What Length Putter Do I Need?

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Getting the right length putter for your needs can greatly improve your putting skills and lower your scores. So, what length putter do I need indeed!

Answer: Choosing the right putter length depends on your height and posture. Generally, the shaft of a putter should reach up to somewhere between your sternum and chin when you hold it in a standing position. The following is a rough guide to finding the correct putter length for you:

  • if you are 5’2β€³ or shorter, consider using a 33-34β€³ long putter
  • if you are between 5’3β€³ and 5’7β€³, consider using a 34-35β€³ long putter
  • if you are between 5’8β€³ and 6’0β€³, consider using a 35-36β€³ long putter
  • if you are over 6’1β€³, consider using a 36-38β€³ long putter
what length putter do i need

Putting is key to the best scores possible but how do you get the right putter length for you? In this article, we will look at the best putter length.

Why Does Putter Length Matter?

The length of your putter matters as it is key to successfully controlling your ball with ease. You need to be able to correctly assess the line of your putt and if your putter is the wrong length, it will make your eyeline incorrect too.

A too long or too short putter puts your eyes too far underneath or too far over the golf ball, which leads to an incorrect adjustment of the backswing and missing your putts. You’ll also find that it’s more difficult to control the distance of your ball and your face rotation.

By having a putter that is the right length for you, it will make putting easier and increase your chances of success.Β 

How To Measure The Right Putter Length For You

Thankfully, finding the right putter length for you is relatively easy and doesn’t require any expertise or special equipment. You can find the right measurement from the comfort of your own home, although it is an easier process if you have someone who can help.

Here are three easy steps to get the right putter length.

1. Stand in the address position as if you were preparing to stroke a putt. You don’t need a putter in your hands for this and you can use either a real ball or imaginary ball.

Try not to be too conscious about how you’re standing or make any adjustments to your natural position. It’s important that you stand as naturally as possible to get the best measurements.

2. Allow your arms to hang from your body in as natural a position as you can. When in position, get someone to measure the distance between the top of your hands to the ground. The measurement should begin at your wrist and be a straight line.

3. You will find that typically, the measurement will be between 33 to 36 inches. The exact length will vary depending on your standing height and the posture you assume when you’re in the address position.

This measurement will reflect the length of putter that is best for you.

It’s important to measure in address position instead of just basing your putter length on your height. Two people of the exact same height can have very different postures and need different putter lengths.

If you bend over the ball more you will need a shorter putter than someone who stands up straighter. Learning how to putt properly with the right putter fit will shave strokes off your score!

How Long Should My Putter Be?

If you are unable to measure the best length for yourself for any reason, you can use more general guidelines to choose the right putter length.

Be aware, however, that these lengths don’t take into account your posture, arm length, and putting style.

  • 5 feet or under = 32 inch putter or shorter
  • 5’ – 5’2” = 32.5”
  • 5’2” – 5’4” = 33”
  • 5’4” – 5’6” = 33.5”
  • 5’6” – 5’8” = 34”
  • 5’8” – 6’ = 34.5”
  • 6’ – 6’2” = 35”
  • 6’2” – 6’4” = 35.5”
  • 6’4” or over = 36 inch putter or longer

What Is The Standard Putter Length?

The standard putter length is between 33 and 35 inches, with 35 inches being the most common.

Unfortunately, this is too long for most golfers and is best for people that are either over six foot tall or have short arms and need some extra length. Most golfers should aim for putter lengths that are around the 34 inches mark.

putter length

If you do have a 35 inch putter and feel that it is too long then there are some adjustments you can make before buying a new one.

You can first try choking up on your putter by around an inch. This will make you bend over more and can be enough of an adjustment to improve your putting. It can help with your lie angle, distance control, and make putting feel more natural.

Can You Extend Or Reduce A Putter Length?

After you’ve measured your ideal putter length, you might find that the putter you have is either too long or too short. As well as adjusting your grip, it is possible to make other adjustments so that you don’t need to buy a new putter.

Extending A Putter

It is possible to extend the length of any golf club in your bag. However, this isn’t always as straightforward as just re-gripping the club to get some extra length.

You may instead need to get a club fitter to add an extension to your shaft, or even add a brand-new shaft completely. In most cases, you only need an extension.

You can do this yourself with a shaft plug, epoxy, and a new grip, although we would recommend getting an expert to do it. If you do need to buy a completely new shaft for your putter then at least they are cheaper than the shafts used for drivers.

Reducing A Belly Putter

If you have a belly style putter it is also possible to reduce the length of this to a more standard 33 to 35 inches. Before you commit to this, just be aware that reducing the length will make other changes to how the club handles.

It will adjust the swing weight as the club will feel heavier than before it was reduced. This is fine if you like a heavier club, but if you prefer your clubs to feel light, it might be uncomfortable.

If your putter has adjustable weights, you can also adjust these to help with your putter length and putting.

If you do make your putter heavier, you should take advantage of some time on the practice green to adjust the head weights until you get a comfortable swing and putting stroke.

Final Thoughts & Putter Length FAQs

Putter length depends on your height, posture, arm length, and putting style. The most accurate way to get the best putter for you is by measuring yourself. We hope these tips help you find the right putter length for you.

Putter Length For 5’11”?

If you are five foot and eleven inches then the ideal putter length for you would be 36-38 inches.

How tall should you be for a 35 inch putter?

Generally, a 35-inch putter is ideal for golfers between 5’3β€³ and 6’0β€³ in height. But this can be user dependent as a 35-inch putter may not be too long for some golfers. In fact, A 35-inch putter is not too long for most golfers between 5’3β€³ and 6’0β€³. However, a shorter putter might offer greater control over shots, so it may be worth considering if you are at the lower end of that range.

Putter Length Standard

Standard putter length for men is 34-35 inches and for women, 33 inches.

An extra inch can make all the difference in your stroke. Having to hunch over or extend up an extra inch can impact your stroke negatively.

Additionally, be mindful of the width of your clubhead. According to the United States Golf Association, the distance from the heel to the toe of the putter head should not exceed 7 inches.

Luke Griffin

Luke is an avid weekend-warrior golfer from the East Coast who plays golf more than he cares to admit.

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