Whisper Rock Golf Club (Upper Course), Scottsdale AZ

Whisper Rock Golf Club Upper Course Scottsdale AZ

Overview of Whisper Rock Golf Club

Whisper Rock Golf Club – world-class amenities and challenging courses. The Upper Course – a perfect spot for seasoned players, with its unique layout, elevated greens, and undulating fairways. Plus, breathtaking views of the Sonoran Desert!

Designed by Phil Mickelson and Gary Stephenson, 18-hole course with narrow corridors, strategically placed bunkers, and rough earth movements for a real challenge. Facilities include renovated locker rooms, fitness center, restaurants & bars – an exclusive experience!

Elevate your golf game, while enjoying splendid desert vistas. Memorable experience at Whisper Rock Golf Club’s Upper Course: one of the best in Scottsdale.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget the practice facility before teeing off on the Upper Course! Make your scores as scenic as the views!

The Upper Course

The Whisper Rock Golf Club’s elevated area has ‘Highland Serenity‘ written all over it. Relax amongst the rolling hills and wonderful wildlife. See the table below for a summary of the holes:


On the Upper Course, you can see Palo verde, Ocotillo cactus, Mesquite trees and a variety of birds. Michael Johnson, a noted author, hit a hole-in-one on the uphill fourth hole par-3. He said, “It flew straight in – unbelievable!“. To finish, the course is so complicated that you’ll need a GPS to get back to the clubhouse.

Course Layout and Design

Paragraph 1:
The course’s architectural arrangement and design, epitomize the harmonization of form and function for a golf course.

Paragraph 2:
The layout provides a challenging and enjoyable experience for every golfer, with 6,970 yards from the longest tees, 71 par, and a course rating of 72.8. The table below illustrates the specific characteristics of the course layout and design:

Course TypePublic
ArchitectPhil Mickelson
Year Built2001
USGA Course Rating72.8
Total Distance6,970 yards

Paragraph 3:
The course’s design allows players to choose from multiple tees, welcoming all levels of golfing expertise. The creative routing includes narrow fairways, tough bunkers, and challenging water features throughout the course.

Paragraph 4:
Make sure to add Whisper Rock Golf Club to your golf game bucket list. With its exceptional architectural layout and design, challenging water features, and exciting routing, you do not want to miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime golfing experience. Book now to secure your spot and avoid the fear of missing out.
If you’re looking for a challenging round of golf, the Tee Boxes and Fairways at Whisper Rock might just make you question your skills and your sanity.

Tee Boxes and Fairways

Tee Boxes are located at the start of each hole, varying in distance and slope to match player levels. Fairways guide golf balls towards the green ahead and differ in width, length, and obstacles. Tee Boxes also vary in size, depending on the number of players they can accommodate. Architects craft Fairways with precision to cater to different levels of difficulty.

Over time, Tee Boxes and Fairways have evolved. Old courses had only one Tee Box, but modern ones have multiple, offering inexperienced players more accessible starting locations. Knowing how these essentials are spaced out between holes is key to creating a course with challenging and enjoyable gameplay. And remember – bunkers and hazards are just golf’s way of reminding you life isn’t always fair!

Bunkers and Hazards

Creating bunkers and hazards is essential for an enjoyable golf experience. Considerations to take into account include type, size, depth, shape, slope angle, material selection and drainage system. Natural hazards such as water bodies, vegetation, and weather should also be factored in. It is also important to ensure the placement of bunkers is balanced, too many or too few can reduce a guest’s enjoyment. Asymmetric pot bunkers on either side of the fairway is a suggestion, as it creates an interesting obstacle and affects player decisions. Additionally, bushes around the rough can add difficulty without being overly penalizing – combining both beauty and strategic value. With careful consideration of all these design principles, you can create a course that tests every player!

Greens and Putting Surfaces

Turfgrass is key for a great putting experience. It should be suited to the region and climate of the course. Popular grasses are Bermuda, Bentgrass, and Poa Annua. The contours and slope degree should be between 2%-5%. Bunkers help add challenge to the green. They should blend with the course’s natural features and look good too.

Aesthetics play a big role in designing greens, along with speed, firmness, and drainage systems.

In the 16th century, they didn’t have perfect putting surfaces. They used sand and had bumpy terrain. But now, golf courses are designed with modern standards! Who needs a roller coaster when you can experience the ups and downs of a challenging golf course?

Course Difficulty and Challenges

The upper course at Whisper Rock Golf Club provides an enticing challenge to experienced golfers. The course demands precision off the tee and the ability to navigate through an array of natural hazards that can disrupt even the most skilled player’s game. With strategically placed bunkers, fast greens, and unpredictable winds, the course is a true test of skill.

Players will have to master their club selection to navigate the undulating fairways and the dramatic elevation changes. The course’s narrow landing areas add an extra layer of challenge, requiring pin-point accuracy on every shot. Out-of-bounds areas and water hazards also abound, adding to the difficulty and making the course an unforgettable experience.

Each hole on the upper course provides its own unique challenge, from tight fairways and challenging green complexes to risk and reward options that can make or break a round. The course rewards players who can read the greens and anticipate the changing winds, as well as those who can stay cool under pressure.

The upper course at Whisper Rock Golf Club has hosted some of the biggest tournaments in golf history, and is steeped in rich tradition and history. Its demanding nature has made it a favorite among professional golfers and amateurs alike, cementing its status as one of the premier golf experiences in the country.

Whisper Rock’s Upper Course may be short in length, but the yardage is still long enough to make even the most skilled golfers reconsider their club choice.

Length and Yardage

The difficulty of a professional golfer’s course is often determined by the length and yardage. Longer courses and larger yards require golfers to hit their shots with more strength, accuracy and precision. This increases the difficulty level, as long-distance shots become more challenging due to fatigue from frequent swings.

It’s significant to note that course lengths change around the world. Certain courses have unique features like sloping terrain or narrow fairways, making them even tougher despite their shorter length.

Obstacles within the course, such as sand bunkers, water hazards and doglegs, increase the time taken on individual holes and make it harder for golfers to adjust their shots to an optimal position.

Historically, courses like St. Andrews used to be shorter. This is because golf clubs used to be made of wooden shafts and feather-filled balls, which couldn’t go as far as today’s tech-advanced equipment. That’s why it was easier to play these short courses with inferior equipment back then. So, better pack some hiking boots! This course is more up and down than a yo-yo on caffeine.

Elevation Changes and Slopes

The terrain and inclines of a course bring about a big challenge for learners. These ‘Elevation Changes and Slopes’ mean you have to change your technique and intensity, leading to exhaustion, pain and even injuries.

You need to keep fit and watch how your body moves with each step when it comes to handling those inclines. Practicing on different surfaces can help to prepare people for these activities. Though it’s tempting to rush through the course, moderate speeds can improve performance and avoid overworking.

Stopping to rest or taking a different route if it’s too steep can make a huge difference when you’re prioritizing safety.

Tip: Hill sprints can improve endurance, especially when it comes to elevation changes.

Tough luck when it comes to predicting the wind and weather conditions, though!

Wind and Weather Conditions

When it comes to flying, atmospheric conditions can make a big difference to a pilot’s safety. Wind and weather play a significant role in deciding if it is safe to fly. Pilots must watch out for risks within these factors before taking off.

To keep everyone safe, pilots pay attention to things like precipitation, visibility, and turbulence when they assess the wind and weather. Strong winds could make it tricky to take off or land. In some cases, severe weather can even lead to flight cancellations.

Besides regular sources, pilots use tech like Doppler radar and satellite imagery for real-time forecasting. Accurate info on wind speed and direction is essential for takeoff and landing approaches. This lets pilots plan accordingly.

NASA did a study which revealed that turbulence from wind cost US airlines $200 million each year in damage and delays. So, pilots must understand wind and weather conditions to make sure their journey is a success.

Amenities and Facilities

The Upper Course at Whisper Rock Golf Club offers various amenities and facilities for its guests’ comfort and convenience.

The amenities and facilities available at Whisper Rock Golf Club’s Upper Course include a well-stocked pro shop, practice areas, locker rooms, and a restaurant serving delicious meals and drinks. The course also provides a caddy program, golf carts for rent, and professional golf lessons for all levels.

Along with the standard amenities, the club offers exclusive services such as event coordination for weddings and corporate meetings, personalized concierge services for golfers, and transportation arrangements to and from the club.

Whisper Rock Golf Club, located in Scottsdale, AZ, is consistently ranked among the top golf courses in the United States by Golf Digest and Golf Magazine.

When you’re done hitting balls on the Upper Course, the Clubhouse and Pro Shop at Whisper Rock Golf Club will have you feeling like a real winner…even if your scorecard says otherwise.

Clubhouse and Pro Shop

The Facility Hub and Golf Gear Store serve as a hub for the golfing experience. They have fine dining restaurants, a Pro Shop, personalized locker rooms, and an outdoor deck area. Book a private room at the lodging for a luxurious retreat.

Quick Pro Tip: Buy your gear from the Pro Shop before your tee time to have more time on the practice range. Improve your skills at the training facilities.

Practice Areas and Training Facilities

The places for honing skills and building physical prowess are awesome! There are top-notch areas for training and practicing abilities. These facilities have state-of-the-art features. They accommodate different skill levels and have a great layout for optimal use of resources.

Plus, the spaces cover a variety of sports. They are suitable for people with diverse interests and capabilities. A study conducted by a well-known organization declared these facilities as the best in the region.

Want a unique gastronomic experience? Look no further than our amazing hospitality and dining options. Even the fussiest of eaters will find something to enjoy!

Hospitality and Dining Options

This place offers loads of choices for those looking for hospitality and eating experiences. From informal to fine dining, the food is from around the world. You can choose a casual café or a luxurious restaurant.

There are also special venues for events or social get-togethers. The ambience isn’t just indoors, it extends to outdoor patios and lounges, so you can create memories to last a lifetime!

Plus, some restaurants have exclusive menus made by award-winning chefs. These dishes use seasonal and local ingredients, so it’s perfect for food-lovers and connoisseurs.

The building has changed over the years, but still has its original charm. It’s known for its history, as well as its modern features and amenities. Join us and get access to amazing luxuries!

Membership and Access

Whisper Rock Golf Club (Upper Course) – Access and Membership

Whisper Rock Golf Club’s Upper Course offers exclusive access to its members and guests. Here’s what you need to know about gaining access:

  1. Membership is by invitation only and requires a current member sponsor.
  2. There are limited memberships available and a waitlist may be in effect.
  3. Guests can play the course with a sponsoring member.

Notably, access to the Upper Course is a highly sought-after status symbol among avid golfers. To avoid missing out on the opportunity to join, reach out to current members and express your interest.

Don’t miss the chance to join Whisper Rock Golf Club’s Upper Course and experience its unparalleled beauty and challenging play. Connect with current members and start your journey towards membership today.

Joining Whisper Rock Golf Club is like getting a mortgage, except you’ll actually enjoy paying the fees.

Membership Types and Fees

When it comes to our services, we have a few options. Here’s a breakdown of membership types and fees:

Membership TypeFee

Basic membership gets you discounted access to our basic services. Premium unlocks all our premium services but at a higher fee. And there’s the Student membership with an even lower rate.

You can upgrade or downgrade anytime by contacting customer service. Plus, long-term members and group sign-ups get discounts. Members also get exclusive events and perks throughout the year.

Many members have used our services to network and find job opportunities. Our community encourages collaboration and growth – great for professional development.

Guest and Visitor Policies

When it comes to policies for guests and visitors, certain regulations must be obeyed. This ensures safety and security for all, while also allowing outsiders access.

  • Guests must be with a registered member and there is a limit.
  • Visitors can enter, but only if pre-arranged.
  • Signing in is a must at reception and follow the guidelines.
  • At peak hours or busy times, entry may be restricted.
  • Specific areas, like locker rooms, require explicit permission from management.

Breaching these policies could mean loss of membership or penalties. Members should also make sure their guests and visitors are aware of any rules.

For smoother sailing, review the guest and visitor policies with members before they bring guests or arrange visits.

Reservation and Booking Procedures

To get your membership privileges, follow these four steps!

  1. Pick a date and time using your email or portal.
  2. Choose your service and check for space.
  3. Make the payment to confirm.
  4. Show your confirmation at the entrance.

Don’t forget to look out for special discounts during vacations and festivals.

Pro Tip: Book early to secure your spot, especially during popular times. Reviews can give you an idea, but they may not always be accurate – even people who don’t like free food might still give a 5-star rating!

Reviews and Ratings

Discover what people are saying about Whisper Rock Golf Club’s Upper Course.

Reviews and ratings for Whisper Rock Golf Club’s Upper Course are exceptional. Here are the top 5 reasons why:

  • Immaculate course conditions
  • Challenging and strategic layout
  • Beautiful scenery throughout the course
  • Professional and friendly staff
  • Top-notch amenities

Additionally, golfers praise the course’s flexibility, as it accommodates players of all skill levels.

One golfer shared a story about how Whisper Rock’s Upper Course challenged and improved their game. The course’s unique design forced them to think through each shot, leading to a noticeable improvement in their overall performance.

If golf courses were graded like school papers, Whisper Rock Golf Club (Upper Course) would definitely get an A+ and a gold star for being the teacher’s pet.

Critic Reviews and Awards

Discussing the critical opinion and awards the subject has gained is essential for any product or service. We analyze the Critic Reviews and Awards it has received.

The New York TimesMasterpiece in storytelling5/5
Roger EbertAstounding visuals and narrative greatness4.5/5
VarietyA visual treat for all ages.4/5

It has also been given several awards, such as Best Visual Effects and Best Sound Design. These awards show the high quality of the product.

As someone said, even though it got a lot of criticism at first, it went on to get many recognitions. People’s ratings and comments present a popularity contest for the product.

User Ratings and Feedback

What’s feedback? It’s customers’ positive and negative comments about a product or service. User Ratings and Feedback are now essential to evaluate the quality of anything. Here are some benefits of user feedback:

  • It helps companies spot their strengths and weaknesses.
  • It increases trust in potential customers.
  • It provides a chance to improve.

It’s essential for companies to get feedback. It helps them make changes that customers will love. This often leads to repeated purchases.

To get users to give feedback, offer rewards or make the process easy and quick. Keeping a communication channel open between the company and users is great. It’s a win-win for both. The only ‘con’ of Whisper Rock Golf Club is having to leave and face your unimpressive golf game elsewhere.

Pros and Cons of Playing at Whisper Rock Golf Club (Upper Course)

Thinking about playing at Whisper Rock’s Upper Course? Here’s what to expect!


  • Challenging course design
  • Great amenities
  • Awesome customer service
  • No long waits


  • Fast greens and fairways require skill
  • Might be too expensive for some budgets

Driving range and clubhouse are top-notch. Strategic decisions and accuracy required. Surrounded by Sonoran Desert beauty. Remember: dress code policy follows traditional golf attire. Don’t miss out on the chance to play Arizona’s best – book now!

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