Riviera Country Club, Pacific Palisades CA

Riviera Country Club Pacific Palisades CA

Overview of Riviera Country Club

Riviera Country Club, located in Pacific Palisades CA, is a prestigious and private golf and social club. Established in 1926, it has hosted famous golf tournaments such as the U.S. Open and the PGA Championship.

This iconic spot covers 160 acres and features an 18-hole championship golf course designed by George C. Thomas Jr. The course has bunkers, undulating fairways and greens, and natural hazards that need skill to overcome. Not just golfing, Riviera Country Club also offers tennis, swimming and fitness sessions to its members.

Riviera Country Club stands out for its exclusivity, and yet offers membership to those who enjoy fine dining experiences. Their four onsite restaurants or events like cooking classes, fashion shows and meet-and-greet sessions with celebrities are just some of the club’s attractions.

If you’re in California or looking for a luxurious and elegant club, Riviera Country Club is the place to be! It’s more than a game of golf, it’s a priceless indulgence opportunity! So why learn about history when you can just join Riviera Country Club and live it?

History of Riviera Country Club

To understand the history of Riviera Country Club, delve into its founding and early years, and explore the major events it has hosted. Get insights into how this club evolved over time and how it became one of the most iconic venues for golfing and other social events in Pacific Palisades, CA.

Founding and early years

Riviera Country Club’s origin and early days were marked by its establishment. Soon after, it became popular with elite Angelenos.

Architects George Thomas and William Bell designed the lavish resort, who also created other famous courses such as Bel-Air and Torrey Pines North Course. Various renovations have happened over the years, including modifications to some holes and upgrades to the clubhouse.

During WWII, most golf courses were taken for military use. But Riviera stayed open, providing an ultra-casual atmosphere to aid in war-related recovery efforts. Since then, important milestones occurred at the club, like hosting high-profile tournaments and weddings.

In 2009, Golf Digest rated Riviera as one of America’s top 30 courses, with architects from around the world visiting for inspiration.

Major events hosted at Riviera Country Club

The Riviera Country Club in California is famous for hosting marquee events. It is popular for sports, entertainment and charity events. Here’s a table of major events it has played host to:

PGA Championship1983, 1995
US Open1948
NCAA Championships2012, 2018
Genesis InvitationalAnnually since 1926

It has also hosted the Senior PGA Tour and LPGA Tour. The Riviera’s pristine layout and legendary status make it a top choice for such events. Professional golfers appreciate its perfect blend of length and difficulty.

Pro Tip: If you ever get a chance, visit the Riviera Country Club. It is majestic, serving history and hospitality. And, playing golf here is like navigating a maze of sand traps, water hazards and egos!

Golf at Riviera Country Club

To have a better golfing experience at the Riviera Country Club in Pacific Palisades, CA, explore the course layout and features, along with the golf tournaments hosted at the club. These aspects can immensely improve your game and make the overall experience rewarding.

Course layout and features

Riviera Country Club offers a challenging golf course design with distinguishable features. The layout has rolling terrain surrounded by mature Eucalyptus trees. Its bentgrass greens and narrow fairways are a unique feature. There are ten water hazards on the course, plus two nine-hole loops. Hole 7 is known as one of the toughest for PGA Tour professionals.

Various tee boxes like black, gold, blues, or whites give players of different skill levels a chance to play. Grass practice areas, chipping green, and putting green are available to warm up. Plus, the club features a top-notch fitness centre and exclusive locker rooms.

Pro Tip: Warm up on the putting green to keep your score low. If you want to watch the PGA Tour pros, Riviera Country Club during tournament season is the place to be!

Golf tournaments hosted at Riviera Country Club

Riviera Country Club: A Golfer’s Dream!

Riviera Country Club is renowned as a top-tier golfing location. It’s hosted numerous golf tournaments, with the world’s leading players competing.

  • The Genesis Invitational has been held here since 1926. It’s seen Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson battle it out.
  • From 1945 to 1962, U.S Open Championship was hosted seven times at Riviera.
  • In 1983 and 1984, PGA Championship was played here; Jack Nicklaus and Lee Trevino wowed the crowds.

Plus, Riviera has some unique features. The holes are set in beautiful landscapes, with tricky bunkers and tight fairways – it’s a golfer’s paradise.

Come experience the golf haven that is Riviera Country Club. Book your tickets early to witness the incredible shots of top golfers. You won’t need a caddy, Riviera’s facilities carry you through.

Facilities and amenities at Riviera Country Club

To facilitate your experience at Riviera Country Club, Pacific Palisades CA, this section covers the various amenities available to you. With the clubhouse and dining options, as well as the pro shop and equipment rental, you can make the most of your time at this prestigious club.

Clubhouse and dining options

Riviera Country Club offers amazing amenities to its members. Its classic clubhouse features multiple lounges and meeting rooms.

When it comes to dining, members can choose from casual to upscale experiences. The Sunset Grille has a classic American menu. Plus, the formal room serves French-inspired cuisine cooked by top-rated chefs. In the clubhouse bar, members can enjoy craft cocktails with light snacks throughout the day.

Don’t miss out on Riviera’s luxury living! Become a member today. If you forget your clubs, the pro shop has you covered. Just be prepared to pay hefty rental fees.

Pro shop and equipment rental

Riviera Country Club has great gear for rent and purchase! There’s clubs, shoes, carts, and lots of brand-name clothing in the pro shop. Plus, knowledgeable staff to help with fittings and repairs. Plus, you can buy golf balls and accessories. Prices for all budgets!

Unique offerings at RCC include personalized club fittings with state-of-the-art tech at the Performance Center. Need help finding the right gear? Book a lesson with an instructor. They can help with proper equipment fit and swing advice. Quality gear makes golf more fun!

Be part of something special – join RCC! Better amenities and no weird robes.

Membership at Riviera Country Club

To learn about membership options at the Riviera Country Club in Pacific Palisades, you’ll want to explore the section on types of membership available, as well as the application process and fees. Whether you’re looking for a full membership or something more limited, knowing the options and requirements will help you make the best decision for your needs.

Types of membership available

Are you lucky enough to join the prestigious Riviera Country Club? There are four membership types for you to choose from: Full Golf, Social, Junior Executive, and Corporate. Each one has its own unique initiation fee and monthly dues. Plus, you must submit an application and be approved by the Board of Directors! Induction fees vary from tens of thousands up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Wow! If you become a member, you’ll be in good company with famous past members such as Ben Hogan, Byron Nelson, and Sam Snead.

Even if you don’t become a member, you can still experience the beauty of the club by visiting. Who needs a six-pack when you can have a Riviera Country Club membership for the ultimate status symbol?

Application process and fees

Becoming a member of Riviera Country Club requires an application and a fee. Prospective members must pass a screening process, and provide references. The Board of Directors will then review the application. If successful, an invitation to join and pay initiation fees, plus yearly dues will be sent.

Membership is mainly invitation-only, with limited spaces available. This exclusivity adds to the club’s prestige and guarantees a high quality membership base.

Pro tip: It’s tough to get into Riviera Country Club, so network with members and ask for referrals. If you want to show off, it’s worth going bankrupt for!

Conclusion: Why Riviera Country Club is a must-visit for golf enthusiasts in Pacific Palisades, CA.

Welcome to the Riviera Country Club! A paradise for golf-lovers in Pacific Palisades. This club has the perfect mix of beauty, luxury, and facilities.

The green fields are immaculately kept; providing a beautiful view and an experience you won’t forget. Professional coaching and top-notch equipment will help you improve your game. Riviera Country Club is unique for its long history. Since 1926, it has been home to many prestigious tournaments, with some of the greatest golfers ever. The Genesis Invitational is one of their high-profile events today.

Don’t miss out on visiting this amazing club! Enjoy world-class facilities, iconic landscapes, and exciting events that will stay in your memory forever.

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