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You just got done with a solid round and you’re wondering, what is a good golf score? Don’t worry, you’re not alone as most of us golf weekend warriors are with you. So, here it is:

A good golf score is based on the following numbers:

Good, based on what is average, is 90 strokes for every 18 holes played. This “good” golf score is based on playing a round of golf on an industry standard par 72 course.

If a golfer stays within (assuming they are an amateur) scoring a 90-108 stroke (maximum), they are within the ‘good golf score’ range.

This begs the question, what number or percentage of golfers actually shoot below a 100? Well, according to the National Golf Foundation the average golf score is 100.

good golf score

Furthermore, the average golf handicap for men is 16.1 and 29.2 for women. So, when trying to figure out what is a good golf score, it’s best to lean on the national averages and compare or contrast accordingly.

What is a good golf score for adult beginners?

The national average golf score (let’s consider hitting the average as ‘good’ here) for an adult beginner golfer is 108 as per the National Golf Foundation data. The NFG also found that about 4.5 out of 10 players average more than 100 strokes per round.

So, if you’re a golfer like one of us, we’d say scoring around 100 is still a pretty good statistic to take home with you.

Average golf score perspective

For a beginner golfer, scoring a 108 at the end of 18 holes is the same as shooting a double bogey on each and every hole on a par 72 course!

See, there’s nothing wrong with being a bogey golfer after all. We’ve all been there! Bogey golf is real for beginner golfers as it is for the professionals out there.

golf score for adult beginner

Shooting par for the course is always something to strive for but hey, a bad day of golf beats a good day at the office every time.

What is a good golf score for a pro?

A good golf score for a professional golfer at the time of writing this article is 68-69. This golf score was obtained by looking at the top 10 golfers in the world who played a range of 52-82 rounds of golf this year.

what is a good golf score

Now, taking a professional Golfer’s score once again into perspective – we like to keep it real here at Our Golf Clubs – according to the Book of World Records, the lowest reported golf score over an 18 hole course (male) is 55.

World record golfer

This whopping score of a 55 was rung in by none other than Rhein Gibson from Australia where he played at the River Oaks Golf Club in Edmond, OK. The stats of River Oaks at the time measured to be 6,700 yards and par score of 71.

We don’t feel so bad scoring that 108 average anymore now, do we?

What is a good golf score for 9 holes?

A good golf score for 9 holes for the average adult is 45 and considered to be bogey golf. Consider this idea: the average 9 hole score at the turn is 40-70. Scoring below 40 after 9 holes is usually left up to the professional golfers we see every Thursday – Sunday on TV.

If you’re the average adult golfer, shooting below 60 at the end of 9 holes is a good golf score and something to strive for as a beginner golfer.

9 hole golf speed rounds?

Keep in mind that during the high season of our beloved golf, you not only have a group ahead of you but behind you. The pressure is on because an empty golf course, a single player or even a skilled pair can play a 9-hole round in as little as 75 min.

We don’t know about you but shooting a 40-60 for 9 holes within an hour and 15 minutes is just not on the docket.

What is a good golf score for high school players?

A good golf score for high school players is 80. This score is calculated by taking the average maximum score of high school seniors who are heading to Division I, Division II, and Division III colleges to play. golf.

Now, if you’re not heading towards college to play golf then you would fall into the average adult range that we mentioned earlier in this article.

Our research shows us the following ranges for Division Golf Players:

Division I Average Golfer Scores:

The average scores for men are 65 to 75. For the women, the average scores are 66 to 78.

Division II Average Golfer Scores:

The average scores for men are 67 to 77. For the women, the average scores are 68 to 82.

Division III Average Golfer Scores:

The average scores for men are 68-80. For women, the average scores are 70-92.

golf score for college

What is a good average golf score for college players?

The average golf score that is considered to be ‘good’ for college players is as follows:

For men can be anywhere within 68-80. For women, the average scores are between 70-92.

Interestingly enough and according to some quick field research, if you’re a high school golfer looking to obtain a scholarship at the Division I level, you will need to shoot an even par and in fact, break even par to obtain a scholarship.

For most collegian level programs, mid to low 70 range and could be considered a rule of thumb but not a gold standard.

What if I can’t shot a good golf score yet?

If you can’t hit the mark of a good golf score then there are literally thousands of drills, tools, swing aids, coaches, and videos you can use to improve your game. To start improving your average score, we recommend starting out with mastering the basics.

Everyone wants to drive the ball further, hit all of the fairways, and sink all of the holes but junior golfers to beginner, and professional all share the same roadblocks at one point in time. The trick is to figure out what your biggest trouble is and start there.

Golf basics worth considering to shooting golf scores to brag about:

  1. The basics of a good golf swing
  2. Understanding and developing your golf IQ
  3. Selecting the right club for the right shot type
  4. Golfer psychology
  5. Proper fitting for your clubs and equipment
  6. Reading Greens
  7. Striking your irons pure
  8. Putting Stroke Fundamentals
  9. Driving the golf ball
  10. Fairway Woods
  11. Rescue Club Hitting

Now, these 11 basic areas of golf are individual game changers for some but keep in mind that fixing one area of golf can spill over to other areas of your golf game. For example, we don’t swing our 8 irons in the same fashion as a driver or even a wedge, right?

Parting thoughts on what is a good golf score

Golf is a great game and heck – we love it here at Our Golf Clubs! It translates to so many areas of life and teaches you valuable lessons. At the end of the day, it’s anyones game and on any given Sunday, you can beat your previous scores and shatter bad golfing habits.

To Summarize:

The secret is to keep trying and actively pursuing what your version of a perfect golf game is. We hope this article helped shine on a light on average score ranges for players of all types. And as always, enjoy the golf game!

What does the average golfer shoot?

The average golf score is around 100. However, this number can vary depending on the skill level of the golfer. For example, a beginner may score closer to 120, while a more experienced player may score in the 80s.

What is the average amature golf score?

The average amateur golf score is around 100. The average score for amature golfer playing consistently over the weekend will hug the sub 100 range.

Whats a good golf score for beginners ?

A good golf score for beginners is an improvement from your previous round! Don’t sweat the score cards just yet.

What is the average PGA score?

The average golf score is around 80. This includes all amateur golfers and professional golfers. The average score for PGA Tour players is 70.4, while the average score for LPGA Tour players is 73.5.

The average golf handicap is around 16. This means that the average golfer is able to hit the golf ball around 160 yards.

Luke Griffin

Luke is an avid weekend-warrior golfer from the East Coast who plays golf more than he cares to admit.

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