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If you’re weary of carrying different training aids for every element of your swing, you’ve come to the perfect spot. In this guide, we will be reviewing the Impact Snap training aid (the best full swing trainer of 2019).

IMPACT SNAP Golf Swing Trainer and Practice Training Aid - Left Handed
IMPACT SNAP Golf Swing Trainer and Practice Training Aid - Left Handed
Best Price
IMPACT SNAP Golf Swing Trainer and Practice Training Aid - Left Handed
IMPACT SNAP Golf Swing Trainer and Practice Training Aid - Left Handed
Best Price

Impact Snap release trainer is one of the most recognized training aids found in the golf industry these days.

If you’ve ever observed early-morning or late-night Golf Channel infomercials, you must know that there are a plethora of training devices in the market.

impact snap release trainer

Golf Swing with this trainer

So, what distinguishes this Impact snap golf swing trainer aid from the rest of the competitors in the market?

A player or a teacher approves many swing trainers, but this device was awarded Golf Digest “Best Full Swing Training Aid” for about four years in a row.

Total golf career game changer that helps train low impact, proper impact positioning, imitates real club action, eliminate flipping, and more.

More than 20 of the world’s top 100 instructors are often used.

Mike Bender (recently positioned third in Golf Digest “50 greatest teachers in America” edition) had this to say about the Impact Snap: “So many folks flip, as that is what this is meant for.” Using this allows you to keep your hands front and your wrist down.”

Proper Golf Swing Achieved

With this award winning training aid, the main objective of this gadget is to fix your hand and wrist angle so that your shot is as efficient as possible.

We were able to test this training device, and we would strongly recommend it to people looking forward to starting their golf careers.

One of the best quick improvement aids

Impact Snap swing trainer is among the best we’ve tried to improve your swing’s multiple aspects.

It will help you enhance your wrist motion, contact speed, lag, and tempo. Overall, we strongly recommend purchasing it!

swing training aids

How Does Impact Snap Work ?

The main disadvantage is that you can’t strike a golf ball with it, but all you need to do is swing it regularly. There’s a metal piece inside that clicks when you are in the correct backswing posture and when you are in the right impact position.

There’s a yellow ball on it, designed to rest on the outside of your forearm. We were blown away by the quality and durability of this golf training tool, as we were accustomed to the cheap quality plastic devices that are flooded in the market.

Stronger of the real club aids

It’s not anything you should be worried about breaking (similar to Swingyde trainer), and you can keep it for a long time. It’s also nice that it’s intended to help you strengthen more than one aspect of your swing.

The first one is the impact angle of the wrist and hands, and the second is lag.

Golf Digest’s Choice: Mike Bender Impact golf

Elite golfers understand that you must be essentially sound at Impact to achieve consistent accuracy and power. Training aids will replicate this.

Do you know which body component is most necessary to release the club in the impact zone? Your wrist is the solution. Many inexperienced players make the error of “flipping” their wrists and hand at Impact.

This can result in poor ball flight like: hooks, duffs, blades, and other inconsistencies in ball striking.

Adopt proper release mechanics + Golf Ball

Learn how to properly release the club, increase the impact position, and groom a better golfer. It can teach you and your wrist about hitting the golf ball more accurately.

They all have the same appearance: the hands are ahead of the ball, the club touches the ground after making contact with the ball, and the writing, arms, and club combine to form a “lowercase y” shape.

Only Swing Tool With Efficiency and Design

When you first open your Impact Snap, you’ll notice it appears to be the modified golf grip.

You’ll notice around an inch of the shaft on the bottom, followed by a black coating (there isn’t any full shaft or a club head). The ball can be found popping out of the top.

The ball is attached to a curved metallic piece that protrudes from the grip’s top. This training device is rather simple to use; however, mastering to use it definitely will take some time, as we emphasized in this Impact Snap Review. 

The designers have introduced one optional club head attachment in some extra charges based on the customer’s feedback.

Proper wrist conditions

This gives you a better visual knowledge of how your wrist affects the clubface when you use it correctly. Proper wrist conditions achieve muscle memory pattern for movements essential to the entire golf swing.

This new function has proven to be beneficial to many trainees. Impact Snap Golf swing trainer intends for usage anywhere.

There is no need for a golf course or a driving range. You can practice your impact position and wrist action in your home or office. Do you have any spare time during the lunch break? Take some swings and enjoy with Impact golf training tool.

Pros and Cons of Impact Snap

pros and cons impact snap


Any golfer can benefit. High golfers will get the greatest bang for their buck, but the impact golf training aid can also help scratch golfers.

It can be utilized anywhere and practice anytime – you don’t have to be there on range or course to benefit from the best training aids. You can practice your game even if you’re confined indoors.

Impact teaches precise visual feedback which is great for more visual learners.

Gives you instant feedback throughout each swing. If you do not hear the two snaps and you feel the ball hit your arm, try again.

As one of the best training aids, the pricing is reasonable.

Many top golf teachers recommend and utilize it. You can skip some expensive lessons with one on one coaches.

Teaches you how to swing the club like a pro and concentrates on the vital impact zone.

Can help you with throwing and chipping while focusing on the whole swing; similar wrist motion is crucial.


  • Can be difficult in its first use; internet tutorials are a tremendous help.
  • Not intended for use while hitting balls.
  • I thought the “proper” impact position was a little exaggerated.
  • The pricing is just a little out of hand, and you cannot hit a real ball whilst using it.

Step-by-Step Guide

Impact Snap is designed to help you improve the wrist and hand positions during the swing, with special emphasis on impact position and club release.

This is accomplished by implementing a design that gives you immediate feedback three times during the swing. Training aids that strive to accomplish what the Impact snap does should at least follow these principals:

IMPACT SNAP Golf Swing Trainer and Practice Training Aid - Left Handed
IMPACT SNAP Golf Swing Trainer and Practice Training Aid - Left Handed
Best Price
IMPACT SNAP Golf Swing Trainer and Practice Training Aid - Left Handed
IMPACT SNAP Golf Swing Trainer and Practice Training Aid - Left Handed
Best Price

Step 1:

Your backswing has a click or snaps sound. When the lead arm (your left arm if you’re right-handed) becomes parallel to the ground, you can hear this sound. This click indicates that you have correctly bent the wrists on your way back.

Step 2:

On your downswing, you should hear another click/snap, but it must not be until you come to reach the proper impact positioning.

Step 3:

Finally, during Impact, the ball should make contact with or settle against the bottom of the trailing arm (your right arm, in case you’re right-handed). If the ball does not touch the arm, you didn’t properly launch the club throughout the swing.

Three movements

When you combine all three (snap, snap, ball on the arm), then you successfully have produced a tremendous and accurate swing. It will be challenging at first, but it will certainly become your second nature with practice.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How difficult is it to use the Impact Snap?

There may be a learning curve when you start using the Impact snap golf swing trainer. Still, engineers/inventors have made YouTube videos that will provide you with all the necessary training you may need to become successful.

Q: I’m just getting started with golf and would like to improve. Is this appropriate for a beginner?

Yes, it is. Impact Snap basics are excellent for all golfers, especially beginners. Moreover, It is much easier to understand and learn the proper way than break old, undesirable habits.

PGA professionals us these types of training aids to tackle forward shaft lean, train low impact, get more precise visual feedback, wrists affect on the golf club, flat lead wrist, improper mechanics, improve solid contact with golf balls, correct trail arm, and seamlessly train a repeatable release.

Q: Is it possible to utilize Impact Snap if I’m left-handed?

Yes. The swing trainer is offered in both a right-handed and left-handed model. You can select when you purchase the device. Righty and lefty golfers will notice that the Impact Snap teaches correct trail forearm technique, addresses a square grip, eliminate flipping, and condition a perfect impact position.

Q: How can I know if Impact Snap is effective for me?

After a few weeks of utilizing this swing trainer, you should be hitting better golf strokes, but there’s another way of tracking your improvement. Make a “before” video of your driving range swing.

Q: What does an effective impact position look like?

Here’s a quick explanation. Hands held ahead of the ball, club hitting the ground after making contact with the ball, and the hand, wrists, and club to form a “lowercase y” shape.

Award Winning Training Aid: Bottom Line

Impact snap golf swing training aid focuses on your hands and wrist alignment, effectively releasing the club and impact state.

Is this an important part of a golf swing?

Golf coaches will tell you that it doesn’t matter if you’ve had the crazy backswing and a frantic follow-through; as long as your overall impact position is firm, you’ll smash solid golf shots.

Its design is quite simple but effective. Every time you swing this gadget, you will receive three pieces of immediate feedback, allowing you to swiftly train your wrists and hand to perform the right thing at impact.

IMPACT SNAP Golf Swing Trainer and Practice Training Aid - Left Handed
IMPACT SNAP Golf Swing Trainer and Practice Training Aid - Left Handed
Best Price
IMPACT SNAP Golf Swing Trainer and Practice Training Aid - Left Handed
IMPACT SNAP Golf Swing Trainer and Practice Training Aid - Left Handed
Best Price

The Impact Snap stands out from the crowd due to multiple industry awards and the number of renowned golf instructors that use the gadget with their students and trainees.

Give Impact Snap a shot if you want to play even better golf, strike more solid swings, and wish to have more fun with the game. It can be used anywhere for training your wrists and hands in the proper positions.

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