What Is PLD In Golf?

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Answer: ‘PLD’ actually stands for ‘Putting Lab Design’ which refers to a line of premium golf tools and equipment that are manufactured by the brand PING. 

If you have been watching any of the recent Players Championships or really any competitive golf tournaments, chances are you have spotted the PLD logo appear at least a few times since it’s incredibly hard to miss with it being plastered on golf clubs, bags and even caps.

what is pld in golf

While more and more professional golfers start showing up with the PLD logo attached to all parts of their equipment, it begs the question of what it actually means and if it actually makes any difference to their game.

Keep reading to find out all you need to know about PLD and why it has made such a popular sudden appearance. 

What about PLD?

The company has actually been around for quite some time, originally offering its selection of putters and equipment when it first opened its doors in 1959, and while they have been best known for their putters which have been used by many professional golfers including Cameron Champ and Stewart Cink, they have slowly been building up their reputation and quality of their products to where it’s now difficult not to see their logo on at least a few pieces of equipment when watching professional matches.

What Products Are Classed As PLD?

While the PLD logo can commonly be seen being sported on golf caps, the most popular PLD product is by far their golf bags which can be seen being used by many professional golfers due to how lightweight and spacious their designs are. 

The limited edition staff bags were actually first introduced in professional play during the 2022 Player Championship where the likes of Louis Oosthuizen and Lee Westwood could be seen using them.

The bags are incredibly recognizable for the large PLD logo running down a long yellow strip on the side. 

Since they are also well known for their putter selection, PING has also released four different models throughout 2022 which are all part of the PLD collection and that you can be sure the pros will become accustomed to using right away. 

What Putters Are Part Of The PLD Collection?

pld collection

While there are only currently 4 manufactured putters that are part of the PLD range, it should be noted that each one of them is fully milled from 303 stainless steel which is what gives each putter its premium and incredibly efficient grip and feel, while also being the main reason for their admittedly high price tag at $485. 

While each of these putters does have its own characteristics and design tweaks that make them ideal for certain situations and environments, you can guarantee that all of them have been made with a focus on style and efficiency in mind and will effortlessly deliver that short and low speed shot that you’re looking for. 

Here are each of the PLD putters that PING currently offers:


While PING has had a shaky reputation at best when it comes to producing variants of the ANSER, their latest version comes in a sleek and glossy black design alongside containing a lot of the features that we would expect to see on the Anser including a heel/toe weight and rounded corners to make it even more forgiving and easier to strike the ball with. 

On top of the impressive design, the PLD ANSER is also just 350 grams making it the perfect weight for getting a good grip and handle of the swing without there being too much power or force that could cause the ball to overextend. 

This retro-inspired ANSER is one of PING’s most popular PLD designs and considering just how easy it is to use and its incredibly stylish appearance, it isn’t hard to see why. 


The ANSER 2 may be a little more underappreciated when compared to its counterpart, however, it does feature a longer and more squared-off design that many people actually prefer when trying to gently hit the ball.

The differences don’t just stop there however, the ANSER 2 also sports a stylish steel silver design rather than the glossy black of the original ANSER, and while it weighs the same, the ANSER 2 is more ideal for when you want a little more length and control over your shorter swings.


If you’ve ever watched Viktor Hovland play, then you will know that he has some of the best precision and accuracy in the game, and upon recognizing this, PING decided to design this putter after Hovland’s very own.

Hovland’s is admittedly a little longer, however, this putter still has an amazing feel from the forged steel head along with an excellent face-balanced mallet and a good amount of forgiveness to make for a club that is as close to a replica as you can buy from a retail store. 


The PRIME TYNE 4 is designed for golfers who have a strong arcing putter stroke since its incredibly unique design featuring a deep AMP face milling ensures that an arcing shot always remains stable, forgiving, and accurate. 

This putter is actually largely inspired by the one used by Cameron Champ who has been claimed by many to have the most natural length and speed in the game today along with some deadly accurate short strokes. 

With an incredibly unique design and a sleek black finish, if you missed out on the limited edition Prime TYNE 4 and are still eager to get your hands on one, the PLD variant is just as good, if not better in practice. 


While PING has been a popular brand in the golfing scene for quite some time now, their PLD collection only continues to grow bigger and better as time goes on, so you can expect to see more pros using their bags and putters as the years go by.

Luke Griffin

Luke is an avid weekend-warrior golfer from the East Coast who plays golf more than he cares to admit.

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