The Best Golf-Themed Bars and Pubs for Happy Hour

The Best GolfThemed Bars and Pubs for Happy Hour

The Tee Room

The Tee Room provides an immersive golfing atmosphere. It’s dimly lit with leather chairs, and its walls are filled with golf memorabilia. Select from a wide selection of drinks, including pub classics and cocktails inspired by famous golf players.

Enjoy watching games on numerous TVs, or join the Trivia Nights. To add to the experience, try their Golf-Themed Beers. After 18 holes, there’s no better way to celebrate than with some beers inspired by famous courses! As said, “Mary Queen of Scots was popularized by Hollywood after the first recorded game played by women on March 9, 1738.”

Pro or hack on the course, The Golf Tavern is the ideal spot to unwind after a long day.

The Golf Tavern

To experience the perfect blend of golf and pub culture, head to The Golf Tavern with its cozy golf-themed setting, and enjoy delicious comfort food and locally brewed beers.

A cozy golf-themed pub

The Golf Tavern has been designed with golf-themed decor and memorabilia, creating a cozy ambiance. It is ideal for both sports fans and casual drinkers. The rustic interior gives a warm and welcoming feel. You can take advantage of the comfortable seating and large selection of Scottish whiskies. The friendly staff ensure that you are looked after.

This Edinburgh pub is one of the oldest in the area, established in 1456 under another name. It was renamed to honor the connection to golf. James VI and Mary, Queen of Scots were known to have enjoyed themselves here.

So why not relax with some comfort food? Enjoy a beer from the locally brewed selection – calories don’t count when it comes to supporting the community!

Delicious comfort food and local beers

The Golf Tavern promises a gastronomic experience that’ll make your tastebuds tingle and your thirst quench. Their exquisite combination of sumptuous comfort food and locally-brewed beer is not to be missed!

Why visit?

  • Grab lip-smacking burgers, pizzas, and BBQ dishes cooked to perfection.
  • Sip smooth ale or lager with tasty dishes made from fresh ingredients.
  • Their menu has delicious vegetarian options too!
  • The Tavern’s cozy, dimly-lit interior and comfy seating make it perfect for chilling with family and friends.
  • The attentive staff will recommend the perfect drink to pair with your meal.
  • They also offer quick service, so you don’t have to wait long.

Plus, don’t miss their Tuesday Quiz Night for some fun trivia and good vibes!

The Golf Tavern dates back to the 18th century and still serves locals and visitors with its signature excellent food and drinks, and unbeatable service. Its history is traced back through maps dating back to the early days of golfing at Bruntsfield Links. So come on over to the Clubhouse and join the golf addicts in a round of stories, beer, and laughs.

The Clubhouse

To experience the perfect blend of golf and happy hour, The Clubhouse with A Stylish Bar and Lounge with Golf Simulators and A Wide Range Of Cocktails And Beer Options is the place to be! This section reveals some exciting information on the best golf-themed bars and pubs with sub-sections discussing their unique features including a stylish bar, lounge, golf simulators, and a variety of cocktails and beer options to choose from.

A stylish bar and lounge with golf simulators

The Clubhouse is the perfect spot for a sophisticated and modern leisure experience. Visitors can enjoy drinks and socialize in a luxurious setting, while also playing golf using state-of-the-art simulators. It’s a mix of entertainment and sports that makes The Clubhouse stand out from other bars and lounges.

The plush seating, elegant lighting, and comfortable furnishings create a relaxing environment. On top of that, flat-screen TVs show the indoor golf course, adding to the mesmerizing atmosphere. Everyone can enjoy their time – from practicing your swing with the simulators, to snacks and cocktails with friends, to entertaining tournaments.

Corporate clients can host their events at The Clubhouse. It provides packages with uninterrupted access to amenities, as well as audiovisual equipment and optional extras, such as team-building exercises and karaoke sessions.

The Clubhouse is the perfect spot for spontaneous fun or pre-planned events. And the atmosphere is unbeatable. Plus, sipping on a cocktail is like taking a trip around the world with none of the jet lag or lost luggage!

A wide range of cocktails and beer options

At The Clubhouse, quench your thirst with a variety of alcoholic beverages. Our expert mixologists make classic and unique cocktails! Enjoy rare imported beers from around the world. Or, try our handcrafted beer made with local ingredients. Plus, we have premium top-shelf liquors. For an extra special experience, custom drinks can be made upon request. Prepared with the finest ingredients and imagination, our drinks will leave you wanting more. Come visit us today to discover a new favorite.

The Mulligan Room also offers poker and golfing fun! Don’t miss out on the chance to enjoy the best drinks The Clubhouse has to offer. Join us now and find your new favorite beverage!

The Mulligan Room

To enhance your experience of finding the perfect golf-themed bar or pub, dive into The Mulligan Room. This section of the article focuses on a lively sports bar with golf-themed decor. It offers happy hour specials on food and drink as ways to maximize your enjoyment.

A lively sports bar with golf-themed decor

The Mulligan Room is located in the city’s center. It’s a vibrant sports bar with golf-inspired decors. Here, customers can enjoy delicious grub, drinks, and a lively atmosphere with friendly staff. Plus, there’s entertainment like TVs showing major sports events and live music on weekends.

The bar also has a mini-golf course for all ages. Plus, they have golf club chandeliers and vintage-style golf memorabilia on the walls that bring the sport’s history to life.

You can savor classic pub food like burgers and sandwiches made with top-notch ingredients. They also have an extensive selection of beers on tap and bottled drinks, plus handcrafted cocktails and mocktails made with fresh fruit juices.

One customer had an amazing time here. They were celebrating their wedding anniversary when they unexpectedly met old friends from another state. The staff made everyone feel welcome and comfortable.

Take advantage of the happy hour specials at The Mulligan Room!

Happy hour specials on food and drink

At The Mulligan Room, you can enjoy discounted prices on food and drinks during their happy hour specials! From 4 pm to 7 pm – plus late-night specials from 10 pm till close – savor delicious appetizers, such as fried calamari, buffalo wings, and loaded fries. Treat yourself to select beers and cocktails, fresh salads, sandwiches, and sliders, plus an extensive wine list with organic vintages, reds, whites, and bubbly options. Plus, there are daily specials based on the chef’s recommendations, so you can surprise your taste buds.

All in a cozy atmosphere – and all while staying within your budget! According to Yelp reviewers, The Mulligan Room is known for its impressive happy hour offerings.

The Links Bar and Grill

To enjoy happy hour drinks and appetizers with a golf course view, The Links Bar and Grill is the perfect solution for you. This casual, family-friendly restaurant offers daily happy hour deals. So, if you want to experience the best golf-themed bars and pubs, you should definitely consider visiting The Links Bar and Grill.

A casual, family-friendly restaurant with a golf course view

The Links Bar and Grill, alongside the picturesque golf course, provides a relaxed atmosphere. Its casual, family-friendly vibes are enhanced by the stunning view of the greens.

Menu items range from classic comfort foods like burgers and fries to healthier alternatives such as fresh salads and grilled seafood. Signature cocktails and an extensive beer selection are available.

Weekends feature live music performances, outdoor seating options to enjoy the sunsets, and special menus for holidays and events. Locals and visitors flock to this spot for a reason.

An unforgettable experience happened at The Links Bar and Grill when two elderly ladies celebrated a birthday. The staff went all-out with balloons, singing a birthday song that made all diners smile.

Every day offers happy hour deals at The Links Bar and Grill – a great way to save money for your next round!

Daily happy hour deals on drinks and appetizers

At The Links Bar and Grill, grab amazing daily specials on drinks and appetizers. Get discounted draft beers, signature cocktails, and house wines during our happy hours. Savour our famous loaded nachos or garlic parmesan fries. Enjoy daily specials on chicken wings and sliders. Socialize with friends, family, or colleagues in our comfortable atmosphere at reasonable prices. Try our weekly rotating specialty drinks and unique appetizers.

Experience game nights at The Links Bar and Grill with beer pong, trivia competitions, karaoke performances, and more! We offer quality food and drink at affordable prices. Unwind after a long day or start your evening off right with the best happy hour deals in town.

True History: Sailors were given entertainment hours onboard ships with free drinks during World War I. In the 1950s, bars began offering discounted alcohol before dinnertime. Today, happy hours are a popular part of many restaurant cultures worldwide. Visit The Links Bar and Grill’s 19th Hole for a pint after a golf outing.

The 19th Hole

To continue your golf-themed happy hour, head to the 19th Hole with its classic golf club bar ambiance and displayed memorabilia. Signature cocktails and craft beer options will satisfy your thirst.

A classic golf club bar with memorabilia on display

19th Hole is located inside a classic golf club. Its walls are adorned with old photographs, vintage clubs, trophies and more. The atmosphere is cozy, with wood paneling and dim lighting.

The menu features classic dishes like steak and potatoes. There’s also a ‘Salute Wall’ to honor past members who have passed away. And, for the ultimate golf experience, you can sit outside and admire the manicured greens and fairways.

For an added bonus, enjoy a refreshing beverage from the selection of signature cocktails and craft beer. 19th Hole – the perfect spot to relax after a round of golf, and learn about its history.

Signature cocktails and craft beer options

Our place has amazing beverages to please our customers. From wild drinks to special beers, our bar is the perfect spot to relax after a tiring day on the golf course.

We are proud to offer signature cocktails and craft beers that will leave you amazed. 6 reasons why you should swing by our 19th Hole:

  1. Our mixologists make unique drinks with only fresh ingredients.
  2. Our craft beers come from local breweries with a broad range of styles.
  3. We have an impressive wine selection with unbelievable wines.
  4. We have non-alcoholic choices for those who don’t drink.
  5. Our bar staff can customize your drink to your taste.
  6. Happy hour deals are available every day.

When you’re at our bar, try our specialties. Our team can guide you through our options so you can pick a great drink for you.

Pro Tip: Don’t be shy to ask for suggestions – our staff are pros in their craft and can help you discover a new favorite cocktail or beer.
Forget about getting better at golf, just focus on the post-game drinks at the 19th hole!

Final Thoughts.

Golf outings can be draining, and one of the best ways to relax is with an ice-cold beverage. But where should golfers go for happy hour?

Plenty of pubs and bars have become popular among golf lovers after a round. These places have a chill environment where players can sip drinks and chat about their day on the green.

Some of the top spots include bars with indoor putting greens, sports bars with big TVs airing golf tournaments, or outdoor patios overlooking a course.

Although many of these venues have similar features, it’s often the small details that make them stand out – like special drinks in golf-themed glasses or signature dishes with golf-inspired names. So, whether you want some alone time or to socialize with friends while watching a tournament, there’s something for every thirsty golfer.

A few years back, I visited The Links. It had an outside putting green ideal for honing my short game while sipping brews. The bar also had old-school memorabilia and decor. It was awesome to see people wearing polo shirts with various courses from across the country swapping stories about their favourite holes. All in all, it was a great night with great company and good vibes.

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