What Is A Hybrid Golf Club?

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We know how difficult it can be when you’re buying a new club. When you’re new to golf, we know how intimidating it can be to learn all of the different terminologies.

what is a hybrid golf club

That’s why we at OurGolfClubs have covered everything you need to know about hybrid golf clubs. With our help, you’ll be a pro on the subject in no time. 

What Is A Hybrid Golf Club?

The best way we can describe a hybrid golf club is that although it looks like it’s made from wood, it hits in the same way as a long iron. It’s the perfect combo that gives you the best of both worlds.

We first saw hybrid clubs 25 years ago, and they hit quite a golfing boom in 2003. While every manufacturer has different specs for their hybrids, we know one thing for certain: they can have your ball go higher without all the effort.

When you’re in a tight spot, the hybrid is the club to have, as it’s the rescue club for a reason.

Why Would You Use A Hybrid Golf Club?

You know how we said that hybrids are the rescue club? That’s because we’ve found they’re more forgiving when we miscalculate our hits.

While long irons are great, we’ve noticed that while you can get more distance with a long iron, they’re more of a challenge to gain more height with.

Without the height advantage, we’ve found that we’re going through the rough to get our balls

When we’re in the rough, we’ve found that it’s the best time to bring out the hybrid. It offers more accuracy when we’re aiming from the rough and more chance for it to hit where we want it to be.

Reasons You Should Use A Hybrid Golf Club

Let’s go into a little bit more depth to explain how a hybrid club can improve your game.

We’ve already mentioned how it’s better for hitting from the rough and that it’s more forgiving, but how? To help you understand, let’s tell you why you should be using a hybrid.

Easier Than Long Irons

When we talked to our team at OurGolfClubs, we admitted that most of us struggled with long irons when we started.

However, we didn’t really have much choice other than to use them. Hybrids weren’t always as accessible, and it’s only been a few years since they started hitting the mainstream.

When we would hit with a long iron, we’d miss so many more shots, but with hybrids, we found our performance massively improved.

We found that having a hybrid with a loft of 18 to 24 degrees was more forgiving than our long iron counterparts. So, naturally, we had to include some hybrids in our game.

Easier Than Fairway Woods

We have struggled with fairway woods for generations because they’re wider, heavier, and longer. But the time has come to regain control of our swings.

Since investing in hybrid clubs, we’ve found that fewer players are choosing to use fairway woods. Hybrids are so much easier to use and take control of. After all, they’re lighter, shorter, and so much easier to hit with.

Better To Hit From The Rough

Earlier, we spoke about how hybrids are better to hit with from the rough. Our hybrids have saved us from a lot of sticky situations in the tall grass.

what is a hybrid golf club 1

We’ve found that the club’s better for cutting through the tall grass because hybrids have a sharp front edge and enough mass in the sweet spot to help the ball get into the air.

We could never make that kind of hit with a long iron or a wooden club.

Easier To Control

We find it easy to hit it from the rough because it’s much easier to control.

Hybrid clubs have a wider sweet spot and a shorter shaft, so it’s easier to gauge our shots.

It makes the club more forgiving because we have a higher chance of hitting the sweet spot and launching the ball straight up to the flag.

You Can Get Creative

Hybrids aren’t just for beginners, as we’ve found quite a few pros are using them too.

You can hit shots that you would never have been able to hit before, and we’ve found we’ve been able to avoid the accursed chili dip.

After all, there’s nothing worse than being unable to get the ball rolling. 

Should I Use A Hybrid Club?

We’ve found that hybrids are better suited for anyone who struggles with their approach. Hybrids, for example, offer a more natural sweeping swing than a long iron, especially for beginners.

If you’ve been struggling with using your long iron, why don’t you try a hybrid instead?

While changing your club doesn’t always improve your game, if you’ve been struggling, it can’t hurt to change it up after you’ve tried everything else.

How To Hit With A Hybrid

If you’re making the shift to hybrid, we’ve got a bit of advice to help you hit the ball better.

First, you should place the toe of your hybrid against your left heel with the clubface pointing at your body.

Then, set the ball opposite the hosel. Place your feet so that they’re under your armpits, and narrow your stance.

Then, when you’re ready to swing, you should imagine you’re holding a short iron. You don’t have to swing hard.

So long as you lean against the shaft and press your hands so that they’re even with your left high, you’ll be hitting those swings in no time.

Final Thoughts

While many people may associate hybrid golf clubs with beginners, they’re a handy tool to have at your disposal.

A hybrid may be your best bet if you want to improve your approach and have a more forgiving club. 

After all, hybrids are successful because they give you the best of iron and wooden clubs.

They were developed to help you improve your game, and with so many pros using them, why shouldn’t you?

Luke Griffin

Luke is an avid weekend-warrior golfer from the East Coast who plays golf more than he cares to admit.

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