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A Stress Free Golf Swing can feel incredibly impossible to achieve. Almost everyone on staff here at Our Golf Clubs can relate – trust us.

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There’s usually a time which comes to all golfers, from the duds to the pro tourers, when something happens that proves they need to work on their golf swing as it’s affecting their game with hooks, slices, and other such woes.

But is there such a thing – to have a perfect golf swing without any of the stress or tension which can completely ruin your game, your handicap, as well, as your reputation?

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Because we all know that the one thing that can affect your golf swing more than any other single factor is the stress effect.

Stress can affect both amateur and professional golfers – okay, sometimes stress can be a positive thing as it’s a natural response to an exciting or challenging situation. But stress can also be negative and can produce tension and anxiety, which is not a great thing to have when you’re playing golf as it can affect your performance quite dramatically.

If you hold onto your golf club too hard, you can create tension in your hands and arms which inevitably can affect your smooth and powerful golf swing. Negative stress can affect your game with reduced power, rhythm, energy, and restricted breathing.

So, what can be done about your golf swing?

‘The Stress-Free Golf Swing’ is a book, PDF, and video by Jeff Richmond which appears to have all the answers. And, if you check out all the professionals’ testimonials in relation to this suggested technique, you may start to feel confident that this is the method to help your golf swing in ways unlike any others you may have tried.

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What is the Stress Free Golf Swing – Jeff Richmond?

Available in book, PDF, and video, Jeff Richmond lets you into the secrets of a stress-free golf swing that he believes was perfected by 1950’s golfing legend Ben Hogan.

By following Hogan’s expert advice on a ‘secret’ golfing swing move, Jeff Richmond now lets you into the trade secret via a programme called the’ Stress-Free Golf Swing,’ which is loved and loyally followed by many pro golfers and amateurs alike, who claim it ‘really works.

Jeff Richmond had read Ben Hogan’s book ‘Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons – the modern fundamentals of Golf’ and found certain aspects that were missing alongside his secrets – so, the combination of Hogan’s and Richmond’s technique has resulted in the stress-free golf swing.

what is the stress free golf swing

Jeff Richmond claims that you don’t actually swing to practice it and that you can actually learn it in literally 5 minutes because it’s so simple and easy and that you can practice it anywhere, even at home.

Richmond’s stress-free golf swing program is basically about enhancing your scoring level by hitting a high amount of greens. The program also enhances your golf striking technique without wasting hours and days with demanding practice.

It’s a program that teaches you how to achieve the most straightforward swing ever, which in turn helps you improve your ball striking skills. So, regardless of whether you like working out on the golf range or not, your accuracy will be right on target. The program is not complicated – it’s straightforward and practical.

Stress-free Magic Program

Hogan is well-known as one of the golfing greats, and he first revealed some of his secret, hidden moves back in 1955. With images provided in Richmond’s more enhanced step-by-step program of the ‘Stress-Free Golf Swing,’ you can see Hogan’s unique technique of shifting his weight as well as his central positioning, which can provide significant benefits to your own golf swing.

Regardless of whether you are a professional or just a weekender, fitness and a warm-up are an essential part of every golf practice regime as they will prepare you in both mind and body for the game.

The golf swing technique requires your body to turn fluidly if you want to swing better, and if you’re going to hit longer drives, then you should practice turning, which doesn’t require you to use a golf club while practicing as your connection with the golf club is your hands, not your back.

So it is essential if you want to hit longer and to have a more accurate golf drive that you exercise your hands as well. To aid you with this, you’re provided with six simple hand exercises to strengthen and make your hands flexible.

You’ll also get other golf exercises in the program, including golf flexibility exercises for powerful, long golf drives. There are various golf flexibility tests, which you can carry out to see if your current flexibility is hurting your golf game or not. Video demonstrations from fitness guru Bill Hartman on golf flexibility are provided.

You’ll also learn how to reduce the risk of back injuries with goal stretches for use after the game.

There’s a cloud of mystery about the secret ingredients which can help you perfect your golf swing, and this mystery is only revealed if you buy the guide.

Benefits of a stress-free golf swing

  • The simple guide teaches how you can achieve the most straightforward swing ever regardless of whether you are 8 or 80 years old.
  • It helps you improve your ball striking skills.
  • It produces accurate results in literally minutes, and you’re free to practice this move wherever you are and whenever you want.
  • It teaches simple and powerful swing techniques to help you gain more power and precision in your golf swing with a ‘free your mind’ technique.

Stress-Free Golf Swing Pros

  • It helps both professional and amateur golfers
  • Provides quick improvement and gaining in confidence
  • Easy to practice it anytime and anywhere
  • Equips you with up to 15 online videos, PDF examples, and illustrations
  • Users can get a 100 percent money-back policy if the product does not work.

Stress-Free Golf Swing Cons

  • Golfers who don’t like videos or pictures may find this program relatively difficult to understand.

The ‘Stress-Free Golf Swing’ Guide basically helps you achieve the most straightforward and successful swing ever, as well as assisting you to improve your ball striking skills.

So, if you think you need help with having that golf swing that so far you have only been able to dream about, then you should consider Jeff Richmond’s Stress-Free Golf Swing guide, which he maintains will improve your swing dramatically.

The guide doesn’t promise to give you immediate results, but it does guarantee minimal scores as if you follow his secret technique.

How to purchase the Stress Free Golf Swing

Click the button above to head over to the Stress Free Golf Swing sign-up page or click this link here.

When you get to the registration page – take in the information as it’s absolutely incredible and jam packed with useful golf information related to your swing.

As you scroll down the page it should look something like this:

ben hogan golf swing checkout page

Make sure you click on that dark green button and you should be good to go!

What people students are experiencing with this golf swing program

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Luke Griffin

Luke is an avid weekend-warrior golfer from the East Coast who plays golf more than he cares to admit.

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