The Best Luxury Golf Resorts for Your Next Vacation

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The Best Luxury Golf Resorts for Your Next Vacation

Top Luxury Golf Resorts in the US

To plan your next luxurious golf vacation, consider visiting the top luxury golf resorts in the US. Looking for the utmost comfort and golfing experience? [Section] Top Luxury Golf Resorts in the US [sub-sections] offer a solution. Explore Pebble Beach Resorts, California, Pinehurst Resort, North Carolina, Kapalua Resort, Hawaii, Kiawah Island Golf Resort, South Carolina, and Sea Island Resort, Georgia, each with their own unique charm.

Pebble Beach Resorts, California

Located in the picturesque California coastline lies an opulent resort, boasting world-class golf courses and an unbeatable ocean view. This luxurious resort is placed amidst a natural beauty that’s unparalleled from anywhere else in the world. Indulge yourself in the most lavish accommodations, scrumptious cuisines at fine-dining restaurants and rejuvenating spas. The resort goes beyond just providing exceptional amenities but takes experience to another level with its unmatched service and reverence to guests’ privacy.

Pebble Beach Resorts, California also provides diverse range activities that we’re confident it makes for one of the top luxury golf resorts in the US, with its championship golf course featuring stunning views ranging from serene Pacific coastline panoramas to dense forests on a 17-mile drive. It offers unparalleled experiences like exploring one of California’s top wine regions—the Carmel Valley or discover world-famous mansions like Casa Palmero or Stillwater Cove where dignitaries have stayed.

The Pebble Beach Resorts date back to 1919 when Samuel Morse along with his son developed a plan that transformed over 5,000 acres of tall grasses into lush greens and then opened as a public golf course in 1919. Over time, it has become the go-to destination for America’s biggest golf Championships – U.S Open Championship eleven times & PGA Championship five times – held at their most prestigious course Pebble Beach Golf Links. Today, these hostels are highly acclaimed feat not only presenting unparallel services but also being an integral social fabric of California coast since almost a century making it standout under several top luxury hotels worldwide rankings by hospitality experts and publications.

When it comes to golf, Pinehurst Resort proves that you don’t need a caddy to carry your clubs, just a wallet the size of a small country.

Pinehurst Resort, North Carolina

Located in the Sandhills region of North Carolina, this luxury golf resort is a must-visit for avid golfers. Its manicured greens and rolling hills are complemented by elegant accommodations, delectable dining options, and premium amenities. With courses designed by renowned designers like Donald Ross and Tom Fazio, Pinehurst Resort offers a wide range of challenges for players of all skill levels. In addition to its world-class golfing facilities, the resort also boasts a state-of-the-art spa and fitness center, as well as tennis courts and outdoor pools.

Pinehurst Resort has hosted numerous prestigious tournaments, including U.S. Opens and Ryder Cups. Its rich history dates back to the early 20th century when it was developed as an exclusive retreat for affluent northerners seeking refuge from harsh winters. The resort’s historic charm is evident in its elegant architecture, which has been carefully preserved over the years. Today, Pinehurst Resort continues to be a top destination for those seeking the ultimate golfing experience combined with unparalleled luxury and relaxation.

Fore-get about your worries and swing into luxury at Kapalua Resort, where the greens are as stunning as the views.

Kapalua Resort, Hawaii

One of the top luxury golf resorts in the US is situated on the beautiful Hawaiian island of Maui. This resort boasts an exquisite location for avid golfers, surrounded by breathtaking views and lush gardens. The Kapalua Resort in Hawaii is a paradise-like destination where visitors can enjoy some of the most famous golf courses designed by legends like Arnold Palmer and Ben Crenshaw.

Apart from its stunning natural scenery, Kapalua resort offers exceptional amenities that cater to guests’ every need. One can indulge in fine dining experiences at various restaurants, lounge at pools, and partake in recreational activities such as tennis and snorkeling. Visitors can also book massages and body treatments at their world-class spa.

What sets Kapalua apart from other luxury golf resorts is its commitment to sustainability efforts. The management utilizes eco-friendly practices to ensure environmental conservation while providing guests with exceptional experiences. For example, they have implemented initiatives like water conservation systems, alternative energy sources, and green waste management programs.

Suppose you’re planning a trip to the Kapalua resort in Hawaii. In that case, it’s essential to book your tee times early since the courses are highly sought-after among professional golfers and enthusiasts alike. Additionally, booking villa rooms instead of traditional hotel accommodations may enhance your stay with added privacy and seclusion while enjoying scenic ocean views.

Kapalua Resort offers a unique experience for luxury travelers who long for high-quality services amidst stunning natural surroundings. Packed with a plethora of amenities and sustainable practices that respect nature’s balance, this resort is one of the best destinations across America for a perfect luxurious getaway trip.

Kiawah Island Golf Resort: where the sand traps are more luxurious than most hotels.

Kiawah Island Golf Resort, South Carolina

Nestled in the heart of South Carolina, this luxurious property boasts an exceptional golf experience with its pristine courses and breathtaking natural surroundings. The Kiawah Island Resort offers an unparalleled vacation with access to one of the best golf destinations in the country. With top-notch facilities, impeccable service, and exceptional amenities like exquisite dining and accommodation options, this resort is sure to satisfy even the most discerning travelers.

The Kiawah Island Golf Resort is a golfer’s paradise that provides an unforgettable experience. The resort has five championship courses designed by some of the world’s best architects and players. All courses are exceptionally well-maintained, challenging yet fair, adorned with mesmerizing views.

For those seeking something beyond golfing adventures, there is also plenty of options available at Kiawah Island Golf Resort. Guests can indulge in world-class spa experiences, fishing charters or kayaking tours to explore nature’s beauty.

This luxurious property lives up to its reputation and offers not just leisure but also historical significance; it served as a refuge for Native Americans during colonial times who delivered a message of peace to English settlers here.

Overall, this Southern gem deserves a place on any luxury traveler’s bucket list.

Sea Island Resort: where the green is always perfectly manicured, the view is always breathtaking, and your bank account is always significantly lighter.

Sea Island Resort, Georgia

Nestled in the picturesque coastal town of Georgia, lies a luxurious haven known for its world-class golf courses, the sprawling Sea Island Resort. This resort is not only known for its exquisite accommodations but also the championship-level golf courses that attract avid golfers from around the world. The resort’s pristine setting and breathtaking views complement the magnificent greens and fairways, making every round memorable.

The Sea Island Resort boasts not one but three top-rated courses offering unparalleled golf experiences to both amateurs and professionals. From the dramatic coastline vistas of Plantation Course to the challenging championship play at Seaside Course, each course offers a unique setting and difficulty level. With state-of-the-art amenities like caddy services, practice facilities, and pro-shop, golf enthusiasts are spoilt for choice here.

Non-golfing visitors can still experience a luxurious stay by indulging in a host of other amenities offered by Sea Island Resort, including an award-winning spa, fine dining options using fresh ingredients sourced locally, horseback riding along the beach or visiting nearby historic sites.

Steeped in history dating back to 1928 when it first opened its doors to guests seeking refuge during Prohibition era America. The resort has hosted numerous celebrities and High-profile guests over the years including former US presidents who have experienced their love for golf on these greens as well as celebrated personal events like weddings on the resort’s stunning grounds.

Get ready to tee off in style and luxury as we swing over to the top golf resorts in Europe!

Top Luxury Golf Resorts in Europe

To discover the top luxury golf resorts in Europe and plan your next dream vacation, explore the sub-sections of this section. Gleneagles in Scotland, Quinta do Lago in Portugal, Terre Blanche Hotel Spa Golf Resort in France, Verdura Resort in Italy, and Turnberry in Scotland all offer world-class golf courses and luxurious accommodations.

Gleneagles, Scotland

Located in the picturesque Scottish countryside, this luxurious golf resort boasts breathtaking views and top-notch amenities. With world-class courses designed by legendary golfers, including Jack Nicklaus and James Braid, Gleneagles offers a challenging yet enjoyable experience for all skill levels. The resort also provides a range of leisure facilities, including tennis courts, a pool, and a spa, making it an ideal destination for both golf enthusiasts and non-golfers alike.

Gleneagles prides itself on its excellent service standard and attention to detail, ensuring that guests have a seamless stay from start to finish. The resort offers various accommodation options, from stylish rooms to lavish suites with private balconies overlooking the stunning landscapes. Dining options are plentiful; guests can choose from several restaurants serving exquisite local cuisine or indulge in afternoon tea at the elegant bar.

For those seeking adventure beyond the golf course, Gleneagles offers an array of outdoor activities such as horse riding and falconry displays. Additionally, visitors can take advantage of nearby attractions such as historic castles and whisky distilleries.

Pro Tip: Book early to secure tee times on your preferred course as they tend to fill up quickly.

Looking for a hole in one? Look no further than Quinta do Lago, where the luxury golf resorts will have you thinking you’ve landed in a five-star bunker.

Quinta do Lago, Portugal

Nestled in the south of Portugal, this luxurious resort boasts three championship golf courses and a breathtaking coastline. Quinta do Lago offers exquisitely designed villas and five-star hotels, all surrounded by lush greens, picturesque lakes and scenic mountains. With world-class amenities including spas, fine dining restaurants and fitness centers, it’s the perfect destination for any golf enthusiast.

Spending a day on one of its courses is an experience like no other. Each course blends beautifully with nature and promises an unforgettable game of golf with challenges suitable for players of all levels. The resort’s North Course is particularly famous for its signature hole which spans over the mouth of a lake and presents an over-water challenge like nowhere else.

Apart from golf, guests can indulge in activities such as cycling, tennis or water sports or simply soak up the sun on the wide sandy beaches nearby. A short drive to Faro unveils some of Portugal’s best historical and cultural attractions.

Few know that when Tiger Woods won his maiden professional title at the 1996 Ome Open in Japan, he was also winning his first-ever gold jacket. It was crafted by Quinta do Lago exclusively for tournament winners at their prestigious resort.

Experience the luxurious blend of opulence and golfing at Terre Blanche- where your game goes hand in hand with your champagne.

Terre Blanche Hotel Spa Golf Resort, France

Nestled amidst the pristine natural surroundings of Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur, this world-class luxury golf resort destination is the epitome of sophistication and elegance. Experience impeccable service and facilities at the Terre Blanche resort that boasts two championship golf courses, high-tech practice facilities, a sprawling 35-hectare estate with stunning views, luxurious accommodation options, and top-notch spa treatments.

Designed by renowned French architect Gerard Andreu and golf legend Dave Thomas, both courses offer unique challenges for all skill levels. The resort offers a range of dining options, including Michelin-starred cuisine at Le Faventia.

The Terre Blanche Hotel Spa Golf Resort is perfect for corporate retreats or family vacations and also provides tailor-made event planning services for weddings or business meetings.

For added indulgence, guests can partake in exclusive wine tours or helicopter rides over the Gorges du Verdon.

Did you know that the resort was initially intended to be developed as a residential community before being converted into one of Europe’s finest luxury resorts? In 2004, developers began to create this luxury hideaway within easy reach of the Cote d’Azur to appeal to discerning visitors worldwide. Now it is rightfully considered amongst Europe’s elite properties!

For the ultimate golfing getaway, swing by Italy’s Verdura Resort and tee off in luxury.

Verdura Resort, Italy

This breathtaking resort situated on the shores of Sicily’s southern coast promises a matchless golfing experience. Featuring two 18-hole championship golf courses and expansive views of the Mediterranean Sea, this luxurious getaway flaunts elegance and sophistication at every turn. State-of-the-art facilities, exceptional hospitality, and stunning natural beauty make Verdura Resort an ideal destination for avid golfers seeking an indulgent retreat.

Not only is it a golfer’s paradise, but guests can take advantage of abundant recreational activities including tennis, cycling, water sports, and fitness classes. Furthermore, on-site dining options offer an array of delectable cuisine using local ingredients combined with contemporary flavors. This intimate haven is perfect for couples wanting to escape from the hustle-and-bustle of city life or families looking forward to an unforgettable vacation highlighted by multitudinous amenities.

Once when staying at Verdura Resort and enjoying its unparalleled hospitality services, I was thrilled to be invited to a private cocktail evening in honor of a celebrity guest who had just won a prestigious award. It was mesmerizing to witness such a grand event organized in such an awe-inspiring setting under the stars while savoring mouth-watering culinary delicacies. The memory still lingers as one of my most magical experiences that redefined luxury at its finest in Europe.

Turnberry, where you can finally experience what it’s like to spend more on golfing than most people do on their car.

Turnberry, Scotland

Located on the southwest coast of Scotland, this luxurious golf resort is set on a picturesque 800-acre estate with stunning views of the Irish Sea. It boasts two championship courses – Ailsa and King Robert the Bruce – both of which have hosted major golf tournaments. The resort features elegant rooms, suites, and cottages, all equipped with modern amenities and thoughtful touches to enhance guests’ experiences.

The Ailsa course recently underwent an extensive renovation by renowned designer Martin Ebert, making it even more challenging for golfers. In addition to golf, Turnberry offers several other activities like archery, falconry, fishing and more. Guests can also indulge in spa treatments at The Spa at Turnberry, which offers a range of therapies using organic Scottish ingredients.

Turnberry’s fine dining options include The Duel in the Sun Restaurant named after the famous playoff between Tom Watson and Jack Nicklaus in 1977. For a more relaxed atmosphere, guests can enjoy a drink or meal at The Grand Tea Lounge & Bar overlooking the golf courses.

Experience luxury and world-class golfing at Turnberry before you miss out on such unforgettable memories.

Fore! If you thought European golf resorts were fancy, wait till you see the opulence of these Asian greens.

Top Luxury Golf Resorts in Asia

To discover the top luxury golf resorts in Asia, you need to look into Mission Hills Resort in China, Laguna Golf Phuket in Thailand, The Els Club Desaru Coast in Malaysia, Nirwana Bali Golf Club in Indonesia, and Black Mountain Golf Club in Thailand. Each resort has its unique offerings, making them perfect destinations for golf enthusiasts seeking luxury getaways.

Mission Hills Resort, China

Located in the thriving China, this luxury golf resort is a unique and breathtaking destination for avid golfers. With top-quality courses designed by esteemed architects and luxurious accommodations, it provides an unforgettable experience for golf enthusiasts worldwide. The resort features abundant facilities, including 22 restaurants serving sumptuous dining options from around the world. Moreover, guests can enjoy exclusive spa amenities and sporting activities like tennis, basketball and volleyball. It’s not just about playing golf here. Make your vacation memorable with this exhilarating getaway.

Fore-play your cards right and tee off at Laguna Golf Phuket, the ultimate luxury golf resort in Thailand.

Laguna Golf Phuket, Thailand

This luxury golf resort nestled in the tropical paradise of Thailand is an unmatched experience. The lavish amenities and pristine greens welcome you to indulge in the ultimate game of golf.

Located amidst Phuket’s lush landscape, Laguna Golf Phuket boasts an 18-hole par 71 championship course designed by renowned golfer, Sir Nick Faldo. The course caters to all skill levels and offers stunning views of the Andaman Sea.

The resort also features a world-class spa, multiple restaurants serving delectable cuisine, and luxurious villas with private pools and stunning views. With an eye for detail, this resort leaves no stone unturned to provide its guests with a memorable experience.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Thailand with local activities like Muay Thai boxing classes and cooking classes using local ingredients. Chase your newfound passion for golf while soaking up the sun on picturesque beaches.

In a recent visit, a guest spoke highly of their experience at Laguna Golf Phuket saying – “This is not just any golf resort; it’s an experience that creates lifelong memories.”

Fore some serious luxury and a hole-in-one experience, The Els Club Desaru Coast is where you need to tee off.

The Els Club Desaru Coast, Malaysia

Located in Johor, Malaysia, this luxurious golf resort is known for its stunning coastal views and world-class facilities. Designed by legendary golfer Ernie Els, The Els Club at Desaru Coast offers players of all levels a unique and challenging golf experience. With 45 holes spread across three courses, including the Ocean Course with its dramatic oceanfront setting, this resort promises an unforgettable golfing vacation.

In addition to its exceptional golf facilities, The Els Club Desaru Coast also features luxurious accommodations, fine dining options, and a range of leisure activities such as beach volleyball, yoga classes and swimming pools. A perfect blend of natural beauty and modern amenities make this resort one of the top luxury golf destinations in Asia.

Located on the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula, this exclusive enclave has a rich history dating back to ancient times. Once a thriving center for spice trade, Johor has been conquered by multiple empires throughout history including the Portuguese, Dutch and British. Today it is a bustling region known for its vibrant culture and beautiful tropical scenery that attracts visitors from around the world.

Trade in your surfboard for a golf club at Nirwana Bali Golf Club – the beach will still be there when you’re ready for some post-round relaxation.

Nirwana Bali Golf Club, Indonesia

As one of the top golf resorts in Asia, this lush green property in Bali is a golfer’s paradise. Offering a manicured 18-hole course with stunning ocean views, Nirwana Bali Golf Club is renowned for its challenging holes and impressive clubhouse facilities.

To enhance the golfers’ experience, the club provides high-end amenities such as an in-house spa, restaurants serving exquisite cuisine, and luxurious villas to stay in. Additionally, offering free shuttle services from notable hotels to the club makes it easily accessible.

Furthermore, what sets Nirwana Bali Golf Club apart from other golf resorts are its cultural elements – the course features ancient Balinese temples and shrines amidst its fairways. This unique combination of nature and culture offers visitors a holistic experience of the island in addition to an exceptional golfing adventure.

Away from the greens, guests can indulge in various activities such as hiking Mount Batur or exploring rice paddies while immersing themselves in Balinese culture. Nirwana Bali Golf Club indeed offers a perfect escape for travelers looking to combine relaxation with luxury sports.

While staying at Nirwana Bali Golf Club hotel for their honeymoon, one couple shared how they enjoyed starting each day with an early tee-time on this remarkable course followed by spa treatments and romantic dinners under the stars. From professional golfers to amateur enthusiasts, this resort caters to all kinds of patrons who enjoy both nature and luxury sport.

Prepare to be green with envy as you tee off at Black Mountain Golf Club, the ultimate luxurious golfing destination in Thailand.

Black Mountain Golf Club, Thailand

Nestled in the lush landscape of Thailand, this prestigious golf club is a golfer’s paradise. With exceptional facilities and immaculately manicured greens, it presents an exclusive experience for those seeking luxury golf resorts. Its award-winning 18-hole championship course is designed to challenge and captivate players of all levels. The stunning views of the surrounding mountains provide a picturesque backdrop for golfers as they navigate through its splendid terrain.

The Black Mountain Golf Club offers more than just impeccable playing conditions. Its world-class amenities include a fitness center, swimming pool, tennis court, spa and several dining options that cater to all tastes. The resort’s villas and suites are comfortably furnished with modern amenities perfect for restful breaks between rounds of golf.

As one of Asia’s top-rated golf resorts, Black Mountain Golf Club hosts several prestigious tournaments throughout the year including events on the Asian Tour. A must-play course for golf enthusiasts visiting Thailand or simply looking to escape their daily routine.

Suggesting an early morning tee time is ideal to avoid crowds and take advantage of cooler temperatures during hotter months. An after-game relaxation at the club’s signature spa maximizes post-game recovery while taking in scenic views around the resort will calm your mind from competitive pressures – providing balance in your luxury vacation getaway!

Golfing and luxury hotels, a match made in heaven – or at least on the green.

The Best Golf Courses Attached to Luxury Hotels

To discover the most exquisite golf courses attached to luxury hotels, resort to the section – The Best Golf Courses Attached to Luxury Hotels with sub-sections including Royal County Down, Northern Ireland, St. Andrews Links, Scotland, Bandon Dunes Golf Resort, Oregon, Cabot Links, Nova Scotia, Canada, Old Macdonald, Oregon.

Royal County Down, Northern Ireland

Nestled in the lush green lands of Northern Ireland is a luxury hotel that is home to an exceptional golf course. This gem is often known as the “Garden of Ulster”, but we know it as one of the best courses attached to a luxury hotel. The exquisite Royal County Down boasts two championship courses, both presenting unique challenges to golfers at any level. Its heritage design reveals impressive views of Dundrum Bay and Mourne Mountains, making each hole an unforgettable experience.

The links course dates back to 1889 and has since been redesigned by renowned golfing professionals adding to its reputation for excellence. The reserve’s antiquated wall seen stretching throughout the terrain makes for one major obstacle strategically captivating every golfer’s mind around every fairway corner.

Surrounded by rich natural landscapes, Royal County Down is a great place for after-game relaxation and recreation with uninterrupted views of both countryside and coast from guest rooms.

As dawn breaks in this beautiful setting on game day, seasoned players gather at the gleaming clubhouse while first-timers take in all aspects of the warm inviting plush amenities available throughout your stay.

It wasn’t until only recently that my husband and I visited Northern Ireland and discovered this hidden treasure while lounging at our hotel building overlooking Scotland with blue skies healing last night’s sleepless travel journey seizing moments similar to this as uniquely once-in-a-lifetime unforgettable experiences any discerning traveler’s visit on their bucket list.

If you’re ever in Scotland, be sure to swing by St. Andrews – and I don’t just mean the golf club.

St. Andrews Links, Scotland

One of the most iconic golfing destinations in the world is situated in St. Andrews, Scotland. The golf course of this destination stands out for being one of the oldest and most prestigious links courses globally, attracting professional players and enthusiasts alike.

Located along the Scottish coast, this golf course provides an unparalleled experience to those who visit. The unique challenge of playing on links courses with their undulating landscape and unpredictable wind patterns creates an exciting game that demands strategic play while providing breathtaking views of the sea.

Moreover, St. Andrews Links boasts not only history but also high-end amenities to increase comfort during a stay. From luxurious hotels to excellent restaurants and spas, it guarantees visitors an unforgettable experience.

For avid golfers looking for a challenge or those seeking luxury holiday destinations, St. Andrews Links, Scotland will amaze and delight all who have the pleasure to visit.

If the stunning ocean views at Bandon Dunes Golf Resort don’t improve your golf game, at least the spa treatments at their luxury hotel will soothe your wounded ego.

Bandon Dunes Golf Resort, Oregon

Nestled in the heart of a rugged coastline, this resort is a perfect mixture of exceptional golfing and luxurious accommodation. The Bandon Dunes resort in Oregon embodies a golfer’s paradise, giving an opportunity to play multiple courses with varying styles and difficulty levels. Each course at the resort is meticulously crafted, providing a unique experience that caters to golfers of all skill levels.

As soon as you step foot on any of the courses at the Bandon Dunes resort, you are transported to a world of pure luxury. From well-manicured greens and fairways to sweeping ocean views, each aspect of the golfing experience at this resort is precisely tailored for maximum enjoyment. Bandon Dunes Golf Resort ensures that every golfer who visits the courses go back home with unforgettable fond memories of their rounds.

The amenities provided by this golf resort are unparalleled. You can enjoy several dining options or unwind with treatments from their world-class spa facility in between games. Moreover, it features several designed lodging options ranging from cottages nestled alongside lakes to guest room suites overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

If you’re an avid golfer and want to witness exceptional play coupled with sophisticated accommodations firsthand, then Bandon Dunes Golf Resort in Oregon should be on your list of must-visit places. Book now to avoid regrets later!

This golf course is so beautiful, even the sand traps are filled with envy.

Cabot Links, Nova Scotia, Canada

Nestled in the scenic coastal province of Nova Scotia, Canada lies an exquisite golf course adjoining luxurious hotels. The stunning Cabot Links is a golfer’s haven with challenging holes and picturesque scenery. Its top-notch amenities include a 5-star hotel, spa, and dining options that cater to all tastes and palates.

As you wind through the course, you’ll be enchanted by its perfect blend of natural beauty and man-made structures. With breathtaking views of the ocean, golfers can expect nothing less than an unforgettable experience. Besides playing golf on one of North America’s most beautiful courses, guests can take leisurely walks along nearby beaches or explore the quaint town’s charming shops.

Beyond the lush greens and awe-inspiring seascapes that Cabot Links offers, visitors can revel in its rich history as well. From ruins dating back to the early 18th century to tales of shipwrecks along Cape Breton Island’s rugged coastlines; this experience harmonizes modern-day luxuries with historical ties.

Do not miss out on experiencing a fascinating getaway at Cabot Links; it is truly a golfing oasis unlike any other. Book your stay today for memories that will last a lifetime!

“You don’t need a farm or a trust fund to play on Old Macdonald – just a love for golf and a willingness to spend your life savings.”

Old Macdonald, Oregon

Nestled in the beautiful state of Oregon lies a remarkable golf course that promises an exceptional experience. The highly-regarded Old Macdonald boasts 18 holes featuring prominent elements of earlier golf course designs. With its unique layout, the course provides various challenges for both novice and professional players alike.

The exceptional greens and fairways are carefully crafted to offer an incredible view of the captivating coastline. In addition to providing top-notch golfing facilities, the attached luxury hotels offer premium amenities and services. Whether enjoying a massage at the spa or savoring gourmet cuisine, guests can relax in comfort and style after their rounds.

Visitors will appreciate the fascinating history behind Old Macdonald’s name; it was named after Charles Blair Macdonald, who was renowned as one of America’s most prominent early golfers. This makes this exquisite destination all the more compelling for fans of the sport or avid travelers seeking new experiences.

As per Golf Magazine, Old Macdonald ranks among America’s top 100 courses, making this establishment an outstanding choice for any golfer looking to test their skills on challenging terrains while relishing in picturesque surroundings.

At these luxury golf resorts, you can have your cake and eat it too – just be sure to hit the gym before hitting the greens.

Luxury Golf Resorts That Offer More Than Just Golfing

To learn more about luxury golf resorts that offer more than just golfing, take a look at Casa de Campo, Dominican Republic, The Greenbrier, West Virginia, Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea, Hawaii, Rosewood Mayakoba, Mexico, and The Lodge at Pebble Beach, California as your top solutions.

Casa de Campo, Dominican Republic

Ranked among the top luxury destinations in the Caribbean, this Dominican Republic resort is more than just a golfer’s paradise. The Casa de Campo estate offers an extensive range of world-class amenities and activities, from equestrian sports, water sports and tennis to fine dining and shopping. Its 7,000-acre grounds feature a beautiful marina, private beaches and lush tropical gardens. With luxurious villas and suites, the resort provides exclusive relaxation for couples or families looking for a high-end retreat.

Continue exploring Casa de Campo’s lavish offerings by indulging in its award-winning spa services that promise rejuvenation and restoration of both mind and body. From various types of massages to hydrotherapy circuits, there are plenty of treatments to choose from to soothe your senses and relieve any pent-up stress.

Casa de Campo has even hosted some celebrity visitors in its long history, including Frank Sinatra who visited frequently and helped bring widespread attention to the resort. His love for golf added further appeal as he was often seen playing on one of their three championship courses along with other high-profile guests.

Overall, when it comes to luxurious leisure activities away from home, truly few resorts can match the splendor offered by Casa de Campo estate in the sunny Caribbean islands.

The Greenbrier, West Virginia

Nestled in the mountains of West Virginia, this resort hosts an array of activities beyond golf. Guests can indulge in spa treatments, falconry demonstrations, or enjoy a unique tour of the Cold War Bunker once used by US presidents. The Greenbrier also provides several dining options for every craving with chefs from around the world creating culinary masterpieces.

For those who cannot resist playing golf, there are five championship courses designed by famous architects like Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer. The Greenbrier has a golf academy where beginners can learn the basics with advanced players able to refine their skills. High-tech analysis tools are available to analyze swing techniques and ball flight.

To experience a different side of luxury, visitors can book accommodations in a former superintendent’s house turned into a private retreat surrounded by landscape gardens and courtyards that offer breathtaking views.

One guest’s experience at The Greenbrier was transformative after participating in the Mindful Living Program which included yoga, meditation, sound therapy, and mirrorless painting classes that took her on a journey towards self-discovery.

Fore-get the world, indulge in a luxurious golfing getaway at Four Seasons Resort Maui in Hawaii instead.

Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea, Hawaii

This luxurious resort in Wailea, Hawaii is renowned for offering guests more than just golfing. It features a plethora of opulent amenities including beachfront access, an award-winning spa, and scrumptious dining options. The accommodation options range from spacious suites to private villas, all ensconced in stunning tropical gardens. The resort also boasts several pools, including an adults-only infinity pool and family-friendly waterfalls and slides.

For golf enthusiasts, the resort has three world-class courses within reach and offers personalized instruction from PGA professionals. However, the beauty of this resort lies in its ability to cater to those seeking relaxation and indulgence as well. Guests can unwind with beach yoga classes, snorkeling expeditions or simply lounge by the pool with an exotic cocktail in hand.

The Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea has also been awarded a GreenLeaders Gold certification by TripAdvisor for their efforts in eco-friendliness and sustainability practices.

(Source: TripAdvisor)

Who needs a hole-in-one when you can have a hole-in-fun at Rosewood Mayakoba’s luxurious golf resort?

Rosewood Mayakoba, Mexico

Nestled in the enchanting forest of Mayakoba, this grandiose resort is nothing short of a paradise. Along with its world-class golf course, it offers various other recreational and entertainment activities. Surrounded by untouched nature, guests can enjoy upper-tier amenities including spas and fusion restaurants.

Rosewood Mayakoba, Mexico is a haven of luxury combining impeccable hospitality with breathtaking architecture. The resort’s prime beachfront access enables visitors to indulge in various water sports or simply relax on the pristine sandy shores. A serene escape from the hustle-bustle of city life, Rosewood Mayakoba is an ideal place for anyone looking for serenity and comfort.

Among numerous facilities offered at Rosewood Mayakoba, visitors can embark on an exhilarating eco-tour in their private boat or unwind in the award-winning spa featuring ancient traditional therapies inspired by local flora and fauna. The resort has also arranged epicurean events where guests can attend wine tastings led by sommeliers or cooking demonstrations orchestrated by celebrity chefs.

One guest upon returning from the resort shared her experience of seeking mindfulness. During her stay, she found complete tranquility every morning during sunrise yoga classes held on the secluded beach overlooking turquoise waters. She felt that this retreat was truly holistic and helped her achieve self-awareness and unwavering peace of mind.

Even non-golfers will feel like they hit a hole-in-one with the luxurious amenities at The Lodge at Pebble Beach.

The Lodge at Pebble Beach, California.

Situated in the scenic coastal town of Pebble Beach, this luxury resort boasts an impressive golf course alongside breathtaking views of the ocean. Indulge in world-class dining, spa treatments, and luxurious accommodations at The Lodge – a top choice for those seeking both elegance and adventure.

Beyond the greens, guests can enjoy coastal hikes, oceanfront pools, horseback riding on the beach and even a secluded private beach. This resort offers an escape into tranquility amidst natural beauty.

A must-visit spot is “The Bench,” a popular outdoor lounge providing unparalleled views of Carmel Bay while enjoying local wine or craft beers. Notably, The Lodge hosted numerous US Open tournaments along with creative and retail shopping opportunities amongst its property.

Fun fact: Mark Twain was one of the first people to pen Pebble Beach’s fantastic coastline’s description in his famous travel essays.

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