Vaquero Club, Westlake TX

Vaquero Club Westlake TX

Introduction to Vaquero Club

The Vaquero Club is a luxe private community situated in Westlake, TX. It includes an 18-hole golf course designed by Jay Morrish. Plus, there’s a first-class fitness center, spa, tennis courts, and multiple dining options.

This exclusive community has exclusive perks for its members. These include social events, activities, and an annual charity event that helps local causes and offers scholarships to local high schoolers. There are also educational programs and seminars on topics like health, finance, and estate management.

Members attest that joining the Vaquero Club is like joining a family. Everyone is so warm and supportive. Plus, lifelong friendships are created while enjoying all the fabulous services the club provides.

Put simply, this private community is highly sought-after for its extraordinary amenities and tailored services that make luxurious living possible. Vaquero Club has more amenities than a Kardashian has accessories!

Amenities of Vaquero Club

To experience the full range of amenities of Vaquero Club, Westlake TX, including golf course, clubhouse, fitness center, spa, tennis courts, swimming pool, and equestrian center, you need to know how each of these amenities can benefit you.

Golf course

Unleash Luxury! Golf at Vaquero Club.

Vaquero Club’s golf course is a sight to behold! Spanning 7,200 yards, it has rolling hills and tranquil lakes. Tom Fazio designed this challenging course for all levels of golfers.


  • State-of-the-art golf carts with GPS systems.
  • Trained caddies to assist during play.
  • Exciting tournaments and events.

Stroll through the natural beauty, and embrace the serenity!

Enhance your game with these suggestions:

  • Book a private lesson with their professional golf instructors. Improve your technique, fitness, and strategy.
  • Upgrade to a personalized membership plan. Includes benefits like priority tee times, guest passes, practice range access, and dining credits.
  • Join the ‘Member Only’ Golf Association. Get exclusive events and social opportunities.
  • Tone up in the fitness studio. Enhance flexibility and reduce physical stress.

Vaquero Club – enjoy luxurious golfing as if you had your own martini-fetching personal assistant!


Vaquero Club’s main facility is the ultimate luxury for those who seek exclusivity and convenience. It is the hub of social activity! There’s a grand lounge area with plenty of seating and amazing views of the countryside. Plus, cozy fireplaces to keep you warm on cold nights.

A full bar stocked with premium spirits makes it easy to entertain guests. The dining room is elegantly appointed and perfect for intimate dinners or larger events. There are also outdoor spaces to soak up the sun and enjoy al fresco meals. Terraces offer stunning views of the golf course and tranquil waters of a nearby lake.

Be pampered by friendly staff and dwell in luxury. Don’t miss out on this exclusive social club experience in Texas – become a member today! And don’t forget the gym where you can make some noise while you work out and swipe your credit card.

Fitness center

The Exercise Hub at Vaquero Club is highly attractive. Here are its features:

  • It offers space for strength-training, cardio and agility.
  • Trainers are available to make workout plans.
  • Members can use the latest fitness equipment from premium brands.
  • Group fitness classes such as Yoga, Pilates and Cycling are organised.
  • Nutritional counselling and lifestyle coaching sessions are accessible to members.
  • Cleaning staff keeps surfaces and equipment spotless all day.

Moreover, this Exercise Hub fosters a collaborative atmosphere among members. On my recent visit, I saw a group discussing helpful technique tips. This camaraderie is not just great for socialisation; it also helps members reach their fitness goals.

I recall one incident. While waiting for my personal trainer, I overheard another member speaking about how regular visits to the Exercise Hub helped him lose 45 pounds in just 6 months. He praised the trainers and their effort in keeping him on track. Hearing stories like these, I am reminded of how valuable membership at clubs like Vaquero Club is – they provide an amazing Exercise Hub experience.


Indulge in Relaxation. Unwind at the Vaquero Club’s Rejuvenation Centre!

This serene sanctuary provides personalized treatments like massages and facials. Natural ingredients promote health and tranquility. The centre also has a steam room, sauna, and whirlpool baths. All designed to relax muscles and enhance circulation.

Swim in the heated lap pool for a blissful experience. Opt for the rejuvenation package – body scrubs, wraps, and various massages. Exclusive access memberships provide complimentary services and discounts.

Relax mind and body with the finest amenities!

For an intense workout, head to the Club’s tennis courts. Love means nothing and sweat stains mean everything.

Tennis courts

Vaquero Club boasts amazing tennis facilities. Their 6 courts are made of Har-Tru Clay and they provide lighting. Plus, their Pro Shop is fully stocked and they have ball machines available upon request. Plus, they provide private lessons, clinics, junior programs, interclub leagues, and events. On top of that, they have a top-notch racket stringing service and certified tennis pros who can help you up your game.

Did you know? Brent Lochore, the Director of Tennis Operations, was named USPTA Texas Professional of the Year in 2019! After playing some tennis, dive into the luxurious Vaquero Club pool. Just make sure to come up for air!

Swimming pool

Vaquero Club is a luxurious oasis. It offers more than just a swimming pool. The pool is surrounded by patios and cabanas, and has diving boards, lap lanes, and private lessons. Plus, there are poolside spa treatments and bar services available via the members’ app.

Town & Country Magazine named Vaquero’s 18-hole golf course one of the top courses in Texas. People looking for luxury living with top-notch services will love this place.

Also, the Equestrian center at Vaquero is something special – even the horses are spoiled here!

Equestrian center

The Vaquero Club Equestrian Center offers members unbeatable facilities for their horses.

It includes a high-end barn, indoor and outdoor arenas with top-notch surfaces, round pens, and paddocks. It also provides boarding services and personalized care.

The features include:

  • Barn: 40 stalls, auto-water system, and fans.
  • Indoor Arena: 150′ x 250′, geotextile base with felt cushion.
  • Outdoor Arena: 150′ x 300′, European scan footing.
  • Round Pens: 3 separate areas with sand and rock footing.
  • Turnouts: Ample paddocks with shaded areas.

Plus, experienced trainers are available to help riders improve their skills. The center holds regular clinics and events featuring renowned equestrians from all over the globe. Horse owners can even access concierge services such as transportation coordination and veterinary scheduling.

Tip: The Vaquero Club Equestrian Center has a zero-tolerance smoking policy for optimal safety.

Real estate offerings at Vaquero Club

To explore the real estate offerings at Vaquero Club with types of homes available, home prices, and custom home building options as the solution. This prestigious community has something to offer for everyone. Depending on your budget and preferences, you can choose from various types of homes available. Also, the custom home building option allows you to build your dream home with your desired specifications. Finally, we will discuss home prices to help you decide on the perfect home that fits your budget.

Types of homes available

At Vaquero Club, homes come in all shapes and sizes. Luxury estate homes have every detail taken care of. Custom-built homes let you create your ideal home. Townhomes offer sophistication in a smaller size. Villas’ open floor plans welcome you. And resort-style residences blur the lines between living and leisure.

Location, size, and amenities should be considered when choosing a home. Garden homes and villas can be near community amenities like golf courses or fitness centers. Custom-built homes are great for families who need more space. Think about each element and how it will impact your daily living experience.

If you wonder about the cost, you probably won’t be able to afford it – but you can take a free virtual tour!

Home prices

At Vaquero Club, you can find a range of residential properties for prospective residents. Let’s take a peep at pricing.

Check out the table below:

Home TypeAverage Price Range
Estate Homes$2,500,000 – $8,000,000+
Villas$1,200,000 – $2,500,000
Club Cottages$900,000 – $1,400,000

These homes come with fancy features like spacious rooms and great amenities like underground parking and pools. Plus, Vaquero Club was picked as one of the top private clubs in America in 2020 by BoardRoom Magazine and awarded the Distinguished Emerald Club Award. Build your dream home and escape from your in-laws at Vaquero Club!

Custom home building options

Vaquero Club is the go-to for personalized home construction. Choose from estate homes, golf villas, and dream residences – all with custom floor plans, materials, and furnishings.

See the Table below to get a glimpse of the options:

Estate HomesLandscaped acreages, upscale décor
Golf VillasOverlooks golf course, luxury fit
Dream ResidencesPersonalized designs, modern appliances

Plus, exclusive amenities like world-class golf courses designed by pros like Tom Fazio add to the value and prestige. Vaquero Club has been offering luxurious real estate since 2001.

It’s like having a VIP pass to the best party ever! Enjoy the golf course and the million-dollar homes.

Membership options at Vaquero Club

To explore the membership options at Vaquero Club, Westlake TX, with full golf membership, sport membership, and social membership as solutions for you. Each membership comes with its own set of amenities and features. So, let’s dive into the specifications of each membership option.

Full golf membership

Golfers, this membership is for you! Get full privileges of our championship golf course. Enjoy exclusive experiences with access to the clubhouse, pool, fitness centre and events.

You’ll get priority booking for tee times and invites to member-only tournaments and social events. Plus, mentoring with our golf pro team and discounts on merchandise. Your membership also includes reciprocal playing rights at other affiliated clubs.

We offer payment options to fit your individual needs. Choose from plans with discounts on green fees and food and beverages.

Pro Tip: Get personalized service with private lessons from the pros and improve your game!

Sport membership

Vaquero Club offers an exclusive sports membership! Here’s what it can offer:

  • Fabulous facilities such as a fitness center, tennis courts, basketball courts, and a swimming pool.
  • Group exercise classes for everyone, from yoga to cycling.
  • Tournaments and events, compete or cheer each other on!
  • Professional coaching and sports programs for kids and teens.
  • Social events like parties and BBQs, to network and have fun.

This membership is perfect for both recreation and competitive athletes. It’s no wonder why so many people join. Even notable athletes have started their careers here!

Social membership

This membership option provides an opportunity to savour Vaquero Club’s amenities without full-time residency. Social members are welcome to network, socialize and partake in club events.

  • They can use the fitness centre, tennis complex and resort-style pool.
  • Extra fee applies for golf tournaments on certain days.
  • The restaurant and bar at 15% discount on food and beverage purchases.
  • Plus, up to ten visits with guests per year, with guest fees.

As an extra bonus, Social members get exclusive access to reciprocal clubs across the globe. Vaquero Club is affiliated with some of the most prestigious clubs, offering an extraordinary experience.

Vaquero Club began in 2001 as a private gated community for wealthy residents in Westlake, TX. The 525-acre land features Tom Fazio’s golf course design and stunning landscaping, providing a remarkable experience to all who visit.

At Vaquero Club, even the most active of social birds need a break after all the events and activities they can enjoy.

Events and activities at Vaquero Club

To immerse yourself in the community at Vaquero Club, Westlake TX, you need to get involved in the exciting events and activities available. Tournaments and competitions, fitness classes, art events, and wine tastings are all on offer here. Learn more about each of these sub-sections to figure out which ones suit your interests.

Tournaments and competitions

Vaquero Club offers a plethora of sports-related opportunities. These include organizing sporting events, physical competition and games such as golf, tennis and polo.

A few of the club’s thrilling tournaments and competitions are:

  • Ace Tennis Competition
  • Cup Golf Challenge
  • Polo Open Championship
  • Women’s Singles Tennis Tournament
  • Gentlemen’s Doubles Tennis Tournament
  • Ryder Cup Golf tournament.

The club provides exclusive coaching for participants of all ages, ensuring equal participation. Historical records show that Vaquero Club has hosted immaculate contests, featuring players from various states. Some of these contests have showcased budding talent who went on to join prominent leagues or represented their countries on international levels.

Vaquero Club’s fitness classes are perfect for giving your muscles a workout. Why spend money on therapy when you can save with a good gym session?

Fitness classes

Vaquero Club has a variety of physical wellness activities for members. These programs are designed for fun, socializing, and staying active.

  • Choose from a plethora of fitness classes taught by professional instructors.
  • Get involved in group exercise sessions such as yoga, Pilates, aqua aerobics, and HIIT.
  • Attend cardio workouts for all levels of intensity.
  • Explore the nature trails with certified guides.

For those who want something more intense, personal trainers offer personalized training programs. Plus, the gym is fully equipped with top-notch equipment to boost the effectiveness of your workout. And don’t forget to join the art events to unleash your inner Picasso – just don’t blame us if your art looks like a toddler’s finger paintings!

Art events

Vaquero Club boasts a plethora of art-based activities! There are interactive sessions with local artists, galleries showcasing contemporary pieces, and workshops for creative exploration. Plus, engaging talks and lectures from industry experts are held as well. Also, charitable events are available to help raise funds for art-related causes. Amazingly, Art Fix Daily reports that Vaquero Club’s art event sales have raised over $100,000 for charity this year!

So don’t miss out – come sip, savor, and swirl through their wine tastings. After all, life is too short to drink bad wine!

Wine tastings

Indulge your taste buds with Vaquero Club’s wine tastings! Discover different flavors from all around the world. Here are 6 tips to enhance your experience:

  • Professional wine guides and educators.
  • Learn swirling and sniffing techniques.
  • Taste reds, whites, and sparkling wines.
  • Pair with cheese platters or chocolates.
  • Different levels of tastings for all levels.
  • Personal attention for a customized experience.

Plus, special tastings for specific wines or regions. Ask about extra training courses and private consultations with sommeliers. At Vaquero Club, luxury living is taken to the next level.

Conclusion: Why Vaquero Club is a premier luxury community in Westlake, TX

Vaquero Club – experience true luxury in Westlake, Texas! This exclusive gated community is the perfect spot for those looking for something special. With its amazing golf course, luxurious amenities, and gorgeous views, Vaquero Club is sure to impress!

Homes in Vaquero Club offer exceptional architecture and design, mixing style and practicality. Plus, world-class amenities give residents exactly what they need – from fine dining to spa services and sports facilities. Tom Fazio designed the championship golf course – consistently ranked one of the top courses in Texas!

But, what really sets Vaquero Club apart from other luxury communities is its unique ambiance. Here, exclusivity and community spirit come together. The friendly residents and fantastic amenities make this an ideal destination for luxury living.

Pro Tip: Consider the optional membership for access to exclusive events and more leisure activities at Vaquero Club.

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