Pasatiempo Golf Club, Santa Cruz CA

Pasatiempo Golf Club Santa Cruz CA

Overview of Pasatiempo Golf Club

Pasatiempo Golf Club: An Incredible Experience!

Nestled in the hills of Santa Cruz lies the stunningly beautiful Pasatiempo Golf Club. It has been ranked as one of America’s top courses. With a rich and storied history, this par-71 championship course offers amazing views from every hole.

Playing a round at Pasatiempo is truly special. Its signature features of Alister MacKenzie’s design make it challenging, yet not too difficult. Its fairways, lush greens, and incredible flora draw golfers from all over the world.

As well as offering great amenities to members and guests, Pasatiempo also has a team of experienced PGA professionals giving world-class instruction.

Golfers can add to their round by getting an optional caddie. They’re knowledgeable and provide great advice on how to play the course effectively.

In conclusion, Pasatiempo should be a must-play on any golfer’s list. It has everything one needs for a wonderful golfing experience while taking some time to relax away from everyday stress. Golf courses can be like relationships; sometimes they’re easy, other times they make you want to cry!

Golf Course

To gain an understanding of Pasatiempo Golf Club’s course, delve into the “Golf Course” section with “History and Design,” “Course Layout,” and “Signature Holes” as solutions. Discover the inspiration behind the course’s design, analyze the layout to improve your game, and admire the holes that make Pasatiempo unique.

History and Design

Golf courses have a unique history and architecture that made them popular. Designers create the course layout, which includes topography, slope, water hazards, bunkers, and landscaping. There are various styles from traditional to links-style. These styles reflect regional preferences and show special characteristics.

Designers use environmentally sustainable practices in layout and construction. Native plants cut down water usage and promote flora and fauna biodiversity. An efficient irrigation system conserves water, resulting in greener grass and better gameplay.

Golf courses have expanded worldwide with 38k facilities, mostly from North America’s 16k courses. Valderrama located in Andalusia is famous for hosting professional golf events such as the Ryder Cup.

Did you know? The oldest golf club is the Royal Burgess Golfing Society of Edinburgh formed in 1735 by seventeen gentlemen who regularly played at Musselburgh Links! Golfers need skill to navigate the course like a maze, avoiding rough patches and water hazards, while keeping their balls out of the sand traps – kind of like life, but with fewer Mulligans.

Course Layout

Important elements were taken into consideration when configuring the course. The Course Design optimised space and included environmental diversity. The Course Layout table is shown below, featuring fairway length, par score, and total yardage.

Hole NumberPar ScoreFairway Length (Yards)Total Yardage

The course offers artful landscaping and challenging architecture over varied terrain. Classic golf challenges test players’ skills. Each hole presents unique experiences.

On a summer afternoon, Steven made his first Hole-in-One on the championship golf course. The excitement was indescribable. Signature holes show just how short the inches can be.

Signature Holes

Investigate the Outstanding Holes!

Golf courses are famous for their incredible holes. It takes more than just skill, precision and a plan to get through these! Check out this list of some of the most spectacular Signature Holes, including their yardage and par:

Hole NumberYardagePar

Not only are these holes long, but they also have a few obstacles like water hazards, bunkers and slim fairways. At hole number three, players must get past a tricky tee shot over water to an uneven green, making it one of the toughest par threes!

Enjoy the thrill and difficulty of these amazing holes while they last! Hurry up and book your slot today! Who needs a spa when you can spend a day at the golf course, feeling both relaxed and challenged?


To make the most of your experience at Pasatiempo Golf Club, Santa Cruz CA, explore the many amenities available on the grounds. With access to practice facilities, a scenic clubhouse, delicious dining options, and a fully stocked pro shop, you will have everything you need for a memorable golf outing.

Practice Facilities

Experience top-notch training facilities! Our services cater to all levels of training. State-of-the-art equipment provides a smooth learning experience.

  • Putting green, greenside bunkers and fairway bunker for the short game.
  • 220 yard driving range with large grass hitting area and target greens.
  • Indoor hitting bays and video analysis technology.
  • Fitness centre with cardio machines, free weights and more.
  • Relaxation areas and cafĂ©.
  • Golf professionals providing tailored coaching.

Off-seasons offer exclusive access to indoor facilities. Sharpen your swing, even when outdoors is not favorable. Book your session today and take a step towards reaching your potential in golf. Secret handshake and password not required!


Our property features a communal space for socializing and relaxing. It’s more than just a hangout spot – it includes a kitchenette, game room with billiards and table tennis, a lounge area, and a theater room with surround sound and streaming services.

At the center of it all: The Clubhouse! Host a party, watch Netflix, or just unwind with friends. Plus, we have unique events like trivia nights and karaoke parties to bring the community together.

Clubhouse-Only promotions come around now and then – free snacks and refreshments while you connect with fellow residents and neighbors.

Don’t miss out on the fun! Book a tour and check out the clubhouse entertainment today! Plus, the dining amenities are like a two-for-one deal.


Our restaurant offers a vast range of dishes from various cultures, with modern touches. We have vegetarian and gluten-free options. Plus, we provide private rooms for small gatherings or business meetings.

Sample dishes include Lobster Risotto, Beef Wellington, Butter Chicken, and Pad Thai. We also have an extensive wine list and handcrafted cocktails to complement your meal.

We understand dietary restrictions and can create tailored meals. Whether it’s lunch with colleagues or dinner with family, we want to make your dining experience special.

To elevate the flavors further, try our sommelier’s recommended wines. Or, top off your meal with a classic tiramisu or molten lava cake. And while you’re at it, get yourself some plaid pants and a visor at the Pro Shop!

Pro Shop

Discover the wide selection of golf clubs, bags, balls, and shoes at the Pro Shop. Plus, there are fitting services to optimize your performance! You can also find golf apparel and accessories, such as gloves, hats, sunglasses, and umbrellas. Gift cards and customized merchandise are also available for special occasions and events.

Plus, the expert and friendly staff will help with all queries.

Rental options for carts and pushcarts are also offered. Exchange your old clubs or equipment for newer models with added benefits with the trade-in program.

Did you know? According to Golf Digest’s survey data in 2021, over half of golfers purchase gear at an onsite pro shop at least once a year. Enjoy the memberships and events!

Membership and Events

To explore membership and events at Pasatiempo Golf Club in Santa Cruz, CA, you can consider the various options available to you. Whether you’re interested in becoming a member or participating in one of the tournaments or events, Pasatiempo has something for everyone. Check out the different membership options and exciting tournaments and events that await you at this beautiful golf club.

Membership Options

Investigate the Choices of Membering!

Signing up to become a part of our group is more than just a subscription. We provide different types of memberships to suit everyone’s needs and desires, and give access to unique advantages and activities.

  • Regular Membership allows you to utilize our online resources, which are regularly updated with useful data and ideas.
  • Premium Membership gives you discounts on goods and access to exclusive webinars.
  • VIP Membership puts you at the top with personalized guidance from experts and front-row seats at our key events.
  • Student Membership gives a discounted rate for those studying related topics in school.
  • Lifetime Membership provides access to all benefits and events offered by our community for life.

Also, members can join stimulating events that honor our shared passion for creativity. From virtual seminars to roundtable talks and global conferences, there’s always something new to explore.

Our memberships have a long history, going back many years when the first people in the business came together to share know-how. We stay true to this legacy, giving a fantastic network of connections that spans numerous countries and industries.

So why not take part in a full-blown competition and obliterate your opponents’ dreams?

Tournaments and Events

Elevated Experiences!

Membership and Gatherings!

Our org provides amazing experiences through our membership and gatherings. These let individuals connect, learn, and grow in a group of like-minded people.

Tournaments offer members friendly competition in activities like board games, e-gaming, and sports.

Events let members socialize, learn, and engage with others who share the same interests. Workshops, lectures, and networking opps are included.

Members get exclusive benefits such as discounts on merch and access to private events. Guests can go beyond traditional networking or professional development panels. They can meet thought leaders and try new things.

90% of our members felt more connected after participating in our tournaments or events. Plus, we’re the only club that offers membership to GPS systems!

Location and Directions

To easily navigate to Pasatiempo Golf Club in Santa Cruz, CA, the solutions are provided with the two following sub-sections: Address and Contact Information, Directions and Parking. Find out the location and contact details, as well as the most convenient route and parking options to get to the golf club hassle-free.

Address and Contact Information

An Overview of the Venue

The place and how to get there are key to a successful event. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Have the address handy for guests and vendors.
  • Get contact info like phone numbers, emails and social media handles.
  • Put up visible signs for parking and entry points.
  • Provide easy-to-follow directions for those by car and public transport.
  • Include landmarks in maps and apps.

Additional Info

Let organizers know if guests have mobility needs ahead of time.

Pro Tip

Interactive maps with images of key landmarks make navigating new locations a breeze.

Finding a parking spot in the city? Good luck!

Directions and Parking

Arriving at the location? Have a plan! Our directions and parking instructions make it easy to navigate. Here’s how:

  1. Go east on Main Street to Maple Avenue.
  2. On Maple Avenue, drive 2 miles.
  3. Take a right at the roundabout onto Elm Street. Then take another right into the parking lot.
  4. Park in a spot marked “Visitors Parking”.
  5. Enter through the front entrance and check-in with reception.

Note: no reserved/VIP spots available. Be sure to lock your vehicle.

Public transport is an option. There are bus stations nearby, which may be cheaper and more eco-friendly. Make sure to arrive on time for your appointment. Give yourself enough time for any unexpected changes to your journey.

We hope these directions help make your visit smooth. See you soon!

Reviews and Accolades

To get an idea about the quality of Pasatiempo Golf Club, Santa Cruz CA, you can just go through the reviews and accolades shared by the users and award-giving bodies. User reviews and awards and recognition are two sub-sections that would be covered in this section.

User Reviews

We provide a section with user reviews. Five key points they shared are:

  • Clients are satisfied
  • Comments praise value and reliability
  • Expectations exceeded
  • Areas to improve – communication & support
  • Worthy of investment & recommending

More details about customer reviews:

  • Praise for expert knowledge & guidance
  • Some dissatisfaction with new feature releases

Since day one, we’ve valued customer insights & ideas. Our culture is tailored around delivering great experiences. We engage with customers through emails & social media, to keep them happy & promote referrals. We’ve collected more participation trophies than a 6-year-old in T-ball!

Awards and Recognition

Receiving recognition for great work is key to gaining trust. This article shows the subject’s success. It features:

  • Notable Awards
  • Media Coverage
  • Testimonials from Clients
  • Positive Social Media Feedback

The subject has also been featured in respected publications. They have a strong online presence and have been praised online. Customers have praised them too.

A Pro Tip is to show awards on sites, presentations and marketing materials. This will attract new clients and increase visibility.

If you don’t agree with all the reviews and awards, maybe you’re not ready for entertainment.


Pasatiempo Golf Club is a top-notch destination for golfers! The lush fairways and rugged terrain make it ideal for all levels. Plus, its picturesque beauty is perfect for social events. Its historic clubhouse and stunning par-3 holes make it stand out in Santa Cruz. Hole #16 is especially special. It gives breathtaking views of Monterey Bay while challenging golfers with deep bunkers and sloping greens. It’s an alluring island green that golfers take pride in mastering. One close friend shared how Pasatiempo helped them regain confidence and form closer bonds during a tough corporate training. Pasatiempo certainly makes an ordinary game extraordinary!

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