Wee Burn Country Club in Darien CT

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Wee Burn Country Club in Darien CT

Overview of Wee Burn Country Club in Darien CT

Wee Burn Country Club, tucked away in the tranquil Darien CT, is a haven of luxury. This 18-hole golf course is the pinnacle of elegance and sophistication. It’s an elite club, with many prominent figures among its members.

Golfers, prepare to be challenged! The lush greens, fairways and water hazards will leave an unforgettable impression.

Besides golfing, members can indulge in delicious cuisine prepared by the best chefs. The clubhouse oozes luxury and warmth, perfect for hosting private events. Wee Burn has seen some truly momentous occasions – in 1952, politicians held a top-secret meeting here that changed international relations.

Wee Burn Country Club – a prestigious haven of luxury. Enjoy the amenities, and the small talk!

Amenities Offered at Wee Burn Country Club

To enhance your leisure experience at Wee Burn Country Club in Darien CT, the amenities offered here will cater to your needs. With multiple solutions available, our amenities aim to fulfill all your leisure requirements. With our Golf Course, Tennis Courts, Swimming Pool, Fitness Center, and Dining Options, you will never run out of options to keep yourself entertained.

Golf Course

The Green Acres at Wee Burn Country Club offers a golfing experience like no other. Across 18 holes and 6,500 yards, the course is designed for golfers of all levels. Dedicated caddies, well-maintained greens, and towering trees make it special.

The table below highlights amenities.

Driving Range30 bays, manicured grass for practice
Locker RoomShowers, amenities for male/female golfers
Pro ShopHigh-end retail with golf gear

Multiple teeing positions make it great for experienced players. Rolling hills and beautiful views create a serene experience. In the 1920s, Bobby Jones was invited to give an exhibition match. Thousands watched and interacted with him, giving the club fame. To feel superior, beat your opponent on the tennis courts.

Tennis Courts

Tennis lovers rejoice! Wee Burn Country Club provides top-notch courts for all levels of players. It’s one of the most popular amenities at this luxurious club.

Take a look at the Tennis Courts in Wee Burn Country Club:

  1. Location: Main Clubhouse & Pavilion
  2. Number: 6 Har-Tru Outdoor Courts
  3. Lighting: Yes, for night play
  4. Staff: USPTA Certified Professionals are on hand
  5. Tournaments: Regular competitions are held

At Wee Burn Country Club, players can enjoy night play with proper lighting. Trained professionals certified by USPTA provide advice and coaching. Plus, there are regular competitions.

For an even better experience, members can:

  • Hire a personal coach to improve their game
  • Join group lessons to gain from others
  • Participate in tournaments to practice new techniques

Wee Burn Country Club’s Tennis Courts are truly outstanding. They’ve got great facilities and experienced staff. Players have a chance to hone their skills and compete in tournaments. So go ahead and make a racket!

Swimming Pool

Dive into the peacefulness of Wee Burn Country Club’s aquamarine paradise. Our swimming pool is one of the many amenities the club offers its members.

  • Size: 25-metre long.
  • Temperature Control: Heated all year-round.
  • Hours: Open from morning to night.
  • Maintenance: Taken care of by staff and professionals onsite.
  • Towel Service: Complimentary for members.

Plus, we have a shallow area for kids to play and learn swimming moves with trained staff.

Did you know? Wee Burn Country Club’s swimming pool is American Red Cross-certified.

Come visit us today and make a splash in our azure blue waters! At our fitness center, work off last night’s dessert and pretend you’re training for a triathlon – while admiring that your gym towel has a higher thread count than your bed sheets!

Fitness Center

At Wee Burn Country Club, members have access to an impressive ‘wellness center’! The center offers:

  • Group classes like yoga, pilates, and spin
  • Customizable personal training sessions
  • Top-notch cardio machines, weights, and other equipment
  • A modern sauna for post-workout relaxation

Plus, the club offers a special Pilates reformer studio for strengthening and toning. It’s no wonder that many influential figures have had their athletic achievements recognized here. With its luxurious facilities and services, Wee Burn Country Club is an ideal place to pursue health and wellness goals. If the dining options were any fancier, I’d have to start wearing a monocle!

Dining Options

Wee Burn Country Club offers a gastronomic treat! Explore the club’s Dining Options:

  • Fine Dining – Enjoy a luxuriously elegant meal expertly cooked by the Executive Chef in the clubhouse dining room.
  • Lighter Bites – The Grill Room has a relaxed atmosphere and well-curated menu to tickle your fancy.
  • Outdoor Eats – Feast on delectable meals while taking in the scenic beauty of the clubgrounds in the outdoor dining area.
  • Private Functions – Host weddings, corporate events, or parties with personalized menus and catering services.

Plus, all ingredients are freshly-sourced from local farms and markets.

Fun Fact: Wee Burn won the 2020 Fairway & Greene Platinum Award for meeting the high standards of US golf clubs.

Join Wee Burn Country Club and you’ll get locked into a lifetime of golfing love and happiness!

Membership Options at Wee Burn Country Club

To explore membership options at Wee Burn Country Club in Darien CT, you can select a membership type that best suits your needs from the four options: Full Golf Membership, Junior Golf Membership, Social Membership, and Corporate Membership. Each membership has its own benefits and features.

Full Golf Membership

Experience Golf Like Never Before – Become a Full Golf Member at Wee Burn Country Club!

Unlock the many perks of joining the Full Golf Membership – from access to the championship course designed by renowned architect Seth Raynor to priority tee times.

Plus, gain access to exclusive tournaments and events, as well as a well-stocked pro shop with all the gear and clothing you’ll need.

Be part of the warm and welcoming community where members organize charity events, inter-club competitions, social gatherings, and other exciting activities.

And, with the Full Golf Membership, members get guest passes so they can introduce their friends and family to Wee Burn Country Club in style.

One member shared her experience: “I feel like I’ve found a home away from home. The memberships are slowly turning into friendships – it’s truly remarkable. And of course, the golf course is second to none.”

Introduce your child to the game and become a Junior Golf Member at Wee Burn! They’ll perfect their swing and maybe even stop yelling ‘Mulligan!’

Junior Golf Membership

For young golfers, Wee Burn Country Club has an exclusive membership tailored to their needs. The four-point plan focuses on developing their skills and providing them with benefits. Professional guidance and training from experienced coaches is available, as well as access to top golf equipment and courses for practice and tournaments. They can join regional and national junior leagues and competitions, and socialize with other members.

Plus, they get locker rooms, gourmet food, fitness facilities, sauna, steam rooms, and pools. This offers a comprehensive approach to bring out their best on and off the course.

Interestingly, Arnold Palmer was once a junior member before becoming one of the greatest golf players. Wee Burn Country Club has been shaping some of the most famous names in the game since the 1800s. Who needs real friends when you can have a social membership here?

Social Membership

Discover the social advantages of Wee Burn Country Club with our awesome Social Membership! Some benefits include:

  • Access to dining and event areas
  • Invites to club-sponsored events
  • Discounts on private event spaces
  • Fitness center, tennis courts, and pool (guest fees applied)
  • 15% off food and drinks
  • Guests allowed for golf (guest fees applied)

Plus, you can go to exclusive wine tastings or social events. Ready to make connections? Get your Social Membership today before it’s gone!

Experience the thrill of Corporate Membership at Wee Burn Country Club – escape the corporate heat and enjoy a round of golf!

Corporate Membership

Corporate Members enjoy the privilege of top-notch amenities: world-class golf courses, swimming pools, tennis courts, and fitness centers. Plus, host corporate events and team-building activities in a luxurious, scenic setting. Network with like-minded professionals and develop valuable industry connections!

Moreover, dine with exquisite cuisine and personalized service. Wee Burn Country Club is the perfect choice for your business, with its impeccable reputation and unmatched offerings. Elevate your company experience now with our Corporate Membership – contact us today to learn more!

Before this, wealthy socialites had to settle for golfing on their private yachts!

History of Wee Burn Country Club

Wee Burn Country Club has been around since 1896, making it one of the oldest clubs in Connecticut. It boasts 18 holes of golf stretched across a beautiful landscape.

Through the years, it has been renovated to become an iconic destination for golfers. The lush greenery, picturesque views, and challenging courses draw players from all over.

Notable events have been hosted at Wee Burn, such as the US Women’s Open qualifying tournament and the Met PGA Pro-Scratch Championship.

Pro Tip: If you plan to visit, book your tee time in advance as they sell out quickly!

If you seek a special event, Wee Burn Country Club has it all – exquisite cuisine, excellent service, and of course, some golf balls!

Events and Functions at Wee Burn Country Club

To plan your perfect event at Wee Burn Country Club, turn to our events and functions section under the title ‘Weddings and Receptions, Private Parties and Corporate Events’. Find everything you need for either your big day, special celebrations, or corporate functions.

Weddings and Receptions

Hosting your special day at Wee Burn Country Club is an unforgettable experience. Our venue offers spaces for ceremony and reception- both indoors and outdoors. Plus, an exceptional golf course for wedding photos!

Our team provides personalized service for everything- from flowers to menu planning. We even have in-house pastry chefs and wine pairings.

Let us make your dream come true. Enjoy our rustic charm and serene landscapes. Capture stunning photographs and experience unique views.

Wee Burn Country Club has the perfect backdrop for corporate events or private parties. Celebrate success or boost morale with us!

Private Parties and Corporate Events

Wee Burn Country Club is the ideal location for exclusive occasions. Our luxurious facilities and impeccable services create special experiences. From anniversary parties to team-building activities – we have a great reputation for organizing successful events.

Our planners offer personalized attention to exceed your expectations. We have flexible indoor/outdoor spaces to make memories that last a lifetime. Our state-of-the-art technology equipment and Wi-Fi connections guarantee smooth event execution. Plus, our culinary team can customize menus to cater to your preferences.

We also have a Spa & Wellness center and championship golf courses. Our club history dates back to 1896 when it was established as the Rowayton Golf Club. In 1915, it relocated to the Darien shoreline and was named ‘Wee Burn‘ which means ‘Small Stream’. Since then, it has hosted prestigious championships.

Wee Burn Country Club offers unforgettable experiences backed by years of experience! Membership prices make your wallet cry, but with great perks.

How to Join Wee Burn Country Club

To join Wee Burn Country Club in Darien CT, the application process with membership fees and benefits should be understood. The club offers exclusive membership options to its applicants, but the application process can be tricky. It is important to understand the fees and the benefits that come along before becoming a member.

Application Process

To become a Wee Burn Country Club member, start by filling out an application with your personal info and membership preferences. You’ll need two current club members as sponsors to submit letters of recommendation.

An interview with the membership committee is required. Plus, you’ll get a tour of the facilities. Then the Board of Governors will review your application.

Memberships are limited and waitlists long. So, apply as early as possible.

Pro Tip: Make a good impression and show interest in the club’s community and values. Joining the club is an investment, so get ready to become a socialite and ace golfer!

Membership Fees

Are you considering joining the Wee Burn Country Club? Here’s what you need to know about the investment fees:

  • The initiation cost varies based on your desired classification and current promotions.
  • You must pay the membership equity value upfront or finance it interest-free over a few years.
  • You must pay an annual maintenance fee for access to all facilities.
  • Should you resign or get expelled, you can buy back the membership at a substantive value or premium.
  • You can choose from various billing options, such as monthly installments, quarterly payments, or paying annually.
  • The club offers discounts for first-class potential members who meet certain qualifications.

Wee Burn stands out due to its amazing amenities and activities. Enjoy resurfaced tennis courts and outstanding golf courses with PGA master professionals. Go boating with your family during the summer and have fun at the play areas set aside for children’s recreation. You can also work out in the fitness centers to stay in shape.

Become a member of the Wee Burn Country Club and enjoy the ultimate benefits! Hit that elusive hole-in-one while pretending to care about your fellow golfers’ weekends. Experience unique events like Wine-tasting parties and art exhibitions showcasing innovative artists. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity. Join before space runs out!

Membership Benefits

Are you curious about joining Wee Burn Country Club? Here are some great benefits:

  • A top-notch 18-hole golf course, tennis courts and swimming pool.
  • Special events and social gatherings.
  • Delicious club dining.

Plus, extra niceties like locker rental and bag storage. These extras make being a member extra enjoyable.

Curious? Attend one of our Open House events or get in touch with our membership committee. They’ll answer your questions and make the process easy and enjoyable. Join Wee Burn Country Club and you’ll stroke your way to success, like Tiger Woods!

Conclusion: Why Joining Wee Burn Country Club is a Great Decision.

Investing in Wee Burn Country Club is worthwhile. You get access to a top-notch golf course and lots of amenities. From up-to-date fitness centers to delicious food, this country club has it all. Plus, you get to meet people with similar interests in luxurious settings with great hospitality.

This is an opportunity to network, socialize, and grow. When you join Wee Burn Country Club, you join a unique community. Don’t miss out on this chance of a lifetime. Contact Wee Burn Country Club now to find out more about membership and start living the life you deserve!

Luke Griffin

Luke is an avid weekend-warrior golfer from the East Coast who plays golf more than he cares to admit.

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