Plainfield Country Club in Edison NJ

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Plainfield Country Club in Edison NJ

History of Plainfield Country Club

To understand the history of Plainfield Country Club, dive into the founding of the club, early members and clubhouse, and notable events hosted by the club. Discover how a group of golf enthusiasts created the exclusive club in the late 1800s, the impressive roster of members and clubhouse developments that followed, and the diverse range of events the club has played host to over the years.

Founding of the Club

The citizens of Plainfield were thrilled when the Club first came to life. Cyrus Clark, the most passionate supporter, was elected President. Notables soon joined forces and Plainfield Country Club was born on a huge area.

The goal was to make a retreat where members could socialize and have fun. An exquisite space with sport, leisure and culinary features was the vision. Following meticulous planning, Plainfield Country Club opened in 1922.

The membership was initially restricted to those living within five miles of New Jersey. Its renown rapidly spread, even attracting Dwight D. Eisenhower to play golf.

Exploring the history of Plainfield Country Club, one finds exciting stories. For instance, trial runs were held at Full Cry stables before building the tennis courts.

This renowned country club, which stands tall for almost a century, symbolizes elegance and exclusivity. Even the high society members couldn’t resist the allure of a good clubhouse burger.

Early Members and Clubhouse

A group of enthusiastic pioneers and visionaries laid the foundation for Plainfield Country Club. These initial members came from many walks of life, including affluent industrialists, bankers, and others.

They built an extravagant clubhouse in 1900, complete with luxurious fittings, wood panelling, fireplaces, billiard halls, and fancy furnishings. It was a place to host social events and offer comfort to golfers after a day on the green.

The club was full of exciting activities like hunting expeditions, horse rides, card games, music concerts, and banquets. It was even visited by Presidents Woodrow Wilson and Warren G. Harding. Donald Ross also made changes to the course, including links changes and bunkering.

During Prohibition, the club provided a speakeasy with plenty of security. Members were even able to stay overnight in the clubhouse. This allowed them to attend events without being turned away or limited by space.

Over time, Plainfield Country Club’s reputation grew as one of New Jersey’s most luxurious country clubs. Even ghosts can’t resist crashing the parties thrown here – from presidential visits to celebrity scandals!

Notable Events hosted by the Club

Hosting Remarkable Gatherings at the Club.

Plainfield Country Club has a long history of hosting outstanding events. It has often been a place of attraction for many gatherings and influential people.

In 1908, the U.S Women’s Amateur Championship was held here, drawing participants and spectators from around the world. Plus, numerous National Golf Tournaments have been held here, including the United States Men’s Open Championship and various PGA Tour events.

Moreover, world-renowned artists like Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett have also performed here. The club has also implemented advanced technologies, like laser-leveling technology on golf courses, which is now a standard industry practice.

Join Plainfield Country Club and witness splendid events firsthand. Become a part of this remarkable community and explore the maze-like layout of one of New Jersey’s most prestigious clubs.

Golf Course at Plainfield Country Club

To get a complete view of the magnificent Plainfield Country Club’s golf course, you need to understand the course layout, signature holes and features, and the tournaments held at the club. These three sub-sections will provide you with an understanding of the golf course, its history and the challenges it offers to golfers of all levels.

Description of the Course Layout

Plainfield Country Club’s golf course boasts a unique style and design. Here’s the layout breakdown:


Features include narrow fairways, strategically placed bunkers, fast greens and elevation changes, which create challenges for golfers, as well as beautiful views.

For a great experience at Plainfield Country Club, try playing with someone that knows the course. Pick the right club based on distance, keep an eye on wind direction when making shots, and stay focused. To ace the Signature Holes, it may be best to bring a snorkel and flippers!

Signature Holes and Features

Plainfield Country Club: Noteworthy Holes & Features!

Golfers adore the distinct & remarkable features of this amazing country club. There are a few signature holes to enjoy!

The 9th Hole, called “Gibraltar”, is a 447-yard par-4. It’s surrounded by bunkers, making it a hard shot.

The 13th Hole is a 210-yard par-3 over water, needing precision and distance control.

The 15th Hole is the longest par-5, at 528-yards. It has a sloping green, with two bunkers for a test.

Tree-lined fairways lead to small greens, with tall trees surrounding each hole. Picturesque ponds make the course even more beautiful and tough. Plus, there are impressive bunkers on all corners.

Plainfield Country Club is an exceptional combination of beauty & challenge. PGA players have also played here during their tour events – they fear the course like a lion chasing a bag of beef jerky!

Tournaments held at the Club

Plainfield Country Club is a golfing hotspot that has hosted renowned tournaments from all over the world. Some highlighted events include:

  • The Northern Trust Open – PGA Tour since 2011
  • The Barclays – A start of FedEx Cup Playoff Series
  • USGA Championships – Men’s and Women’s Amateur Championships in 1978
  • Inaugural Curtis Cup Match – First-ever host course for Curtis Cup matches in 1932

Plainfield has also been recognized with awards like America’s Toughest Short Golf Course by Golf Digest Magazine (2004) and “Platinum Clubs of America” honor (2019-2020) by Club Leaders Forum. Membership has its perks at the club, but it’s always important to call ahead to confirm reservations or check availability during peak seasons. Why not join in? Walk around the sprawling grounds and take a swing at the bar afterwards.

Other Facilities at Plainfield Country Club

To discover more of what Plainfield Country Club in Edison NJ can offer, you can explore other facilities available onsite. Indulge in the Clubhouse Amenities, satiate your taste buds with the Dining Options and Catering Services, or enjoy the Pool and Tennis Facilities.

Clubhouse Amenities

At Plainfield Country Club, members and guests can make use of a range of amenities. The club offers top-notch facilities to meet the requirements and preferences of their members. Here are some of the amenities that you can enjoy:

  • Dining: Enjoy lavish meals in the dining area with chefs who are highly professional and trained.
  • Game Room: Have fun in the game rooms which feature cutting-edge technologies.
  • Accommodation: Comfortable rooms are available for an exceptional and pleasant stay.
  • Fitness Center: A newly refurbished gym with modern machines for fitness enthusiasts.
  • Bar & Lounge Areas: Relax in stylish bars with a selection of beverages.
  • Pool Facilities: Refresh with poolside drinks or bask in the sun on loungers.

Unique features at Plainfield Country Club include an outdoor terrace with views of the golf course. Since 1921 when it purchased Cushing Estate Garden, this club has been a versatile destination in the USA offering unlimited possibilities. You can also choose from a range of snacks and five-course meals at Plainfield Country Club. Whatever your preference, you’ll be as satisfied as a golfer who finally hits a hole-in-one.

Dining Options and Catering Services

Plainfield Country Club offers a range of delicious culinary options and catering services. Their food and beverage team is dedicated to providing an unforgettable experience.

You can choose from The Wine Room with French-American fusion cuisine open 5:30 PM – 9:00 PM Tue-Sat, closed Sun-Mon, or The Grille Room serving American Classics and Pub Fare, lunch 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM daily, dinner 4:00 PM – 8:00 PM daily and Sunday Brunch 10AM-2PM.

For your special events, they have an event planning team to help create a personalized menu and take care of every detail from decorations to table settings.

The Cabana Bar & Grill provides a chill atmosphere with light bites and cocktails.

Not to mention, Plainfield Country Club has been awarded New Jersey’s top-rated club by Golf Digest magazine.

If you’re looking for a game of tennis or a swim in the pool, Plainfield Country Club has you covered. Just remember to bring along your white shorts!

Pool and Tennis Facilities

At Plainfield Country Club, members can take advantage of a range of amenities. Aquatics and Tennis Facilities are two of the most popular.

The pool is Olympic-sized and in perfect condition during the season. Plus, there are swim lessons for all ages. And a tiki-bar with views of both pools at sunset.

Tennis courts are available for play and instruction from an on-site coach. Plus, a pro shop for equipment like racquets and footwear. You can also reserve courts for tournaments with the online system.

In addition, there’s a kiddie pool for children just starting out. Also, restaurants and equipment rentals such as lounge chairs.

To get the most out of the club, book private lessons with coaches, and attend group sessions to stay active and connected.

Membership at Plainfield Country Club: wealth is the only requirement!

Membership at Plainfield Country Club

To become a member at the prestigious Plainfield Country Club in Edison, NJ, you need to know about the different types of memberships offered and the application process and fees. Once you are a member, you can enjoy a variety of benefits and privileges that come with it. Read more to uncover the details of each of these sub-sections.

Types of Memberships Offered

Plainfield Country Club provides various options for its potential members. From Full Membership to Social Membership, varying levels of access to the club’s amenities and facilities, as well as involvement in its social community, are available.

  • Full Membership gives complete access to the club’s golf course, tennis courts, pool, dining facilities, and other amenities.
  • Tennis Membership allows use of all the club’s tennis courts and related facilities.
  • Social Membership grants access to the club’s dining and social events.
  • Initiation Membership is available for those under 39 years old at a reduced initiation fee with full privileges.
  • Junior Executive Membership is offered for ages 21-35 with discounted monthly dues.
  • Corporate membership is available for businesses or groups to have access to the facility.

In addition to the various memberships, Plainfield Country Club is known for its strong sense of community. Participation in social events and charitable activities are encouraged. Members have access to reciprocal privileges at other prestigious clubs across the country. The club has a century-long history, established in 1890 as a six-hole golf course and quickly growing into an 18-hole championship course. It has hosted numerous notable events, including national championships and professional tournaments. Plainfield Country Club remains one of New Jersey’s most renowned private golf clubs.

Application Process and Fees

Becoming a member of Plainfield Country Club? Here’s the breakdown of the process and fees.

Check out the table below:

Membership TypeInitiation FeeAnnual Dues
Full Golf$150,000$20,000
Young Exec.$50,000$10,000
Junior Golf$2,500N/A

Select the type that best fits your age and interests. Plus, you’ll get access to exclusive amenities like Donald Ross-designed golf course and fitness facilities.

And, don’t forget the club’s impressive history – it’s hosted USGA championships and made it to Golf Digest’s list of America’s 100 Greatest Courses.

Benefits and Privileges of Membership

As a member of Plainfield Country Club, you get special privileges and benefits. Here are some of them:

  • Unlimited access to the championship golf course designed by Donald Ross.
  • Use of tennis courts with lighting until late evening.
  • Invitations to cultural events like galas, concerts, and parties.
  • Swimming pools for Senior and Junior members.
  • Discounts for club amenities.

You also get access to fitness centers and personalized training sessions by certified trainers. To make the most of your membership, here’s what you can do:

  • Attend the weekly activities, like Yoga classes and pick-up games.
  • Use the advanced booking system to reserve tee times or book dining experiences.
  • Don’t miss out on PCC Annual Halloween Brunch & Pumpkin Patch!

These tips will ensure an amazing experience at Plainfield Country Club. But if they add a ball pit and a giant slide, forget it!

Future Plans for Plainfield Country Club

To envision the future of Plainfield Country Club with renovations and improvements planned, sustainability initiatives, and community outreach and engagement programs, is vital for its growth and success. These sub-sections will elucidate solutions, discussing the Club’s efforts to sustain the environment, its plan for physical renovations and outreach events.

Renovations and Improvements Planned

The Plainfield Country Club is making major changes to improve its members’ experience. Upgrades to the clubhouse, more parking spaces, and better golf courses are in the works. Plus, a spanking-new fitness center and a casual dining area will be on offer.

The club also plans to introduce lush gardens, park-like settings, and water features to make the area more attractive. Improved lighting will create a special atmosphere for events. And a swimming pool with lap lanes is set to add convenience.

Sustainability and eco-friendliness are important to the club, so solar panels and geothermal systems are being installed. Plus, existing buildings are being upgraded with green materials to reduce the carbon footprint.

To keep members happy, the club is exploring options for organizing community events such as charity drives or food festivals, plus outdoor concerts. Family-oriented activities are also in the pipeline to create an outstanding experience.

In conclusion, these changes are designed to meet existing expectations and attract new members. The club is striving to give everyone the best possible experience.

Sustainability Initiatives

Plainfield Country Club is dedicated to eco-friendly, sustainable practices. Renewable energy sources and reduced waste material are used to ensure a greener golf experience. Comprehensive recycling bins and eco-friendly maintenance equipment make sure resources are used responsibly and the environment is protected. Electric-powered grounds maintenance equipment eliminate pollution from surface transportation infrastructures. Carpooling amongst members also minimizes carbon footprints. Recycled water is used on landscaped areas to save on water consumption.

The club foundation is committed to preserving and conserving local flora and fauna. This is done through tree planting initiatives, riverbank restoration programs, and support for bird counts. These efforts have positively impacted the environment and reduced negative ecological impacts.

Over 100 years ago, Plainfield Country Club was established in Edison County. Now, it stands at the forefront of sustainability initiatives within the sport. Join the club’s outreach programs and make a difference in your community.

Community Outreach and Engagement Programs

Plainfield Country Club is dedicated to building community relationships and creating engagement opportunities. To do this, they offer various programs that promote philanthropy and volunteerism, giving back to society and leaving a lasting legacy.

Their initiatives include:

  • Partnering with local organizations to support educational programs.
  • Organizing environmental conservation activities in the area.
  • Sponsoring charity events like fundraisers and donations.
  • Mentoring emerging talent in sports, music, and art through specialized training and education.
  • Facilitating career counseling sessions for underprivileged youth.

The Club uses its resources to support vital public services and build a sense of community values among its members. In 1921, members donated land to establish Muhlenberg Hospital, today known as JFK Hartwyck at Edison Estates Care Center.

Whether you’re a member or just a curious reader, Plainfield Country Club is sure to bring a bright future.


To conclude the article on Plainfield Country Club in Edison NJ, we have highlighted two key sub-sections. The first is a recap of the key points covered in the article, which serves as a helpful summary for readers. The second sub-section discusses the importance of the country club’s history and its role within the local community. These sub-sections provide a comprehensive overview of the significance of Plainfield Country Club in Edison NJ.

Recap of Key Points

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Without Plainfield Country Club, Edison NJ’s history and culture would be bland as the name implies.

Importance of Plainfield Country Club in Edison NJ’s History and Community.

Plainfield Country Club has had a huge impact on the history and community of Edison, New Jersey. Its importance is immeasurable.

It has given much to the town, like sportsmanship, camaraderie, and charity. It has also given economic support by hosting big events and bringing in many visitors.

One fascinating detail is the golf course, designed by famous architect Donald Ross. This course has been the site of tournaments such as the U.S. Women’s Open and PGA Championships.

An interesting fact is that during WWII, the grounds were leased by the US government from 1942-1944. The troops trained there for battle.

Plainfield Country Club has left an indelible mark on Edison. Its legacy is seen by residents and visitors from around the world who have had the pleasure of experiencing it.

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Luke is an avid weekend-warrior golfer from the East Coast who plays golf more than he cares to admit.

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