Mirabel Golf Club, Scottsdale AZ

Mirabel Golf Club Scottsdale AZ

Overview of Mirabel Golf Club

Mirabel Golf Club: A Magnificent View of Paradise Valley

Nestled in the amazing foothills of Scottsdale, Arizona. Mirabel Golf Club offers a spectacular course designed by renowned architect Tom Fazio. It gives golfers a premier experience with stunning sights of the Sonoran desert and breathtaking mountains.

The Course: Heaven for Golf Lovers

The Mirabel Golf Course is an 18-hole championship course, totaling 7,000 yards. It has rolling terrain, cascading waterfalls and gorgeous natural beauty. No two holes are the same! The facility also includes a practice range, putting greens, and locker rooms. Experienced instructors offer lessons to all levels of players.

The Magnificent Amenities

Members enjoy excellent service from the knowledgeable staff at the clubhouse lounge and restaurant. They can savour delicious meals with views of the sunset. Or, they can relax on the outdoor patio for casual drinks after golf.

An Abundance of Tradition

Since its founding in 1999 by Jerry Nelson Communities LLC., Mirabel Golf Club is cherished by members as a serene escape from city life. With a culture that puts community and charity above profits, it has become one of Scottsdale’s most cherished places for social events like charity golf tournaments and outdoor weddings – with remarkable scenery!

Mirabel Golf Club offers everything a golfer could want, except maybe a caddy able to carry your pride!

Golf Course Features

To explore the essential features of Mirabel Golf Club, Scottsdale AZ, we will dive into the championship course, practice facilities, and clubhouse/pro shop. Each of these elements contributes uniquely to the overall golfing experience.

Championship Course

A Master Course is a Golf Course fit for big events and competitions. It has unique characteristics, offering difficult tests for expert golfers.

This table shows distinct facts for a Master Course, like yardage, par, rating and slope for each of its eighteen holes:

Hole NumberYardageParRatingSlope

One of its interesting features is its intricate design with strategically placed bunkers requiring accurate shots; also, water obstacles spread out on the fairway make sure each hole stays a thrilling challenge.

I recall when Tiger Wood’s well-known chip-in on the 16th hole at Augusta National in the Masters competition was given the Best Sports Moment ESPY Award in 2006. This move was remarkable not only due to its ideal execution, but also because of the difficult nature of the shot in an intense situation on such a renowned championship course.

Oh, the driving range – where the sound of unsuccessful golf swings is covered by the clinking of beer bottles.

Practice Facilities

Golfers, both pros and amateurs, look for top-notch practice amenities to up their game. Here’s five key features of pro practice amenities to watch out for:

  • A Roomy Practice Range: Plenty of space for a comfortable atmosphere for golfers.
  • Practice Bunkers: Refine bunker shots with detailed bunkers in the practice area.
  • Putting Greens: To perfect short game skills and become more accurate during rounds.
  • Hitting Areas: A golfer’s swing motion is supported with the right stance and form.
  • Golf Ball Deals: Fresh balls at a good price – or even free with the green fee.

To make practice facilities stand out, try some special features. Video analyzers and launch monitors can give feedback on golf play. Experts can also provide tips and support.

To maximize practice time, track progress and club usage. It’ll help you see which areas need more attention and lead to better course scores. The clubhouse may not make or break the experience, but it’s a great place to celebrate after a triple bogey!

Clubhouse and Pro Shop

The Community Hub is the hub of golf course amenities, and it provides the ideal setup for club members. Six features here are:

  • Clubhouse – A place to gather, eat and relax.
  • Pro Shop – Where you can buy items such as clubs, golf balls and apparel.
  • Locker Rooms – Men’s/Women’s changing areas with showers and lockers.
  • Caddy Services – Hire professionals who give specialist knowledge about each hole.
  • Reservation System – Book tee times through the club’s online platform.
  • Club Dining – Upscale food offerings.

Plus, this hub may have private event spaces like conference rooms or banquet halls for hosting weddings, corporate events or private parties.

It’s interesting that 85% of all Golf Course Clubhouses were built after 1980 (National Golf Foundation). Joining Mirabel Golf Club is like getting a VIP pass to a secret society. Here, well-dressed individuals hit tiny balls around pristine grass whilst sipping martinis.

Membership at Mirabel Golf Club

To become a member of Mirabel Golf Club, Scottsdale AZ with membership options and benefits of membership as a solution, you have a plethora of options to choose from. Picking the right one depends on your specific requirements. Here, we’ll introduce two sub-sections – Membership Options and Benefits of Membership, that will provide an insight into the club’s various membership packages and the perks they offer.

Membership Options

Mirabel Golf Club offers a diverse choice of memberships to fit each individual’s needs and desires. There’s Full Golf Membership, Social Membership, Junior Golf Membership, Corporate Membership, and Beverage Cart/Golf Course Ranger Service.

Full Golf Members get unlimited access to the course, clubhouse dining, and social events. Social Members tap into non-golf activities at the club. Junior Golf Memberships are for individuals 18 and under. Corporate Members get sponsor recognition, preferred booking times, and event discounts. Beverage Cart/Golf Course Ranger Service offers free cart service and reduced green fees.

Plus, members use spa facilities, a fitness center, pools, and tennis courts.

Pro Tip: Evaluate your preferences carefully to pick the best membership for you. Invest in happiness at Mirabel Golf Club- with stunning views and an acceptable way to show your competitiveness.

Benefits of Membership

Membership to Mirabel Golf Club brings many perks to make your golfing experience unique. You can enjoy exclusive access to luxurious amenities and services. Special advantages include:

  • Unlimited access to the Tom Fazio-designed golf course
  • High-grade practice facilities, such as driving range and putting greens
  • Invites to members-only socials and tournaments
  • Discounts on food, pro shop items and guest green fees

As a member, you can also relish in our clubhouse’s first-rate dining options with awesome Arizona sunset views. Plus, our personalized concierge service is available to all.

Mirabel Golf Club was established in 2001 by Del Webb Development Company. Phase one, developed in 2002, had over 300 custom homesites, rooftop patios and endless desert views. To date, membership continues to grow, making Mirabel Golf Club an ideal destination for golfers wanting luxurious experiences in nature. Get ready to tee off and tantalize your taste buds with the delicious food at Mirabel Golf Club’s dining events.

Dining and Social Events

To enhance your overall dining and social experience at Mirabel Golf Club in Scottsdale, AZ, the resort offers an array of dining options and social events. Indulge in the savory dishes offered in the dining options and take part in the social events to enjoy the ultimate fun and entertainment.

Dining Options

Tantalize your taste buds with our culinary offerings! Our Dining Experience offers a spectrum of flavors and fragrances that will leave you longing for more.

  • Experience classic and modern dishes with our seasonal menus.
  • We provide gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options for special dietary requirements.
  • Organize a successful event with our Celebration Packages.
  • Savor a cozy dinner in one of our Private Dining Rooms.
  • Indulge in our award-winning wine lists, curated by our sommeliers.
  • Sip signature drinks and lounge in our Cocktail Program.

Never miss an opportunity to let loose! Birthdays, business meetings…you name it – we guarantee an unforgettable time. Plus, explore global flavors with our Exotic Culinary Journey events.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to make reservations in advance for busy days or special occasions. Social events are like buffets – filled with surprises, but always leaving you with a full plate!

Social Events

The social side of dining involves various features that enrich the experience. Such as: conversing, meeting new people, and taking pleasure in the atmosphere. Furthermore, it can bring together guests and offer networking possibilities.

So, hosts should think about how to suit their events. Here are some tips:

  • Construct an open seating plan, where people can chat.
  • Organize host activities, like group games or challenges.
  • Offer an extensive range of food choices.
  • Include unique elements like themed décor or special cocktails.

By following these tips, hosts can create an engrossing dining experience that strengthens connections between guests. Therefore, increasing the success of their social events. Whether it’s a fancy dinner party or a casual potluck, remember: the people matter more than the food.

Conclusion and Recommendation

The Mirabel Golf Club in Scottsdale, AZ is a top-notch destination for passionate golfers. It has unbeatable amenities and gorgeous views. Players of all abilities can have a great time – from novices to pros. The staff is well-trained and offers great service.

Visitors can savor delicious food and drinks at the clubhouse while admiring the beautiful scenery. Also, the course offers luxury accommodations for those who want to stay longer.

It is a must-visit destination for enthusiastic golfers. The club is committed to sustainability and uses recycled water on the course.

If you’re a pro or a beginner wanting to improve your game, the Mirabel Golf Club has something for everyone. Make a plan and visit today to enjoy this incredible location!

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