Old Marsh Golf Club, Palm Beach Gardens FL

Old Marsh Golf Club Palm Beach Gardens FL

Overview of Old Marsh Golf Club

Delight in the beauty of Old Marsh Golf Club, located in Palm Beach Gardens FL. This exclusive golf course features 18 holes and offers an exquisite caddie experience.

The club also boasts a clubhouse, fitness center, and community events. Plus, turtle-friendly lighting helps preserve the environment.

Forbes ranks Old Marsh Golf Club as one of the best courses in Florida. Experience the elite level of golfing combined with a lavish social setting.

Location and History of Old Marsh Golf Club

Old Marsh Golf Club, nestled in the heart of Palm Beach Gardens, FL, is steeped in history. Established in the late 1980s, the 18-hole course was designed by Pete Dye. Today, Old Marsh is lauded for its environmental practices that preserve and protect the natural environment and wildlife habitats.

This golf club offers a special experience for enthusiasts. Yardage and par limits are regulation-level. The course was made from sturdy natural resources such as boulders, sand dunes, marshes, and wetlands. Plus, the bunkers were naturally formed, giving them an original charm.

Old Marsh stands out for its eco-friendly approach. It reduces waste water by utilizing treated sewage for irrigation. This replenishes nearby wetlands and encourages the growth of birds like bald eagles and ospreys.

If you want an unforgettable golf game, come to Old Marsh Golf Club during peak hours. You won’t regret it! Plus, they have excellent facilities. Visit their website to book a tee-time, apply for membership, or stay updated with green events. There’s no pool here – but who needs it when you have 18 holes of pure bliss?

Features and Amenities of Old Marsh Golf Club

To understand the features and amenities of Old Marsh Golf Club, a world-renowned golfing destination, you need to know about the golf course layout and design, the clubhouse and dining options, and the golf shop and practice facilities. Discover what each of these sub-sections offers visitors and golfing enthusiasts when visiting this beautiful location.

Golf Course Layout and Design

Old Marsh Golf Club’s championship golf course is designed with precision and challenge. It takes you through awe-inspiring views of nature’s beauty. Each hole comes with a unique set of obstacles. Plus, the course bunker style has been placed strategically to make it harder for golfers to avoid. The greens are challenging with their fast pace and undulations.

This club also has five sets of tees on each hole. This ensures players experience a variety of shot types and distances that test their abilities. To take on the greens’ high speed surface and unpredictable contours, combine great trajectory with shot accuracy.

And, when you’re done, the clubhouse and dining options will give you a hole-in-one meal!

Clubhouse and Dining Options

Old Marsh Golf Club offers a refined atmosphere with options for dining and relaxation. Its grand clubhouse is an opulent retreat providing luxury. It features a range of cuisines prepared by expert chefs and served in exclusive spaces.

Dining options are extensive; catering to every taste bud. Locally sourced ingredients are crafted into dishes to provide formal or casual settings. Nightlife entertainment is also available, with gatherings throughout the year and social events such as gala dinners at The Palms Bar and Grill.

This iconic setting’s picturesque surroundings are kept lush-green by experts. Passionate staff create unique experiences here. And for golf gear shopping, the club has you covered.

Golf Shop and Practice Facilities

Old Marsh Golf Club is the place to be for all golfers. The pro shop is packed full of the latest brands and equipment. Practice facilities boast a driving range and target greens, plus a large putting green and chipping area.

For those looking to improve their game, there are private lessons with experienced instructors. Video analysis and launch monitors are available to hone in on skills.

This is a golf haven for those who love the game. It’s a picturesque course and the combination of great amenities makes it perfect for casual enthusiasts and avid golfers alike. So come and join Old Marsh Golf Club – it’s like an exclusive party just for golfers!

Membership and Events at Old Marsh Golf Club

To learn about the membership and events at Old Marsh Golf Club along with the various types of memberships and benefits, and events and tournaments held, continue reading.

Types of Memberships and Benefits

Old Marsh Golf Club offers a range of membership options for those seeking to join. Review a ‘Membership Tiers’ table displaying the ‘Benefits’ each offer. Starting from $50,000, Equity Memberships can reach up to $125,000. The package may include 18-hole golf with caddie services, top-notch amenities such as restaurants, tennis courts and exclusive locker rooms.

Annual Memberships are also available for those who prefer flexibility over privileges. By committing for one year at $12,500, members can benefit from discounted clubhouse rentals and food.

The Wall Street Journal calls Old Marsh Golf Club “one of Florida’s most exclusive clubs.” And don’t forget the competitive tournaments – the real Olympic experience!

Events and Tournaments Held at Old Marsh Golf Club

Old Marsh Golf Club is renowned for its range of membership events and tournaments. Its exclusive members have lots of activities to enjoy, such as golf outings, special dinners and holiday parties.

Here is a table with some of the unique occasions held at the club:

Event/TournamentTime of YearDescription
Member-GuestSummerA fun event for members to invite guests for golfing
Halloween PartyFallAn annual gathering with costumes, food, plus drinks
Ladies InvitationalSpringA popular tournament for female golfers

Old Marsh also supports local charities with fundraising tournaments. The club’s history of events dates back to 1987. Since then, it has been providing top-notch service and organizing various activities for its members. As a result, Old Marsh has become one of Florida’s most admired private clubs. It offers the best golfing experience paired with remarkable social occasions.

Golfers at Old Marsh are mindful of the environment – they always stay away from the rough.

Sustainability Efforts at Old Marsh Golf Club

Old Marsh Golf Club is dedicated to sustainable practices. They use reclaimed water for irrigation, preserve wildlife and use eco-friendly pesticides. The club also reduces carbon footprints by using renewable energy sources.

Members and staff recycle to minimize waste, while native plants are used in the landscaping to preserve local ecosystems.

The club partnered with non-profit Audubon International to become an Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary, ensuring compliance with sustainability standards and promoting environmental education.

TGA reported that Old Marsh Golf Club reduced energy usage by 38% over two years. All this, and no acceptance speeches!

Reviews and Accolades of Old Marsh Golf Club

Old Marsh Golf Club is a sensational golf course, leaving many golfers and critics in awe. Here are some of the highlights that make this treasured course so successful and excellent:

Golfweek’s Best 2020: Top 200 Residential Courses in America#6
Golf Digest’s America’s Greatest Courses#55 (2019-20)
Golfweek’s Best you can play in Florida#22 (2019)

Old Marsh Golf Club is special. Its strategic layout was crafted by renowned architect Pete Dye. Visitors can admire the views while tackling a challenging course – even the most critical players will be satisfied.

Old Marsh Golf Club has an inspiring history. A group of golfers founded it in the early ’90s, to provide a new challenge to South Florida golfers. Now, it is a top destination for those seeking a great golfing experience in the region.

Old Marsh Golf Club may be difficult but it’s a sight to behold and worth every lost ball.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts on Old Marsh Golf Club

Old Marsh Golf Club: A Highly Recommended Golf Course!

Old Marsh Golf Club, located in Palm Beach Gardens FL, is a golfer’s dream! Its lush greenery, peaceful atmosphere, and tough course design make it a perfect spot for both beginner and pro golfers.

The club’s maintained at the highest standards. Its amazing architecture and amazing hospitality create a lasting impression. Old Marsh also has great dining options and special membership privileges too.

What makes this the best club around is its special approach to the environment. Old Marsh purposely limits its members to protect nature. If you care about sustainability, this is the perfect golf course for you!

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