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Overview of Stone Canyon Club, Oro Valley AZ

The Stone Canyon Club in Oro Valley, AZ is a captivating place. You’ll be awestruck by the majestic views of the Santa Catalina Mountains. There’s a world-class practice facility for golfers of all levels to perfect their game. After golf, members can indulge in luxurious amenities such as spa treatments and fine dining.

The 40,000 square foot clubhouse is nestled among sweeping greens and dramatic bunkers. It provides all-encompassing comfort. The state-of-the-art fitness center and tennis courts cater to exercise fans. For special events, the versatile meeting spaces have everything you need for an unforgettable time.

Top-rated caddies offer insights into every hole on the course. Their commitment to service makes each visit memorable. A player shanked his shot into a canyon during an important tournament and managed to stay calm and birdie -sparing himself an out-of-bounds penalty. His caddy was amazed by his resilience.

If heaven had a country club, it would be The Stone Canyon Club.

Amenities and Facilities Offered

To explore the lavish amenities and facilities offered by The Stone Canyon Club in Oro Valley AZ, take a look at the following sub-sections: Golf Course, Fitness Center, Tennis and Pickleball Courts, and Spa and Salon Services. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast, a spa connoisseur, or someone who enjoys outdoor sports, this luxurious club has something for everyone.

Golf Course

Our sprawling, green property features an 18-hole championship course. It boasts pristine fairways with challenging drives and engaging holes. Our cutting-edge equipment and automated scoring system make tee-offs unforgettable.

Renowned architects designed this course for seasoned and novice players alike. Elevated tees provide panoramic views of the surroundings. Fairways and greens are well-manicured and smooth.

We also have a practice range to help you perfect your swing and technique. Private instruction from expert coaches is available. Enjoy this idyllic location while getting fit or die trying! Our fitness center has got you covered either way.

Nestled among the hills, this golf course brings nature and sport together. You’ll be surrounded by silence, only interrupted by birdsong and the sound of clubs meeting balls. Create lifelong memories in this serene ambiance that can’t be found elsewhere.

Fitness Center

Unleash your inner fitness warrior at the Fitness Hub! State-of-the-art equipment and facilities, tailored workout plans and certified personal trainers are all available. Get your cardio in with treadmills, ellipticals and stationary bikes. Build muscle strength with free weights and weightlifting machines. Enjoy group exercise classes to suit your fitness level. Unwind after a workout in the sauna or steam room.

Satisfy your fitness goals with personalized training and guidance from experienced coaches. Take advantage of our comprehensive selection of machines to target specific muscle groups. Don’t miss out on the ultimate workout experience – swing by the Fitness Hub today! And don’t forget to bring your sweatbands and trash talk for a game of tennis or pickleball!

Tennis and Pickleball Courts

The demand for sports is ever-rising. To meet customers’ needs, this establishment offers several facilities. One of them is a sports court with both tennis and pickleball options. See the table below for details:

Surface TypeHardcourt
No. of Tennis Courts2
No. of Pickleball Courts4
Lighting SystemAvailable

They have a weekly schedule for guests to choose either sport. What makes it unique is the four pickleball courts. It’s rare to find this many in one place.

This global sport had humble beginnings in post-WWII America. It started on makeshift badminton courts with wooden paddles and a perforated ball. Now, it has its own tournaments.

If stress was a person, our spa and salon services would be its worst enemy!

Spa and Salon Services

Treat yourself to wellness and pampering services! We’ve got you covered with:

  • Spa treatments tailored to your needs.
  • Grooming services such as hair styling, manicures, pedicures, waxing and threading.
  • High-end beauty services like facials, body scrubs and massages.
  • Custom packages for brides-to-be or couples.

If you’re after something individual, our pros will craft a unique package for you.

Don’t wait – pamper yourself now and enjoy the luxury! Plus, our dining options are bound to make you jealous.

Dining Options

To explore your dining options at The Stone Canyon Club, Oro Valley AZ with Stone Canyon Grill, Cantina, and Cafe as solutions. Each option offers a unique dining experience with diverse menus and atmospheres.

Stone Canyon Grill

Stone Canyon Grill, in the heart of the city, has a delicious menu. Here are three reasons to visit:

  • Service: Staff give you an amazing dining experience.
  • Menu: Juicy steaks, seafood dishes and more.
  • Ambience: Simple and elegant decor for friends and couples.

The chef creates unique dishes for a memorable journey. Try their signature cocktails too. Remember to book ahead – it can get busy.

If you can’t choose between Mexican or coffee, the Cantina and Cafe has both tacos and lattes.

Cantina and Cafe

This place has a range of meals for all tastes. The Cantina & Cafe is the perfect spot for guests to relax and recharge. Here, they can enjoy freshly brewed coffee, tea or energizing drinks, plus delicious food from light snacks to more filling dishes.

The staff are warm and friendly, always ready to help with anything customers need. Plus, the decor reflects local history and adds to the overall dining experience.

The kitchen only uses fresh ingredients and regularly changes the menu, so you’ll always find something unique. The Cantina & Cafe really is a step above the rest with its offerings.

Our party went for breakfast and were amazed. The cafe’s selection was beautiful, with croissants and fruit all laid out. Our order arrived quickly and was delicious – just what we needed before our day’s activities! Why not have an even better time by combining eating out with something extra, like a heart attack simulator or guessing the food poisoning cause?

Events and Activities

To experience a wide range of activities and events at The Stone Canyon Club, Oro Valley AZ, choose our Events and Activities section with Social Events, Golf and Tennis Tournaments, and Wellness Classes and Events as the solution. Join our vibrant and welcoming community to participate in exciting social events, push yourself in competitive golf and tennis tournaments, and prioritize your mental and physical well-being with our wellness classes and events.

Social Events

Bringing people together to socialize and build relationships is what social gatherings are all about. This is a great way to network, exchange ideas and form strong connections.

At our facility, we offer a broad range of social events, such as dinner parties, game nights and happy hours. These events give attendees the chance to mingle with like-minded folks in a fun, chilled out atmosphere. Plus, activities like group sports, cultural tours and community service projects spice things up even further!

No matter what the event, rest assured that we always guarantee quality and value. And, did you know that Harvard Medical School research shows that having strong social ties can have positive impacts on physical and mental health? So, don’t miss out on the fun, join us today!

Golf and Tennis Tournaments

This section features amazing sports competitions that test the physical and mental strength of our guests. These events include ‘Sporting Duels’ where anyone can join tennis and golf tournaments. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Compete against friends or pros.
  • Test your skills and socialize.
  • Get tips from experts.
  • Be part of a championship.
  • Make friends in a healthy environment.
  • Refreshments like light bites and cocktails.

These Golf and Tennis Tournaments are perfect for improving your athletic abilities. Everyone is welcomed to take part in this entertaining experience. Previous participants have praised these well-organized events for spurring on the competitive spirit and healthy play.

Tracing back, we see that over time, these sporting activities have been beneficial to mental health. They have brought people together, promoting unity amidst diversity. Sporting clubs have become places to develop physical and mental strength while making relationships.

Get fit and relax – just sign up for a wellness class and act like a tree while sweating out your stress.

Wellness Classes and Events

Boosting your wellness? Check out our classes and events! Doing yoga, meditation, or mindfulness will help. There are also talks on nutrition, exercise, and stress management. Plus, group walks and runs with instructors! We have lots of other activities too. Join us and learn how to live healthily!

Make the most of the journey by trying different classes and bringing friends. Tip: Get in early – spaces fill up fast! Our club is like joining a gym, but better – you’ll actually use it!

Membership Information

To join The Stone Canyon Club, Oro Valley AZ, with Membership Requirements and Benefits as well as Guest Policies and Fees as solutions, you need to understand the club’s membership information. This section provides comprehensive details about membership requirements and benefits, as well as the policies and fees associated with bringing guests to the club.

Membership Requirements and Benefits

Connect with us and gain exclusive rights and advantages! Get access to premium content, invites to private events, and discounts from partners. Reap the benefits of credibility and recognition by joining our community.

  • Experience premium content, special events, and networking.
  • Claim discounts from our trusted partners.
  • Be featured in professional directories, search tools, and marketplaces.
  • Be eligible for awards, honors, and recognition.

Stay informed of the recent trends and challenges, and connect with people who share the same goals as us. Our members have shared inspiring stories of how they leveraged their membership to connect with others, scaling their business significantly. Join us now and take the first step towards a better professional life!

Guest Policies and Fees

We prioritize the comfort of our guests! Non-members are welcome. They must show ID and sign in with a member at the desk. The fee is $20 per visit, including access to all facilities. Max. 4 visits per month. An extra $10 for each guest above that. Kids under 12 go free when accompanied by an adult. 13-18 year olds pay half the fee. Groups or organizations: contact us for special rates! Also, FYI – membership fees increased by 5% this year. Their sustainable efforts and community involvement make it worth renewing!

Sustainability Efforts and Community Involvement

The Stone Canyon Club in Oro Valley AZ is dedicated to sustainability. It participates in local initiatives to preserve resources and reduce waste. The club also promotes active lifestyles through fitness and youth programs, as well as charitable events.

To improve its carbon footprint, the club partners with authorities and uses renewable energy sources such as solar power. It also forms alliances with organizations that provide composting and conservation training.

Stone Canyon Club is also about building stronger communities. It hosts charity events throughout the year to provide aid to vulnerable populations in Tucson County.

The club took years of meticulous planning before its launch four years ago. To ensure everyone has an amazing experience, the club prioritized cultural aspects while providing modern amenities for members. If you think The Stone Canyon Club is too luxurious, just wait until you see the guest bathroom at the Kardashians’ house!


To enhance your stay at The Stone Canyon Club in Oro Valley, AZ with comfortable accommodations, explore the guest suites and vacation rentals. Both the sub-sections offer a luxurious experience for short or long-term stays.

Guest Suites

Our lodgings offer luxurious and spacious living quarters for our guests. Comfort, luxury and modern convenience are embodied in our Suites, with personalized service to cater to all your needs.

You’ll be welcomed with plush bedding and lavish seating – no detail is missed! Modern amenities such as high-speed internet, coffee makers and mini fridges make our suites complete. For relaxation, step out onto your private balcony or patio with views of the property.

Our staff provide attentive service and turndown services are available upon request. Book early to secure the Deluxe Suite with stunning sea views. Enjoy playing house in a beautiful setting – but watch out for those cleaning fees!

Vacation Rentals

Vacation Rentals can be a great alternative to a typical hotel room. These rentals provide more space, privacy, and amenities. Accommodations are often cheaper for families or groups. Plus, you have more freedom to plan your itinerary without being tied to a hotel. Unique destinations and properties are available on rental platforms. Traveling with Vacation Rentals can give you more flexibility and explore localities.

The modern Vacation Rentals started with Airbnb in 2008 when they rented out their apartment. Nowadays, there are a variety of options – from luxurious hotels to budget-friendly hostels. Wherever you decide to stay, you can have an amazing experience.


The Stone Canyon Club: luxurious desert living! Views and amenities like no other. It’s the perfect oasis for those who seek tranquillity away from the everyday hustle and bustle. Sporting facilities, hiking trails and restaurants all in one place. Plus, high-end lodging for some extra pampering! Relax in state-of-the-art wellness centres and enjoy views from private patios.

There’s more! The Stone Canyon Club frequently holds events. Artist exhibitions, charity auctions and culinary competitions are just some of the exciting things you can look forward to.

Pro tip: For an unforgettable experience at The Stone Canyon Club, get a spa treatment while taking in the stunning desert landscape from a vantage point!

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