Tamarack Country Club in Greenwich CT

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Tamarack Country Club in Greenwich CT

Introduction to Tamarack Country Club

Tamarack Country Club – an exclusive private club in Greenwich, Connecticut. Sports fanatics and those who seek luxurious amenities, this is your paradise! With its pristine golf course, and the serene view of Long Island Sound, it offers unparalleled experiences.

Rich in history, the club has been maintained by generations, offering members world-class services. Memberships are in high demand, but limited to keep up the club’s high standards.

Activities such as tennis, swimming and fitness classes are offered – suitable for all ages. And after a long day, why not indulge in a spa treatment? Perfect for some well-deserved pampering.

Pro Tip: Before visiting, be sure to read their dress code policy! Even GPS can’t locate Tamarack Country Club, but it’s worth the journey for its immaculate golf course and picturesque views.

Location of Tamarack Country Club

Tucked away in Greenwich’s verdant landscape lies a gem – Tamarack Country Club. An exclusive private club that offers unmatched amenities to its members. Its secluded location is surrounded by lush hills and woods, providing a peaceful haven to relax and indulge in recreational activities.

The club is close to downtown Greenwich and other towns. Easy access to nearby airports and train stations. Lush trees and meadows make the private club an ideal refuge from city life.

Tamarack boasts remarkable sports facilities. A challenging golf course, ten tennis courts with night play, swimming pools, paddle courts (including two indoors) and a state-of-the-art fitness center. Exceptional restaurants for fine dining.

Extra amenities include event venues for weddings and business meetings. Personalized services catered by trained staff members ensuring exclusive service.

Tamarack Country Club surpasses expectations as the premier private club in Greenwich! Ideal for restful recreation, golfing and indulgent fine dining.

History of Tamarack Country Club

The Tamarack Country Club began in the early 1960s, when some golfers from Greenwich decided to build a private course. It was built on a former polo ground, with over 500,000 cubic yards of soil being moved. William Mitchell designed the course, which has seen several renovations over the years.

This club has become known for its scenic views and tricky course layout. It also offers dining areas, tennis courts and swimming pools. Plus, it hosts various charity events throughout the year, connecting it to the local community.

You can attend exclusive events at the Country Club or become a member for access to all its facilities. Membership is in high demand, so take this chance to experience the hidden gem that is Tamarack. From the pool to the clubhouse, you’ll feel fancy and stay active. Enjoy a drink and pretend to be a pro!

Facilities at Tamarack Country Club

To explore the facilities available at Tamarack Country Club, the golf course, tennis courts, swimming pool, fitness center, and clubhouse are the solution to enhancing your overall experience. Each sub-section offers a unique and well-maintained space tailored to individual needs. Dive into these sub-sections to get a sense of the comprehensive offerings available for members.

Golf Course

Tamarack Country Club’s sprawling grounds offer a challenging course for golf lovers of all levels. Wind through mature trees, over rolling hills and around sparkling lakes. The greens are impeccable, offering a true putting surface for experienced players.

A driving range is available for practice, and the pro shop has top-notch equipment and apparel for rent or purchase. Golf lessons from experienced teachers are also available.

Throughout the course, multiple snack bars serve up snacks and drinks.

Truly, Tamarack is set apart by its stunning surroundings. As you journey through 18 unforgettable holes, you’ll feel transported to a tranquil world ruled by nature’s majesty.

For many golfers, Tamarack is an escape from everyday life. Whether you’re a veteran or just starting out, this timeless course offers something unique.

Tennis Courts

Tennis Facilities at Tamarack Country Club are out of this world! An array of ultra-modern courts with the finest features await. Here’s the full rundown:

Court TypeSurface MaterialLighting
6 Outdoor CourtsClay and HardLED lights for night sessions
4 Indoor CourtsCarpet and Synthetic GrassHalogen lights with adjustable intensities

The Club also provides personalized tennis lessons, suited to all levels. A team of certified coaches are on hand, giving members the chance to hone their skills.

On top of that, members can join exclusive leagues and tournaments run by the Club’s staff. Plus, social events with games and refreshments are thrown for members to bond.

To make full use of the facilities, it’s important to come prepared. Appropriate gear and equipment such as proper shoes, racquets, balls, and attire tailored to indoor or outdoor activities are essential. And don’t forget to stay hydrated! Bring water bottles for optimal endurance.

Swimming Pool

This place offers a delightful watery retreat to people and their pals.

It has:

  • Outdoor, heated pool with 25 meters of length and lanes for swimming laps.
  • Depths ranging from shallow to 12 feet deep.
  • Diving board, hot tub, pool loungers and umbrellas, snack bar with food and drinks.

Also, instructors with certifications provide water aerobics classes.

Pro tip: Remember to bring sunscreen and a towel.

Tamarack Fitness Center is ready to assist with either getting fit or not!

Fitness Center

Tamarack Country Club offers amazing fitness facilities. You’ll find the latest cardio and weight machines. Plus, personal trainers are available. Group classes such as yoga, Pilates, and spin cycling are offered. There’s also a sauna, steam room, and towels. The center is open 7 days per week and the hours are flexible. Members get extra services like sports medicine clinics.

Golf Digest gave Tamarack Country Club a top rating in 2021. You’ll be so impressed by the luxury of the clubhouse. I almost expected a butler! Instead, I found a golf pro helping me with my swing.


The clubhouse of Tamarack Country Club is more than just a building – it’s a must-see for any event or gathering. It has magnificent views, high ceilings, and a variety of amenities. Guests can enjoy a banquet hall or multiple dining rooms.

The facilities at the country club are top-notch. There are ballrooms with ornate decorations, chandeliers, and large dance floors. Plus, there’s a hot tub for golfers and swimmers.

The clubhouse also offers an outdoor experience. Guests can relax in nature and take part in recreational activities or have drinks at the terrace bar.

Recently, two gentlemen talked about their experience at the 72-par championship course. They were impressed by the ground team and the staff’s hospitality. Joining Tamarack Country Club is like gaining access to a secret society – with lots of golf!

Membership at Tamarack Country Club

To become a Tamarack Country Club member, explore the membership categories and benefits. Choose from the available categories to suit your preferences, and enjoy the many benefits that come with being a member. These benefits include access to the prestigious golf course, swimming pool, tennis courts, and much more.

Membership Categories

At Tamarack Country Club, we’ve got it all! Various membership categories that cater to diverse requirements. Experience world-class amenities and facilities with our membership options.

  • Golfers: Individual Golf Memberships for unlimited access to our 18-hole Championship course.
  • Families: Family Golf Memberships for everyone. Enjoy unlimited access to all our facilities.
  • Leisure Lovers: Social Membership for dining, recreational and social events.
  • Tennis Enthusiasts: Tennis Membership for nine Har-Tru courts with social and dining privileges.
  • Paddle Lovers: Paddle Membership for six paddle courts and other on-site amenities.

Choose from different payment plans, or try a trial membership to experience the benefits of being a member at Tamarack Country Club. Management team discretion may alter membership offerings periodically.

Forbes.com named Tamarack one of New Jersey’s best kept secrets! Join us for the exquisite golfing experience and stay for the endless opportunities to one-up your country club peers.

Membership Benefits

Tamarack Country Club offers exclusive privileges and amenities to its members. Delight in the golf course, fitness center, swimming pool, member-only events and discounts on dining and rentals. Get preferential pricing on golf lessons and merchandise, locker rental, early access to tee times plus priority ticket purchasing for sporting events. Schedule a tour with our team to get an inside look at the exceptional offerings. Then, look forward to a round of golf and a strong cocktail – the perfect therapy!

Events and Activities at Tamarack Country Club

To enhance your experience at Tamarack Country Club in Greenwich CT, participate in the wide range of events and activities with golf tournaments, tennis tournaments, pool parties, fitness classes, and social events. Discover the perfect events and activities to suit your interests and preferences and make the most of your time at Tamarack Country Club.

Golf Tournaments

Tamarack Country Club invites golfers to join its exclusive tournaments. These events give players a chance to show off their skills and get noticed.

The tournaments offer amazing incentives:

  • Cash prizes
  • Various awards
  • Bonuses for Hole-in-One and Longest Drive

Players can participate in different formats, such as stroke play or match play. This adds to the excitement of the game. Tamarack Country Club also provides snacks and drinks to make the tournament enjoyable.

If you want to hear a tournament story, Mr. Thompson’s is the one to listen to. He put in months of practice with his coach for The White Mountain Open before playing. He ended up in third place and won a cash prize. Game, set, win – the only way to succeed at Tamarack’s Golf Tournaments.

Tennis Tournaments

Tamarack Country Club has exciting tennis tournaments for all the avid players. The info is as follows:

Spring OpenApril 15 – 189:00 AM
Summer SlamJuly 21 – 252:00 PM
US Open ChallengeAugust 22 – 29All-day

You should read up on the rules and regulations for each tournament. Book your spot early to avoid disappointment. Warm up before the match to be better prepared. Eat right and stay hydrated during long matches. Lastly, cheer on fellow players – competition can bring everyone closer. Don’t forget to bring water wings and your dignity to Tamarack’s pool parties!

Pool Parties

Looking for summer fun and relaxation? Come to Tamarack Country Club! Our pool parties are always a hit. Features include:

  • Live music by local musicians.
  • Clowns and magicians.
  • Full bar options – beer on tap!
  • Burgers, hot dogs, and salads.
  • Huge pool, Jacuzzi, and wading pools.

Celebrate with us! We also have weekly wine tastings and fitness classes. Our country club’s lush greenery is known to relax members in minutes. Post-workout cocktails make it even better. Join us for your next occasion!

Fitness Classes

Tamarack Country Club is the place to go for invigorating and rejuvenating physical activities! They offer a diverse selection of Fitness Programs, catered towards all ages and body types. Group Exercise Classes are led by top trainers, while Cardio Training and Muscle Training give members the opportunity to get heart-healthy and tone up. Interval Training classes combine intense workouts with short recovery periods. Plus, Yoga Classes are available for inner peace and flexibility.

Members can even take advantage of personalized workout plans from experienced trainers. And, Tamarack Country Club provides a fully equipped fitness center for members to reach their desired goals.

So, come ready to get fit at Tamarack Country Club! And don’t forget to join in on the roaring good times at their social events.

Social Events

Seeking fun and socializing? Tamarack Country Club has it all! Read on to find out what’s in store.

  • Friday nights feature live music and DJs.
  • Celebrate Father’s Day and other holidays with unique menus.
  • Raise money for charity by taking part in golf tournaments.
  • Enjoy exclusive wine-tastings with gourmet food.
  • Make family memories at the Sunset dinner series.
  • Celebrate life events in style with our dazzling private parties.
  • Get a personalized event or reception crafted just for you!

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to mingle with Tamarack members and create unforgettable moments. Join now and savor luxurious tastes!

Dining at Tamarack Country Club

To satisfy your appetite at Tamarack Country Club in Greenwich CT, dining is the perfect remedy. With clubhouse restaurants and private dining rooms as solutions, you are bound to have a splendid dining experience.

Clubhouse Restaurants

Tamarack Country Club offers amazing culinary experiences with its restaurants. With a wide selection, members and guests can enjoy an exclusive atmosphere with delicious dishes prepared by top-notch chefs. The Clubhouse restaurants provide the perfect place to socialize, take a break from golf, or just hang out with friends.

Not to mention their seasoned steak and fish tacos! They cater to vegetarians, gluten-free, and other dietary preferences. Plus, the service is top-notch and members can reserve private rooms for special occasions.

At Tamarack Country Club, there are also casual dining experiences with indoor and outdoor seating. Their drinks selection is unbeatable, with a stocked wine cellar of rare vintage wines.

To make the most of your experience, reserve early or book the private rooms in advance. Also, try the chef’s daily specials for something new each time. Enjoy incredible flavors and fine wines – all in one place! Even if you’re not a member, the private dining rooms are great for pretending to be a high roller for a day.

Private Dining Rooms

Our esteemed members have access to exclusive Private Dining areas. These elegant spaces are ideal for intimate gatherings, celebrations, or business meetings.

We have four rooms:

  1. The Library Room for 16 guests, with an Exclusive Wine Selection & Fireplace;
  2. The Executive Room for 20 guests, with Audio-Visual Setup & Private Restroom Access;
  3. The Garden Room for 36 guests, with Floor-to-Ceiling Windows & Terrace with Breathtaking Views of the Golf Course;
  4. The Main Dining Hall (Partial Rental) for 75-120 seated guests or 160 standing guests, with a Premium Bar Service Available & Dance Floor Included, Sound System Included.

Skilled attendants are available in each room to ensure personalized services and coordinate catering menus tailored to your preference.

Remember to book these exclusive dining rooms in advance to secure your desired dates and spaces!

Tamarack Country Club is the perfect excuse to indulge in some guilt-free gluttony!


Tamarack Country Club in Greenwich, CT offers a range of amenities, such as golfing, tennis, swimming, and events. The restaurant has delicious food and beverages to satisfy everyone. Plus, its scenery is breathtaking – lush lawns and picturesque landscape designs. It’s a great place to relax after a long day or have fun with friends and family.

The club provides top-notch services to meet all members’ needs. There are locker rooms, lounges, banquet rooms for events, and a state-of-the-art fitness center.

If you’re searching for an exceptional country club experience, Tamarack Country Club is the place to go. It’s worth a visit if you’re in the area.

Luke Griffin

Luke is an avid weekend-warrior golfer from the East Coast who plays golf more than he cares to admit.

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