

However, luckily for you, there is a way to extend the life of your golfing equipment and this is by regripping your golf clubs. Below, you will find a detailed step-by-step process on how to regrip your golf equipment. 

Step 1. Gather Your Supplies

  • New Grip – If this is your first time regripping golf clubs, then it’s best to purchase a few extra grips. This will allow you to make mistakes; for instance, if you’ve placed a grip in the wrong place. Likewise, if you don’t use them here, you can always keep them safe for the future. 
  • Grip Tape – The type of grip tape you need is determined by the solvent used. For instance, if using water you’ll need water-absorbent tape. Similarly, if using WD-40, paint thinner, or any other grip solvent, then a double-sided tape will work best.
  • Box Cutter – This is to sever the old grip. 
  • Golf Club Regripping Kit – If you don’t have the above supplies, purchasing a kit is the next best solution. 

Step 2. Remove The Old Grips

Using the box cutter, remove the old grip from the golf clubs. Always remember to remain at a safe distance when doing this, position the cut away from yourself.

Remove the original grip and grip tape by either scraping or peeling it away. If there’s any residue, use some Mineral Spirits Grip Solvent and a towel to remove it. 

Step 3. Remove The Old Tape

After removing the old grip, it’s time to remove the old tape.

how to regrip golf clubs

While some people may leave the old tape and simply stack fresh tape over it, leaving this on may result in the new tape not adhering well to the old tape.

This could result in bulges and an increased diameter of the grip. 

Step 4. Measure The New Tape

After fully removing the tape and grip from the shaft, you can now start preparing the new tape. If using a new roll of tape, measure how much you need and cut it out.

Typically, this can be determined by the length of the tap being equivalent to the length of the grip. If you’re using pre-cut strips, skip to the next step. 

Step 5. Apply The Tape

Once you have prepared the fresh tape and removed the wax backing, you should now align the tape lengthwise against the shaft, leaving approximately ¼” to ½” hanging over the shaft’s butt end. 

Both sides of the tape are sticky. Therefore, you need to remove the tape’s wax paper backing. Likewise, with pre-cut tape strips, remove both sides of the wax paper. 

Wrap the tape circumferentially around the shaft. Once complete, twist and tuck any remainders from the end into the shaft’s butt.

This ensures adequate sealing; stickiness at the grip’s butt end; keeps solvents out of the shaft, and protects the grip from being damaged. 

Step 6. Coat The Inside Of The Grip With Solvent

Using mineral spirits or grip solvent, spray the shaft thoroughly, making sure to completely cover the tapes. Then, hold the grip cap with your forefinger to prevent escaping solvent, and pour more solvent inside the grip. 

Using your other hand, cover the opposite opening of the grip and shake the solvent to allow it to completely coat the inside. 

Then, remove the grip cap to allow any leftover solvent to cover the grip tape. 

Step 7: Apply The New Grip

Vise Method

If you already have a vise at home, it is strongly recommended to use it. This provides greater leverage that allows you to completely retract the grip to place it in an appropriate position.

All you need to do is place the rubber inset into the vise and tighten it, enough to prevent the club from moving around. 

Once the grip is completely tightened, then you can make last-minute adjustments. Some golfers prefer to have the grip perfectly aligned on the grip, you can adjust this with your fingers before the grip sets. 

Alternatively, on the floor you can tap the butt of the grip, while applying pressure on the top, to ensure complete security to the club’s end with no space between the grip’s butt and the shaft’s end. 

Non-Vise Method

If you don’t have a vice or simply not using one, then you can wedge the club securely between on feet on the ground. However, remember not to apply too much pressure to the shaft. This would result in it snapping from flexing excessively. 

Step 8. Clean Your Club And Let It Set

Once you have successfully installed the grips, it’s tempting to test out your club. However, it is strongly recommended to wait at least six hours before using your golf clubs.

You should ensure that the solvent has cured completely, then store it in a cool, dry place before using it again. 

Final Thoughts

Regripping your golf club is a great skill to learn for any avid golfer. Not only does it improve the life of your clubs, but it also enhances your performance.

Hopefully, this guide has informed you on how to regrip golf clubs.

Luke Griffin

Luke is an avid weekend-warrior golfer from the East Coast who plays golf more than he cares to admit.

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