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VariSpeed Putting System

What is VariSpeed Putting System?

Putt like a pro with VariSpeed Putting System! This revolutionary tool is designed to improve golfers’ putting, and offers adjustable speeds on a single mat. Plus, it measures ball speed, consistency, and accuracy, giving real-time feedback.

You can use it indoors or outdoors – perfect for both amateur and professional golfers. It’s lightweight and portable, so you can take it anywhere with ease. The adjustable ramp settings simulate various break angles and slopes, helping you practice shots normally unavailable. Plus, it shows you how to refine your strokes with consistent results.

One user was able to shave off two strokes from their score in only one month of regular use. Real-world success stories like this show why VariSpeed Putting System is an excellent investment for passionate golfers wanting to take their game above par! So why settle for standard speed when you can have VariSpeed?

How does the VariSpeed Putting System work?

To understand how the VariSpeed Putting System works for improving your putting skills, focus on its two key features: varying the speed of the ball and customizing the speed based on the green condition. By implementing these sub-sections, you can attain a smooth and accurate putting stroke on any green surface by adjusting the ball’s speed according to your preferred green conditions.

Varying speed of the ball

Achieving the perfect shot? Consider the ball’s speed! The VariSpeed Putting System helps you pinpoint velocity with accuracy, and improve your performance.

Check out the effects of ball velocity on putting:

Ball VelocityPutting Green Distance (feet)Suggested Club Length (inches)

Note: Using an incorrect club length for the ball velocity will affect trajectory, distance, and speed. This decreases accuracy.

Be mindful when using the correct club length. It affects how you address and strike the ball.

For better performance, use drills according to skill level. For example, pacing longer distances while changing shot velocity helps players adjust their rhythm. This creates muscle memory, and improves play during actual games.

The VariSpeed Putting System provides custom speed options, no matter the green’s pace.

Customizing speed based on green condition

To use the VariSpeed Putting System, you must consider the golf green’s condition. Here’s a 4-step guide for customizing speed:

  1. Check it out – See how firm and sloped the green is to decide how much pace to add or remove.
  2. Notice the grass texture – A smooth surface may need a different approach than a slick one.
  3. Look at the Weather – Humidity can slow down greens while dry days can quicken them.
  4. Follow product instructions – Adjust variance based on product guidelines.

Remember, even small changes in environment, temperature, or sunlight can affect the green. So adjust putting speed frequently for the best performance. Keep an eye out for changing environmental factors and make sure to impress with your unbeatable putting skills! The VariSpeed Putting System has you covered with its adjustable speed settings.

Features of the VariSpeed Putting System

To explore the features of the VariSpeed Putting System and enhance your golfing skills, you need to consider its key components. The indoor and outdoor use capability, easy setup and operation, and portable design make it a perfect solution for avid golfers, both beginners and professionals. Get ready to ace your putting game with the VariSpeed Putting System.

Indoor and outdoor use

The VariSpeed Putting System offers adjustable speed options, perfect for all kinds of putting surfaces. Its compact design and durable mat make it easy to transport between indoor and outdoor spaces. Plus, side bumpers keep balls safely inside, and no assembly is required! LED lights provide visibility in low light conditions, so you can use it day or night.

It’s great for golfers of all levels – professionals looking to improve, and beginners practicing techniques. Experiment with different speeds and ball trajectories to identify weaknesses and improve accuracy. Combine this product with other golf training aids like swing trainers or balance boards for even better results.

Setting up the VariSpeed Putting System is so easy – even someone who can’t hit the broad side of a barn can do it!

Easy setup and operation

Introducing the VariSpeed Putting System! Its advanced tech is designed for convenience and ease of setup. Here’s a quick 3-step guide:

  1. Unpack the equipment
  2. Place the putting strip on any flat surface
  3. Turn on the device and choose your speed mode

What sets this system apart? Versatility! It serves users of all levels, while providing accurate performance metrics. Plus, it’s been tested and approved by professional golfers. Testimonials from some of the world’s top-rated players make it a reliable choice.

And with its portable design, you can now take your inconsistent putting game on the road. Who knows where you’ll disappoint golfers next?

Portable design

The VariSpeed Putting System has a movable structure, making it great for users who want to play or practice anywhere! It’s lightweight for easy transportation and assembly doesn’t require tools. Plus, it comes with a compact carrying case for storage.

This system offers unique features to up your game. It has five possible green speeds, so you can adjust your hitting speed and practice swing lengths. With the VariSpeed Putting System, you can improve your short game and lower your score in no time!

One user experienced a drastic improvement in their short game when using it. Get the VariSpeed Putting System for yourself and increase your chances of sinking those tricky putts – unless, of course, you’re playing with Happy Gilmore!

Benefits of using the VariSpeed Putting System

To improve your putting skills with the VariSpeed Putting System, the benefits are numerous. By using this system, you can witness an improvement in accuracy and distance control, ensuring a consistent putting speed in every game. In addition, you can also decrease your three-putts and the overall number of putting strokes in the game.

Improved accuracy and distance control

Gains in Precision and Control!

The VariSpeed Putting System brings noticeable advances in precision and control when putting. Here are six key benefits:

  1. Working with diverse green speeds helps golfers adjust their putting stroke according to the pace of the greens. All leading to greater accuracy.
  2. The ramp feature boosts distance control by helping golfers hit more putts at varying distances.
  3. Multiple hole sizes enable golfers to target and hone their aim for improved accuracy.
  4. Options for different putting drills – short or long – with specific distance markers that contribute highly to mastering one’s technique.
  5. Instant feedback on the speed of their putts, no delays. This allows corrections, leading to smoother strokes and fewer putts per round.
  6. With increased practice, VariSpeed systems promote better self-confidence based on the achieved gains.

VariSpeed accommodates different green speeds, ramp settings, putt angles and distances. Plus, instant feedback. Golfers can maximize performance on and off the course. Real golf enthusiasts will love this system!

It has won awards since its release and stands out above the competition. Great putting is all about consistency. Unless you’re playing mini golf – then it’s who can hit the windmill first!

Consistency in putting speed

The VariSpeed Putting System is key for consistent golf performance. It provides six custom-made mats with different stimp readings. This helps hone precision skills and gives visuals to target aim. Players can alter speed for fine-tuning stroke technique and simulate short game distances accurately. It eliminates anxieties and surprises on the greens during competitions.

This product offers a dual-color ramp feature, plus included speed control balls. This aids all performance levels, regardless of age, skill, or experience. Investing in such equipment can yield extraordinary benefits without much time or money. Get putting like a pro with VariSpeed today – no more three-putts, no more excuses!

Reduced three-putts and overall putting strokes

Golfers witness a decrease in three-putts after practicing with the VariSpeed Putting System. It helps them adjust their putting stroke to various greens. Players learn to control their speed and accuracy when putting towards the hole. Improvements in precision and alignment are seen with frequent use of the system. Beginners experience an increase in confidence when using this system. Intermediate and advanced golfers benefit from a greater accuracy and fewer putts per round. The VariSpeed Putting System is user-friendly and compatible with different types of putting surfaces.

Troy Mullins, Golf Digest Best Young Teacher 2019, has praised the VariSpeed Putting System for enhancing overall game performance. Many amateur and professional golfers are embracing this technique. Customer reviews make you feel great, and motivate one to keep using the VariSpeed Putting System!

Customer reviews and testimonials

The VariSpeed Putting System has had fabulous feedback! Here’re 5 top-notch points from customers’ reviews:

  • Users have seen remarkable improvement in their putting accuracy after a few tries.
  • The adjustable ramp allows for various green speeds. This makes the system handy in any environment.
  • The clear markings on the mat let users evaluate each putt, and track progress.
  • Setting up and taking down the system is easy-breezy.
  • Customers find it worthwhile and it has helped them become more confident putters.

Plus, customers appreciate the high-quality materials. They make for a durable product.

Pro Tip: Record your putting with the VariSpeed Putting System to get a better sense of technique and spots to improve. Get this product, and your friends will be envious!

Comparison with other putting aids

The VariSpeed Putting System is an innovative way to practice pace control. It has an advantage over other putting aids. Check out the table below for details.

Putting AidAdjustabilityPortabilityPrice
VariSpeed Putting SystemYesYes$99.99
PuttOUT Pressure Putt TrainerNoYes$29.99
SKLZ Accelerator Pro Indoor Putting GreenNoPartial (foldable)$49.99
Eyeline Golf Speed Trap 2.0 Base & Ball Liner Training AidNoNot Portable (Base Station)$119.95

VariSpeed is adjustable and portable. It also has four speed settings. Use this feature to practice different scenarios and become good at controlling putts in any conditions. Get the VariSpeed Putting System and start sinking those birdies!

Where to purchase the VariSpeed Putting System

Golfers everywhere are raving about the VariSpeed Putting System! You can buy it online or from authorised dealers. It has a sleek design and comes with various speed settings for different putts.

Plus, there are exclusive limited edition models with custom colours and finishes. If you’re serious about your game, then this is an essential tool to take it to the next level.

One golfer saw a major improvement in their accuracy and performance on the green after using it. Now they never hit the course without it!

If you want to up your game, investing in the VariSpeed Putting System is like marrying a golf ball – it’ll improve your game but might get some weird looks!

Conclusion: Is the VariSpeed Putting System worth the investment?

Investing in the VariSpeed Putting System is a wise move for golfers. This system helps players improve their putting. It comes with adjustable mats from slow to fast greens. Golfers can practice on different surfaces easily. A detailed training guidebook provides tips and techniques to improve putting.

The VariSpeed system is an investment that lasts. No need for expensive trips to the course, weather conditions, or green speed. Ideal for golfers who prefer to practice at home.

Invest in the VariSpeed Putting System. Take your putting game to the next level! Don’t miss out on crucial competitive rounds due to poor skills. Get the system now!

Luke Griffin

Luke is an avid weekend-warrior golfer from the East Coast who plays golf more than he cares to admit.

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