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The ZOZO Championship is held in Accordia Golf Narashino CC, Chiba, JPN. Learn About This PGA Championship, Course, History, & Why You Need to Visit!

History of the ZOZO Championship

The ZOZO Championship is a yearly event held in November on the PGA TOUR Champions. It’s named after the owner of his eponymous tournament, Mr. Kuniaki Nakao (中尾邦昭).

The first ZOZO Championship was played at Hyogo Prefecture Kasumi Country Club and it has been hosted annually on different courses since then.

ZOZO Championship Golf Course

This golf course is an 18-hole, par-72 course and is located in Chiba, Japan. It’s a relatively short course by PGA standards (approx. 7200 yards), but it has thick rough and deep bunkers which make it challenging for the pro players.

Bill Murray was quoted saying “The first difficult thing about this course is that it looks flat from above.”

Why Attend the ZOZO Championship?

Although the course is not very long, it’s still an important PGA TOUR Champions event. Furthermore, you can’t beat Japan as a destination! It’s known worldwide for all of its beautiful sites and landmarks (not to mention delicious food), so this golf tournament should feel like a holiday rather than just another week of work.

Make some time off and visit Japan, why not?

What is the best way to fly into Japan?

At the moment, there are no direct flights between the US and Japan. You need to spend time in Korea’s Incheon Airport (ICN) or TPE airport in Taiwan before you board your flight to NRT in Tokyo.

The cheapest way to fly might be through China Airlines, Thai Airways, Air China, ANA or Singapore Airlines.

ZOZO Championship Tickets & Prices

If you want to attend the ZOZO Championship this November, be prepared to spend around $500.

General admission starts at $20 with practice round tickets being slightly cheaper. Unfortunately, if you are looking for a caddie or coach ticket at the moment, you are out of luck as they are all sold-out.

How To Get Around Japan?

Japan is one of the most developed countries in Asia so it’s no surprise that transportation is very fast and efficient.

You have your choice between public transportation (trains/buses) or rent a car.

Renting a car will be more expensive but it might save time especially if you plan on visiting several different cities during your trip to Japan.

Flying is also another option and many of the major airlines offer daily flights to/from Tokyo.

Where To Stay in Japan?

There are two kinds of accommodation you should consider when planning your trip: 

Hotels or Hostels, depending on how much money you want to spend and how much privacy you expect during your stay in Japan.

Hostels are usually very affordable and they can be booked online through any hostel booking site such as hostelworld.com, hotels.com, etc.

If you do decide to book a hotel room for yourself, then we suggest AirBnB . It’s an international site that allows people to “sublet” their homes – this way everyone wins because homeowners can make extra cash and travelers get the most affordable accommodation option.

Accommodation is usually more expensive during big events (i.e. PGA TOUR) so make sure to book your rooms as early as possible!

If you are attending ZOZO Championship, then we suggest to stay close to Chiba Station which is the main hub of public transportation in this area.

Also, it’s very close to the golf course & city center (Nippon Convention Center).   

zozo championship

What other golf courses are big in Japan?

Rokko International Country Club in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan

Sun City Country Club in Tsuru, Japan

Bunyuzan Golf Course in Hiroshima, Japan

Hiroshima Kanko Country Club in Hiroshima, Japan

Karuizawa Resort Hirono Golf Club – East Course in Nagano-ken, Japan

Check Out The ZOZO Championship Prize Money

The total purse for this year’s PGA TOUR Champions event is $1.75 million (with about half of that coming from the winner’s share).  

Luke Griffin

Luke is an avid weekend-warrior golfer from the East Coast who plays golf more than he cares to admit.

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