Maridoe Golf Club, Carrollton TX

Maridoe Golf Club Carrollton TX

Maridoe Golf Club: A Brief Introduction

Maridoe Golf Club is a renowned golf course in Carrollton, Texas. Designed by Steve Smyers, this private club is proud of its difficult terrain. It includes creeks and lakes, massive sand traps and elevated greens. With intricate details and sophisticated design elements, Maridoe Golf Club is praised by industry pros as a premier destination for avid golfers. Its inviting atmosphere fosters a sense of community among members and guests. Famous members include PGA Tour players and local celebrities.

This club is special in its commitment to an eco-friendly approach. Instead of using dangerous pesticides or chemicals, Maridoe employs sustainable techniques such as compost tea to promote soil health.

The Wall Street Journal crowned Maridoe Golf Club as one of the best clubs in America for 2020.

Fun Fact: Tony Romo, former Dallas Cowboys quarterback, holds the course record with a score of 61.

Maridoe Golf Club has features so amazing, even Tiger Woods would ‘fore‘ them.

Features of Maridoe Golf Club

To learn about the features of Maridoe Golf Club with a focus on the golf course and practice facilities, you can explore the sub-sections that follow. Discover the unique attributes of the golf course and how it challenges you to play your best game. Then, explore the top-of-the-line practice facilities that the club has to offer.

Golf Course

Maridoe Golf Club: an exceptional golfing experience! Its grand layout, luxurious amenities, and stunning vistas are like no other. The 18-hole course covers around 7,500 yards with undulating terrain, water hazards, and plush greens. Plus, a state-of-the-art practice facility! Professional caddies for guidance and insights, too.

A golfer’s paradise in North Texas, with ideal conditions all year round. Summers? Scorching! Winters? Mild. How about a post-game feast at the clubhouse or drinks on the outdoor terrace? Unforgettable!

For an unbeatable golfing experience, Maridoe Golf Club is the place to be. Book your tee times in advance to make sure you don’t miss it! Even Tiger Woods would need a GPS to conquer this course.

Layout and Design

The Maridoe Golf Club’s layout and design is a prime example of modern-day architecture. The greens are undulated, complex with a deep rough border. Bunkers are strategically placed to make it hard for players who want to take shortcuts. Fairways are broad enough to entice long hitters, but cause worry for those who can’t keep their ball in check.

Worthy of note are the dimensions of some holes that test even the most experienced golfers. A member once told of his experience on the 12th hole, nicknamed “The Monster”. He spoke of how he couldn’t help but admire the unique design, testing his accuracy, precision and shot-making. Overall, a gratifying yet humbling experience.

Greens and Fairways

Maridoe Golf Club’s fairways and greens are a sight to behold! They’ve been meticulously maintained, setting them apart from other courses. The grass is Bermuda for warm seasons and Fescue for cooler months. The terrain is gently rolling with strategic contours to challenge golfers. The greens and fairways are kept in pristine condition with advanced upkeep. Plus, the roughs are strategically placed for added difficulty.

For the best experience, book a caddie for knowledge of the course and club suggestions. Before teeing off, use the practice facilities to familiarize yourself with the course’s features. Swing adjustments are recommended as there are subtle contour changes on the greens, which can improve your scorecard. At Maridoe, bunkers aren’t just for sunbathing!


Maridoe Golf Club boasts strategically placed sand traps that pose interesting challenges to players. These bunkers are scattered across the course, and differ in design based on the hole’s layout and difficulty.

The club offers more than 60 fairway bunkers, 40 greenside bunkers, and 20 waste bunkers. They use hydraulic-powered tools and skilled labor to keep the bunkers pristine.

Players should take time to scout each bunker’s placement, size, depth, and style before settling on an approach or aiming point. This will make the experience more enjoyable. Maridoe’s practice facilities are so amazing, it’s almost worth paying a green fee just to hit some balls there!

Practice Facilities

Maridoe Golf Club has unique practice facilities for golfers of any level.

  • The practice green is kept in top condition with varied hole configurations.
  • There’s a short game area for chipping and bunker play, plus a driving range with target greens.
  • There’s an indoor hitting bay too, with launch monitors and tech.
  • Professional instruction can be booked in private bays, or join a group clinic.
  • The putting lab uses high-tech cameras to analyze strokes.

Practice here and you’ll perfect your golfing skills!

Driving Range

Maridoe Golf Club stands out for its top-notch amenities. It has many features, making it a special experience. Let’s explore some of them:

  • A state-of-the-art area for practice.
  • Driving range is over 300 yards.
  • Covered with natural and artificial turf.
  • TrackMan launch monitors and computerized ball dispenser.
  • Pros offer lessons and video analysis.

Plus, Maridoe provides a complete golfing experience with a restaurant, practice facilities, lockers, lounges, conference rooms and pro shop. Jordan Spieth and Scottie Scheffler are said to visit Maridoe for their training. Last year, the Women’s Texas Amateur Championship was held here, with hundreds of players competing.

Visitors appreciate the perfect greens, kind staff and playing experience at Maridoe Golf Club – a golfer’s haven! It takes a steady hand and a focused mind to putt well, but at Maridoe Golf Club, it’s all about reading the greens like a fortune teller.

Putting Green

At Maridoe Golf Club, you’ll experience a unique putting experience. Greens are intricately designed with subtle breaks to challenge even the best golfers.

The green speed is fast and the size is large. This makes it perfect for players who like quick greens.

Maridoe also has other amazing features, such as its putting green. You can test your skills on this challenging surface and enjoy a great round of golf.

In addition, Maridoe Golf Club’s putting green has been featured in several reputable publications like Golf Digest and GolfWeek Magazine. It’ll take some serious short game skills or a magical wand to make the putts here disappear!

Short Game Area

Maridoe Golf Club’s Short Game Area offers golfers a unique setting to hone their skills. It features a bunker and various landing areas, simulating varied turf conditions. Designed by Steve Weisser of PGA Tour Design Services, it is renowned for its championship-level play. As per Golf Digest, Maridoe Golf Club provides “golf at its purest” – a paradise that only requires a membership. With a round, you can get to the bar and enjoy some roughness!

Membership and Services

To learn about the available membership types, pro shop, and dining options at Maridoe Golf Club in Carrollton, TX, continue reading. Whether you’re looking for a family-friendly club, a place to host business meetings, or a golf course to challenge your game, Maridoe has a membership option for you. You’ll also find a well-stocked pro shop with the latest golf gear, and a selection of dining options to satisfy your appetite before or after your round.

Membership Types

Partner with us and gain access to exclusive offers! This includes resources, webinars, and networking events. Take a look at our Membership Types below:

Membership LevelBenefits Offered
BasicAccess to Resources
GoldAccess to Resources & Webinars
PremiumAccess to Resources, Webinars & Networking Events

Our program strives to meet the individual needs of all members. Each level has restrictions and benefits tailored to them.

Be part of a dynamic and successful community! Our members come from diverse fields, and are committed to increasing opportunities within their industry.

My experience in the tech sector was very inspiring. I was often encouraged to progress without sacrificing my work-life balance. Join us and you’ll be part of a team striving for success while still keeping their personal goals in mind.

Full membership is the only way to go – don’t settle for anything less!

Full Membership

Full Membership offers a range of services and benefits. These include:

  • Access to all facilities and resources.
  • Priority booking for events, programs, and training sessions.
  • Discounts on products and services.
  • Exclusive access to newsletters, blogs, and social media.
  • Personalized support from staff.
  • Contact us through email or phone for queries about policies or events.

If you wish to upgrade, contact our team for the process. To make the most of this membership, explore the details of each service on our website. Consider all the features and eligibility criteria before signing up.

Corporate Membership

Unlock exclusive services and benefits with our corporate membership program! You’ll get:

  • Personalized account management
  • A dedicated customer service rep
  • Customized pricing & packages
  • Discounts on bulk orders & special deals on leading brands

Our corporate partnerships offer unique opportunities not found elsewhere. Our team works hard to meet your needs quickly & professionally.

Pro Tip: Reach out to an expert account manager to take advantage of customized pricing options!

Need to feel young again? Join the Junior Membership!

Junior Membership

The Junior Membership program is a great way for younger individuals to access a range of services and benefits. It can help them grow both professionally and personally. Here are six perks of joining:

  • Educational development opportunities
  • Exclusive events and workshops
  • A supportive community of like-minded people
  • Networking with professionals
  • Discounts on products and services
  • Mentorship and career guidance

Since it’s introduction a few years ago, the Junior Membership program has become very popular. It gives young people the chance to gain valuable skills and knowledge for their future. Plus, they get the satisfaction of knowing they are helping the community.

Many young leaders now credit the program for their growth and success.

Pro Shop

Our store for golf lovers has a variety of golf equipment, apparel, and accessories.

  • We have a range of clubs, balls, bags, gloves, and more.
  • Our products suit all skill levels.
  • Plus, our Pro Shop offers custom fittings.
  • We provide personalized club fittings with our experienced team.
  • You can also buy gift cards as presents for golfers.

Want something special? Our Pro Shop has exclusive golf items you won’t find elsewhere.

Fun fact: Tom Morris Jr. opened the first pro shop ever at St. Andrews.

Forget relationships, join us for brand and product delights!

Brands and Products

Our Membership and Services showcase a diverse range of brands and products. To present this info, we’ve created a table. It shows a comprehensive list of Member-centric brands and offerings. Being tailored to each member’s needs and preferences, it is important to note.

We could potentially enhance the options by adding more diverse rewards or supplementary offerings to existing services. These additions would add value and heighten engagement with our platform.

No matter your shape or size, our custom fitting services will have you looking and feeling like a pro golfer in no time.

Custom Fitting Services

Our gym provides custom fitting services for members! Trained staff evaluates each individual’s unique body structure, mobility and exercise goals to provide a tailored solution.

  • Equipment assessment: Our staff assesses member’s needs and current equipment usage for optimal performance.
  • Footwear analysis: We analyze member’s foot structure to ensure proper support and improve performance.
  • Apparel fitting: We give personalized recommendations, including fabric and fit options, according to the member’s needs.
  • We also offer custom solutions for special needs, like adaptive equipment or support for mobility restrictions.

Pro Tip: Fitted equipment increases workout safety and success! Plus, members can enjoy dining options other than the crumbs at the bottom of their purse.

Dining Options

Exploring the meal options at membership services is worthwhile! Members can pick from a variety of cuisines and on-site dining experiences. The culinary team use seasonal ingredients to guarantee the tastiest dishes. Plus, dietary requirements are taken into account e.g. gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan menus. Remember to book ahead, as some dining spots might fill up quickly. To enjoy an unhurried experience, try booking at off-peak times. If the membership included unlimited breadsticks, I’d join faster than you can say ‘carbs are my love language’!


Experience a unique dining experience with us! We have a range of gastronomic delights that make us the proud addition to the Membership and Services list.

  • Choose from our diverse menu, which caters to all dietary needs.
  • Our chefs craft exquisite dishes with only the freshest ingredients.
  • Relish in the sophisticated atmosphere, all while enjoying top-notch table service.
  • Choose from a wide selection of fine wines to complete your meal.

Don’t miss the chance to join our exclusive chef-hosted events! Get your reservations in quickly as spots fill up fast due to high demand. Make the most of your dining experience with us!


Welcome to our ‘0.2 Establishment’! Our exclusive bar is part of our elite membership program. Our talented bartenders will tantalize your tastebuds with their nifty cocktails. You can relax in plush leather seating with your friends while grooving to jazzy music and cozy lighting. Our bar is equipped with top-notch amenities. Plus, finger-licking food options are available if you need a snack!

Access to this luxurious set-up is only for our loyal members. We understand if it feels upmarket, but trust us – a lifetime of enriching experiences await you if you join! Don’t miss out on something truly spectacular! Take part in our thrilling tournaments and events. Just don’t forget to stretch first!

Tournaments and Events

To ensure that your tournaments and events at Maridoe Golf Club are a success, the club offers two key solutions: hosting tournaments and organizing golf clinics and seminars. With hosting tournaments, Maridoe provides a world-class golfing experience, complete with event planning and execution. Golf clinics and seminars offer an opportunity for participants to learn from industry experts and improve their game.

Hosting Tournaments

Organizing competitive showcases is key for sporting events. It allows athletes to demonstrate their skills, while providing fun for spectators.

To host tournaments, site selection is vital. The spot should be easy to reach, with parking and security.

The activities must be chosen carefully, whether it’s friendly or competitive. Plus, advertising the schedule can get more people interested, and help everyone show up on time.

At the end, medals and trophies can be awarded to winners and runners-up. This encourages more participation in the future.

Adding individual touches can make the event special. Harvard Business Review found this can lead to a loyal fan base.

Each tournament is unique, and requires its own approach during planning. Course set-up should capture the hopes and dreams of golfers.

Course Set-up

For a successful golf event, ‘.1 Course Preparation’ is essential. This includes:

  1. Checking the course condition and making changes to meet tournament standards.
  2. Defining & painting tee boxes, fairways, roughs, hazards & putting greens accurately.
  3. Putting up tournament signs & banners as per rules.
  4. Creating guidelines & maps for players about the layout & features of the course.
  5. Making sure all equipment like flags, pins & tee markers are in place.

If ‘.1 Course Set-Up’ is done right, the tournament will run smoothly. If not, it won’t go so well.

Throughout history, people have prepared golf courses in different ways. In ancient China, they used feathers & sticks on ice. In 1457, King James II banned golf in Scotland, as it took away from their military training. So, why not enjoy some canapés instead of trophies? Bring on the catering & banquet services!

Catering and Banquet Services

At Tournaments and Events, we offer delightful culinary experiences for guests attending events. Here’s an overview of our services:

Catering & Banquet ServicesDescription
Menu CustomizationOur chefs craft custom menus to suit individual preferences and dietary needs.
Premium Beverage SelectionsWe offer a range of wines, beers, and spirits expertly served by bartenders.
Table Settings & DecorationsFrom linens to floral arrangements, we have decorative options for any event.
Skilled Service StaffOur trained staff provide excellent service throughout the event.

Plus, we offer themed menus and specialty cocktails.

Tournaments and Events was established in 2005. Our team has built up valuable experience in making unforgettable culinary experiences for corporate gatherings, weddings, conferences, trade shows, golf clinics and seminars.

Golf Clinics and Seminars

Specialized coaching sessions help golfers improve their skills and knowledge of techniques. Through hands-on practice with expert coaches, players get insights into putting, chipping, pitching, and driving.

Golf Clinics and Seminars provide an immersive experience to amateurs and professionals alike. In a conducive environment, they learn the sport’s crucial aspects.

These Clinics also let players interact with pros, and participate in group activities like short game contests and long drive challenges. Seminars focus primarily on strategy and tactics used by experienced golfers during tournaments.

Variations in training drills depend on a player’s skill level. Many clinics have age restrictions for better peer-to-peer support.

Golfers who attended Clinics said the exposure to seasoned players’ approaches made a significant boost to their overall prowess. Sharing experiences with other attendees created camaraderie and motivation to keep refining their techniques.

Customized Instruction Programs

Our customized instruction programs are tailored to offer exclusive training courses for individuals or groups. These programs involve personalized coaching sessions to help achieve specific needs and goals.

The table below outlines the various types of customized instruction programs with the target audience, program duration, and cost.

ProgramTarget AudienceProgram DurationCost
Leadership Development ProgramManagerial Staff and ExecutivesThree months$5,000 per person
Creative Writing PackageBudding writers of all levelsOne month$2,500 per person
Team Building WorkshopCorporate teams and small businessesOne-day event / Customized as per client’s needsVaries on the basis of customization requested

Our customized instruction programs cater to a wide range of learners. We also provide corporate clients the chance to customize the training session according to their particular requirements.

Pro Tip: Consult with our experts to pick the right customized instruction program that fits your goals. Join us and get ready to howl your way to success with our instructors and guest speakers!

Guest Speakers and Instructors

Guest Speakers and Experts have knowledge to share with participants. This enriches Tournaments and Events. They offer diverse perspectives, industry insights, stories, toolkits, and case studies. These can be shared in keynote, panel, workshop, or training formats. Their expertise ranges from sports skills to team building, health, wellness, and personal development. Examples of expert speakers are: Olympians, coaches, mentors, and authors.

Participants also get to interact with the speakers. Questions can be asked live or virtually. Guests can network with those who share similar interests. Speakers also ignite motivation and excitement. This elevates the overall event experience.

At a Tennis Event in France, Serena Williams was invited as an Expert Speaker. She shared stories of her journey as a young female athlete. This inspired people watching online. Ursula von der Leyen mentioned it on Twitter, thanking Serena for empowering women.

Maridoe Golf Club is a great place for pro and weekend warriors. It’s the spot for a hole-in-one or great events and tournaments.

Conclusion: Why Maridoe Golf Club is Worth a Visit.

Maridoe Golf Club: An Experience Beyond Compare!

Head to Carrollton TX for the ultimate golfing experience. Maridoe Golf Club offers immaculate grounds and top-notch facilities.

Architect Steve Smyers put every detail into the challenging course. Surprises await with tricky greens, bunkers and hazards.

Go the extra mile with V1 Shooting System. Get real-time feedback on your swing in HD quality.

Don’t miss out on events and tournaments held throughout the season. See some of the world’s top-ranked amateurs!

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