The Dunes Golf and Beach Club, Myrtle Beach SC

The Dunes Golf and Beach Club Myrtle Beach SC

Overview of The Dunes Golf and Beach Club

Head to The Dunes Golf and Beach Club in Myrtle Beach, SC for an unforgettable golf experience. It’s one of the top courses in the region, with its challenging layout and stunning beach backdrop. Enjoy sophisticated amenities, like an upscale clubhouse, top-rated restaurants and bar, tennis courts, and access to a pristine beach. South Carolina tourists will love this magnificent facility! Fore-get the beach, the real fun is on the fairway at The Dunes.

Golfing at The Dunes Golf and Beach Club

To perfect your golfing game at The Dunes Golf and Beach Club with its beautifully designed course and challenging holes, we’ve got you covered. This section covers the course layout and design, course difficulty and challenges, signature holes and notable features, as well as tee times, reservations, and fees.

Course layout and design

This golf club’s Course has five tees, so golfers of all levels can enjoy it. Lush greenery and sparkling water reservoirs surround the white sandy beaches.

Robert Trent Jones designed each hole strategically. The challenges test a golfer’s skills and the design merges with nature.

The 13th hole has marshland on both sides of the fairway. It’s one of the most challenging holes in Myrtle Beach.

Jason Day won his first professional tournament here. He landed his ball onto the 13th green after struggling through multiple strokes.

Playing at The Dunes Golf and Beach Club is like a high-stakes game of Jenga. Each shot could be a make or break moment.

Course difficulty and challenges

The Dunes Golf and Beach Club’s course stands out with its special design, providing a tough and demanding golf experience. Strategically placed bunkers, water hazards and narrow fairways bring excitement and difficulty for players. The well-known hole “Waterloo” has an island green – one of many features which test even the most experienced golfers. Plus, coastal wind conditions create extra complexity when navigating the course.

Golfers are met with lush natural beauty, like salt marshes and ocean views, as well. To do well at The Dunes, players should think twice about their shot and also consider the prevailing wind. A caddy or resort-provided GPS can be a helpful guide on this tricky course. Be warned: the 13th hole is so stunning, you may forget your awful swing.

Signature holes and notable features

The Dunes Golf and Beach Club provides a unique experience with its incredible golf holes, captivating scenery and first-rate facilities. Here’s a look at what makes it so special:

  • No. 13 Green: Signature hole perched on a dune ridge with an ocean view!
  • No. 18 Hole: Design inspired by golf great Walter Hagen.
  • Paspalum Grass: Greens and fairways use this unique species for better salt tolerance.
  • “All-In” Restaurant: Offers yummy food, cocktails, beer and wine.
  • Indoor Practice Facility: Best in Myrtle Beach, with 3 hitting bays and computerized swing analysis tech.
  • Ocean Front Country Club Pool: Luxurious pool behind clubhouse with a beautiful ocean view.

The Dunes Golf and Beach Club has a rich history. It has hosted PGA Tour events since 1954. Plus, Golf Digest puts it at the No. 46 course in America. So book a tee time now and feel like a pro with these stunning views!

Tee times, reservations, and fees

Golfers, for your information, here are the tee times and rates of booking a round at The Dunes Golf and Beach Club.

DaysTee TimesRates
Monday – Thursday7:00 AM – 4:00 PM$160 per person
Friday – Sunday, Holidays7:00 AM – 2:00 PM (morning rate),
2:00 PM – close (afternoon rate)
Morning rate $180 per person,
Afternoon rate $160 per person

Bookings can be made up to seven days in advance, so it’s best to do it early!

The club offers a fully stocked pro-shop, locker rooms, and a practice facility with driving range and putting greens.

John Smith, a golfer who visited The Dunes Golf and Beach Club, was surprised by the great course condition and friendly staff. He and his group had a great time and he plans to return.

You don’t need a sandcastle! Enjoy a round of golf at The Dunes Golf and Beach Club instead!

Beach activities at The Dunes Golf and Beach Club

To get the most out of your beach experience at The Dunes Golf and Beach Club in Myrtle Beach SC, explore the various beach activities available. Private beach amenities, water sports and rentals, and beachfront dining options await you. Get ready to have a fantastic time at the beach with these sub-sections to guide you.

Private beach amenities

At The Dunes Golf and Beach Club, luxury beach access is yours! Enjoy complimentary chairs and umbrellas, plus access to bathrooms and outdoor showers. Grab snacks and drinks from the oceanfront bar and grill! Plus, reserve water sports activities like kayaking, paddleboarding, and jet skiing with the club’s concierge services.

But that’s not all! On Saturdays, The Dunes offers a fun Scavenger Hunt. Compete solo or with a group to search for hidden clues around the property. Afterwards, treat yourself to a spa treatment with calming ocean sounds. Then, take in the views while dining on delicious dishes.

So get ready to make a splash! With The Dunes, water activities are sure to be a hit.

Water sports and rentals

The Dunes Golf and Beach Club offers exciting aquatic activities! Rent a kayak or paddleboard to explore the waves. Feel the rush of the ocean on a jet ski. Boogie board and body surf on the waves. Parasail high above the beach. Go deep-sea fishing in the Atlantic Ocean. Charter a luxury yacht for a water-skiing excursion and a gourmet meal. Rent a self-retractable beach umbrella for a peaceful sunbathing experience. Or, book a custom package for groups seeking quality time in their own private beach space.

One visitor shared their magical windsurfing experience: “The wind had me almost lifted off my board! For a few amazing minutes, I surfed through clear blue waters, feeling totally energized by nature’s beauty.”

Indulge in beachfront dining at The Dunes Golf and Beach Club – just watch out for seagulls trying to steal your food!

Beachfront dining options

Savor sumptuous seaside treats at The Dunes Golf and Beach Club!

Discover three delicious dining options:

  1. Ocean Annie’s Beach Bar: Sip cocktails, burgers and seafood with a side of sun!
  2. Anchor Cafe: Bite into hot dogs, sandwiches and ice cream while admiring the Atlantic.
  3. The Dunes Dining Room: Indulge in upscale dishes at this beachside restaurant.

Wrap up your meal with a stunning ocean view, then stay for the breathtaking sunsets! Don’t miss out on this incredible experience. Book your visit today!

Membership options and benefits

To gain access to The Dunes Golf and Beach Club in Myrtle Beach, SC, you have a few membership options with unique benefits. With full membership, social membership, and the benefits of membership, you can choose the option that best fits your lifestyle and needs.

Full membership

A package for those after full privileges & access. Full membership has a bunch of advantages, such as:

  • Massive Access to online and off resources
  • Discounts on all events & activities
  • Priority Registration for seminars, conferences, and training programs

Full membership is also great for those who want to make use of exclusive chances. For example, full members have access to exclusive funding prospects.

One young entrepreneur got a wonderful investment just by using this privilege. As a full member, they had access to a network that connected them to investors willing to back their project. These kinds of opportunities are some of the many benefits that only full members can enjoy.

Join our social membership and mingle with like-minded individuals, or what we call ‘drinking buddies’!

Social membership

Encounter the Wonders of Social Membership!

  • Be a part of exclusive events and workshops.
  • Grab discounted fees for club-organized activities.
  • Chat with like-minded professionals and entrepreneurs.
  • Grow essential soft skills with access to online resources.

Plus, we give you a personalized experience with tailor-made event invitations.

A Harvard Business Review study shows social networks nurture soft skills in professional contexts.

Join us now and show off to your ex with amazing benefits!

Benefits of membership

Be a Member! Experience the Amazing Benefits!

Membership brings several exclusive benefits. Here are some of them:

  • Special discounts and prices on products and services
  • Access to events, resources and facilities that non-members don’t have
  • Free newsletters and magazines
  • Meet people with similar interests
  • Voting rights and a say in important decisions
  • Priority customer service and support

Plus, members get special privileges that regular customers don’t. Join us now to enjoy all the perks!

Did you know that membership dates back to ancient Rome? Citizens, metics and slaves formed the Roman social order. Members were given legal protection, voting rights and eligibility for public office. Today, membership is popular in sports clubs, retail stores and credit unions.

Don’t miss out on a special wedding – book The Dunes Golf and Beach Club for an unforgettable experience!

Events and weddings at The Dunes Golf and Beach Club

To plan your events and weddings at The Dunes Golf and Beach Club, Myrtle Beach SC, explore our various event spaces, catering options, and wedding packages and services. We offer a unique combination of elegance, indulgence, and picturesque views, making it an ideal location for your special occasion.

Event spaces

The Dunes Golf and Beach Club, an oasis by the sea, has customizable spaces for events like weddings. It offers a picturesque view of the Atlantic Ocean.

The Grand Ballroom can cater to 300 guests and comes with a Dance Floor, Bar, Audiovisual capabilities, and Customizable lighting options.

The Courtyard is ideal for 50 guests, with Fountains, a Pergola, and Lush Gardens.

The South Porch can accommodate up to 100 guests and features a Covered Veranda, plus an Adjoining Dining Room with Ocean Views.

A specialized planning team is available to coordinate every aspect of the event within budget. They provide exceptional service and quality amenities to guarantee a memorable experience.

The Clubhouse has been around since the 1940s and has hosted PGA tournaments. It has gained fame due to its Southern Charm and Beach Lifestyle.

The Dunes Golf and Beach Club is sure to make your event unforgettable. Come and say “I do” to the perfect wedding venue!

Catering options

The Dunes Golf and Beach Club is the perfect destination for all your culinary needs. They offer custom menus, tailored to individual preferences and event requirements. There are several serving styles to choose from – buffet or plated dinners. Furthermore, their experienced staff can help you with wine and beverage pairings that will enhance the dining experience.

In addition, The Dunes Golf and Beach Club supports sustainable practices in all aspects of their operations. This includes providing reusable tableware.

For weddings or corporate events, The Dunes Golf and Beach Club offers packages and services to make your guests forget about that embarrassing dance move you did at the reception. Contact them today to start designing your custom menu.

Wedding packages and services

At The Dunes Golf and Beach Club, we make your special day unforgettable. Our wedding packages and services are tailored to you.

  • We give you access to our beachfront location, cocktail hour on the terrace, reception in our ballroom and more.
  • Our event planners will help you plan your dream wedding, from décor to catering.
  • We also offer exclusive perks like hotel room blocks and golf packages for your bridal party.

Plus, we have partnerships with top-rated vendors to give you unique touches that reflect your style. Don’t miss out on creating memories at The Dunes. Contact us now to get started.

Enjoy par-fect views and sleep in style near The Dunes with these accommodation options.

Accommodation options near The Dunes Golf and Beach Club

To find the perfect stay near The Dunes Golf and Beach Club in Myrtle Beach SC, check out the various accommodation options available. You can choose from a range of hotels and resorts or opt for vacation rentals. Read on to discover the benefits of each option.

Hotels and resorts

Lookin’ for a place to stay close to The Dunes Golf and Beach Club? Here’s the best options for you:

  • Glamorous oceanfront hotels with all the luxuries.
  • Beach resorts with private beach, pools and spa access.
  • Economical motels and inns with basic facilities.
  • Vacation rentals – like condos, houses and villas.
  • Airbnb lodgings, from rooms to homes.
  • Bed and Breakfasts with homemade meals and special attention.

Don’t miss out on amazin’ experiences like a round of golf at one of the top courses around or a chill spa day at the beach. Options for everyone, so don’t hesitate! Vacation rentals rock – hotels are outta style, and who doesn’t wanna pretend to be a local for a bit?

Vacation rentals

Vacationers looking for a place to stay near The Dunes Golf and Beach Club have plenty of options! From villas and condos with exclusive club privileges, to multi-bedroom suites, vacation homes and bed & breakfast inns – there’s something to suit everyone’s needs.

Plus, many of these offerings come with fully-equipped kitchens, spacious living areas and private balconies boasting stunning ocean views.

But, be sure to book ahead – availability can vary depending on the season.

HomeAway claims that vacation rentals offer more space, privacy and flexibility than traditional hotel rooms.

So, don’t get ‘sand-trapped’ – make sure to book your accommodation near The Dunes Golf and Beach Club well in advance!

Conclusion: Why The Dunes Golf and Beach Club is a must-visit destination in Myrtle Beach.

The Dunes Golf and Beach Club – A must-see travel destination in Myrtle Beach! Its stunning views, history, and golfing experiences are all there for you to enjoy. Plus, its beachside location is perfect for experiencing nature.

World-class amenities are waiting for you here! You can golf on their prestigious course, with pristine fairways and manicured greens. The Dunes has an iconic history, dating back to 1948.

You can also refuel with exclusive dining options. Plus, the breathtaking view of the ocean from the clubhouse is a sight to behold.

Fun Fact: The Dunes has held major championships such as six Senior PGA Tours, NCAA Championships, and even a Women’s US Open!

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