The Stanwich Club in Greenwich CT

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The Stanwich Club in Greenwich CT

Introduction to The Stanwich Club in Greenwich CT

The Stanwich Club, located in Greenwich CT’s scenic area, is a members-only club. It offers exquisite dining, state-of-the-art sports facilities and more. Plus, the club has been recently renovated. It now provides modern design features that have attracted more members than ever.

The club also has exclusive spaces for weddings and corporate events. Whether you want to plan a big event or your big day, The Stanwich Club can help create a special experience.

Membership gives access to leisure, networking and more. Don’t miss out on one of Greenwich’s most prestigious clubs – contact them today to join and start enjoying their benefits! The history of The Stanwich Club is as spicy as their prime rib horseradish.

History of The Stanwich Club

The Stanwich Club, in Greenwich CT, has roots that date back over a century. It began with a group of passionate golfers. Now, the club is an exclusive destination for affluent members. Facilities include top-notch golf, tennis, swimming and more.

The club has hosted prestigious events like the U.S. Open Qualifying and Metropolitan Amateur Championship. Plus, charity tournaments. Hospitality services make the experience unforgettable.

The atmosphere is social, too. People from different backgrounds come together to share their love of golf and other leisure sports.

Golf Magazine names The Stanwich Club as one of the top 100 clubs in America. Who wouldn’t want to work out in a luxurious place like this?

Amenities at The Stanwich Club

To explore the amenities at The Stanwich Club with a focus on golf, tennis, swimming, fitness, and dining facilities, we will dive into each sub-section to discover what the club has to offer.

Golf Facilities

The Stanwich Club – a golfer’s haven! Here are the five highlights:

  1. Immaculate course conditions: world-class bunkers and greens.
  2. Practice facilities: drive range and practice green.
  3. Professional instruction: PGA pros and the latest tech.
  4. Pro shop: clubs, apparel and more.
  5. Members-only tee times: priority access during peak hours.

Plus clubhouse amenities like dining, an Olympic-sized swimming pool and more. Join The Stanwich Club and live the luxurious golf life! Book a tour today! Don’t miss out on Greenwich’s finest golfing oasis!

Tennis Facilities

The Stanwich Club offers a variety of tennis options for all levels of skill. You can improve your game, join a tournament, or just have a fun match. The club has 8 outdoor Har-Tru courts and 2 indoor courts, so weather won’t affect your playtime. Professionals can give you lessons & clinics.

Plus, the club provides cozy lounges, fitness equipment, & delicious snacks. Book early if you’re joining an event, as they fill up fast! Oh, and you can also pretend to be a mermaid without judgement – swimming at The Stanwich Club is a must!

Swimming Facilities

The Stanwich Club’s Swim-Ready Amenities

The Stanwich Club offers top-notch swimming facilities!

  • They have an Olympic-size outdoor pool with comfy loungers and cabanas.
  • Indoors, you can find a therapy pool, hot tub and sauna – perfect for relaxation or post-workout recovery.
  • Kids have a wading pool and a fun recreation area with a playground and activities.

Plus, certified instructors offer swim lessons for all ages.

Get fit and join The Stanwich Club! No slacking allowed.

Fitness Facilities

The Stanwich Club is a luxurious private club located in Greenwich, CT. It offers members amazing health and wellness amenities.

The Fitness Facilities have state-of-the-art equipment and expert trainers. Here are five highlights:

  1. Fully-equipped gym with latest cardio & weightlifting machines
  2. Variety of fitness classes, e.g. yoga, Pilates, spinning
  3. Personal training tailored to individual goals
  4. On-site sports medicine clinic with certified professionals
  5. Outdoor pool for aquatic exercise

Plus, unique opportunities for alternative wellbeing can be found – like meditation classes for mental relaxation.

Pro Tip: Exploring the club’s natural surroundings is a great way to get your heart pumping – there are hiking trails for you to enjoy.

Finally, the club has amazing dining facilities. Be sure not to drool over the delicious cuisine!

Dining Facilities

Indulging in culinary delights is a must at The Stanwich Club! Members can enjoy a range of dining options. These include:

  • The Main Dining Room for a formal experience
  • The Grille Room for some light bites and drinks
  • The Patio for open-air casual dining
  • Halfway House for golfers
  • Banquet Rooms for events

Plus, the exclusive Chef’s Table experience with unique menus crafted by the chef! The club also values sustainability, sourcing locally produced organic ingredients and promoting composting. To top it off, members can have a private dinner prepared by the chef in the Wine Cellar – surrounded by rare vintages. Joining The Stanwich Club is like joining an exclusive country club – without the judgment if you don’t play golf.

Membership Options at The Stanwich Club

To become a member of The Stanwich Club in Greenwich CT, you need to understand the various membership options available. Full Golf Membership, Social Membership, Junior Membership, and Family Membership are four different routes to choose from, depending on your requirements and goals. Each membership option has unique features that suit different interests and lifestyles.

Full Golf Membership

Become a member of The Stanwich Club for a comprehensive package for avid Golfers. It includes more than just greens and courses. Enjoy exclusive benefits and amenities, like the clubhouse, tennis courts, fitness center, and dining facilities. Participate in events, like private tournaments or practice sessions with fellow members. Get personalised lessons and advice from renowned golf professionals too! Plus, use of the driving range and other training facilities. And, get priority booking options for all club activities.

A member shared how joining this membership opened doors to new friendships and career opportunities. “The club gave me a platform to network with like-minded Golfers. Through them, I connected with people from varied industries and got my dream job!” Join the Stanwich Club – it’s like a VIP pass to exclusivity without the velvet rope and judgmental bouncer.

Social Membership

Be a part of the Social Connections at The Stanwich Club! There are 4 amazing benefits to consider:

  • Access to all dining options
  • Invites to social events and activities
  • Discounts on private event rentals
  • No initiation fee to upgrade membership

As a Social Member, you can attend exclusive member-only gatherings. Plus, you get to use the club’s facilities like the fitness center and swimming pool.

Golf Digest says, “The Stanwich Club is one of America’s 100 Greatest Golf Courses.”

If your kid is still dreaming, give them a reality check with our Junior Membership options at The Stanwich Club.

Junior Membership

The Stanwich Club membership is perfect for those under 40, and even better for those under 30. Benefits include:

  • Complimentary clinics for a variety of sports.
  • Access to golf, tennis, and pool facilities.
  • Special social events just for Junior Members.
  • Use of dining facilities for breakfast, lunch, and dinner on certain days.
  • Eligibility to join tournaments and competitions.

Plus, Junior Members can apply to reside in The Stanwich Club’s luxurious community!

Established in 1964, The Stanwich Club has always been about luxury. Designer Charles Banks updated it in 2005, maintaining the grandeur while expanding its layout and amenities. This spot is now a high-class haven for golfers, with quality service to match.

At The Stanwich Club: ‘A family that plays together, stays together’ – unless someone gets a hole-in-one and starts bragging at dinner!

Family Membership

At The Stanwich Club, we’ve got something special for families who want to join us! Our ‘Family Package’ was made just for them. It includes:

  • Two primary members & their kids under 26, free of charge.
  • Tons of amenities: golf courses, tennis courts, fitness center, pool, & dining areas.
  • Discounts on membership fees.
  • Complimentary social events all year round.

Come experience quality family time like never before! Meet new people while you’re at it, or just relax with your loved ones. Start making memories that last a lifetime by joining The Stanwich Club! Wine, dine, & tee off at our endless array of events & activities.

Events and Activities at The Stanwich Club

To explore the exciting events and activities that The Stanwich Club in Greenwich CT has to offer, you will find solutions with the specific sub-sections of golf tournaments, tennis leagues and tournaments, swimming competitions, fitness classes and programs, and special dining events. Discover the diverse range of opportunities for sports and leisure, health and wellness, and socializing and dining at this prestigious club.

Golf Tournaments

The Stanwich Club hosts golf events for members and guests. Summer Tournaments and pro-am tournaments let players show off their skills. Plus, smaller club tournaments bring members and their families together.

Our Golf Tournaments are full of fun competition. They also help members build relationships and work as a team. Plus, our catering services make the events extra special.

One of our members recently won his first trophy in a pro-am tournament. He was paired with a professional and finally claimed victory. His story serves as an inspiration for us to keep giving our members chances to grow.

“Love means nothing in tennis, but losing to your boss in a tournament may mean everything at the office.”

Tennis Leagues and Tournaments

Join in the Stanwich Club’s vibrant and competitive tennis scene! There are loads of chances to get involved in leagues and tournaments. Discover new levels of proficiency and sharpen your skills. Check out the table for dates and times of events.

You can also opt for private lessons and clinics with expert instructors. Get personalized attention and guidance to improve your game. Did you know? The Stanwich Club is a pro at hosting top-tier tennis events, with awesome facilities and staff. Plus, don’t forget the swimming competitions – and your floaties if you’re a beginner!

Swimming Competitions

Compete in Aquatic Showcases at The Stanwich Club!

The Stanwich Club has exciting aquatic showcases for members. On certain days, swimmers can compete in different events and gain bragging rights.

Check out the upcoming swimming events:

Competition NameDateTime
Breaststroke BashJuly 10thNoon
Freestyle FrenzyAugust 7thNoon

Be part of these competitions and enjoy a thrilling competition with other members!

Don’t forget to warm up before the race and bring your own swimming gear.

Pro Tip: Come early to get ready and familiarize yourself with the environment.

Get fit or get out – The Stanwich Club’s fitness classes are not for the weak-hearted.

Fitness Classes and Programs

The club has a variety of activities for all fitness needs. Classes and programs for different levels and interests include:

  • Strength training and conditioning
  • Yoga and Pilates
  • Aerobics
  • Cardio kickboxing
  • Zumba
  • Circuit training
  • Cycling

Also, specialized personal training programs are available to suit each client’s objectives and preferences. The facility boasts quality equipment in spacious, well-ventilated rooms to ensure comfort. Plus, certified instructors with extensive experience in coaching clients of all ages are available.

For optimal results, be sure to take part in the fitness programs and maintain a balanced diet. Lastly, don’t miss out on the special dining events with delicious food and juicy rumors!

Special Dining Events

The Stanwich Club offers a one-of-a-kind culinary journey! Members can indulge in exclusive offerings created by expert chefs. They have access to seasonal delicacies, bespoke menus and more! The iconic 19th hole bar is perfect for socializing over cocktails. Plus, explore Chef’s Table events, Top Wine Dinners and interactive workshops. This is an extraordinary opportunity to elevate your dining experience.

Join us today and savor the exquisite journey! Visit The Stanwich Club and enjoy premier amenities, exceptional service and maybe a celebrity sighting (but don’t ask for an autograph).

Conclusion: Why The Stanwich Club is a Premier Destination in Greenwich CT.

The Stanwich Club, in Greenwich CT, is a luxurious destination. It has a picturesque setting and breathtaking views of nature. Furthermore, it boasts three golf courses and an extensive program of social events, wellness offerings, and culinary delights.

Members can relish in world-class dining or the state-of-the-art fitness center. There’s a range of activities, such as personal training, yoga, Pilates, swimming, and tennis. Plus, the expansive pro shop is stocked with the latest gear.

The service is impeccable. Staff offer personalized attention and seamless booking processes. Everything is crafted to provide an ultimate golf club experience.

You don’t want to miss out on The Stanwich Club’s exclusive lifestyle. There are limited memberships, so join now to access unparalleled opportunities across luxury hospitality. One visit could transform your life forever!

Luke Griffin

Luke is an avid weekend-warrior golfer from the East Coast who plays golf more than he cares to admit.

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