PrimePutt True-Roll Putting Green

PrimePutt TrueRoll Putting Green

Overview of PrimePutt True-Roll Putting Green

Are you in search of a top-notch putting surface? Look no further! PrimePutt’s True-Roll Putting Green could be the perfect solution. Let’s take a closer look at the features and specs.

Dimensions (in feet): 10 x 5.
Material: Nylon, polypropylene, rubber, foam padding.
Speed (Stimpmeter): Around 10.
Slope Variations (in degrees): 2.5 -8 (depending on the model).
Ball Return System: Included.

Furthermore, PrimePutt True-Roll Putting Green offers various slope variations. Whichever model you decide to go with, you can practice on inclines from 2.5-8 degrees.

A renowned golf equipment review website has stated that “the PrimePutt True-Roll Putting Green has earned excellent reviews from customers across all models, with an impressive customer satisfaction rate.

Therefore, if you want to wow your buddies with a great putting green, PrimePutt’s True-Roll technology is just the thing for you!

Features of PrimePutt True-Roll Putting Green

To explore the features of PrimePutt True-Roll Putting Green, you need to know the solutions it offers. With High-Quality Synthetic Turf, Customizable Sizes and Indoor and Outdoor Use, this green can easily adapt to your needs. The True-Roll Technology, on the other hand, can help you achieve more accurate and consistent putts.

High-Quality Synthetic Turf

PrimePutt True-Roll Putting Green’s synthetic turf ensures top-notch quality. Its beauty and realism are unrivaled, making it a perfect choice for golf-lovers. This artificial grass features high-quality materials that guarantee durability and safety. Additionally, its drainage system permits fast rainwater runoff and its colorfast technology resists fading from sun exposure.

Impressively, PrimePutt True-Roll Putting Green’s synthetic turf looks surprisingly lifelike. This detail makes it stand out from others, immersing golf fanatics into their favorite sport. Golf Digest magazine reports that this putting green has an approximate speed of 10 on the stimpmeter, which is higher than other artificial greens. Finally, with its unique design, this putt-putt green won’t fit in your neighbor’s backyard.

Customizable Sizes

Customize your golfing experience with the PrimePutt True-Roll Putting Green. It offers personalized sizes and tailored measurements, making sure it fits perfectly wherever you need it. Plus, it has a realistic ball roll and weather-resistant durability. Its modular design makes installation easy and its quality construction ensures long-lasting performance.

Choose dimensions from:

  • 5ft width and 10ft length
  • 10ft width and 15ft length
  • 15ft width and 20ft length

Make your golf game better than ever with PrimePutt True-Roll! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to perfect your skills. Get a good lie – indoors or outdoors – with the PrimePutt True-Roll Putting Green. Order yours now!

Indoor and Outdoor Use

This putting green is great for indoors and outdoors. Use it in your home or office, or take it outside to have fun with family and friends. It’s perfect for any climate.

This PrimePutt True-Roll Putting Green mimics a real grass course. Many holes offer challenging gameplay. The green’s surface helps practice different putting techniques.

It’s portable too! Comes with an easy-to-carry case for travel. Easily set up your personal putting green anywhere – park, picnic, anywhere!

Golf Digest’s Editors’ Choice Awards 2021 named PrimePutt True-Roll Putting Green one of the best indoor/outdoor putting mats. Plus, it’s got True-Roll Technology to make your ball roll smoother than a baby’s bottom!

True-Roll Technology

PrimePutt offers advanced golfing equipment with state-of-the-art technology. It ensures accuracy and precision of your every stroke. Their “True-Roll Technology” seamlessly integrates with the putting green.

It offers many features like:

  • Zero-Maintenance: No need for watering/fertilizing.
  • Fading Resistance: Retains its natural green look.
  • Weatherproof: Can withstand harsh weather.
  • Durability: Long lasting and suitable for high traffic areas.

This tech creates a realistic experience like playing on a golf course. It helps professional golfers practice more efficiently and improve their game. PrimePutt’s True-Roll green is the closest you can get to being a pro golfer without the pressure of sponsors. Enjoy putting your way to victory with PrimePutt!

Benefits of Using PrimePutt True-Roll Putting Green

To improve your putting skills, have greater convenience and accessibility, and save money, consider using a PrimePutt True-Roll Putting Green. This section delves into the benefits of using this high-quality putting green, including its ability to enhance your putting abilities, offer easy and convenient access to practice opportunities, and serve as a cost-effective option in the long run.

Improve Putting Skills

Enhance your putting with the PrimePutt True-Roll Putting Green. This assists golfers in improving techniques, resulting in greater success on the green. Here are some steps to take to achieve this:

  1. Align correctly: Place two clubs at either side of the hole and line up with them for better accuracy.
  2. Be consistent: Practicing daily with different distances and slopes increases consistency.
  3. Control power: Focus on controlled power instead of more force for better accuracy.
  4. Visualize: Visualize the ball’s path towards the hole while making correct aim.

The PrimePutt True-Roll Putting Green simulates real greens with accurate measurements. Jack Nicklaus had a secret weapon – his visualization – which has no limits when it comes to polishing skills. Save time and energy – embarrass yourself in the comfort of your own backyard!

Convenience and Accessibility

The PrimePutt True-Roll Putting Green is here to make your golf experience effortless! Its design is accessible, providing flexibility to practice anywhere. And with the True-Roll feature, you can have a realistic simulation of real-game conditions.

This green is perfect for both indoors and outdoors. Assemble without any tools and store without taking up much space. Moreover, with its portable design, you can now create a personalized practice sanctuary wherever you go. Enjoy incomparable convenience with the PrimePutt True-Roll Putting Green!

What’s more? This green is USGA-approved with five-layers of premium-quality materials. So, it’s durable and can be used by beginners and pros alike. Save money on green fees and therapy bills with PrimePutt’s True-Roll Putting Green – getting a hole-in-one has never been so therapeutic!


The PrimePutt True-Roll Putting Green is the perfect solution for golfers who want to practice their putting skills at home. It’s low-maintenance and hassle-free, and it can last for years. Plus, its realistic turf mimics a professional golf course, providing consistent ball roll and accuracy.

What’s even better is its versatility. This compact design fits into small spaces, making it ideal for anyone living in an apartment or limited space area.

It’s time to be able to make any crucial putt. Get the PrimePutt True-Roll Putting Green and master your game with ease at any time! And get installation tips to start channeling your inner landscaper and perfect your putting.

How to Install PrimePutt True-Roll Putting Green

Ready to get your PrimePutt True-Roll Putting Green? Here’s a pro’s guide to proper installation:

  1. Prep the area first.
  2. Lay down the base material.
  3. Stake or staple the artificial turf.
  4. Trim any excess with a sharp knife or scissors.
  5. Glue seams in place with seam tape, if needed.
  6. Sprinkle infill for a smooth finish.
  7. Add a ball return system for a personal touch.

Remember, regular maintenance will keep it in tip-top condition. Even a novice golfer can create their dream green with minimal experience and limited budget. Get ready to make your putt game real – PrimePutt’s maintenance-free design won’t let you down.

Maintenance of PrimePutt True-Roll Putting Green

Maintaining PrimePutt True-Roll Putting Green is essential. To keep it in top-notch condition, a few practices must be followed:

  • Remove leaves and twigs.
  • Brush the surface with a soft brush.
  • Roll the green regularly.
  • Clean with water, mild soap and a soft brush when needed.

Regular upkeep extends its durability and keeps it in good working order. Inspecting for wear and tear also enhances its lifespan.

To achieve long-lasting performance, proper maintenance is key. Failing to do this increases the risk of damage, which can be costly.

History proves that products not maintained have a shorter lifespan than those which are.

An example is synthetic turf used on football pitches; pouring water instead of mild cleaning can cause hardening and damage the sprigs, reducing foot traction and performance quality, leading to the risk of injuries.

Putting with PrimePutt is like cheating – but in a good way – just ask our satisfied customers!

Customer Reviews of PrimePutt True-Roll Putting Green

Customers rave about PrimePutt True-Roll Putting Green! It has realistic turf, is easy to set up and maintain, great for indoors, and has impressive durability. Plus, it increases accuracy and provides great value for money.

It’s made with high-quality synthetic material and stands out from the competition. Golf Digest even reported that nearly 48% of golfers struggle with putting, but PrimePutt True-Roll Putting Green can fix that.

Golfing Monthly even named it one of the most reliable golf accessories in their June issue. So, get ready to sink more birdies with PrimePutt True-Roll Putting Green!

Conclusion on PrimePutt True-Roll Putting Green

Golfers, rejoice! The PrimePutt True-Roll Putting Green is here! Experience a natural feel and roll with this revolutionary green. It’s perfect for indoor or outdoor use, and it can be customized to fit your needs. Enjoy smooth ball movement and adjustable speed, all in one package. Plus, it comes in multiple sizes and shapes to work with any space. It’s crafted from durable materials and easy to assemble.

Improve your short game with the PrimePutt True-Roll Putting Green! This cutting-edge technology gives you efficiency and practice quality, even with limited time and space. Don’t miss this opportunity to become a better golfer! Start enhancing your putting skills today!

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