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The Honda Classic at TPGA National (Champion), Palm Beach Gardens, FL. Learn About This PGA Championship, Course, History, & Why You Need to Visit!

Where is The Honda Classic being held?

The Honda Classic is being held at TPGA National (Champion), Palm Beach Gardens, FL.

What is The PGA Championship?

The PGA championship is the second of four Major Championships in men’s professional golf and is one of the four World Golf Championships (WGC).

Honda Classic History:  

This event was originally known as the Jackie Gleason Inverrary Classic, which started in 1972. The tournament is hosted by the PGA Tour and is played at the TPC of Eagle Trace (which has previously held names such as Heritage Place or Inverrary Country Club).

Honda Classic Prize Money:

The total purse was $5.6 million in 2012. Winner is awarded with $1.116 million for first place, followed by the others who finish below the winner taking home smaller prize money payouts.

Honda Classic Course:  

The TPC of Eagle Trace was designed by Pete Dye and features Bermuda fairways that are framed by native grasses and pine trees in rolling terrain.

Honda Classic Accommodations:

Palm Beach Gardens & Hotels Nearby TPC of Eagle Trace : The TPC of Eagle Trace is conveniently located within 15 minutes of downtown West Palm Beach, FL. There are many hotels to choose from in the area, with most being ‘all inclusive’.

Honda Classic FAQ:

How do I get to the Honda Classic?

The best way is to fly into West Palm Beach (PBI), and take a shuttle from the airport. 

What is the weather like in March during The Honda Classic?

This area typically enjoys beautiful Florida weather, with an average high of 80 degrees Fahrenheit and low of 56 degrees Fahrenheit (March averages).

What if I want to go walking the course while at The Honda Classic?

You can book a caddie for a fee on a per-round basis. You can also walk the course with clubs of your own by using the driving range and putting greens located throughout the TPC of Eagle Trace .

Why do you need to visit The Honda Classic?

The Honda classic is the first event of the calendar year for PGA TOUR. It’s also an opportunity to see some of golf’s best players compete in the $6.7 million purse event, which includes 142 of professional golfers from around the world representing 34 countries.

Fans can expect to see top teams like the Americans, European players, and the Asian/Australasian contingents.

This is one of golf’s best events to attend if you’re a fan, as there are typically no admission fees charged on the days of practice rounds .

Is the Honda Classic Golf Course Hard?

The Honda Classic at TPC of Eagle Trace is a great course for everyone, including beginners. The layout is a bit shorter than other courses on TOUR and usually plays to around 7,200 yards from the tips.

What are the hardest holes to play at the Honda Classic?

Holes 5 and 17.

Is there an age limit?  

There are no specific rules pertaining to age restrictions for spectators attending The Honda Classic, but we recommend consulting with your pediatrician prior to travel.

What does TPC Mean?

TPC stands for The Players Club. Each golf course hosting a PGA Tour event hosts one of the TPC clubs.

What is the Dress Code at The Honda Classic?

There are no specific dress code requirements, but we suggest you bring only one color from head to toe if possible.

What is the Weather Like During The Honda Classic?

This area typically enjoys beautiful Florida weather, with an average high of 80 degrees Fahrenheit and low of 56 degrees Fahrenheit (March averages).

Where do the players stay during The Honda Classic?

The players typically get their own hotel rooms upon arrival in West Palm Beach, FL. They usually get a break from this during the later rounds on Sunday and Monday when there are less pressures of being ‘on it’ from tee to green.

What’s recommended to do at Palm Beach Gardens?

Palm Beach Gardens is an upscale city, which means there are many things to do that require money.

How Much Does it Cost?

The cost of The Honda Classic typically starts at $75 during the first round of practice rounds and can climb up to $1,000+ for parking and a seat in the bleachers.

What is unique about The Honda Classic?

Since this is the first major PGA Tour event of the calendar year, you’ll see many professionals playing with new equipment and looking to get their seasons off on the right foot.

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