Medalist Golf Club, Hobe Sound FL

Medalist Golf Club Hobe Sound FL

Overview of Medalist Golf Club

Medalist Golf Club is a distinguished golf spot located in Hobe Sound, Florida. It’s an exclusive and elite private golf club that features a championship course crafted by Greg Norman and Pete Dye. The course has hosted many prestigious tournaments, like the 1995 Shell’s Wonderful World of Golf, featuring Tiger Woods. Medalist offers modern facilities with quality service to its members and guests.

It’s not only known for its unique layout, but also for its impressive membership roster. The list of members include Michael Jordan, Justin Thomas, Rickie Fowler and other celebrities who value privacy.

The clubhouse gives a luxurious experience. It has an elegant dining room, a casual grill room, a lounge area, as well as exclusive locker rooms. Plus, there are several practice areas to improve one’s techniques before hitting the course.

The name ‘Medalist’ comes from both designers. Dye’s son was an NCAA champion nicknamed “Pete“. While Norman famously coined ‘winners are medalists‘.

At Medalist Golf Club, the only hazard is the fear you’ll never want to leave.

Golf Course Features at Medalist Golf Club

To know more about the features of the Medalist Golf Club at Hobe Sound FL, this section covers the course layout and design, as well as the course rating and slope. Additionally, we will also explore the practice facilities available to help you improve your game.

Course Layout and Design

The Course’s Structure and Development is a must-have part of the Medalist Golf Club experience. With attention to detail, golfers can sharpen their skills and have fun. The course is 18 holes and 7,157 yards long – a true challenge! Jack Nicklaus and Pete Dye created a layout with water pockets, bunkers, and undulations. Floridian woods border the course for a tranquil atmosphere. A1/A4 bentgrass mix makes up the greens with difficult pin placements and speedy putting. Facilities include practice areas with multiple flags and tight fairways to train all golfing aspects with top-notch equipment.

In contrast to other clubs, Medalist has a distinct coastal terrain with challenges rather than beauty. It’s available all year round! Medalist holds some of the greatest golfers, such as Tiger Woods. This course continues to evolve with the help of their talented staff. Medalist Golf Club may have a slope rating of 139, but it’s the chance of making par.

Course Rating and Slope

The Medalist Golf Club has a Course Evaluation and Gradation system. It’s vital for knowing how players are performing.

Two measures are used: Course Rating and Slope. Here’s the data:

Course Rating74.570.6
Slope Rating146141

Members can also use the Handicap Calculation Service. This helps to judge performances against others on the course.

Pro Tip: Knowing the Course Rating is smart before playing. It affects your handicap – giving everyone a level playing field.

Forget the driving range! Have some fun at Medalist Golf Club’s practice facilities – hit your balls into the lake on hole 7!

Practice Facilities

Make your golfing skills shine with Medalist Golf Club! They have lots of amenities to help you improve.

  • Practice Ranges: Multiple ranges – putt, chip, pitch, drive.
  • Short-game Area: Features a bunker for shots from 100 yards in.
  • Private Instruction: Certified coaches offer personalized guidance.

Also, there are multiple tee boxes on each hole, plus natural rolling hills and bunkers strategically placed. Treat yourself to private instruction. Get tips to help you make significant improvements, and practice regularly on the range to build consistency and precision.

Plus, golf carts come with heated seats – luxury at its finest! Medalist Golf Club is the perfect spot to refine your game.

Golf Amenities at Medalist Golf Club

To explore the golf amenities at Medalist Golf Club, Hobe Sound FL, there are several standout areas that golfers will appreciate. One can find Clubhouse and Dining, Pro Shop, and Golf Instruction as solutions to enhance your playing experience. Let’s take a closer look at each of these sub-sections to understand how they can elevate your golf game.

Clubhouse and Dining

At Medalist Golf Club, you can soothe your soul after a long day of golfing. The clubhouse provides a welcoming and cozy atmosphere to relax in. With menus featuring fresh and bold flavors, everyone’s dietary preferences are taken into account. Even private dining rooms for special occasions, like weddings and business meetings, are available. Plus, a full bar and outdoor patio with beautiful views. And don’t forget the outstanding service!

And get this – Medalist sources local ingredients, making sure their offerings are sustainable.

Finally, don’t miss out on the pro shop which has a range of golf equipment, apparel and accessories, tempting even the savviest of shoppers! Who needs therapy when you can just buy new golf clubs at the pro shop and feel instantly better about yourself? Experience true golf luxury at Medalist Golf Club – where championship greens meet top-notch facilities guaranteed to elevate your play and leisure time.

Pro Shop

The Pro Shop at Medalist Golf Club displays a vast selection of premium golf equipment, apparel, and accessories. Knowledgeable professionals are available to assist members in finding the perfect club or outfit for their game.

The following table shows the products, brands, and price range offered in the Pro Shop:

ProductsBrandsPrice Range
Golf clubsTaylorMade, Callaway, Ping$150-$5000+
Golf apparelNike, Under Armour, TravisMathew$30-$400+
Golf accessoriesBushnell Rangefinders$10-$600+

The Medalist Golf Club Pro Shop goes beyond the regular items found in most pro shops. It offers custom club fittings from top brands and an on-site repair center staffed by certified technicians.

Recently, a new member experienced difficulty playing with an ill-fitted driver. After a fitting session at the Pro Shop and buying a tailor-made driver, he saw a huge improvement in his game. He won his first tournament as a member that same year!

If golf lessons really worked, we wouldn’t be spending our weekends hunting for golf balls in the rough.

Golf Instruction

Medalist Golf Club offers golf lessons with experienced instructors. Coaches analyze swing mechanics and give personalized training, including on-course and video analysis. Junior Golf also has specialized teaching techniques.

For golfing, we have a short game facility, driving range, putting green, locker room, fitness area, and clubhouse. Our staff provides tips on equipment upkeep and industry trends. Medalist strives for an exceptional experience for all.

Golf Digest’s “Top 100 Courses” has ranked Medalist #61 since 1995. Owners include Greg Norman and Tiger Woods. Joining Medalist Golf Club is like getting a gym membership, but you get better at golf and enjoy post-round drinks with friends.

Memberships at Medalist Golf Club

To learn about the various memberships available at Medalist Golf Club, including membership types and benefits, membership fees and dues, and the membership application process, read on.

Membership Types and Benefits

The Medalist Golf Club Membership has lots to consider. Comprehending the choices can help people make informed decisions.

Full Membership gives unlimited club access for family. Touring Pro Memberships come with discounts on equipment. Intermediate Membership gives unlimited access for weekdays and the option to transfer guest rights.

This club has legendary status from hosting PGA Players, including Tiger Woods. With its top-notch facilities and varied membership options, it’s no surprise so many pick Medalist Golf Club.

Joining is like getting a gym membership, but instead of lifting weights, you’ll be lifting your spirits (and beer) on the course!

Membership Fees and Dues

Be a Medalist! Join the exclusive private club in Hobe Sound, Florida. You must be invited by a current member or apply for consideration.

Fees vary depending on:

  • Membership type
  • Initiation fee
  • Monthly dues
  • Annual food minimums

Here’s a look at the fees:

  • Full Golf – $110,000 initiation fee, $4,600 monthly dues, $2,000 annual food minimums
  • Social – $35,000 initiation fee, $550 monthly dues, $1,500 annual food minimums
  • Junior Executive – $55,000 initiation fee, $3,775 monthly dues, $2,000 annual food minimums

Corporate memberships have an initiation fee ranging from $250,000 to $1 million. Plus, golf cart rental fees and caddy gratuities.

Contact the club’s membership director for an estimate based on your situation. Applying for Medalist Golf Club membership is easier than getting a COVID test!

Membership Application Process

To become a member at Medalist Golf Club, you must follow the following steps:

  1. Fill out an online or paper application form.
  2. Your application will be reviewed by a Membership Committee of members and management.
  3. If approved, you will be notified and can pick from the available membership options
  4. Each option may have specific criteria for approval and costs.
  5. Before submitting, it’s wise to know all the membership options and their costs, so you can find the best fit for you.

A hole-in-one awaits at Medalist!

Events and Weddings at Medalist Golf Club

To make your events and weddings at Medalist Golf Club, Hobe Sound FL memorable, you have a variety of options to choose from depending upon the occasion. You can enjoy Golf Tournaments and Outings, organize Corporate Events and Meetings, or select from the Wedding Venues and Packages available to make your moment as special as possible.

Golf Tournaments and Outings

Exploring Medalist Golf Club can be an intriguing experience. Participate in Golf Tournaments and Outings – providing fun for individuals and groups. Here are six points to know:

  • The tournaments are suited for all skill levels.
  • Outings give exclusive access to the course.
  • Facilities offer food and drinks, cigars, and relaxation.
  • Groups can customize their package.
  • Weekends feature live music.
  • Tournaments are run by PGA pros.

You can choose activities suitable for different group sizes – corporate, family, bachelor/bachelorette parties, reunions, etc. Medalist Golf Club is founded by Greg Norman and Johnny Miller. Even Tiger Woods lives nearby. Professionalism abounds here, with many high-profile clients sharing their positive experiences. So whatever your corporate event, it won’t be boring!

Corporate Events and Meetings

For companies looking for an exclusive location for their corporate events, Medalist Golf Club is the perfect spot. Our lavish facilities and stunning views make for an ideal atmosphere. Plus, with the newest tech and great amenities, you can be sure your event will be extraordinary. If you’re organizing a seminar, conference, or meeting, satisfaction is guaranteed.

At Medalist Golf Club, we realize excellent service is key to a successful business event. Our experts are here to handle every detail from start to finish. Plus, our catering offers gourmet dishes to accommodate all dietary needs. Let us make your next function stress-free and unforgettable.

You won’t find another venue like Medalist Golf Club for corporate events. The clubhouse has luxurious décor and chic furniture, creating a stunning ambiance. Plus, our facilities boast state-of-the-art audio and visual technology. And, our team will provide professional support to keep everyone focused on the event message.

Last year, one company held their annual conference at our club and were thrilled with the outcome. The incredible atmosphere combined with warm hospitality earned glowing reviews from their attendees. They deemed it ‘‘the best conference ever attended.’ If weddings at Medalist Golf Club were golf, their venues and packages would be a hole in one.”

Wedding Venues and Packages

Finding the perfect wedding venue can be tricky. We’ve got you covered! Check out our comprehensive table of Wedding Venue Packages. Outdoor and indoor options are available, plus different packages for different budgets.

Medalist Golf Club offers unique features like decorative settings in vintage and bohemian-chic themes. Plus, dietary requirements are catered for by our highly trained staff. Prices don’t include taxes or gratuities, so extra charges will apply.

Wedding planning can be stressful. Medalist Golf Club takes care of the arrangements, catering and more. Follow the sound of clinking champagne glasses and satisfied clients to find us!

Location and Contact Information for Medalist Golf Club.

Located in Hobe Sound, Florida, Medalist Golf Club is easy to find and contact. Reach out by road, and there’s plenty of parking. Get in touch via their website, telephone, or email.

The website offers info on facilities and an online tee-time booking system. Visitors can book a round of golf, or register as members after checking fees and rules. The staff at Medalist Golf Club are friendly and ready to answer any queries.

Plus, Medalist Golf Club hosts tournaments with famous players each year. Stay in one of their luxurious villas to enjoy the lovely views, fully equipped for all your needs. Nearby clubs offer other leisure activities if you’re looking for a change from golfing.

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