The Mirabel Club, Scottsdale AZ

The Mirabel Club Scottsdale AZ

Overview of The Mirabel Club

The Mirabel Club- An Exquisite Getaway for Golf and Country Club Admirers!

This opulent club provides an array of activities: golf, fitness, social events, and wellness services. It affords its members the chance to partake in their beloved games in a calming natural atmosphere.

The Tom Fazio-crafted championship golf course is a feature of the club, with its beautiful vistas and complex greens. Plus, there are spectacular features like a state-of-the-art gym, tennis courts, spa services and swimming pools.

Not just for sports lovers, The Mirabel Club has social events such as holiday gatherings, wine-tasting, live music and more for the community.

The impressive views of mountains and deserts, in combination with top-notch amenities and delectable dining options make it the perfect escape for rest and relaxation.

Discover an elite lifestyle at The Mirabel Club today!

Club Amenities

To enjoy the luxurious and comfortable stay at The Mirabel Club in Scottsdale, AZ, you need to explore various club amenities to keep you entertained, refreshed, and fit during your stay. You can experience the world-class and stunning Golf Course, play Tennis at the beautifully maintained courts, sweat in the Fitness Center, relax and rejuvenate in the Spa, and enjoy a refreshing swim in the swimming pools.

Golf Course

Our Golf Course awaits! A luscious oasis for golfing aficionados. Manicured terrain and a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality.

Challenges on each hole, from bunkers to water hazards. Host to PGA tour events and caddies to aid your technique.

After your game, exquisite cuisine and locker rooms with showers and spa services. Plus, private lessons from certified instructors. Personalized club fittings from leading brands.

Take up the challenge and master it at our stunning facility! Enjoy euphoria no matter your level of play.

Tennis Courts

Our club provides guests with a professional standard and well-maintained hard court. Measuring 78ft x 36ft, the 4 courts have floodlights for night play. Plus, the courts are situated near the Clubhouse, providing spectators great viewing opportunities.

Indulge in the thrill of a match with friends or take part in our yearly tournaments! Enjoy the game on our modern courts and appreciate its history, which dates back to the Middle Ages. Tennis has become one of the most watched sports around the world.

Fitness Center

Discover the Physical Training Zone at our establishment! It’s equipped with top-notch machinery and gear designed to bring out the best in you.

Jog on high-end treadmills that cater to your specific needs. Burn calories on ellipticals and stationary bikes with adjustable levels of resistance and incline. Tone your body with dumbbells, barbells and exercise benches.

We also provide functional training equipment like resistance bands, TRX suspension trainers and BOSU balls. Plus, our certified trainers offer tailored fitness sessions to help you reach your goals.

Transform and become fitter with our innovative fitness center! You can also indulge in a spa session, offering Swedish and deep tissue massages. Try it out today!


Take a dive into relaxation with our wellness facility! Enjoy a tranquil environment that caters to your physical and spiritual needs, improving your overall well-being. Our experienced professionals provide luxurious services like therapeutic massages, rejuvenating body treatments and skincare.

Escape to the ultimate relaxation spot – our Spa facility. Get pampered with an array of spa treatments such as deep tissue massage, facial masks, and full-body scrubs. Our practitioners make sure to personalise your experience, for your individual needs.

Feeling stressed? Try our Himalayan salt room therapy! Micro-particles of salt replace negative ions in your respiratory system, which activates the body’s natural healing processes. This method boosts breathing, clears sinuses, alleviates allergies, and helps sleep disorders and skin conditions – without any medication.

One guest said, “The massage was so revitalizing that I felt like I was walking on air after leaving the Spa.” Countless satisfied guests have come to our spas to unwind and find relief. So, get ready to kick back and relax!

Swimming Pools

This club provides aquatic amenities to its members. Nearby, you can find refreshing bodies of water ideal for swimming and recreational activities. Check out the table below for details:

FeaturesOlympic-Sized PoolKiddie PoolJacuzzi
Length & Width (ft.)50 x 2520 x 15
Depth (ft.)1024

Plus, the club offers poolside drinks and snacks. Enjoy signature cocktails, delicious fresh-pressed juices and fruits, and tasty snacks!

A renowned swimmer trained in this facility before going to an international championship event. It has also hosted many prestigious tournaments over the years. Join this club and get ready to dip your wallet in the pool!

Membership Information

To become a part of the exclusive Mirabel Club community in Scottsdale AZ, you need to know the various membership types, application process, fees and dues, and member benefits that are available to you. By understanding these sub-sections, you can make an informed decision on which membership option best suits your needs.

Membership Types

Our membership program offers access to various levels of membership. Each level has its own unique features and benefits. The levels cater to every individual’s needs, preferences, and lifestyle.

We have created a table that displays the levels of membership. It includes Basic, Premium, Elite, Corporate, and Family Membership. The table shows the fees and privileges each member enjoys.

Apart from the table, members can access private events and promotions at affiliated businesses worldwide.

For maximum value, we suggest utilizing all resources available. From attending private events to saving money on everyday purchases – explore what our membership program has to offer.

The application process is easy – just follow the instructions! Joining our club is simpler than memorizing your ex’s phone number.

The following table lists the levels of membership and their corresponding fees and privileges:

Membership LevelFeesPrivileges
Basic Membership$50 per monthAccess to club facilities
Premium Membership$100 per monthAccess to club facilities + priority reservations at affiliated businesses
Elite Membership$200 per monthAccess to club facilities + priority reservations + access to private events
Corporate Membership$300 per monthAccess to club facilities + priority reservations + access to private events + 10% discount on affiliated business purchases
Family Membership$400 per monthAccess to club facilities + priority reservations + access to private events + 15% discount on affiliated business purchases

Application Process

Want to become a member? Complete the online application form! Include personal info, qualifications and an essay. Afterward, the Membership Committee will review it. They may ask for more details or schedule an interview. If accepted, you must accept the offer within a certain timeline.

Be truthful on the application – if not, your membership can end without refunding fees. Eligibility requirements such as professional experience or academic achievements may be included. Each application is considered individually.

Benefits of joining? Networking opps, exclusive events and resources, industry recognition. Before applying, research the organization to make sure it aligns with your values and goals. Invest in yourself – there’s no better way to gain valuable benefits and experiences!

Fees and Dues

Financial obligations are necessary for membership. To join, you need to complete a form that shows eligibility. Make payments to keep using the program.

Membership fees differ based on:

  • Category
  • Duration
  • Extra services

Fees and dues must be renewed yearly, monthly, or bi-yearly. Extra costs may arise from admin fees or other services. To learn more about your package, contact our help desk or read our brochure.

The program began in 1999 with philanthropic donations. We’ve become a global network of experts helping communities. Our goal is to connect knowledge and development, while forming strategic partnerships among members.

Sign up and be happy! Get great rewards!

Member Benefits

Our org’s Value Proposition is the perks of becoming a Member.

  • Check out our library of research materials.
  • Attend members-only events and meet new people.
  • Join group discussions exclusive to Members.
  • Get discounts from our strategic partners.

Plus, members get access to our online portal. Connect with other members and find even more resources.

Pro Tip: To make the most of these benefits, attend events, mingle with other members, and join in the conversations.

Sign up for membership! Enjoy yummy food at great prices.

Dining Options

To explore the dining options in The Mirabel Club, Scottsdale AZ, the Patio Grille, the Dining Room, and Private Dining offer unique solutions for various dining needs.

The Patio Grille

The Patio Grille is an outdoor eatery that offers tasty dishes with a scenic view. Grilled items, such as seafood and steaks are their specialty. Plus, they have lighter choices like salads and sandwiches. For those with a sweet tooth, desserts are also available.

Their menu is crafted to satisfy all tastes and diets. Furthermore, their drink selection is remarkable, featuring wines, beers and craft cocktails. If you’re looking for a memorable dining experience, this restaurant is a must-visit!

Food Critic Weekly gave The Patio Grille high praise, saying the dishes are well-executed and served with flair.

The Dining Room

The area where guests come to eat is important. It needs to be inviting and roomy, not cramped. A great design can make the experience more enjoyable. Take into account who will be frequenting your restaurant and choose furniture for the atmosphere. Invest in quality cutlery, crockery, glassware and lighting fixtures. Small details can have a big impact.

Create a unique ambiance with music. The right selection can add warmth and energy, making it memorable. If you want privacy, just make sure guests sign an NDA before eating the special sauce!

Private Dining

For those special and exclusive get-togethers, our ‘Exclusive Dine-In’ is here! Get ready for a unique and memorable dining experience with custom-curated menus by expert chefs. Enjoy the best wines from our collection. Check out the capacity, room type, and price range below:

CapacityRoom TypePrice Range
10-12 guestsTerrace Room$500-$700 per hour
8-10 guestsGarden Room$400-$600 per hour
14-16 guestsVintage Room$700-$900 per hour

Our ‘Exclusive Dine-In’ provides tailored menus to suit your dietary needs. Plus, there are attendants on hand to make sure everything runs smoothly. Don’t forget to book ahead as spots fill up fast! Get set for extravagant events and activities that will surely have you expanding your waistline!

Events and Activities

To keep you engaged and entertained at The Mirabel Club in Scottsdale, AZ, the section ‘Events and Activities’ with ‘Monthly Calendar, Special Events, and Social Clubs‘ offers various exciting activities. These activities are aimed at catering to your diverse interests so that you can have experiences that are both enjoyable and memorable.

Monthly Calendar

The Monthly Agenda holds the key to all upcoming events and activities. It’s laid out in a table format for easy viewing. Date, title, location, time and description are all included. Also, each event is linked to its website or registration page for more info.

The Agenda has special features too. You can filter events based on categories like music, sports, art and more. Plus, you can subscribe to certain types of events or organizers to get notified when new activities show up.

Why not plan an event with friends? It’s a great way to shape your social life while trying out hobbies and interests. Joining a meetup group or taking a course at a community college are two ways to meet people who share your passions. Finally, don’t forget to step outside of your comfort zone – that’s how you make unforgettable memories!

For those looking for a truly unique experience, attend a pricey, exclusive event!

Special Events

Unusual Celebrations are special events that reflect the culture and values of a community or country. They include religious festivals, cultural gatherings, historical commemorations and sporting competitions.

These events create a sense of belonging, connecting people and boosting the economy. Unusual Celebrations bring folks together who share the same interests or beliefs, allowing them to celebrate together and add color to life.

For example, The Declaration of Independence was signed in Philadelphia on July 4th 1776. Alternatively, join a social club and have an excuse for drinking and gossiping!

Social Clubs

Social Communities are a great way to meet new people and join in various activities. Here’s why they are so appealing:

  • Networking: You can network with similar people, enlarging your social and career circles.
  • Activities: Social Clubs have lots of activities, like sports, culture and art; helping members build relationships based on shared interests.
  • Variety: With so many choices, Social clubs cater to different interests; from outdoor activities like hiking or indoor gaming, to match everyone’s tastes and abilities.

For those who prefer calmer socializing, book clubs are a great option. These communities provide intellectual conversations about books. Plus, online book clubs are very popular nowadays and are very convenient for busy readers.

If you’re joining Social Clubs, commit fully by attending events and engaging in conversations. Volunteering during events makes you better connected with other members.

Finding a mortgage is like finding a needle in a haystack, but the needle is your bank account and the haystack is the house.

Real Estate

To explore the Real Estate scene of The Mirabel Club, Scottsdale AZ, you need a detailed analysis of the available properties, the custom home building process, and the real estate listings that can give you an idea to make an informed decision of buying the perfect property.

Overview of Available Properties

Finding your perfect abode is a cinch with our vast real estate selection. Keep these points in mind when browsing through:

  • Location: Countryside oasis or urban apartment, we’ve got it all!
  • Features: Fireplaces, pools and more! We’ve got something to match every taste.
  • Price: Affordable to luxurious, pick the one that fits your budget.

Go beyond the listings and discover the hidden gems and beauty in each option. Did you know that real estate dates back thousands of years? Egyptians and Greeks were already buying and selling land back in 3000 BC! Today, the industry is still thriving due to ever-changing buyer needs. Constructing a custom home is like making a jigsaw puzzle – only the pieces are made of concrete and your wallet won’t forgive you for mistakes.

Custom Home Building Process

Crafting a personalized abode can be complex. Building a Custom Home requires attention to every step.

  1. Step 1: Conceptual Design – Creating a vision with architects and designers.
  2. Step 2: Preconstruction Planning – Plans, permits, and prepping for construction.
  3. Step 3: Construction Phase – Professionals handle electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and more.
  4. Step 4: Finishing Touches – Flooring, paint, light fixtures, and appliances.

Builders work with clients throughout the process to build their desired home. Custom Home Building may take longer than traditional home building.

Interesting fact: Zillow’s February 2021 data states 1.16 million homes for sale in the U.S. Real estate listings are so good, they can make a tiny apartment look like a presidential suite!

Real Estate Listings

Real Estate Listings usually give info on the place, size, features, amenities, cost and contact details of the seller/agent.

These can be seen both online and offline with platforms giving visuals like photos or 3D videos. They let users save/compare properties of interest.

You can search listings based on budget, preferred location, type of property, amenities, etc.

Plus, some listings have extra features like virtual tours or mortgage calculators for realtor commissions and closing fees.

Tip: Be sure to check the source of the listings you use for searching properties.

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