Streamsong Resort (Blue Course), Bowling Green FL

Streamsong Resort Blue Course Bowling Green FL

Overview of Streamsong Resort

Streamsong Resort is a lavish golf and spa destination in Bowling Green, FL. It features two world-class courses designed by renowned golfers Tom Doak and Bill Coore/Ben Crenshaw. The Blue Course offers a thrilling layout, with rugged sand dunes incorporated into the course’s natural landscape.

The resort also has a full-service spa that provides various treatments and services to guests. Moreover, it offers different dining options, such as casual cuisine at SottoTerra and Southern fare at Restaurant Fifty-Nine.

What sets Streamsong apart is its location on reclaimed phosphate mines. Despite being a recent addition to Florida’s luxury resorts, it has quickly gained fame for its excellent customer service and amenities.

The resort was initially slated for mining in the 2000s. However, after realizing its potential for development, Mosaic Company decided to switch its focus to creating an atmosphere of nature, relaxation, fine dining, fun activities, and superb hospitality services. Playing the Blue Course at Streamsong Resort is like going on an intense golfing adventure.

The Blue Course: A Unique Golfing Experience

The Blue Course at Streamsong Resort offers a distinctive golfing experience. With its meticulous design and unique layout, the course challenges players of all skill levels. The course boasts expansive fairways, strategically placed bunkers, and multiple tee boxes. Each hole presents a new challenge, making for an exciting game. Additionally, the stunning backdrop of the resort’s natural beauty adds an unparalleled ambiance. This immersive experience places the Blue Course in a league of its own.

Unmatched by its counterparts, the Blue Course at Streamsong Resort offers golfers a rare experience. From the thrilling natural scenery to the challenging course layout, every element of this course is distinctive. Players appreciate the subtle nuances incorporated into the design, with each hole varying in difficulty. Regardless of the skill level, each player is guaranteed a challenging game. Moreover, the course’s environmentally-friendly design adds another unique aspect to the playing experience.

Against a backdrop of distinctive natural beauty, Streamsong Resort has a rich history. In the early 1900s, the site served as a phosphate mine. After mining operations ceased, the dramatic changes to the land provided the perfect opportunity for a remarkable golf course. Tom Doak and Bill Coore used their expertise to create the Blue Course, introducing a new level of play. This course has evolved to become an iconic destination for golfers worldwide.

Watch out for the water hazards on the Blue Course at Streamsong Resort, they’re thirsting for your golf balls.

Course Layout and Design

The Blue Course offers a one-of-a-kind golfing experience. The table reveals it spans 7200 yards, with a par of 72. It also outlines bunker locations, water hazards, hole elevations, and greens size.

This course is unique with its rolling hills, dense woods, and exposed rock formations. Golfers seeking a challenge will have an unforgettable experience.

Don’t miss this distinctive golfing destination. Book now and take your game to new heights! Golfing on The Blue Course is like walking on eggshells amongst bulls.

Difficulty Level and Challenges

The Blue Course provides an exciting golf experience for passionate players. It challenges them with its topography and placement of obstacles.

Difficulties of the Course:

  • Steep Canyons: Big elevation changes.
  • Water Hazards: Water on multiple holes.
  • Narrow Fairways: Tight playing areas.
  • Bunkers: Precise shots are needed.

Unique Details:

The Blue Course offers beautiful views and the clubhouse has locker rooms and dining options. Refreshment carts are on-course too!


The Blue Course hosted the U.S Open Championship in 2017, where Brooks Koepka won his first major tournament.

Stay at Streamsong Resort for a luxury golfing experience.

Amenities and Accommodations at Streamsong Resort

In this article, we will be discussing the various features and facilities available at Streamsong Resort in Bowling Green, Florida.

  • Guests can choose from a range of luxurious accommodations, including over 200 guest rooms and suites with modern amenities like flat-screen TVs.
  • The resort offers a range of dining options to suit every taste, from formal restaurants to casual eateries and cafes.
  • Leisure facilities at the resort include three stunning golf courses, a lakeside infinity pool, and a full-service spa.
  • Business travelers can take advantage of the resort’s state-of-the-art meeting and event spaces, as well as high-speed Wi-Fi throughout the property.
  • Nature enthusiasts can explore the resort’s 16,000 acres of beautiful Florida wilderness, including guided wildlife tours and fishing expeditions.
  • Streamsong Resort also boasts a range of unique amenities like a rooftop lounge, a lakeside fire pit, and a championship-level grotto putting course.

Furthermore, the resort’s commitment to sustainability is evident throughout the property, with features like electric vehicle charging stations and a comprehensive recycling program.

It is worth noting that Streamsong Resort was named the “#1 Golf Resort in North America” by Golf Digest in 2019.

Get ready to loosen your belt (and your wallet) at Streamsong’s dining options that are almost as impressive as your golf swing.

Dining Options

For a delicious dining experience, Streamsong Resort has it all! Choose from a range of savory dishes, crafted with fresh ingredients by talented chefs. Try a steak dinner at Fifty-Nine Restaurant & Bar, Mediterranean-inspired cuisine at P2O5, American fare at SottoTerra, farm-to-table creations at Restaurant Fifty-Nine, a breakfast buffet at Terrace Cafe, and cocktails at the rooftop lounge, Fragmentary Blue. Private dining is available for special occasions. Plus, an extensive wine list and mixology program are on offer. Cooking classes and demonstrations are also available, allowing you to learn new techniques and recipes. One guest was delighted to find that the quality of food matched the contemporary ambiance of Restaurant Fifty-Nine. After a day of golf and dining, relax at the spa and get rid of any lingering thoughts of three-putts.

Spa and Wellness Services

Streamsong Resort offers luxurious services to revitalize and rejuvenate the body and mind. Get a glimpse of the resort’s amazing Spa and Wellness Services:

  • Experience pampering at AcquaPietra spa with signature treatments, massages, facials, sauna and more.
  • Choose from Asian massage techniques at Four-Star Glow Spa with herbal remedies.
  • Romantic couples can enjoy Spa Suite amenities with couples’ massages, baths and star-gazing.
  • Stretch muscles in a pool session or vitality circuit with stone sauna, aroma steam room and hydrotherapy tubs.
  • Revitalize skin in the Steam Room with eucalyptus-infused steam session and lavender oil aromatherapy bath.
  • Calm your senses with Yoga meditation at Broodmoor Hall, with floor-to-ceiling windows and oak gardens.

The resort uses all-natural products to guarantee nurturing care. Plan a getaway to Streamsong Resort for an indulgent stay amid lush greenery.

This wellness service dates back to ancient traditions when healing was done by natural means. It is inspired by old-world cultures and promotes holistic wellbeing among guests.

Streamsong Resort offers options for a perfect getaway – more than a choose-your-own-adventure book!

Lodging Options

Searching for where to stay at Streamsong Resort? Here’s what to know about the accommodations.

  • The Lodge: 216 rooms with modern features, combining comfort and luxury.
  • The Clubhouse: 12 rooms, great for golfers near the course.
  • Villas: 2 or 4 bedroom suites with kitchens, balconies, and privacy.

In addition to these options, guests have access to resort amenities like the spa, golf courses, and dining.

For a unique experience, the resort offers birdwatching tours of the wetlands. You can see rare species in their natural habitats.

Book directly on the resort website to get exclusive offers and discounts. And consider bundled packages with lodging, golf, or spa treatments. That way, you can have an unforgettable visit, and save money.

If you need a break from the comfort of your room, there are lots of activities nearby.

Other Activities and Attractions near Streamsong Resort

Streamsong Resort: Exploring the Surrounding Area

Discovering the area surrounding Streamsong Resort offers guests a number of interesting activities and attractions. Here are some examples:

  • Enjoy fishing in one of the beautiful local lakes or rivers.
  • Get an adrenaline rush with outdoor activities such as ziplining or ATV tours.
  • Spend the day exploring local shopping and dining options.
  • Take a leisurely walk through a nearby nature reserve or state park.

For those seeking a unique experience, the region also boasts cultural landmarks and historic sites.

To truly make the most out of your stay, be sure to take advantage of all that the area has to offer. Make lasting memories by experiencing all these activities and attractions and try things outside of your comfort zone.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to create unforgettable moments. Plan your itinerary now and explore the beauty of the surrounding area during your stay at Streamsong Resort. Want to catch something other than a par on the Blue Course? Try your luck fishing or hunting in the surrounding wilderness.

Fishing and Hunting

Fish or hunt – nature lovers can get their fix near Streamsong Resort! Go for a bass fishing trip on the nearby lakes and rivers. Or, try fly fishing on one of the area’s water bodies. Hunt turkey, quail, deer, or wild hogs at a hunting reserve. Bird-watch and take pictures of the local flora and fauna. Rent kayaks and glide down the tranquil waterways.

For those wanting to explore without getting too close, eco-tours provide informative and exciting expeditions. Plus, Streamsong’s 7.5-mile stretch of river was designated as “Outstanding Florida Waters” by the state’s Department of Environmental Protection in 1984.

So, who needs a therapist when you can hike and discover Streamsong’s stunning nature trails?

Hiking and Nature Trails

Venture into the wild! Trails near Streamsong Resort offer multiple levels of difficulty, perfect for all hiking enthusiasts. Certified guides are available to provide educational experiences. Remember to carry enough water, sunscreen, and proper footwear if you’re going alone.

Discover natural wonders! See the Lakeland Highlands Scrub, Lake Kissimmee State Park, and other unique sites with native species found only in Florida. Capture breathtaking scenery and memorable moments that will last forever.

Book your stay now to experience nature’s treasures! Get ready for an unforgettable holiday – explore untouched natural surroundings and take a trip down memory lane at historic sites and museums near Streamsong Resort.

Historic Sites and Museums

Uncover the deep culture and history of the region with a visit to heritage sites and museums! Journey back to Florida’s pioneers at Pioneer Park. See relics from WWII at the 8th Air Force Museum. Gaze at the beautiful collection of art and antiques at Polk Museum of Art. Or, take a step back in time at Bok Tower Gardens Historic Home.

Explore historic districts, like Lakeland’s Munn Park Historic District or Bartow’s Main Street Historic District. These areas showcase various building styles and periods. Get a feel for how settlers lived centuries ago by visiting Barnard Castle.

Don’t miss out on these incredible places near Streamsong Resort! Start planning now for an unforgettable adventure full of culture and history.

Planning Your Trip to Streamsong Resort

Streamsong Resort: A Guide to Planning Your Trip

When it comes to planning a trip to Streamsong Resort, there are a few key factors to consider.

  1. First and foremost, it’s important to decide which of the resort’s three courses you’d like to play. Each one offers a unique experience, with the Blue Course being particularly scenic and challenging.
  2. Next, you’ll want to consider any accommodations and dining options that fit your preferences and budget.

As you make your arrangements, keep in mind that Streamsong Resort is popular both for golf and for its natural beauty. With miles of hiking trails, guided fishing trips, and luxury spa treatments, it’s an all-around destination that offers something for everyone. Just be sure to book your activities well in advance, as the resort can get quite busy during peak seasons.

One lesser-known aspect of Streamsong Resort is its history. The land was once a phosphate mine, and much of the infrastructure has been repurposed for the resort. In particular, the clubhouse at the Blue Course was once the site’s headquarters and offers a glimpse into the area’s industrial past. Knowing this backstory can lend an added layer of appreciation to your visit.

Overall, when planning your trip to Streamsong Resort, be sure to consider your priorities and budget, book in advance, and take some time to appreciate the property’s fascinating past. With these factors in mind, your experience is sure to be a memorable one.

Ready to book your stay? Just remember – a bad day of golf is still better than a good day at the office.

Booking Your Stay

Secure your accommodations at Streamsong Resort! Follow these steps:

  1. Visit the resort’s website
  2. Select dates and room type
  3. Confirm guest numbers
  4. Enter personal info
  5. Make payment
  6. Receive confirmation email with details

Check out special packages and deals. Some rooms offer views of natural landscapes. Select the one that suits you best.

At Streamsong, there are activities and amenities for everyone. From golfing to spa treatments, make memories that will last a lifetime. Transportation options are luxurious, so pack light and get ready for an unforgettable experience!

Travel and Transportation Options

Streamsong Resort has a range of transport options for guests to choose from. Shuttle services, taxis, private cars, and car rentals are all available. The simplest way to get to the Resort is to take a shuttle from the airport.

If you want to explore the area around the Resort, you can go for short distances by private car or taxi. Alternatively, if you plan to drive longer distances such as to nearby attractions like Walt Disney World or Universal Studios Florida, renting a car would be a good option.

On-site parking is free for visitors who rent cars, and there’s an additional cost for valet parking. To reserve transportation services, you need to get in touch with Streamsong Resort’s concierge team. They can advise you on the best transport depending on your destination.

Some visitors prefer to rent a car and drive down so they can take in the sights en route. On arrival, they can check out nearby landmarks like Bok Tower Gardens or Crystal River State Park before checking in at Streamsong. Remember to pack light if you’re driving – you don’t want to look like a Sherpa on vacation!

Recommended Packing List and Gear

Going to Streamsong Resort? Put together a packing list that will make your stay great! Consider bringing:

  • Lightweight, breathable clothing for outdoor activities.
  • Comfy walking shoes or hiking boots with good grip.
  • Protection gear like hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen.
  • Swimsuits, towels, and quick-dry clothes for the pool and spa.
  • Photo equipment to capture nature scenes.

Note that there’s a dress code in restaurants. And if you’re visiting between June and August, bring light layers – temperatures can reach 90°F!

For more fun, pack:

  • A golf cart, clubs, or fishing equipment.
  • Hydration pack or water bottle – trails don’t have water stops.
  • Binoculars or spotting scopes for birdwatching.
  • Portable fans or cooling scarfs in hot months.
  • Power banks or chargers, as some amenities don’t have power outlets.

Don’t forget the essentials like toiletries, meds, travel documents, and cash. Plus, the main lodge has a shop for souvenirs and additional items.

Be prepared and enjoy your time at Streamsong Resort!

Tips and Recommendations for an Unforgettable Experience at Streamsong Resort

Heading to Streamsong? Consider these tips:

  1. Pre-plan your adventure.
  2. Indulge in outdoor activities.
  3. Splurge on relaxing spa treatments.
  4. Check out the eco-tourism opportunities.
  5. Enjoy signature eats.

Go further. Try bass fishing at dawn/dusk. Go airboat riding. Hike nature trails for panoramic views. Witness a beautiful sunset by the lagoon!

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