The Best Golf Destinations in Europe

The Best Golf Destinations in Europe


Plan your golf getaway to Europe with confidence! Scotland offers seaside links, Tuscany its rolling hills. From Portugal’s stunning coast to Italy’s historic landmarks, Europe has it all. We’ve got a list of some of the best destinations. Enjoy cuisine and luxury accommodations, and hit some of the finest greens. Make your next golf trip unforgettable – take your swing abroad and make memories that last! Europe’s golf courses are where shanking isn’t a bad thing.

Best Golf Destinations in Europe

Golfing Heavens in Europe!

Are you ready to experience golfing in Europe? Europe is full of stunning and challenging golf courses. Check out these unforgettable spots:

  • St Andrews in Scotland – a mix of golf traditions and championship courses.
  • The Algarve in Portugal – resorts and courses that will take your breath away.
  • Costa del Sol in Spain – golfing options all year round, in sunny weather.
  • Dublin in Ireland – play among rugged terrain and stunning sea views.

For something special, try Lake Como in Italy or Belek in Turkey. Both offer exclusive experiences coupled with exceptional courses and resort amenities.

If you’re a big fan of golf, don’t miss the Open Championship or the Ryder Cup tournament held in Europe annually.

Did you know there are around 7,000 golf courses in Europe? (source: European Tour) Before you choose a golf destination, ask yourself: Do I want to show off or actually improve my game?

Factors to consider when choosing a golf destination in Europe

Choosing the Perfect Golf Spot in Europe

When picking a golf destination in Europe, several elements must be taken into account. Without careful thought, golf lovers may be unhappy with their experience. Thus, it’s vital to evaluate essential details such as climate, terrain, lodgings, and challenging courses.

  • Destination Weather:
    Plan your trip correctly – choose the right time of year that suits your desired weather. Some regions can be cold or even rainy during certain months, making them not-so-ideal for golfing.
  • Terrain:
    Different spots have various landscapes that affect course playability and ease of walking on the course. Flat courses are simpler to walk on than hilly ones.
  • Accommodations:
    When choosing a golf destination in Europe, think about hotels that offer luxurious amenities close to the course.
  • Golf Course Level of Challenge:
    The difficulty level is a major element to consider when picking a golf destination. Make sure you pick a location with courses that match your skill level.
  • Food and Drink:
    Gourmet food and special drinks are accessible at many top international golfing destinations.

In addition to those main factors, other considerations like transportation options, local attractions and national events can enhance your overall stay.

Pro Tip: Before selecting a course abroad, investigate the local customs and tactics so visitors can show respect for regional practices while fitting in better with locals.

If you’re an expert or a beginner, these golf spots will have you swinging and swearing – it’ll be great!


Exploring Europe’s golf destinations is a great experience for enthusiasts. From Scotland’s picturesque scenery to Spain’s sunny coasts, it offers endless options! Relish in the stunning landscapes and world-class courses. Discover Ireland’s hidden gems, embrace England’s history or unwind in Portugal – these places have something for everyone.

Each city offers unique golfing experiences with beautiful scenery, rich heritage and diverse cultures. A round on Scotland’s iconic courses like St Andrews or Gleneagles is a must! Andalucia provides year-round fairways and velvety courses. Belgium has trademark moon-shaped bunkers and delightful mixes of natural and well-maintained landscapes.

Also, socializing is great! Playing golf creates excellent bonding opportunities with fellow players from all over the world. New friendships with other passionate enthusiasts can be made instantly!

Pro Tip: Check online forums and recommendations before planning your vacation. Select a course that suits your expectations and skill level for an unforgettable holiday experience.

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